We’re going to try something out this offseason. Each week we’re going to pose a question for the community to discuss as it relates to the Cincinnati Reds and just see where the discussion goes. This week we’re going to start off with a big one: You get to make one move this offseason as emperor of baseball. The move has to be related to the Reds. The move can’t be “sell the team to Jeff Bezos and have him spend more money than anyone has ever dreamed of on talent”.

Let’s pretend that things are realistic. If you’re going to suggest a free agent signing, make it one that is doable (Trevor Bauer, for example, isn’t signing a 4-year deal for $15M a year – if you want to sign Bauer, you need to make a realistic offer). If you are going to trade for Francisco Lindor, you need to make a real offer – he’s not going to be acquired for a reliever and a solid prospect.

Perhaps you would like a new manager to come in as your one move. If that’s something you’d propose, you have to hire a new manager and detail how to get them to come to Cincinnati. Maybe you want a new hitting coach. Tell us who that should be and why.

This is about talking out the ideas. Be detailed with the move you would like to see made and why it would benefit the team more than any other move. Let’s have a little fun with this.

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  1. Mark Moore

    This is an interesting approach, Doug. I’m wondering what we’ll see here.

    For me, I think there are some internal moves that should happen. I’d find a way to get 2 of Lorenzen, Antone, and Mahle into a regular SP slot. Sure, I’d love to have Bauer, but I’ve said all along that isn’t going to happen. As part of this, I think we can probably lock up Mikey Biceps for a couple of years – maybe 3 more total on a $20M deal overall that grows each year?

    The external move I think needs to happen is to find a 2-year starting SS. I’d lean toward Simmons, personally. Would $25-30M do that?

  2. Melvin

    I hate to keep beating the same drum but……In my opinion this team will underachieve as long as David Bell is the manager. The most important move, even more than signing Bauer, is to replace him. Of course I’d like to have both but if I had to choose one or the other that would be my choice. I know some will disagree and I’m open to someone different, but at this point I’m okay with Barry Larkin. He’s obviously a winner, knows how to win, was a team captain, a motivator, and given he’s a Hall Of Famer will immediately command respect. He will bring a level of excitement which is needed badly. I believe he will use advanced analytics but also common baseball sense which is also needed badly. I don’t believe he will have his hitters always swinging for the fences. He’s too smart. You might recall he was the kind of player that could hit anywhere in the lineup and do it well depending on what the team needed. As far as getting him to manage the Reds I don’t think it would take much. After seeing what just happened in 2020 there will always be a dark cloud over the team no matter how good it’s supposed to be with Bell managing things. He just doesn’t have managerial wisdom. That fact is a “ball and chain” around the neck of the Reds. It has to be removed.

    • Mark Moore

      I’d be in on the managerial change. Not quite sure Larkin is “it” and I don’t know who else we might get either. That’s why I steered clear of the topic in my suggestion.

      • Melvin

        Well a couple of years ago Larkin may not have been the best choice. However, given what we’ve been through since, the timing could be right now. Given what he brings to the table it could be a perfect fit for our current situation.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      How is Barry Larkin obviously a winner? He’s never managed a professional baseball team.

      Larkin was a great player and he was a winning player. That isn’t a skill that simply transfers as a manager. It does for some guys and it doesn’t for others.

      • Melvin

        Absolutely agree. There are no guarantees. I just believe he has the mindset of how to win and will transfer that to his players. Remember, he was one of the few captains the Reds have ever had at least in recent years. That shows leadership and respect. We are at maybe an all time low in that regard. All things considered he will be a big boost.

      • Scott C

        Agree. Larkin was one of my all time favorite players, and I’ve been around for a long time, but talent as a player does not always mean you will win as a manager.

      • John C.

        How many HOF players have been good managers? I sure can’t think of a significant number.

        Every year your team doesn’t win, it is because of the manager. When they win, the players were great.

      • Wayne

        Larkin is a leader and was THE leader when he was with the Reds. The best managers were also the best leaders in their Clubhouses. Larkin played the game the right way, (i.e. knowing how to run the bases which is something this team sorely needs, playing a little bit of small ball when the situation calls for it, and using a little bit of common-sense rather than relying strictly on analytics, etc.). He’s a home town kid who loves the Reds and it’s not like we are going to pay somebody an exorbitant amount to run this team. As a first-time manager he shouldn’t require that much money. I’d be all in on Larkin if it were a possibility to replace Bell-alytics.

      • Randy

        Corky Miller would make a great manager. Larkin seems like he has ambitions on a front office job.

        However, the one move I’d make would be to sign Andrelton Simmons.

