The Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals have at least spoken to each other about a deal that would send the Nationals third baseman Eugenio Suárez. Jon Heyman of MLB Network is reporting the conversation has taken place, but “nothing imminent or believed anywhere close”.

If you are the Reds, you answer all the phone calls you get and you at least hear the other side out. In 2020, during a down season for Eugenio Suárez he was still roughly a league average hitter if we’re going to look at OPS+, where his 102 mark was the lowest he’s had since 2016 and was slightly better than the league average. The Cincinnati third baseman struggled to hit for much of an average, like many of the other Reds hitters in the truncated season, posting a .202 average. His walk rate and power helped lead to a .312 on-base percentage and a .470 slugging percentage.

Eugenio Suárez brings big time power to the field, clubbing 49 homers in a full 2019 season – setting a single season record for a Venezuelan born player. He’s also a solid defender at third base. But perhaps the most intriguing aspect for another team is his bargain contract. He’s signed from 2021-2024 for roughly $11M per season, and he’s got a 2025 team option of $15M with a $2M buyout. While plenty of teams are trying to cut salary today, with a vaccine active in the world now, finances should return to something more of a norm soon enough and if that happens the contract will continue to be viewed as quite team friendly.

Due to the contract being as team friendly as it is, if Cincinnati is going to move their starting third baseman, then the return is going to need to be quite large. Whether that is for one player, or a package of players – it’s not going to be a deal that doesn’t see some big names swapped.

Right now, nothing is close if we are to believe the reporting of Heyman. But if the team were to move Eugenio Suárez in a deal and not bring back a third baseman, there are some options that the team could look at when it comes to replacing him. The team is quite high on 2018 1st round draft pick Jonathan India. He stood out at Prasco Park among the prospects who were out in Mason and he’s been playing both second base and third base as a professional. That could be important because that means he could slide in at either spot on the diamond. And if the Reds decide to move Suárez that could open up third base for Mike Moustakas, who has spent most of his career at the position before he moved over to second base.

If the team is going to make a deal to move Suárez they could focus the return at a position of need. Perhaps it’s starting pitching. Maybe it’s in an effort to land a starting shortstop. Maybe a deal could help both, depending on how much money would be “saved” in the move and if it were spent on another player. For now all we’ve got is some talks, some speculation, and a rather cold stove here in the middle of December. But it gives us something to discuss, too.

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  1. Dave

    f they are throwing in the towel already then trade Suarez to Washington. Try to get Carter Kieboom to play SS, get Drew Mendoza who can replace Votto as soon as DH comes in to play, and OF Prospect De La Rosa. Get India some time at AAA and then up to play 3b.


    C Stephenson
    1b Mendoza/Moose
    2b Kieboom
    3b India
    SS Garcia
    LF Shogo
    CF Senzel
    RF Castillanos
    DH Votto/Moose

    • Michael E

      Hardly throwing in the towel. It’s not like they were a clear contender and suddenly take a big step back if they trade Gray and/or Suarez. They stunk pretty good with them, they might get better without them. We see this all the time, lesser clubs trading a very good player and getting better then next season.

      Why is Suarez or Gray suddenly so good you’re throwing in the towel? Gray is trading high and Suarez is good, not great and prone to lots of outs when he isn’t hitting the occasional HR.

      • scotly50

        I also would like Suarez traded. A .200 hitter who pulls off trying to hit everything into the stands and leads the league in errors.

      • David

        You can say Suarez is not great but these numbers are very good. Ranks right up with the top 10 3rd Basemen. So we lose Bauer and Gray and we are not throwing in the towel? Let go of one of our best offensive players. I don’t put a lot of stock in 2020 as a lot of very good players had bad years. I am ok moving them if you get back quality I am just not sure this front office has it in them.

      • jon vera

        I agree 100%. People act like the reds won’t get anything for either one of them. What’s wrong with listening?

    • doofus

      If the Reds are set on starting Jose Garcia in the minors in 2021, then I am more content with them getting someone like Carter Kieboom, Amed Rosario, Andres Gimenez or Adalberto Mondesi instead of signing 30-something SS’s beginning the down slope of their careers. All of the aforementioned SS’s seem to be able; given, their team’s needs and replacements in the minors. When Garcia is ready and proves capable, then having two major league SS’s is a good thing.

