The Cincinnati Reds have been around for a long time. The Cy Young Award hasn’t been around quite as long, but it’s still been around for a long time. Since it came into existence, way back in 1956, the Cincinnati Reds have never had a Cy Young Award winner. They have had more than a few pitchers finish as the runner up. All of that may come to an end in 2020 thanks to the season that is being put together by Trevor Bauer.

On Wednesday night, going on short rest, Trevor Bauer allowed one run over 8.0 innings and he struck out 12 Milwaukee Brewers. When the game was over the Cincinnati Reds had completed another series win and taken another step forward to (hopefully) making the playoffs. Following the brilliant start by Bauer, he also found himself one step (hopefully) closer to winning the Cy Young Award.

Through Thursday’s games, Trevor Bauer leads the National League in ERA (1.73), complete games (2), strikeouts (100), ERA+ (277), batting average against (.159), and WHIP (0.80). How does he stack up to the competition? Let’s find out.

Trevor Bauer 5 4 1.73 73.0 41 17 100 0.79 .159
Dinelson Lamet 3 1 2.07 65.1 38 19 89 0.87 .166
Corbin Burnes 4 1 2.11 59.2 37 24 88 1.02 .174
Jacob deGrom 4 2 2.14 63.0 42 16 94 0.92 .184
Yu Darvish 7 3 2.22 69.0 56 13 88 1.00 .218

As things stand today, it doesn’t seem like there should be much of a question as to whether or not Trevor Bauer should be the winner. He’s on top in ERA, innings, WHIP, strikeouts, and average against. There’s a chance that Bauer may pitch again before the season is over. He is tentatively scheduled to pitch on Sunday, but if the Reds have a playoff spot locked up by that point – which is possible – it would be a surprise to see him take the mound in that game rather than hold him back to start game one of the playoffs.

Does Trevor Bauer believe he’s locked up the Cy Young Award?

“I don’t see how you can see it any other way,” said Bauer following the start on Wednesday.

As things stand right now, it’s hard to argue against Bauer. He’s simply had the best results when he’s taken the mound compared to everyone else in the National League. It’ll be a while until we find out the results of the voting, but unless something absolutely unexpected happens between now and the end of the season, the odds are looking quite good for Cincinnati to have it’s first Cy Young winner.

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  1. IndyDoug

    The only 2 things that might keep this from happening in their most likely to happen order:
    1. His outspokenness; and
    2. He starts on Sunday, gets hammered and Reds miss the playoffs as a result.

    • Mark Moore

      +250 excellent points. Tough year to be vocal, especially against Rob Manfred (no matter how much we think he deserves the responses).

      • Doug Gray

        Rob Manfred doesn’t get a vote, and the people that do get to vote are from a pool that largely seems to think that Manfred isn’t doing much for the game…..

      • Mark Moore

        Not saying Rob gets a vote … just saying Trevor calling him out could create some friction or a bad impression. That may work against him … or it may actually help with some.

        Credit to Manfred for actually holding things together in a really tough year. Asterisk or no, we’ll have a World Series winner in 2020.

      • Doug Gray

        How would any of that alter who the writers would vote for?

  2. Mark Moore

    The numbers say “yes”. A strong post-season run will really support it.

    Hard to believe we’re talking about a post-season run where just a couple weeks ago we were all ready to pack it in for the year.

    #embracetheweird indeed!

    • Charlie Waffles

      I believe the BBWAA voters have to have their ballots in before the post-season starts. So writers are voting now, or have already voted, or will vote between now and Tuesday of next week. In a short season like this year, writers may wait until Sunday and Monday before submitting their votes on CYA, MVP and the likes.
      I like Bauer’s chances, but Darvish or de Grom could sneak in there. I also can see Bauer getting some MVP votes.

    • Slicc50

      It is amazing……I admit it, I thought the defeat in game 2 of the Cardinal series was it for them. Here they are in control of their own destiny with 3 to go. I forgot how GREAT of a feeling this is!

  3. Cubano

    I absolutely did not see this coming. He’s been incredible. I wasn’t sure when we made the trade. It ended up being a great one.

  4. SteveLV

    I wasn’t in favor of the trade to get Bauer a year ago, not because I thought losing Trammell was so bad, but because I was concerned the Reds would continue to deplete the minor league system to go all-in this year. Instead, Bauer has been fantastic on the mound and generated a competitive drive for the team – and the Reds spent money instead of prospect capital to try to win this year. The last few weeks and, hopefully, the next few weeks, have been a bright spot in a year in which bright spots have been nearly impossible to find. Bauer gets the credit for that.

    So – and it pains me to say this, given the exceptionally high regard I hold for my own opinions – I was wrong.

    • Corey D

      There is a first time for everything.

  5. Don

    Bauer statistically should win the NL Cy Young.

    He also has 2 complete game shutouts which leagues all of Major League baseball.

    Since the award is given by 30 BBWAA members and the Reds have not been at the top of standings the entire season to garner media attention I think will hurt his chances.

    A great pitcher on a loosing team in a big market (DeGrom) will be more votes just based on being in a media capital.

    Based on statistics with 3 days left in the season when the voting will be taken, he should win.

  6. LDS

    He’s good copy for the baseball writers. I’d like to see him win it. I’d like to see the Reds re-sign him though that’s unlikely unless they pony up some big bucks and get further into the playoffs than most expect. Personally, I like his outspoken behavior and his competitive nature. If he signs elsewhere maybe he’ll speak about the atrocities of Bell’s management practices. With a decent manager, the Reds would have clinched post season play much earlier instead of fighting to reach the playoffs on the last weekend.

