Cincinnati native and current Boston Red Sox outfielder Andrew Benintendi is reportedly on the trade market according to former Reds general manager Jim Bowden of The Athletic.

Originally selected by Cincinnati out of Madeira High School in the 31st round of the 2013 Major League Baseball draft, Andrew Benintendi chose to head off to college and play for Arkansas. Two years later he was selected 7th overall by the Red Sox and was in the Major Leagues a year later, playing in 34 games in the big leagues while hitting .295/.359/.476. He was a full-time starter the next year and has been every season since.

From 2016-2019 he hit .277/.354/.442, good for a 109 OPS+. But in 2020 he only played in 14 games and he struggled in a huge way when he was on the field, hitting just .103/.314/.128. He missed most of the year after straining his rib cage in early August.

Andrew Benintendi will be 26-years-old in the 2021 season and he’s owed $6,600,000. He’ll be arbitration eligible in 2022 and should be free agency bound following that season unless he spends a lot of time in the minor leagues before the end of the 2022 season.

So, back to the question of the day: Should the Cincinnati Reds look at trading for Andrew Benintendi? That depends on a whole lot of things. Without other moves it’s a real tough sell given that the outfield already has questions about who is going to play, especially if the National League isn’t going to have the designated hitter in 2021.

Beyond just the playing time, we’ve seen the organization seemingly involved in trade rumors that involve anyone on the roster that seems tradeable who also makes any real amount of money – a sign, that along with actually trading Raisel Iglesias and non-tendering Archie Bradley (among others) indicates the team is looking to spend a lot less money than last season. Picking up their eleventy-billionth outfielder, who isn’t making a ton of money, but also isn’t making league minimum could be a bit too much for the front office to get behind.

If the team, though, can find some creative ways to move a current outfielder in another deal that would open up a spot in the lineup, and from their perspective also free up some money to pay Andrew Benitendi, then things could make a lot more sense.

At his best, Andrew Benintendi has been an All-Star caliber player. In 2018 he put up 4.5 WAR for the Red Sox. Among the current Reds outfielders no one has been remotely close to that in any season they’ve had in the Major Leagues, with Nick Castellanos coming the closest with a 2.9 WAR season in 2018. If Benintendi’s at his best, he’s likely an upgrade over anyone that Cincinnati could send to the outfield.

It’s possible that the team could try to be creative with Nick Senzel in order to open up some additional at-bats for Benintendi if he were to be acquired. Senzel’s experience at both third and second base could lead to him playing some there, but that would also mean you are pulling Eugenio Suárez or Mike Moustakas out of the lineup, and that’s a hard sell, too.

Nothing is impossible. But if the Cincinnati Reds were to acquire Andrew Benintendi, it would almost have to be a part of a larger plan that would involve trading someone else in order to open up playing time somewhere else for someone. Perhaps a trade to acquire him could even involve such a player heading to Boston.

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  1. Kim Henry

    i’ve always liked him and the fact he is from the area. Senzel has not proven anything as far as I’m concerned except he cant stay healthy. Straight up trade would be fine with me.

  2. Sliotar

    Should the Reds figure out how to acquire Benintendi and he plays CF, they could take a calculated risk, move Senzel to SS ….

    and the Reds are set up to be NL Central division favorites in 2021 and maybe 2022 (depending on Cubs and new TV network money).

    In 2023, Votto/Moustaskas/Suarez will cost almost $55 million, Castellanos $16 million (if he’s here) and Gray $12 million on a team option.

    $83 million tied up in guys who, by then, will not have much collective trade value.

    The Reds have a good chance, IMO, to win the NL Central in 2021 … may have to get creative (Benintendi) if they can’t land a free agent SS.

    • Mark Moore

      We already tried the Senzel at SS thing and it didn’t work out well at all. I don’t see him moving there. He MAY end up back on the dirt at 2B or 3B, but even that isn’t likely IMO.

  3. doofus

    Suarez, Santillan and Siani to BOS; return: Benintendi, Casas and Groome.