    • RedsFan11

      Great post Melvin I was going to say this same thing. I have never seen a good argument as to why Larkin should not be the manger especially when you put him up against David Bell.

      The only reason people on here and elsewhere come out against it, is the fear that his legacy will be tarnished if he does poorly. When you are a HOF your legacy is pretty dang good I’d say no matter what happens managing.

      I challenge anyone to name one thing David Bell can or will do better than Larkin

      • Sean D

        I’m against it because David Bell isn’t a bad manager, the players clearly love I’m and his in game decisions are pretty much all defendable. There’s a few questionable ones that’s come to mind but David bell isn’t the reason the reds didn’t win

    • Clarence Schutte

      Fire the manager. David Bell doesn’t have a clue it’s like having a road drag tied to your team.

      • Clarence Schutte

        Reds have all the pieces if there’s someone smart enough to put them together. Plenty of pictures without Bower. Just get somebody in the dugout that knows which way is up.

    • Joe Griffith

      I’ve been saying the same thing…Larkin could teach this team about moving runners over etc & he’s a positive person.

    • Matthew Goeller

      Give Bauer what he wants to stay. Replace Bell.

  3. doofus

    I like it.

    I will have to think on a (coherent) blockbuster trade and get back to y’all.

    • doofus

      Since, the Reds already moved Senzel, Mahle and Garcia to the Indians for Lindor, Plesac and DeShields here is my “one move to make.”

      The White Sox receive Winker, Garrett and Callihan from the Reds, and Willie Contreras from the Braves.

      The Braves receive Suarez, Antone and Santillan from the Reds, and Dunning and Mazara from the Sox.

      The Reds receive Madrigal and Bummer from the Sox, and Waters from the Braves.


      Primarily, the Sox need lefthanded hitting and a future catcher. Winker fills OF and potential DH to replace Encarnacion who is in an option year and their future catcher is Contreras.

      Garrett balances the trade of Bummer (LHRP for LHRP) and Callihan provides a LH hitting IF. Yolander Sanchez is young and was their second baseman before Madrigal.

      Primarily, the Braves need a power hitter to hit behind Freddie Freeman one that plays 3B is perfect. Ozuna is a FA (it is unlikely the DH will be in the NL in 2021). Dunning provides more rotation depth, a problem going into the playoffs with Soroka on the DL. Mazara provides a platoon with Duvall. Mazara is a FA after 2021.

      Antone and Santillan provide balance to the deal.

      Primarily, the Reds need hitting and some bullpen ummpf. Madrigal provides a leadoff hitter and a DP partner for Lindor. In the long term he will be the best 2B since Joe. Waters, a switch-hitter, can play all the OF positions and hit. Bummer looks to be a stud LHRP that is needed.

      Bob will open up his wallet to extend Lindor who will love playing before the adoring Cincinnati fans.

      The “Trade Simulator” was used to work out this deal. I am not totally sold on the numbers that are assigned to individual players, but it does keep one somewhat grounded in reality.

  4. Klugo

    Well, if we’re talking acquisitions, I have two words. Di.Di.
    Internally, I’d like to see Lorenzen AND Iglesias pitching every 5 days.

    • Mark Moore

      Agree on Lorenzen. Iggy’s arm would fall off and he’s pout about it anyway. I’m in the camp that says trade him away. Closers are a commodity with a very short shelf life.

    • JayTheRed

      I’m not sold on Didi… His offensive numbers are not really that great. They are an upgrade over what we had but not that big of an upgrade.

  5. LDS

    #2 (after firing Bell) – Convince Votto to retire and forgo the remainder of his contract. The money and the lineup spot could be better used elsewhere.

    • Sean D

      Imagine telling the second highest qualified OPS on last years team to just retire. The reds have money if they want to spend it votto isn’t holding them back. If they don’t want to spend they won’t win anyways

      • LDS

        I would say the same thing if he was the highest OPS on last year’s team. That he was #2 says more about the team than anything. He’s not the player he was and he won’t be again. He’s 37+ years old. It’s time to move on.

    • Frostgiant80

      No one would ever be able to convince me to retire when I am guaranteed 25 mil a year for three years.

      • Jonathan

        if there was DH for next year, Votto would make a good option for that. He would only need to focus on hitting…

    • Melvin

      Votto was bad this year on defense. Below is part of another piece for whatever it’s worth.

      “Votto’s Defensive Runs Saved numbers over the last few years have been -11, +15, +13, +11, -21. That’s not a trend. Your guess is as good as mine for what they look like in 2021. Maybe slightly negative, if I was going on the record.”

