The Cincinnati Reds are without Trevor Bauer’s services after he became a free agent when the season ended. But on Wednesday night he was named to Major League Baseball’s All-MLB 1st team for his performance with the Reds during the 2020 season.

If you are just hearing about the “All-MLB” team, you probably aren’t alone. This is only the second year that it’s existed. The team is voted on by a panel of experts as well as fans. Five starting pitchers around Major League Baseball made the 1st team. Joining Bauer among the starters were Cleveland’s Shane Bieber, Chicago’s Yu Darvish, Atlanta’s Max Fried, and New York’s Jacob deGrom.

As Cincinnati’s first Cy Young Award winner, Trevor Bauer making the team isn’t a surprise at all. A National League best 1.73 ERA and 0.79 WHIP in 73.0 innings to go along with 100 strikeouts is going to be good enough get a player recognized as one of the best in all of Major League Baseball.

There was a first and a second team voted on and Bauer was the only Red that made the list. The National League Central division was actually a bit light on representation on the list. Along with Bauer and Darvish on the 1st team the only other player from the division was Milwaukee Brewers reliever Devin Williams. You can see the full list here.

The Rule 5 Draft is this afternoon

Today at 12:00pm ET the annual Rule 5 Draft will take place to officially close the winter meetings. Cincinnati will have the 18th spot in the draft if they choose to make a pick.

This year is a lot different than most years when it comes to the Rule 5 draft. There was no minor league season, and an overwhelming number of first-time eligible players for the draft haven’t played since 2019, leaving teams with old data and information on players and leaving players with less experience and generally further away from the Major Leagues than players for past. No one really has a good grasp as to how things will play out because of all of it. We’ll know by 12:30, though, whether the Reds lost or added any players to the organization.

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  1. LDS

    It would be nice to see the Reds “leadership” do something to pretend to be interested in 2021. So far they’ve been a bust. I’m sure there’s a team out there somewhere that would give up a couple of low rated recent draftees for Sonny Gray. It fits the Reds “business model”. At this point, it looks like Farmer is the starting SS with Garcia as his backup.

    • John

      Since it seems as though you have already written off this off season as a bust, and noting that the winter meetings have not even wrapped up, perhaps you can enlighten me as to what percentage of trades and free agent signings in MLB occur AFTER the winter meetings conclude, versus what percentage occur before winter meetings have ended.

      I, for one, choose to assess the period from the WS to the first day of ST based on the body of work during the entire period, not on the first 6-8 weeks.

      • Sliotar


        Good post. Balanced.

        It is a buyer’s market for teams this winter … maybe the best one ever.

        IMO, many guys who haven’t received a MLB contract by January 15 or so will get concerned …. and jump at anything offered.

      • LDS

        So you think the Reds are going to surprise us? I hope you’re right.

      • Sliotar

        Nah, not expecting a surprise …

        They need a competent SS and Gray to not be traded, and they will be in mix for NL Central. None of the 5 teams are winning 90 games, IMO.

        None of the departing guys except Bauer moves needle on winning division. Their output can be replaced.

      • Jeffrey Oakley

        I agree and while there is still time to make moves I think the idea that Trevor is “too expensive”is the real problem in itself. Maybe it is time for Castellani to realize if he can’t afford the players he isn’t wealthy enough to play in this big boy game. He needs to sell to someone who has deep enough pockets to play in the MLB arena. He can do all the marketing he wants to make the “experience ” at the ball park a good one but the bottom line is a winning team needs to be on the field. Castellani promised a winner when he bought the team but he just does not have the cash to get it done. Marketing is the top priority of the minor league team, winning should be the top priority of the big club. We have a MLB club with an owner who is a minor league wealth.

  2. west larry

    Congrats to Trevor Bauer. He richly deserved that honor. Lets see how telling 12:30 is. Come on! sign a shortstop too add to the 40 man rooster.

  3. west larry

    I’m confused. the reds passed in the first round of the rule five draft, yet selected a player in both the second and thir rounds. Any idea why they passed in the first round?

    • Doc

      Must be a reason. Is there a difference in what you are required to do for second or third round? Do both of these guys need to stay on the 26 man roster all year?

      • Doc

        Doug’s new post answered my question.

    • Doug Gray

      The Reds didn’t select anyone in the Major League version of the Rule 5. They selected 6 players in the Minor League version of the Rule 5. They are two different drafts.

  4. Bred

    I see they got their SS.
    Reds: Errol Robinson, SS (Dodgers)