    Winker and Lorenzen to KC; return: Mondesi and Keller.

    Mahle and Greene to LAA; return: Marsh and Detmers.

    OF (LF to RF): Benintendi, Marsh, Castellanos.

    IF (3B to 1B): Moose, Mondesi, Senzel, Votto

    C: Barnhart

    Bench: Akiyama, Aquino, India, Farmer, Stephenson

    Future Votto replacement: Casas.

    Starters: Castillo, Gray, Miley, Keller, Detmers

    Pen: Garrett, Sims, Antone, Groome, Ramirez, DeLeon, Hoffman, Romano, Lodolo

    • Jbrat22

      Love it. All of these trades are reasonable. They get younger, save money, and are still competitive this year. This would also possibly stretch your window of contention as the torch gets passed to some of the younger guys as the core

    • Stock

      Your trade simulator needs work.

      How does Mahle have a trade value nearly 2 times that of Keller. Both players have the same service time so that is not a factor. Keller’s career ERA (3.50) is more than a run better than Mahle (4.68). Keller has averaged nearly 1 inning more per start than Mahle the last two years. Last year Keller was much better than Mahle. Yet Mahle’s trade value is twice that of Keller?

      Now Mondesi vs. Winker. Again, service time not a consideration here because they are equal. Mondesi has a WAR of 6.6 the last three years vs. Winker’s WAR of 3.4. if you want to put it on a per/150 game schedule it is Mondesi with a WAR/150 of 4.2 and Winker of 2.0. Mondesi is clearly the better player but your simulator has Winker with a trade value of 26 and Mondesi at 10.4. History says these should be reversed.

      Kansas City would be giving up the best player in this trade by far and getting back a useless piece in Lorenzen who will be a FA by the time KC would think about contending.

      Maybe the simulator ignores position and defense? Whatever the problem it has major faults.

      KC laughs at the KC trade.
      Run from Benintendi. Very over rated.
      I don’t see how Marsh starts over Shogo

      If the KC trade never happens you are trading an undervalued (per your simulator) 3B (Suarez had an OPS > .900 after the first 3 weeks when he was clearly not prepared to play baseball) and a good SP in Mahle for your number 4 and 5 OF. That makes no sense. Why trade two starters for two bench players? The fact that these two trade when isolated is so uneven provides further evidence that the trade with KC is uneven.

      • doofus

        Your meandering rant is very odd and disjointed.

        Sorry to disappoint you, but it is not MY trade simulator. If you have a problem with it, perhaps you should reach out to it’s publishers to explain what you believe are its major faults.

        You say Suarez was undervalued, because of his injury; the same can be argued for Benintendi. Take a look at his numbers before his injury.

        Take a look at Keller’s consistent groundball rates on Fangraphs. Do not worry, you can contact their authors too if you do not like what you find.

        Yeah, you may be right, we should not contemplate that the Red’s might trade for a combination of major league players and talented highly regarded prospects that are very close to helping a major league roster.

      • Stock

        First I did not say Suarez was under rated because of injury but rather because he came into the season unprepared.

        Two let me rephrase: The trade simulator you use needs some work.

        Third, you using a trade simulator without reviewing the validity of the simulator is on you not the simulator.

        Fourth, the KC trade would never happen. Among pitchers with at least 350 IP the last 3 years, Keller’s war of 6.1 Ranks 28. If you reduce it to 250 IP he falls to 38. Still a number 2 in most rotations. I am not sure why you are critical of Keller’s consistent GB rate. His 52.1% GB rate the last 3 years ranks 2nd with pitcher who have thrown at least 350 innings. In fact his worst yearly GB rate of 50% ranks 8th. Very consistent and very good. Then you add in that Mondesi is so much better than Winker in real life that this trade become laughable.