      While they are not SS’s, Votto and Moose are over 30+ on the down slope of their careers. Reds do not need more of these type of contracts or players.

  2. Jim

    My two favorite Reds players now are Suarez and Gray. ( They are reportedly on the block). My doghouse players are Votto and Castillanos. They will stay no matter what. I must be pretty dumb! Are just maybe someone else is pretty dumb!

    • Brian

      Every team in baseball has to be calling the Reds for trades. Easy pickings for the rest of MLB.

  3. DanD

    For Sonny Gray going to SD i would want 3 of these 5: Morejon, Paddack, Patino, Abrams and Hassell.

    For Suarez going to Wash i would want Kieboom, Rutledge and Garcia.

    If Reds trade players with control and their player friendly contracts its going to take packages like this.

    • Michael E

      I am absolutely fine with trading Gray and Suarez, but as you noted, the return should be nothing less than starting with the other teams top prospect and another very good prospect…that or they keep their #1 prospect and we get their #2, #3 and pick of a prospect between 5 and 10.

      If we get the returns you noted, those would be two shrewd trades. It MIGHT be a step back, or maybe not, and the future would be glowing just like that.

  4. AllTheHype

    Pretty clear to me the Reds are taking a pass on 2021 and building for 2022. It makes a lot of sense actually. Why field a playoff caliber team team in 2021 when it won’t increase gate no matter how good it is?

    Expel expiring contracts (Iglesias, Bradley) and trade guys with loads of trade value (Gray, Suarez) who will be 30-somethings with much less value and control left in 2022.

    Get some young pieces who will be ready in 2022 when the gate re-opens.

    Smart. Most fans won’t agree.

    • DaveCT

      Agreed. Be nice if they could up front about it.

    • realist

      Smart only if the front office knows what they are doing. This front office has proved time and again they don’t.

    • Justin

      You may have hit their strategy on the head.

  5. Still a Red

    Suarez for Trea Turner ??? I might take that!!

    • Dave Grubb

      And the Nats would make sure you hear their laughter as they loudly hang up on you….

      • RedBaron

        Wrong…Trea Turner has 2 years left and will likely make $25M. Suarez has minimum 4 years at $44M with an option for a fifth. WAR wise they are almost equal over the last 4 years at around 12WAR.

        Suarez’s contract is by far better than Turner and Turner is only 1 year younger.

  6. TR

    I like the possibilities of trading Suarez at age 30 for a haul and moving Senzel to the infield where he belongs. Then provide occasional rest for Votto with Moose or Winker covering first base. With the exception of last season, it makes sense to trade Suarez at a highpoint.

    • west larry

      we can’t say he has been a good player except for 2020. Th reds are not getting a great return for him now. Why not role the dice, hope he has a great start, and trade him in mid season? maybe we get a lot more in return.

  7. Magnum 44

    I have wanted to trade Suarez for years……Has he had success sure. I think he will get a pass on the 2020 dip in stats, but I think he is a guy who will not age well his defense will only worsen I don’t like his all or nothing approach if we could manage to get Kieboom and a high A prospect I would not be upset. Moose to third Senzel to 2nd clears up the mess in the outfield saves money……Heck if we can throw in Barnhart sounds even better.

    • Joseph

      Their thinking and inclination is to move moose to third and start India at second.

    • Michael E

      100% agree Magnum. If his contract is so great, trade him, NOW. start with the 49 home runs and tout him and demand only top prospects in return.
      Do the same with Gray and lets get our top 10 prospect pool in the top 5 in all of MLB and we’ll have some good, cheap young studs to pair with some of these slightly bloated contract vets and have a pretty darn good team in 2022, especially if Greene and Lodolo start to make their marks.

      • OklaREd

        WOW, we never learn prospects are always going to be better than are proven prospects until after we trade them. Better get a haul for Suarez or Gray since they are proven producers. Tired of trading our old 30 year olds and watching them start for other teams.

    • Barry

      Makes no sense to just “throw in a Gold Glove catcher”. Have you noticed how the Reds are in better shape at catcher than most of MLB? There are only a handful of catchers that hit. There is only 1 that is recognized as Gold Glove.

      • donny

        If it means getting a top 20 mlb prospect. I have no problems throwing in Tucker B. along with Suarez . For a top 20 and another in the top 100 and a few lower level prospects.

