Earlier this month Trevor Bauer was named as one of three finalists in the Major League Baseball Players Association’s voting for 2020 National League Outstanding Pitcher Award. On Thursday it was announced that Bauer won the award, voted on by his peers around the game.

When looking at the end of the season stats, it’s not surprising that Trevor Bauer got the nod. His 1.73 ERA, 0.79 WHIP, two complete games, two shutouts, and .159 batting average against all led the National League.

But, it’s worth noting that the voting was conducted with two weeks left remaining in the season. That means some of the stats weren’t finalized yet among the players being voted on. Depending on exactly when the vote was held (the MLBPA was not entirely specific), Bauer may not have had two or three of his final starts accounted for. Over his final three starts he threw 21.1 innings with a 1.69 ERA, four walks, and 29 strikeouts. If it was only missing the final two starts, you’re looking at 15.0 innings of 1.80 ERA with two walks and 17 strikeouts.

The other two finalists for the award were Chicago Cubs starter Yu Darvish and New York Mets starter Jacob deGrom. Darvish finished the season with a 2.01 ERA in 76.0 innings, 14 walks, 93 strikeouts, and a 0.96 WHIP. deGrom, who pitched against only the NL and AL East this year, posted a 2.38 ERA in 68.0 innings, 18 walks, and 104 strikeouts – which led the league.

For Trevor Bauer, and for the Cincinnati Reds, they are hoping that Thursday’s announcement was just the first one for the right-handed starter. The franchise has never had a Cy Young Award winner – an award that has existed since 1956. From 1956-1966 the award was given to just one pitcher in all of Major League Baseball. Starting in 1967 the award was expanded and given to a pitcher from both the National League and the American League. The award announcements will begin the week of November 9th with the Rookie of the Year coming that Monday. It will be followed up by Manager of the Year on Tuesday the 10th, the Cy Young Award on the Wednesday the 11th, and the Most Valuable Player being announced on Thursday the 12th.

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  1. CFD3000

    Seems odd that in such a short season this vote might have taken place with 10 or 15% of the games yet to be played. But Bauer deserves the nod regardless. Here’s hoping it’s just a prelude to an actual Cy Young award, which he deserves. Congrats Mr. Bauer – wouldn’t you like to play another year or two for the Reds and win a couple more?

  2. Bred

    Tucker Barnhart
    · 14h
    It’s really hard to come up with a list of things that have been more fun than catching @BauerOutage … the guy made me better. Demanded more out of me and there’s nothing more complementary of a teammate than that. He got the best out of me.
    This tweet by Tucker explains a lot about the Reds culture, and to me it indicates a culture that is not dedicated to winning. Perhaps all the years of losing developed a losers mentality.
    Maybe Bauer opened some players eyes as to what it takes to win.

    • Rednat

      i agree, but unfortunately i think this is still “Joey’s team” for the next few years. so it will be more of the mellow, laid back team. “great clubhouse atmosphere”, “we’ll get ’em next time”, it is ok to lose as long as “you are having fun” attitude.

      • Michael Smith

        Where does this Joey is laid back talk come from? Does he like to have fun and is a good team? The answer is yes but jesus the man is one of the fiercest competitors I have seen in my lifetime.

      • JayDubz

        Votto strikes me as the kind of guy who has a huge temper and overcompensates to control it. Have you ever heard him in the dugout after strikeouts? The guy is explosive.

    • greenmtred

      I don’t understand your reading of Tucker’s tweet. How does it show that he’s not dedicated to winning?

  3. Charlie Waffles

    Well deserved. For Bauer, it probably means a lot coming from his peers.
    I heard last night that the Reds have some big interest in free agent SS Andrelton Simmons. That Simmons and Bauer are the only free agents the Reds seem to have particular interest in. That could change though with the expected large number of non-tenders that should come in November. The Reds seem intent on improving the defense and may look for a CF in the non-tenders, move Senzel back to 2B, and have Moose and Votto as the 1B/DH. Of course that would be under the contingency that the NL adopts the DH full time. Simmons and Senzel in the middle infield would dramatically improve the Reds infield defense without hurting the offense. That also might be the moves that help entice Bauer to re-sign. And if Barnhart and Shogo win Gold Glove Awards, that could be some stellar defense up the middle with Barnhart at C, Simmons at SS, Senzel at 2B, and Shogo part time in CF.

    • west larry

      I agree wit all of this. I hope the reds have enough money to offer lucrative contracts to both Simmons and Bauer.

      • Charlie Waffles

        Simmons made $8.3MM in each of the last 3 seasons on a 6 year deal. Of course this year was prorated. Simmons has missed some time due to injury the last 2 years. So for him it won’t have to be very lucrative. Maybe 2 years and $14MM to $16MM could get it done. Not prohibitive. That would be his age 31 and 32 seasons. Not old for a SS. But there are some teams in need of a SS, so there will be some competition.
        Bauer is a completely different story though as we all know. We may get up into the “stupid money” levels here.

  4. jim walker

    Happy for Bauer. Enjoyed the opportunity to watch him work in this strange season.

    This said I wonder what the Reds will do if Bauer decides to go for a single season big payday and wait for the pandemic to pass before signing a longer term deal. Are the Reds in the hunt at ~$30m for a season? It wouldn’t be the risk of a long term train wreck.

    • Sliotar

      Jim, good comments and agree about fun watching Bauer. An artist at work.

      The uncertainites of fans in stands in 2021 might (probably?) play a factor in offering Bauer a massive 1-year deal.

      IMO, if fans were fully allowed back … I could Bauer and Reds “running it back” for one season, Bauer getting $30M or more … and GABP heaving, maybe setting a record for single-season attendance.

      (I know I would renew my 20-game weekend pack, for sure).

      Currently … Manfred and some teams sending hints that losses are going to be bigger in 2021 than 2020.

      I wish that would not stop Reds from “going for it” again, as roster isn’t young … but I think it might.

  5. Mark Moore

    He earned it. Good to see his peers recognize him. Now let’s see if the Cy Young voters see it the same way.