        Fifth without the KC trade your lineup changes to the effect that (stealing from MBS here)

        3B: Was Suarez now Moustakas (downgrade)
        2B: Was Moustakas now Senzel (downgrade)
        Super sub: Was Senzel now nobody (downgrade)
        4th and 5th OF: Was Senzel and Aquino, Now Benintendi and Aquino (downgrade)
        SP loses Mahle (downgrade)
        Prospects (upgrade including 3 of or top 8 prospects) But if we are punting 2021 with these two trades why include Benintendi?

        We are weaker at 3B, 2B and SP. We lose the versatility MBS spoke about in this thread. These two trades crush the Reds. However you save them by including a third trade that will never happen. The fact that this third trade improves the Reds overall tells you how lopsided the KC trade is.

        By all means contemplate trades that make the minor leagues much better and the major league team better too. Your three trades really upgrade our prospects (Marsh, Detmer, Casas and Groome) and make the major league team better. The very fact that you did that should scream at least one trade would never happen though. This is in spite of what the simulator you use suggests.

      • doofus

        What made Suarez unprepared?

        Suarez did not start the season on time because of his shoulder injury. Benintendi only played 14 games because of a rib injury. Both players are equally capable of coming back in 2021 to pre-2020 levels of production.

        The Sox faithful are saying that dealing Benintendi now would be selling low. Go tell them how wrong they are.

        Where was I critical of Keller’s GB rate?

        Where did I write that “Mondesi is so much better than Winker?” When you compared Winker and Mondesi, you wrote: “Mondesi is clearly the better player…”

        Why do I have to validate the trade simulator, because you say I do?How do you know that I did not evaluate it?

        Do yourself a favor: Click on “History” at the top of the trade evaluator. And read what they have to say for I really do not care what you think or say about it’s validity.

        I purloined nothing from MBS.

        You just make stuff up and throw on the wall to see if it will stick. You remind me of an old skit by Emmett Kelly.

      • Stock

        You say – Where did I write that “Mondesi is so much better than Winker?”

        I say – Since you proposed the trade and since Keller is better and has 2 extra years of control than Lorenzen for the trade to be “fair” you are stating you agree with the simulator and Winker is a lot better than Mondesi. If not you would feel this trade is not fair and would not have posted it here. Reality is

        Lorenzen’s Average War the last three years is 0.7
        Keller’s Average War the last three years is 2.0

        Keller has 3 more years of control. Lorenzen has one more year of control. Huge Advantage Keller

        Mondesi average WAR/150 in his career is 4.2
        Winker’s average WAR/150 in his career is 2.0

        Both have same amount of Control.

        Advantage Mondesi

        You say – Why do I have to validate the trade simulator, because you say I do?How do you know that I did not evaluate it?

        I say – You don’t have to validate the trade simulator. But if you don’t then you should not get your panties in a twist when someone takes the time to do so and replies to your post on here.

        You say – Do yourself a favor: Click on “History” at the top of the trade evaluator. And read what they have to say for I really do not care what you think or say about it’s validity.

        I say -They say 95% of trades pass as fair trades on their simulator. Has nothing to do with this since this trade will never happen. I promise you that if Mondesi is traded prior to spring training it will not be a fair trade via the simulator unless they change his trade value between now and the trade.

        You say – You just make stuff up and throw on the wall to see if it will stick.
        I say – Kind of like your trade proposal for Mondesi and Keller

      • doofus


        You take this stuff to seriously. Take a breath.

  4. Steve Schoenbaechler

    As usual, it all depends upon who they have to give up. I would start with, of course, an OF. Next, I would look to try to get him on an extension. No one year rentals on a trade. Not unless they will take a middle level prospect only.

  5. LDS

    I’d like to Winker for Benintendi, maybe add Moustakas. Shift Senzel to 2nd. If he can’t stay healthy, go fish. Sign Didi or try for Correa or Story.

  6. DaveCT

    The Boston press is focusing his loss of foot speed and whether he can play CF well enough any more. He’s been mostly a Lf playing the green monster, but that’s due to JBJ playing CF. But if he’s outgrown CF at 26, I’d be cautious.