      • Melvin

        I tend to agree with you about Votto. I know I’m in the minority but I doubt seriously Votto’s physical skills have diminished very much. He’s the kind of guy who keeps his body in top shape, works very hard, and 1B isn’t as taxing on the body as other positions. I’ve always thought that when Votto has problems it’s mostly to do with his thinking. All the years of losing has caused mental fatigue IMO. Nevertheless whether it’s physical or mental or both he has to play better defense on a regular basis. I believe he still can though. Whether he will…who knows.

    • IndyRedsFan


      Please tell me. How do you go about convincing someone to forgo being paid $75 million that you are contractually obligated to pay him ?????

      If you can explain that to me, perhaps I can use that technique to convince my bank to forgo payment on the $5000 I owe them on my car loan.

      • Corey D

        Posts like this are ridiculous. Please take a moment to think about what you are saying.

      • LDS

        Votto stated in an interview last year that he wouldn’t stick around just for the money. His performance suggests we’ve reached that point. In the corporate world, individuals are ‘convinced’ to retire everyday

      • Ralphie

        The way our offense performed they are way overpaid find top minor league infielders defensively sign them league minimum regardless of offensive stats find the fastest OF’s you can sign at league minimum spend rest on pitching

      • Swayback8

        Of course he would say that. Would you expect him to say he’s all about the money. Not to mention that in his mind he hasn’t reached that point.

    • JayTheRed

      Realistically neither one of those things is going to happen.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      First how do you “convince” him to retire? Second, The Reds owe him $82 million for 3 years plus a 7 Million dollar buyout of the 4th year. No one in his right mind is going to leave that money on the table, nor should he. When he signed the contract, the Reds came to him, he wasn’t looking for that deal.

  6. Taylor Reed

    Sign Didi Gregorius to a 4-5 year deal. The biggest holes on offense last year were catcher and short. You can’t afford to have both Jose Garcia and Tyler Stephenson going through the struggles that young players do at the same time, if you are trying to compete. This allows them to keep Garcia in the minors to develop and if he develops you can slide Didi to second and Mous can fill in at 1b, DH, 2b, or 3b. This would give the infield great flexibility and the organization flexibility if they need to improve another position you can move Garcia in a deal in the future. I know there is a good group of Shortstops coming to market after the 2021 season, but they will likely cost much more than Didi and if the idea is to win now then do you throw away another season waiting for a shortstop?

    • greenmtred

      How old is DiDi? Probably well into the age range where middle infielders decline significantly. A year or two, maybe, but four or five years would be an albatross of a contract.

  7. Steve Schoenbaechler

    It’s not too difficult to determine, I believe. Considering Bauer out, is the starting pitching the weakness or the offense? I still say the offense. So, the one move has to be to improve the offense.

    I don’t like to predict trades. Though, while great to dream up, it always requires “another party” to have what we want, to want what we have, and willing to negotiate to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Lots to consider past “dreaming” of a trade.

    So, looking at the FA market, we can also consider what position to consider. The weakest and the one we have no one for next year, I believe, is SS. When I looked at the SS FA’s, I didn’t like any of them. Either not good enough offensive #’s or getting too old. But, I saw several FA 2nd basemen who had good offensive #’s. I’d look to confirm if any of them would be open to playing SS. Then, bring one of them in for SS.

    That’s my “one” move. I would look to do more, like try to resign Bauer. But, the “one move” has to be to improve the offense.

  8. TMS

    I also think signing Bauer is the best move the Reds can make. 3 years @ $105 million is a good offer. But the Reds may need to give Bauer an opt-out after every year, in order to get him to sign a multi-year deal.

    • Jonathan

      I like this idea as well. What about giving a mutual op out after each year? 3 @ $120 Million, or 3 @ $105 million

  9. Jeff Carr

    Go get Andrelton Simmons. Dude will make this infield a bit more cohesive, defensively, and the guys the Reds can plug into Trevor Bauer’s vacated rotation spot, while not near as good as Bauer, as still far above average and will make for a solid rotation. With Simmons in the fold you have your best infield defender and you shore up a spot in the bottom third of the batting order. He should cost a little bit less than his average annual salary in LA (A whole lot less than Bauer) which may leave them open for another move, depending on their budget. Go get Andrelton Simmons.

    • Grand Salami

      This is the responsible move to upgrade the most glaring need.

      If the DH is gone in ‘21 then getting Nick to sub at 2nd (and Moose to 1st) to spell Votto will be very important. IF Defense with Senzel coming down to 2nd is like night and day.

      If there is one move, it’s Simmons. Let Garcia learn from a guy like him.

