The Cincinnati Reds announced this afternoon at 3:00pm that they have released right-handed reliever Nate Jones. Cincinnati designated Jones for assignment this past week and it appears that he had cleared waivers. The Reds opted to release him.

During the 2020 season Nate Jones posted an ERA more than twice as high as his career rate entering the year (3.12 to 6.27). His walk rate and strikeout rates were in line, or better, than his career rates. But he gave up more hits on a per-inning basis than ever before, and his home run rate was through the roof – allowing 2.4 home runs per 9-innings pitched in his 18.2 innings.

Thom Brennaman Resigns

It was an awfully news-packed 3:00pm in the greater Cincinnati area. In a statement made to Evan Millward of WCPO in Cincinnati, Thom Brennaman has resigned from his job as broadcaster of Cincinnati Reds baseball games. He has been suspended since he used a homophobic slur that, while it didn’t go over the air to local viewers of Fox Sports Ohio, did go out to those streaming the game through MLBtv.

Why Thom Brennaman needed to resign, rather than be fired, six weeks after the fact is a question that I don’t have an answer for. Plenty of people have been fired for saying far less offensive things on the air in much quicker fashion. But either way, Thom Brennaman will no longer be on the air calling Cincinnati Reds baseball games.

Bob Castellini’s statement

At 4:00pm ET the Cincinnati Reds twitter account sent out a statement from Bob Castellini, but it was deleted and then reposted about 25 minutes later.

The Reds respect Thom Brennaman’s decision to step away from the broadcast booth and applaud his heartfelt efforts of reconciliation with the LGBTQ+ community. The Brennaman family has been an intrinsic part of the Reds history for nearly fifty years. We sincerely thank Thom for bringing the excitement of Reds baseball to millions of fans during his years in the booth. And, we appreciate the warm welcome Thom showed our fans at Redsfest and on the Reds Caravan. He is a fantastic talent and a good man who remains part of the Reds family forever. We wish him well.