  7. Stock

    No. The Reds should not even consider it. Benintendi is not as good as Winker. Benintendi is not as good as Castellanos. Benintendi is not as good as Shogo. Benintendi has been better than Senzel but if Senzel can stay healthy I would take Senzel.

    Benitendi was good in 2018. But in 2019 his swg K% went up by more than 50%. Last year it was 85% higher than in 2018. This is trending in the wrong direction.

    Benitendi maxed out in OPS+ in 2018 with 123. Winker’s worst OPS+ was 125 (also in 2018). So using the stat Doug used Winker’s worst is better than Benitendi’s best.

    Shogo struggled in his move to the USA. But once he adjusted he was also very good. His tOPS+ in September was 151. I am looking for some good things from Shogo this year. I love the adjustments he made and look for him to be a big asset for Cincinnati this summer. I know Shogo showed no power last year but he did in Japan and I could see it appearing this year. Also Benintendi has a career ISO of .162 so not exactly on fire.

    Castellanos struggled last year with a 105 OPS+ but still much better than Benintendi. In 2019 Castellanos was at 153. I take Castellanos bat over Benintendi any day.

    Any small marked team would have released Benintendi in October. His value in my mind is less than that of Bradley’s and his contract will be bigger. Avoid Benintendi.

    • doofus

      So Shogo and Castellanos can make adjustments from 2020, but Benintendi cannot?

      Has Winker ever put together one season like Benintendi has from 2017 to 2019?

      You forgot to write that Benintendi is not as good as your Aunt Mable too.

      • Stock

        1. I fully expect Benintendi to do better than he did in 2020. He couldn’t be much worse.

        2. Benintendi’s OPS//Winker OPS

        2017: .777//.884
        2018: .831//.836
        2019: .774//.830
        2020: .442//.932

        Career: .788//.859

        Winker’s career OPS is better than Benintendi’s best ever OPS.

        3. It is my Aunt Margaret who is a better baseball player than Benintendi. My Aunt Mable could have been except she had an accident and lost vision in her right eye.

      • doofus

        I believe that Benintendi had many more plate appearances than Winker in each year that you compare them. It is probable that Winker does not sustain those OPS %’s over equivalent PA’s.

        Has Winker ever put together one season like Benintendi has from 2017 to 2019?

      • doofus

        My condolences to Aunt Maple. What was her career OPS before the injury?

    • doofus

      Why would Benintendi’s next contract be larger than JBJ’s if he is as bad as you proclaim. Your “logic” continues to take a very twisted path.

      • Stock

        The beauty of Arbitration for the players. Bradley is a FA. Again had Benintendi been a Red last August he would be a FA right now.

  8. MBS

    No on Benintendi, but yes on moving Senzel around as a utility. Many agree Votto needs more time off in a season, so if thats 20 to 30 games less over 162, those spots can be filled by Mouse, with Senzel covering 2B. Winker rarely starts against LHP’s so that’s another 20 to 30 games. Suarez will need 10 to 15 games off in the year. Shogo plays so hard in the field, he’ll need 10 to 15 game off, Castellanos will 10 to 15 games off. So that’s 70 to 105 games needing a utility player, and Senzel is the perfect fit. I am not saying he needs to only play in those games, but that’s the bare minimum needed. Realistically with injuries and players on hot or cold streaks, he’d probably still play 130+ games as a utility.

    • MBS

      I forgot Mouse’s days off which will take those numbers up to 80 ro 110 games. Also to clarify I would have Mouse cover 3B when Suarez needs a day off, and 1B when Votto needs a day off. I would have Senzel cover 2B when Mouse is off, or covering either 1B, or 3B. I would also have Senzel cover CF when any other OF needs a day off. Winker players LF, and RF, and Shogo Plays LF and CF.

      • Stock

        Great idea MBS.

        You should also add in Winker, and add in the fact that they will use a DH in 15 games in AL cities and you come up with nearly 150 games for Senzel (assuming he stays healthy).