  10. Russ S

    As much as I love Bauer, his financial ask is likely going to be too high for the Reds and it’s unlikely that his 2021 performance will be as good as 2020. The Reds also have enough internal options with Mahle, Antone, and Lorenzen to pair with Gray, Castillo, and Miley.

    The offense was the Achilles heel this past season and while Garcia could be the long term solution, he’s not the 2021 “go for it #Takethe Central” option. Hence, there are 3 moves I would make: 1. Sign a free agent SS (Semien, Simmons, or Gregorius) to a 2 yr deal. I have to think the Reds could work out a team friendly contract with one of these guys because next year’s SS free agent class will be loaded and other teams will likely wait. 2. I would make available in a trade one of Casali/Barnhardt and Raisel Iglaseis because these players have real value and the Reds have internal options (Stephenson, Bradley, AG) that can step into those roles. If the Reds can get back even solid prospects to strengthen the system while freeing up some money, I would be happy. 3. Sign Luis Castillo to an extension. I think he’s shown enough to warrant it and the Reds haven’t had a ton of past success in growing starting pitchers from the minors. I’d take an experienced Castillo to help lead a rotation into the future that hopefully includes Mahle, Lodolo, and Greene.

  11. RedsFan11

    Maybe the “move” should be – commit to the farm – Bring up and give majority of starts to these young guns. Pretty sure 23 year olds can hit .213 just as well as a bunch of 34 year olds, and who knows maybe they’ll learn and develop some.

    • JayTheRed

      I was thinking that might be a good idea too. Since the offense was so terrible. I honestly can’t imagine it getting worse with the young players. I don’t know if this is the best solution but economically it might be a good idea for this team and then if it doesn’t work go out and spend some bigger bucks in 2022.

      • Jimbo44CN

        I agree. Bringing in more 30 plus year olds isn’t going to do it. Tried that already, not working. Also, and I guess my first choice would be fire David Bell and the hitting coach. Got to get better from there.

    • 2020ball

      This is insane. No right-minded GM would ever do this.

  12. Jake

    Trade for Lindor and sign him to an extension! Back load contract to when Votto contract comes off the books.
    I’d offer Garcia, India, Aquino, and Barnhart

    • JayTheRed

      I only offer Garcia if somehow the Reds get to get an extension with Lindor. Otherwise we have no real SS anywhere in the system. I am good with everyone you mentioned otherwise in the trade. I still think Senzel would have to be a part of this deal to even think about it.

  13. RedsFaninPitt

    1.) Unload Votto, however necessary – possibly to Dodgers or several options in AL. Also, unload Iglesias. This will free up $ for resigning Bauer to $35+ million 1 yr deal.
    2.) Trade Winker to Diamondbacks or Rockies for either Ketel Marte or Trevor Story.

    • Jim

      Unload Votto, the org just have a love affair with him because of his past hitting. I guess they have not been paying attention to his hitting, defense, base running etc for the past few years. Sure the very best thing for the reds team would be to get a deal for Votto, maybe to Toronto and pay half of his salary. Then he could go back home and save face as one of the Reds best hitters. If he stays he will be remembered completely different!! It’s his choice. Than use the money saved to hunt for a young good hitting, good fielding and base running first baseman.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        Who is this imaginary first baseman that is young, good at hitting, good at fielding, and good at base running who is also somehow available?

      • Jim

        Frankie T. I think if the Reds look close enough for a good young all around first baseman in all of National & American League Teams and their Triple A etc. that they could get a good one in a deal for 37,500,000.00 for 3 years?? If not i would be surprised.

    • Doug Gray

      You just listed four or five moves. You get one. Make your decision.

    • Westfester

      For the 1,000,000th time on this website, VOTTO HAS A FULL NO TRADE CLAUSE. The only options for the team are 1. cutting him and eating the remainder of his contract, 2. playing him and hoping the DH stays, 3. relegating him to a platoon with someone else (Moose), or 4. status quo.

      • Nick in NKY

        This should be a sticky at the top of every comment thread.

  14. MBS

    I am thinking along the same lines. Resign Bauer, but with a back loaded contract. Votto’s $25M will come off the books in 3 years. $150M X 5Y avg $30M per

    (1) $20M (2) $20M (3) $25M (4) $40M (5) $45M

    If that (Bauer) is a no go, focus on extending Castillo, and Lorenzen. Convert Lorenzen, and Antone back to the starters role. Miley to the pen, and spend the little remaining money on the bullpen.

    Send Garcia back to the minors to further develop, and call up Rodriguez. I agree Garcia is going to be the future SS, but he showed he needs time to develop. Rodriguez is a slick fielder, who probably will never have a major league bat. He would just fill SS in the short term.

