The Cincinnati Reds haven’t made an official announcement yet on their non-tender choices, but one of the players made it public that he was told. Brian Goodwin tweeted out “Alexa play Free Agent by Big Krit” this afternoon. It has been confirmed by Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer that the Reds did non-tender the outfielder.

Cincinnati acquired Brian Goodwin from the Los Angeles Angels on August 31st for left-handed pitching prospects Packy Naughton and Jose Salvador. Goodwin arrived in Cincinnati with a .242/.330/.463 line for the Angels in 30 games, which was good for a 116 OPS+. But after arriving in Cincinnati he struggled to hit, posting a .163/.236/.327 line in 20 games and 55 plate appearances. Small sample size alerts should apply to both of those sets of numbers.

For his career, Goodwin is a .250/.317/.455 hitter with a 101 OPS+. Essentially, he’s been a league average hitter while showing the ability to play defense at all three outfield positions in his big league career, which began in 2016 with the Washington Nationals.

MLB Trade Rumors projected a raise for Brian Goodwin in arbitration for the 2021 season, with him being due somewhere between $2.7M and $3.6M depending on exactly how the arbitration played out due to the 60-game season. During the 2020 season he made whatever the pro-rated version of $2.2M is. The raise wasn’t likely to be significant, but the total number was apparently too much for the Reds to feel comfortable giving out to someone who, at least right now without a known designated hitter role for Jesse Winker to slide into for 2021, more money than they would prefer to give to the player that seems to be 5th on their outfield depth chart.

Teams around Major League Baseball have until 8pm ET tonight to tender contracts to arbitration eligible players for the 2021 season. Cincinnati may have more non-tenders coming, but if we are awaiting for the official word from the club, don’t expect it until right at the deadline as that’s typically how they handle business.

The expectation around baseball is that there will be far more this offseason than usual, adding a lot of depth to the free agent pool that wasn’t there when free agency began. It’s already being reported by USA Today’s Bob Nightengale that, among others, Middletown’s own son Kyle Schwarber is going to be non-tendered by the Chicago Cubs. Thom Brennaman has not yet been reached for comment on this news.

13 Responses

  1. Doug Gray

    Wait a second here…..


  2. MK

    I didn’t like giving up Packy Naughton for him in the first place now they have given him away for nothing.

    • Jimbo44CN

      Truthfully he did not seem to be worth much, in my opinion he never looked as though he wanted to be here or was trying to fit in. Never was impressed.

    • Hanawi

      I disliked that they included Salvador in that one even more. Both was not smart business.

      • Stock

        I am with you Hanawi. I think they will really regret letting Salvador get away.

  3. KDJ

    Doug, et al. Not a Goodwin question, but about another OF. What is the story with Aquino? After setting records at the start of his rookie year, he went cold and is now seldom mentioned. Did opposing pitchers learn how to pitch to his weaknesses, and he never adapted? Or, was there more to it?

    • Jimbo44CN

      I think he just needs to work thru the sophmore jinx. True, pitchers did learn more on how to beat him, but he just needs some consistency, which he never got this year with Bell. Called up, sent back down, called up, back down. Starts, doesnt start. On and on. He’s very good defensively and I think he belongs in right field w Castellanos as DH, if that happens. Could they non tender Bell??? Wishfull thinking on my part.

      • LDS

        I like the suggestion. Non-tendering Bell sounds like the best way to turn the team around.

  4. Hotto4Votto

    Saw on MLBTR that the Reds also non-tendered Bradley, Casali, Farmer, and Alaniz. Bradley is a bit of a surprise, as is Farmer. I thought Farmer had a nice role worked out for himself as backup SS, 3rd C, etc. Disappointed to see the Reds make trades at the deadline just to cut those guys lose the next season. We gave up Fairchild for Bradley and Naughton for Goodwin without much to show for it.

    • MBS

      I don’t mind trading away prospects to try to win when you have an opportunity. I can’t understand why Farmer in non-tendered, and I’m not surprised about Bradley, but disappointed.

      • JB

        You dont trade a top 10 prospect for a relief pitcher and then he only pitches 8 innings. Then they non tender him. Its like the Reds have so much talent they just like to give away prospects.

    • TR

      Farmer is a valuable player at many positions.