      • Chris Holbert

        I would say Gold glove a C is overrated nowadays, especially, for the Reds. DJ and Boddy have more to do with the pitching success then the catching, and no one steals base anymore. the Reds need offense…..

  8. Cubano

    This would potentially be a great move. I’d love to see what they could bring back. And I think Suarez would be a wonderful fit with the Nats. Win win.

  9. Sliotar

    Suarez and Gray are in that “kind of sweet spot” to trade … not too old, contracts with remaining control and not too high.

    As much as I think the Reds can contend for the division in 2021 by plugging in a decent SS …

    Scherzer is in last year of deal with Nationals, and they have proven they will trade young pieces to “go for it.”

    Example – Lucas Giolito, Reynaldo Lopez, Dane Dunning to White Sox for Adam Eaton.

    Nothing wrong with kicking tires, especially if a haul like that can be had.

    • Michael E

      “Nothing wrong with kicking tires, especially if a haul like that can be had.”

      Darn tootin. I just hope our GM and scouts and assistants can really hold tight for top prospects and not get conned into quantity over quality. Get two top 5 prospects, not 4 top 20 ones.

  10. Smittyboy

    I can see a deal with Suarez, a player still in his prime with a good contract for Robles. A true CF that Reds need and move Senzel to 3B. It’ll keep him healthier too.

    Robles control until 2025 I believe.

    • Stock

      I pass on Robles. Why is he better than Shogo? He was a shell of the player he was in previous years and put on weight that slowed him down significantly. He does play CF but not very well last year.

  11. Jim m

    So two players tgat have friendly low contracts in Saurez and Gray, The Reds want to get rid of? That would tell any free agent to bypass Cincinnati.. so fans they made the post season scored ZERO runs and now its rebuild time and 4 to 5 more years of sucking??? THAT DOESNT TELL ME AS A FAN TO CARE

    • Jim m

      And this is the same front office that traded Chapman for garbage

      • citizen54

        In case you haven’t noticed free agents didn’t bypass Cincinnati last year. The Reds are in a situation where they have to dump valuable players because the free agents signings last year were so bad that no team would be willing to trade for them. The only way for the Reds to cut payroll is to trade players with favorable contracts. If you want to blame someone blame Williams and maybe Bob for green lighting these signings.

        And ya, the Reds are in for another 4, 5 year rebuild. That why people like me were so against trading prospects for guys with one year of control. The Reds had no shot in 2019 and 2020 and now here they are, an aging team thin on talent with a bloated payroll. Not sure why people are so shocked. This is the aftermath after you go all in and fail.

      • Hanawi

        Partly agree citizen. Reds overpaid for both Moose and Castellanos to get them to come to Cincy. They are stuck with both. I think they have two options: go all in for the next two years by signing free agents on short-term, high dollar deals or trade some of the more valuable players and hope they can wring enough from young kids to be decent. Seems like they don’t have the funds for the former.

    • Michael E

      I don’t follow you at all Jim. It sounds like any player we trade means no one will sign with us? Doesn’t make sense. You trade these two BECAUSE their contracts will bring back TOP prospects. You’re team gets BETTER, not worse and any financial whining is cleared up.

      The Reds rebuild failed because they DID NOT make these kinds of trades for young top prospects at the RIGHT time. They waited too long on Chapman, Cueto, Frazier, Bruce and got less because their values all dropped. Wait on Suarez and he’ll be a .240 hitter with just 30 HRs and suddenly not worth a 30 year old AAA player.

      • OklaREd

        Funny we cant find that 240 hitter with 3o hr power to trade our low minor league hopeful guy for

    • Doc

      I don’t think so. Players have no more loyalty to teams than teams have to players. They can’t wait to get to free agency and hope to score big. If they can snag a guarantee with a higher net present value than they would have otherwise had in absence of such a contract, they jump at it. It’s a business decision.

      Suarez signed because it gave him financial security, and eliminated the arbitration crap shoot, not because he was in love with Cincinnati. It was a business decision, financially setting him up for life should anything happen. He doesn’t care for whom he plays as long as the checks keep coming.