    Cut Casali, and promote Stephenson at C.

  15. Sliotar

    The one realistic move this winter …

    Sign Jonathan Villar to be starting SS for 2021.

    -He is exactly the kind of player that might be sweating a contract this winter.

    -1 year, $5-6 million could do it.

    -Bad year in 2020, played on 2 teams, but had a wRC+ of 107, 24 HR, 40 SB in 2019.

    -Utility skills, which Bell would like – can play 3B, 2B, OF. Switch hits. Can bat leadoff.

    -IF, IF Jose Garcia were to break out in Spring Training … Villar is still cheap and flexible enough to use as a bench player … can’t do that with a bigger FA SS signing.

    • Mark Moore

      Interesting perspective. Hadn’t considered Villar, but certainly could be in the mix. The ability to flex where he plays certainly adds to his potential value. It does limit the risk of the major outlay for a big name and still keeps the focus on Garcia in the near future (which is what I think should happen).

      +500 for this one, Sliotar.

    • JayTheRed

      I liked Villar in Milwaukee. I feel like he might be a slight upgrade over Galvis hitting and maybe fielding too.

  16. Mike McSorley

    My one “big deal” would be to trade Joey Votto to Toronto. Maybe get back Travis Shaw, Washington Courthouse native, son of Jeff Shaw who pitched for Reds in ’90s. It brings a native son home on each end of the deal. Votto becomes Mr. Baseball-Canada, playing a little 1B and DHing. Rejuvenated being “back home.” Granted Reds would have to “eat” a goodly portion of of the remaining contract. Invest in Tim Horton’s franchises, like 100 of them, to spread out the cost.

    • Mark Moore

      And we could eat all of his contract and he could still refuse … have to think he’s be in Toronto now if that’s where he really wanted to be.

  17. Steve

    Sign Bauer 3/105
    Trade Castillo for bo bichette

  18. west larry

    Of course, if it’s possible, sign Bauer. He has given hints he would like to stay ( I haven’t had so much fun on a team since I was in college). If that’s not possible, sign Simmons. Don’t fire Bell yet. Give him one more full season to see if we can be competitive again. Last year wasn’t awful, considering how bad our offense was-you can’t blame bell for so many hitters failing to hit in an odd season.

  19. JB WV

    Sign Bauer. If the reds are going to challenge in the central they have to make others fear the rotation. If he goes, yes the internal option are ok, but nowhere near replacing Bauer.

    • Ken

      Fire Bell, go all in on Bauer. As far as shortstop they let good one walk after 2019, not to mention he was their best clutch hitter. If Jose Igalias is available design him for a couple years. Lastly its not really a move but get back to the basics of small ball when its called for.

  20. Jim McC

    Sign Bauer and Fire Bell is trending lol. Not Happening.
    Doubt Bauer gets Cole money, but a 5 to 7 yr contract not out of the question.
    Offense doesnt click by All Star game, then maybe you see Bell go, but unlikely even then if pitching is keepin us in it.

    I love the idea of Signing Mikey Biceps to a 3/20. Might be undervalueing him tho.

    Sign Simmons for 2/??? Not a bad idea either! Garcia might come ready for the job tho.

    I’d like to see Greene get a start in ST vs a soft lineup and India forces club to take him North.

  21. Jeff Walter

    A week ago I would’ve said bring in the A’s Billy Owen as the head of baseball operations. But it looks like that ship has sailed. So I’ll go with a trade- one built around Suarez for Carter Kieboom. In this scenario I’m assuming that the Reds will be reducing payroll (I’m no fun). Have Senzel/Moustakas at 2B/3B until Garcia is really ready, then move Kieboom to 2B.

  22. Tom Osburn

    As Reds management/ownership, sit down with Joey Votto and have a heart to heart about his production versus salary. Restructure or renegotiate this burdensome contract advising him the money freed up will be used in an attempt to sign Bauer. If a deal with Bauer still cannot be done, use the saved money to sign the arbitration/ pending free agent players that ownership wants to keep, or Lindor or Gregarious (until Garcia is ready). On a side note…bring Senzel to 2B, Moose to 1B. Votto DH/1B. Outfield could be Winker, Shogo, Castellonas. So the one move is Votto’s salary restructure/renegotiated and see what snowballs from there.