    • doofus

      Who is “Mouse?” Do they Red’s have Mickey’s kin on the roster?

      • MBS

        Lol, wow how did i do that, my brain must have been on autopilot.

      • Doug Gray

        No. But they do have Chuck Entertainment Cheese’s nephew on the roster.

    • Kim Henry

      I like your reasoning and although not a Senzel fan due to injury, maybe a utility role will keep him healthy.

  9. TR

    Yes, I believe the Reds should look at acquiring Andrew Benintendi. The question is does he fit into the Red’s plan for 2021 and the years ahead. Of course the biggest question is do the Reds have a plan? Other than Doug’s excellent blog, not much is said from the leadership of baseball’s oldest franchise to it’s fandom.

    • Jimbo44CN

      No, they shoudl absolutely NOT go after him. The one thing that jumps out at me is that Boston is willing to give him up in a trade. Aside from covid and salary considerations this year due to that, that should be a giant red flag. I like the fact that he’s from here, but if they put him in left and JBJ in center, there was a reason for that. No thanks.

      • doofus


        All opinions matter!

        P.S. What is your Aunt Frita’s time in the 60?

      • doofus

        If the Reds are willing to give up Castillo and Gray in the right trade, is that a giant red flag?

      • doofus

        If a manager has both Byron Buxton and Mike Trout in the same outfield; and, has Trout play CF, does that mean Buxton cannot play CF?

  10. Bill J

    Pick out someone from 21 to 30 and see if the Rockies would take them for Jon Gray put him pitching in the 3 spot.

  11. Jeffery Stroupe

    Reds going in with who they have …period

  12. Jimbo44CN

    Well thank you cousin. So yours is the only opinion that counts? McCutcheon is done as his legs are gone. YOu can put my Aunt Frita in CF if you want, but that does not make her a good centerfielder. You and Doofus should get together as both of you seem to know more than anyone else on this forum.

    • doofus

      That is “doofus” with a small “d.”

    • Stock


      Benintendi has spent most of his career in LF and his defensive War for his career is -14.8. I am thinking his defense in CF would not be very good. So you are right.

      Just thought of a good comp for Benintendi

      Player A//Benintendi

      War 2019: 1.9//2.0
      War 2020: 0.1//-0.5
      War 2019+2020: 2.0//1.5

      OPS 2019: .796//.774
      OPS 2020: .716//.442
      OPS 2019+2020: .775//.751

      Player A did better than Benintendi in both years.

      Benintendi’s OPS since 2018 is better than only Hunter Renfroe, Reimel Tapia, Robbie Grossman and Alex Gordon among LF with at least 600 AB.

      Finally player A above is Brian Goodwin, whom the Reds just released because he would receive too much in Arbitration.

  13. Jimbo44CN

    No, just another fan posting his opinion.

  14. Hotto4Votto

    Do we need Benintendi? Probably not. The Reds have 4 quality OF options with Benintendi closest comparison on our roster being Senzel plus a guy like Aquino waiting in the wings as a pretty solid 5th OF. He’d likely be a better defender than Castellanos or Winker, but it’s hard to know if the trends with his bat are legit or not. He’s young, so there’s reason to believe he can adjust.
    So with that in mind, I wouldn’t trade much value for him. If the Red Sox wanted to take on Castellanos or Moose’s contracts back I could see sending some prospects outside of our top 5 for him. That may not be nearly enough to entice Boston though.

    The Reds need to focus on landing a SS, some relievers, and/or an additional starter. Not another OF that isn’t a clear upgrade for our roster.

  15. Sliotar

    Some of y’all active on Twitter might want to check in Nick Kirby.

    He was posting some “I am rooting for Steelers tonight” … apparently he isn’t a fan of living in NE Ohio these days.

    IMO, Ohio needed to defeat Big Ben in a playoff game … any way will do.

    Now … if Ohio State has anything left in the tank for Alabama on Monday night …..

  16. Michael B. Green


    Do you see Siani getting an invite to big league camp this Spring Training?