      I suspect that the Moose and Castellanos signings were because the Reds appeared to be a missing piece away from contention, and I believe other free agents will sign here for (1) the money, first and foremost; and (2) opportunity to win, if it appears to exist. Quite possibly the Castellanos’ contract will be the model for future Reds signings, although I think the Reds missed by not having options of their own in years 3 and 4. That contract was highly tilted in Castellanos’ favor; if he excels, he bolts; if he crashes, Reds get to keep him, and pay him for poor performance.

    • JayTheRed

      This is why I have done preliminary reviews of two teams that I have had minor interest in during my lifetime. Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago White Sox. I won’t bore you with the details of why I like these two teams but Honestly if the Reds are starting another rebuild I’m done waiting and The White Sox and Blue Jays are both up and coming teams that seem to have a WANT to make teams that are entertaining to watch and have a pretty good chance to win and be in post season.

      I am a Reds fan still and probably always will be but honestly These other two teams seem like they are moving in the right direction. I reserve judgement until the end of spring training on what direction I feel this team is going in. Just tired of waiting for a winning team and playoff team which this ownership group promised.

      • greenmtred

        I get the frustration and resistance to rebuilding, but the team as constituted is “competitive”–a .500 club hanging on the fringe of the playoffs and an early exit–and isn’t likely to be get much better than that by plugging in a player or two. But there’s a problem with cleaning house and starting over, too: it really doesn’t seem as though the Reds are very good at evaluating and developing young talent. Might be a good summer to expand my ability to get along without baseball.

  12. Michael E

    …and for goodness sake, skip the “MLB ready” garbage return. Get the high upside, high-end prospect, who cares if they’re in high A ball or whatever.

    I don’t want a career AAAA player that is 28 just because he is “MLB ready” which is code for replacement level roster filler that will never move the needle.

  13. OklaREd

    if we get quality back contract will be worse or trading for hope which is it?
    keep Gray and Suarez roll dice on their production unless you get best of trade end of story. If attendance normalizes Suarez deal is valuable throughout no hurry until right deal.

  14. Hanawi

    I wouldn’t mind a Suarez trade if they can get good value, which has been an issue with recent trades. They can play any of Moustakos, Senzel or India at third or second, so they have options to replace him. The worry is that Suarez has a very favorable contract, which is even more valuable for a small market team like the Reds, and trading him after he signed that contract may discourage others from signing team-friendly deals if they then just get traded anyway.

    I have much more heartburn about trading Gray, though he is probably one of the more valuable 1 or 2 starters right now due to his contract. Certainly among veteran pitchers. Reds should ask for an absolute fortune for him to agree to a trade.

    • TOM

      Gray is more important than Suarez. IMO I think Gray is the ACE of the staff. I would rather have Gray than Castillo. A trade with Nats for Suarez should bring an abundance of young talent. I say go for it. Have plenty of replacements for 3B. Keep Gray. Off the subject but Votto is not the best hitter in Reds history. Whoever said that hasn’t heard of a player named Pete Rose.

      • Stock

        A great comment Tom. I agree Gray over Castillo

      • Bob Purkey

        Sorry Tom, but Frank Robinson is the best Red of all time. Bench is probably 2nd, due to the rigors of the position, then Pete. then Votto.

      • Jim

        Tom, I did make a comment about Votto being one of the best hitters in Reds history. You are right, one of, but not the best. And he is in the (WAS) category with Bench Rose, Frank etc. they All have seen their day!

  15. CFD3000

    I’d rather trade away Suarez than Gray. Assuming the return is top level prospects at positions of need then I’m fine with a Suarez trade. But given that Bauer is almost certainly leaving town, keep Sonny Gray.

  16. Linkster

    I love that the Nationals are saying we really want Suarez but, you can’t have our #1 or #2 prospects, Screw that! The Reds better get a Tatis Jr. type deal, like the Padres did, for a former all-star and (almost) HR champ in Suarez.

    • MBS

      Exactly, even their #1 prospect isn’t a sure fire guy. They don’t have a top 100 MLB prospect. The only way a trade would make sense is their top guy, plus a young MLB level player. If not keep Geno, he’s good for the team.

      • TR

        Here’s hoping that Geno does not become an ‘old’ Cincinnati Red.

  17. Tomn

    Isn’t there any Cincinnati or Ohio-area rich entrepreneur who is loaded, loves the Reds and wants to create a WINNING franchise?