    • HoF-13

      This won’t happen. There is a better chance of getting him to retire than to renegotiate. (Of course I also think there is a better chance of getting hit by a meteor while buying a winning Powerball ticket than him retiring and walking away from 75 million, but I digress) MLBPA has fought hard to get all contracts fully guaranteed — there is no way to make him renegotiate. Also, even if he, or any player were inclined to believe they were overpaid, they wouldn’t renegotiate a contract because of the precedent that it would set.

    • Doug Gray

      I think I’d counter with sitting down with ownership and saying “Hey guys, you paid $270M for this team, have made profits along the way, and now you can sell the team for over a billion dollars. Get into your own pockets and quit being cheap.”

      But that’s just me.

      • Swayback8

        I agree. Spend money now, sell the team later. If you are successful for the next couple years you improve the value. World Series is a good investment.

      • Melvin

        Yeah they are being cheap considering the value of the team. That’s for sure. My main point has been though, considering six years of losing, and the amount of money they spent last winter alone, they need to find a better person/manager to entrust their investment and for that matter the investment the fans make to some degree.

      • Corey D

        I agree. The Reds need to spend more money or show some evidence that they are not turning a profit.

  23. John C.

    If the Orioles do not keep Jose Iglasius for $3.5 M, he should be the top target. Likely cheaper than the other available shortstops. Maybe $8.0M over two years. Keeps us in a decent budget area and not a great deal of risk. If not him one of the other SS that had down years.

    That is my one move.

    Obviously there are several on here that are not regulars because the suggestion of getting rid of Votto keeps coming up. To clarify that notion, he has a no trade clause that he has made clear about several times. He isn’t going anywhere. We have him until he decides to retire which will not happen this year.

    Signing of Bauer would be a huge mistake unless Bob thinks he can raise payroll over $30M in a year that could have some real restrictions on attendance. If there is one area that there is a strength it is in the starting pitching ever without Bauer especially since our two top prospects are starting pitchers that may only be half a season away. A rotation of Gray, Castillo (two potential number 1’s) and any mixture of Mahle, Maley, Sims, Lorenzen and Antone would still be in the upper half of the league.

    As a free add on I think we need to move one or two of Aquino, Goodwin or Winker. Just too many outfielders. Need to hang on to Senzel as we would be selling low and he needs to actually play three months in a row to see if he is still that top prospect or not. I know he is always hurt, but maybe we can get lucky.

  24. Ron

    Trade Eugenio Suarez to the Atlanta Braves for OF Drew Waters and 3B Austin Riley.

    Waters takes over left field with Akiyama going to CF. Senzel to 2B and Moustakas back to 3B. I would use Riley at 1B to platoon with Votto. If the DH is used then Riley becomes the everyday first baseman and Votto the regular DH.

    This trade would make Jesse Winker available for trade.

    • Swayback8

      Interesting. I like the trade, but not sure Atlanta would do it. You also could move Moose to 1b down the road & put India at 3b.

      • JayTheRed

        I think your right… If the deal was sweetened a little Atlanta might do that.

  25. Kevin Patrick

    I think the Red Sox need to blow it all up and start over. In their quest to get younger, I say the Reds offer Winker, who would be fine in the field next to the green giant, and the wise gold glove candidate Tucker Barnhardt, who would be an ideal catcher for breaking in young pitching, and Kyle Farmer who can fill the same utility role on the Red Sox that he did with the Reds… for the return of Xander Bogaerts and cash considerations who is locked in at 20 mil a year till 26. I’m tired of the shortstop merry go round. Keeping Casali will keep our current pitchers happy and give Stevenson room to play as he gets better. I love having Winker on the team, but I think without a DH, he’s the most expendable who also holds real value. I think an infield of Suarez, Bogaerts, Moustakas, and Votto would be solid enough for at least till Votto’s contract is done. Moving Winker I think is essential for getting enough at bats for Akiyama to stay sharp. I would prefer to have everyday athletic outfielders who can chase it down generally. Keep Senzel in center… flip Aquino and Castellanos DH on American League fields.

    • Cubano

      I feel Winker is the best hitter and accordingly, don’t trade him. Especially not with a few other major leaguers in exchange for one dude. Winker went hot and cold in 2020, and hasn’t stayed on the field- but he’s a hitter. I would deal Tuck, but Farmer is a great utility player. Aquino is probably among the best defensive outfielders as the lineup is constructed- so I would not deal him right now.

    • AllTheHype

      A platoon OF, a platoon C, and a utility infielder for Bogaerts. Click is the sound from the other end. If you don’t want the Red Sox to hang up immediately, maybe add Greene and Garcia to that deal.

