The Cincinnati Reds have activated outfielder Nick Senzel for today’s double header against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The announcement, however, is a bit strange in that the move has been announced as Senzel being selected as the 29th player for today’s double header.

Today marks the one month point since Nick Senzel last played in a game for the Cincinnati Reds – also against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The center fielder has been out ever since on the unspecified injured list. He joined the alternate site to begin working his way back to the field on September 1st – so he’s got two weeks under his belt at Prasco Park.

During the pre-game zoom call with the media yesterday, manager David Bell noted that Nick Senzel could return as early as today for one of the games of the double header. That sounds like it’s unlikely that he’s going to be starting both ends of the double header, but I would expect him to start at least one of the games and perhaps be used off of the bench in the other if the opportunity presents itself.

The news is less good for right-handed pitcher Tyler Thornburg. Last Thursday night, Thornburg exited the game after injuring his elbow. The next day he was placed on the 10-day injured list with a right elbow sprain. To quote Will Carroll, a sprain is a tear. Something torn in your elbow is never good. As we wrote on Friday, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will require Tommy John surgery – depending on how bad the tear is, rehab could be an option that could work. We don’t know which option Thornburg will be taking at this point.

We do know that he is going to miss the rest of the season, though. The Reds placed him on the 45-day injured list today, which is long enough that even if he were to be ready to return at the end of that stretch – the season would be over anyways.

10 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Interesting and odd approach.

    By rule, does that mean he’s automatically back to Prasco tomorrow … unless they announce another roster move?

    • Doug Gray

      They’ll have to make a roster move.

  2. Mark Moore

    And Matt Bowman has TJ surgery this week … so he’s not an option next year regardless.

  3. SultanofSwaff

    Stephenson, Garcia, Senzel up the middle for years to come. Now suppose Moose shifts over to 1B the majority of the time so that Jonathon India could play 2B. Now you’re talking a quality core of controllable players you could really build around. That gets me excited!

    • MK

      I guess they might wait to see if India can actually hit (.254 in 165 games) as a pro before they pencil him in at a position he has played in 84 innings with a ,971 fielding pct. as a pro.

    • Chris

      It seems as though you are just excited about new young players, but not so concerned about whether they are good or not. India seems like a horrible bust of a pick, and will most likely NEVER be a MLB starter. Good chance Garcia will never come close to the career of Galvis thus far, and that’s nothing to get excited about.

      • JB

        So you already have decided a 22 year old wont be as good as an average player like Galvis?

  4. Johnnie Sparks

    I agree I think India goin to b a bust. Number 3 pick Alex bohm is doin really well for Phillies. I know India was the 5th pick. The 6th pick was jarred kelenic whose a tip outfield prospect for Seattle.

  5. DaveCT

    Welcome back, Nick. Many of us are relieved you are back to heath and are also wishing you the best of fortune moving ahead.