  7. Steven Ross

    I hope he doesn’t have to pitch Sunday. I want this playoff spot locked up by then. As for the Cy Young, answer is yes. I remember after Bauer faced off against Darvish last time (9/9) and the Reds won 3 to 0. After the game, I’m parapharasing, Darvish said Bauer’s the best pitcher going now.

  8. RedsFan11

    Real question is: How in the heck did the Reds manage to lose 4 of the games he started???

    Interesting stat: In any game Bauer gave up more than 1 run (earned run or unearned), the Reds lost.

    Jul 26th: 1 ER in a 3-2 loss ( no decision )
    Aug 24th: 4 ER in a 4-2 loss
    Aug 29th: 3 ER in a 3-0 loss
    Sep 4th: 1 ER (3 unearned) in a 4-3 loss
    Sep 14th: 1 ER in a 3-1 win ( no decision )
    Sep 19th: 2 ER in a 5-0 loss

    All 5 wins : 0,1,0,0,1 runs allowed

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    • LDS

      Because the Reds didn’t and still don’t hit. There’s more to winning ball games than HRs and walks.

      • Roger Garrett

        I agree 100% and that will hurt.We know wins and losses are still viewed as an individual stat for starting pitchers and if their is ever a time it shouldn’t be it is now when you look at what Bauer has done.I would vote for him just because he knows he has to be almost be perfect,as do our other starters,because the Reds can’t score runs.His numbers minus his record are off the charts while pitching for a team that will set records for offensive futility not only in his starts but for the season speak volumes.If he was 7-2 or even 6-3 he wins hands down.

    • Doug Gray

      Come on, dude. You avoided using the word by filtering out a letter because you knew you shouldn’t use it…..

      • RedsFan11

        I should of known better you are correct. I am sorry Doug my bad! just hyped up for the weekend series!!!

  9. KG

    He’s a leader. He brings excitement to the game. He’s a heckuva pitcher. And he’ll put butts in the seats next season at GABP, especially if he wins the CYA. It would be an embarrassing step back if we don’t re-sign him.

    • Roger Garrett

      I agree but he sees what we see and that is a team that has been just awful on offense.I expect regardless of what happens the rest of the way that the organization will just say the short season is the reason for the lack of hitting.They indeed could be right but I do expect them to just roll the dice on next year but we will see.Bauer will get paid by somebody but it really comes down to where he wants to pitch.I don’t see the Reds offering him more money then other teams but again we will see.I love his fire and the cockiness and just wish the whole team had just a little of it.

  10. docmike

    I think Bauer is the clear front-runner at this point. The only way he loses is if (1) he does come back and pitch Sunday and pitches poorly, or (2) the east coast bias really helps DeGrom out more than we expect.

    We know that Bauer will only sign a one-year deal, so what do the experts think it will take to keep him? 30 million? 35?

    • CFD3000

      I’m not sure we do know that Bauer will only consider a one year deal. I’ve seen hints that he’s now open to longer contracts. No firm commitment, but it doesn’t seem as clear as it once did that he’s in Walter Alston / Tommy Lasorda mode forever.

  11. Jim

    How does everyone feel on that trade now? Im eating crow!
    The QUARTET leads to a WS ring. Mahle has stepped up! Bullpen has turned around. If BobSteve can find himself and plug that leak.
    Worst hitting in the league but everyone is way below career norms. Gotta figure the law of averages has just begun to show up in last dozen games.
    Get past the WC and im calling my bookie. If its beating the Dodgers in WC, ill double my bet.

  12. doofus

    No, because he does not play for a team in Chicago, New York or California.

  13. citizen54

    Yes Bauer is having a great year but the Reds still made a poorly conceived trade. First off its not like the Reds don’t have to pay Bauer. He is being paid $17.5 MM making him the second highest paid Reds this year. The Reds aren’t getting similar value out of Bauer like the Indians are getting out of Shane Beiber who is making only $623k and is having a better year than Bauer.

    Second and most important, the Reds were only trading for 1.3 years of control of Bauer which unfortunately only came out to 20-21 starts. At the time the Reds made the trade they were busy fighting for last place in the NL Central so it’s not like the Reds were only one piece from winning it all. As for the value the Reds gave up, people should not look at it from the standpoint of Moss and Trammel as individual players but by the value they represented at the time. Trammel was a top 20 player 60 FV according to Fangraphs which in 2018 was worth $60MM.

    This trade was akin to the trades made 5 years ago where teams would give up the farm to just get a closer with half a year of control. GMs gave gotten wiser since then but it seems like DW is still using an outdated mindset. It should also be noted that teams that were willing to make these trades had strong farm systems at the time ala Yankees and Cubs. The Reds did not. It is going to show a couple years down the road when Moustakas and Castellanos are being paid big bucks for below average production and little hope in the farm system.

    I mean all you gave to do to see if this was a good trade or not is look at the team that was willing to make the trade. The Indians were a 90 win team when they made this trade and they are still a strong team with a better future after the making the trade. They made the smart move and got more value out of trading Bauer then the would have had they kept him. The Reds, yet again, played the role of the sucker and are desperately fighting for a playoff spot even with Bauer in a year where it seems like everyone makes the playoffs and will be worse in the future as a result of the trade.

    • Keith

      Reds have an 88% chance of making the playoffs and three top pitchers that could easily lead them to multiple playoff series wins if they pitch to their potential (a good possibility the way Gray/Bauer/Castillo are currently throwing) . The possibility of the Reds winning a bunch of 1-0 games and ending up in NLCS or WS is real. For that, they traded an outfielder who has since been traded again, a mid-tier SP, and a guy who us unsigned. I’d rather go all in this year than play the eternal waiting game with prospects. Maybe trade value didn’t line up perfectly in a chart somewhere, but flags fly forever.