      • Nick in NKY

        I think maybe you’re half correct; on the surface this deal seems a little light for Bogaerts. But consider the position the Sox are in with their payroll and the uncertainty that the 2021 season will bring with respect to labor considerations and the Covid situation. There may be more incentive to move a big contract out of Boston than there would have been previously. Concur though that at least one solid prospect would probably have to be in that package as well.

      • AllTheHype

        The Red Sox situation is irrelevant to the trade value of Bogaerts. The trade value of Bogaerts is determined by 29 teams, none of which are the Red Sox. Just because the Red Sox situation “may” make Bogaerts available, does not in any way lessen or change his trade value.

  26. DataDumpster

    Talk to several manager candidates from outside the organization. Tell them that our goal next season is to get in the playoffs and win at least one series win with largely the same players as this year. Stress how doable this is with the weak division and how much “under potential” this team has played the last few years. Ask them how they would motivate the team, be more creative in play calling and player management, and what coaches could be brought in to replace some of the current staff. Give the best candidate a generous 3 year offer and a promise to upgrade player personnel when the previous objectives have been met. Let David Bell test his value on the open market to get validation that the correct decision has been made. Keep Freddie Benevides on staff for potential backup and continuity support.

  27. Redsfan4life

    Trade a OFer for Benintendi. .350 OBP guy. Power and speed. Hometown guy. Seems like a good bounceback candidate. Red Sox seem to have soured on him. Could even be a multi player deal where Reds get a SS back as well.

  28. JayTheRed

    I’ll be general – the offense needs an on base guy with maybe some speed as a bonus. He doesn’t need to hit 20 or more home runs. If Akiyama and this new player are at the top of the lineup I see a lot of good opportunities to get them driven in.

    I just re-watched Moneyball and honestly I feel like this team could use some of that thinking. We have plenty of guys who can hit homeruns especially in this ballpark.

    Even with losing Bauer which I am pretty sure we are going to, We have a lot of good to decent options out there for starting pitching. Someone mentioned Greene above and I would say the same for Lodolo. Lets see if they are ready in spring training.

    So my one move is to get a good on base hitter either by trade or free agent.

  29. Bill C

    The best thing the Reds can do is to re–hire their hittng coach from 2018. Whatever it takes!
    Remember when the one thing everyone said about the Redd was that they were going to hit? We’ve suffored through 2 years of this disastrous experiment of coaching everyone to loop their bat and swing for the fences with strong but slower to the plate uppercuts. Trying to force so many really good hitters to be something they’re not.

  30. Bill C

    And if there must be a trade, how about Iglesias and Galvis to the Dodgers for Corey Seager and a young pitching prospect? The Dodgets desperately need a closer and Seager would be an electrifying bridge to Garcia.

    • AllTheHype

      Galvis is a FA. Not getting Seager for Iglesias.

      • Bill C

        Of course you’re right. Forgot that Galvis is going to be a free agent. Oops. Besides that, the Dodger’s bullpen showed up the last two nights. So I say this is a very good year to basically stand pat – but invest in new hitting instruction. Because the guys we have CAN hit. If Akiyama, Votto, Castellanos, Moustakis, Winker, Sensel, Aquino, and Farmer can just be brought back to do what they can do, there should be room for Stephenson and Garcia to develop without undue pressure. It would be great if we could find a way to resign Bauer. Maybe a minor trade for Casali. But I don’t think the Reds need to panic and abandon the six years of investment and development that have been put into this group of players. This still is a team with great potential to be champions.

  31. TR

    My big move would be to get the Reds organization into the top five farm systems in MLB, and keep them there. Nick Krall should appoint the best farm system director available. Louisville should be used as a stepping stone to the majors, and not as an ending point for players who will not make it to MLB. Outstanding young talent should be brought up and seasoned in the majors. This takes organizational and fan patience. A strong farm system will restore excitement to baseball’s oldest professional franchise.

  32. TMS

    This may sound strange, but I wonder if the biggest obstacle to signing Bauer is the fact that Joey Votto is the 1B? It seems to me that there were at least three errors committed by Votto at 1B this year, where Bauer was visably angry and upset, because it cost him runs. Didn’t Votto and Bauer almost come to blows in the dugout after one of Votto’s gaffes?

    It’s hard not to like this team’s chances in 2021, provided a few minor tweaks are made to the roster (a bullpen arm or two, and a stop-gap SS who knows which end of the bat to swing from). But keeping the 1-2-3 punch at the top of the rotation intact, would be huge.

  33. Jim t

    My move would be to find a home in the field and in the batting order for Nick Senzel. This player is high on potential but injuries and moving him around has ate up multiple years. Find. Spot for him and leave him alone.