    • Mike McSorley

      There very well may be, but it takes two to make a deal. I’d want to buy the Reds, too. Problem is, Bob ain’t selling.
      Would you? Remember the praise heaped on Mr. Castellini when he acquired the club? Now the man who could do no wrong can do no right?
      Times do change, don’t they.

  18. Doc

    I was with you until you mentioned Lindor. A year from now you could take all the Bauer posts, substitute Lindor for Bauer and SS for pitcher and you have deja vu all over again.

  19. Greg Dattilo

    Do you think the Reds could get Robles and Kieboom for Suarez and a top 5 pitching prospect? That would give them a true CF and SS. Move Moose to 3B and Senzel/India to 2B. I really think this would be the best move for the team. Take the money you save with Suarez and see if you could bring Bradley back at a reduced cost and another LH out of the BP and they should be a more complete team next season.

  20. Greg Dattilo

    I meant to say a top 5 prospect from Washington

  21. Gregmlb24

    What about trading Suarez for Robles and Kieboom plus a top 5 pitching prospect? Kieboom to play SS and Robles as a true CF. Senzel/India to 2B and Moose to 3B.

  22. Gregmlb24

    Would Cronenworth, Abrams, and Patino be enough for Grey?

    • citizen54

      You’re really overvaluing Grey and Suarez. Reds would be lucky to get Patino straight up for Gray. Likewise Kieboom straight up for Suarez would be a steal.

      • Gregmlb24

        If that’s they would be able to get for either player then I would just keep both

  23. Michael B. Green

    I’m wondering if CIN is again pursuing Victor Robles. Eric Fedde is the kind of pitcher that would interest CIN too as he is starting to turn the corner at the MLB level. Trading Suarez to WAS would allow CIN to Moustakas to slide to 3B and also allow for Senzel and India to battle it out at 2B – freeing CF up for Robles. Senzel could still get dealt too but I hope not. Second half of this upcoming year is when I see him turning the corner – if he stays healthy.

    • Jacob

      I think someone will be traded this weekend. I like your trade idea with Fedde and Robles for Suarez. But could we go bigger with Suarez and Garcia for Turner? Maybe even throw in Fedde? Also, if Padres are wanting Gray then I would want Cronenworth in return. We could still easily compete in 2021 without Suarez and Gray.

    • TR

      Senzel will turn the corner when he’s fully recovered, an infielder which is his natural position, and no longer bouncing off walls in the outfield.

  24. RojoBenjy

    Three years too late—but if they get enough i’d trade him

  25. Magnum 44

    A gold glove catcher that the entire staff preferred to pitch to his backup…………….nuff said

  26. Stock

    I would hold off on trading Suarez. His trade value is pretty low. Given he was totally unprepared to start the season. That said if you take out his first 20 games his OPS was a very acceptable .928

  27. Stock

    With Lamet and Clevinger out next year and Yates a FA and the Padres in Win Now mode the Reds should consider using the Padres robust farm to build a winner.

    Padres get: Gray, Castillo and Amir Garrett
    Reds get: Terrance Gore, CJ Abrams, Robert Hassell, Ryan Weathers and Reggie Lawson

    • DaveCT

      Rather swap out Lorenzen for Garrett.

    • Greenfield Red

      I would love to see this trade, and it would benefit both teams. SD would be a legit WS threat, and the Reds would be forced into a full rebuild mode.

    • doofus

      Who is Terrance Gore? Do you mean Mackenzie Gore, LHP?

    • Greenfield Red

      I was assuming that’s who Stock meant when I endorsed the trade.

      • Stock

        Yes, Terrance Gore is available on the FA market and I hope and pray he is not signed by the Reds.

  28. Bill J

    Last winter was the time to trade Suarez & Iggy to Atlanta for Pache and Anderson, maybe could have got another player then.

  29. Chris Holbert

    I keep reading put India somewhere at the MLB level, he has not even cracked AAA yet, ala Garcia, maybe he has not developed as they thought he would. Anyone remember Brandon Larson? AAAA player for sure, and we do not even know if India is that “good”. We only ever “hear” about the Reds prospects from the Reds. Just because they were drafted high, does not mean they will be good. Recent history says, they Reds either are not good at drafting, or not good at developing. If they can get quality from other teams for assets they have, they should seriously consider it.