  34. Westfester

    Trade Winker to the Rockies for Trevor Story, and extend Story. He’s currently on a 2 year $27 mil contract that expires after 2022.

    • AllTheHype

      Story has been below avg offensively away from Coors the last 2 years. And, overpaid. No thanks.

    • JayTheRed

      I’m not on board either with Story… He seems to be only good at Coors. Pass.

  35. Doug Messinger

    Release or trade Joey Votto and move Jesse Winker to 1st Base.

    • JayTheRed

      Pretty sure Joey has a no trade clause… He isn’t going anywhere.

  36. Charlie Waffles

    I don’t think one move is going to move the needle much other than a new manager. Moving on from David Bell is a must if the Reds want to be better. Bell has no strengths as a manager and sure has a plethora of weaknesses.
    On the trade front, I would send closer RHP Raisel Iglesias, C Curt Casali, and RHP Robert Stephenson ( a throw in change of scenery candidate) to the Chicago White Sox for 2 relievers, RHP Codi Heuer and LHP Aaron Bummer. The White Sox’s closer Alex Colome and back up C James McCann reach free agency this winter. White Sox have Grandal for C and McCann is not really a back up so he probably goes to FA and Iglesias is a step up over Colome as a closer. Casali aptly fills the back up C role for Chicago. RStephenson needs a change of scenery.
    For the Reds this creates a spot for C Tyler Stephenson and opens the door for Sims, or maybe Antone, to be the closer. Plus the Reds get 2 young relievers with some MLB experience and nice arms. Makes for a killer bullpen.

  37. Phillip C

    Okay. Here goes. I’ve been a Reds fan for 50 of my 59 years would like to see another Big Red Machine as well as another version of the Nasty Boys. In order to do so the Reds have got to spend some money Cincinnati will not win again without opening up the pocketbook. Do whatever we have to do to sign Trevor I like the back loaded 5-year contract I did also we need to solidify the starting pitchers so let’s go after Mike Minor that will provide a nice shot in the arm (pun intended). We need a short stop let’s go find one or teach ours how to hit. In order to do that we need somebody that can teach hitting it so we bring in another short stop Barry Larkin. Hire him as the hitting coach which will also put pressure on Mr Bell who really needs a nudge or two. Why not go after Dusty Baker as a special advisor to the team. Pay him to nudge Bell as well. Find a closer. Doesn’t have to be a top name just somebody who can come in and throw 1.2 innings every other night doesn’t matter if it’s a fastball or a slider as long as it gets the job done. I don’t have a lot of detail in here because I’m at work I really shouldn’t be doing this right now but the money’s there if they want to spend it there are bodies out there no name bodies and big name bodies who would come to Cincinnati because the potential to win a World series or two within the next five years is staring them in the face if you can’t get excited about that then everybody else just needs to go back home and go to bed.

  38. Chris Holbert

    If only one move is made, they have to something with SS. There is no big league everyday SS ready..

  39. Don

    Fire Bell
    Hire Mike Scioscia
    0.536 career win % as a manger
    6 division titles and a World Series in 1st 10 years with Angels
    1 division title with Trout and Pujols with no much else for talent the last 8 seasons

    • TR

      Does Scioscia have a relative in the Red’s front office like Bell does?

  40. JBKYGA

    Not sure you can make the Reds better with one move but here goes. I like Larkin so maybe get him a coaches job to learn the ins and outs of managing in the BIGS.
    So my one move is to find a SS either through trade but not Lindor or Story. I love them both but would cost an arm and leg on top of prospects and some current roster players. Get someone like Seimen, or Villar. Either option is an upgrade until Garcia is fully ready. Would love to see Bauer back in a Reds uniform but afraid of sticker price shock. Regardless, I love the Reds and will pull for them no matter what.

  41. Phil F

    Too much time on my hands.
    Roster turnover needed; if only one move, it would be the first listed.
    Trade with Nationals. Acquire SS Turner and top 12 prospect for Senzel, Barnhart, Garcia, Rece Hinds.
    Gives Washington younger players to plug in to lineup. Gives Reds lead off and shortstop. Sign him long term, let him grow with pitching staff.
    To better the lineup, go after Devers from Boston, offering Suarez, Rasiel, India. Would be getting number 3 hitter for many years.
    Next, move Winker, Aquino, and Santillan to Toronto for Gurriel, whose numbers are trending up.
    Finally, for a crazy move, go after Stanton, sending Castellanos. Yanks save a little on payroll, even though Marlins are kicking in lots of money thru remainder of deal. NY doesn’t work for some guys (Sonny Gray).

    That would be a fun offense!
    Fill bench with guys non-tendered/released.