The Cincinnati Reds season continues to work against them. Prior to the game on Sunday in St. Louis the Reds announced that starting pitcher Sonny Gray was going to be placed on the 10-day injured list with a right mid-back strain. There are only  two weeks left remaining in the season, meaning the Reds will likely be without one of their aces moving forward, with a chance he could make one start in the final series of the year. Taking his place on the roster is right-handed pitcher Sal Romano.

For Sal Romano, he was not on the 40-man roster. He was already in St. Louis as a part of the taxi squad, and the team activated him and added him to both the 40-man and the active 28-man rosters. The big right-handed pitcher has spent parts of the previous three seasons with the big league club in Cincinnati. He’s made 41 starts – all in 2017 and 2018, and he’s pitched out of the bullpen in another 26 games – including all 12 of his appearances in 2019. He had been pitching at the alternate site at Prasco Park this year.

The Reds rotation moving forward, including tomorrow’s double header against Pittsburgh has not yet been announced. David Bell had not yet made a decision on how that would go when he held his pre-game press conference with the media on Sunday, but said it would be coming soon. Given the news of Sonny Gray heading to the injured list, he was likely awaiting more information on how the roster would look before making the announcement.

At 20-26, Cincinnati has a lot of work to get done in the next two weeks if they want to have any shot at the playoffs. They likely can only afford another 2-4 losses if they want any real chance at making the playoffs. Losing Sonny Gray doesn’t help with that at all.

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  1. Votto4life

    Doug has there been any scuttlebutt about the Reds trying to sign Trevor Bauer for next year? I am trying to find a reason to feel optimistic about this team moving forward. Thank you for your excellent coverage of this team.

    • Doug Gray


      Bauer’s been pretty outspoken about how he plans to handle free agency. He wants to play for a winner. There are some other things he would like, too – I think the general expectation is for him to wait to be able to talk to as many teams as possible and see what they’ll let him do.

      • Mark Moore

        +500 in a sad and realistic way

        See my post here (and previously) noting the same stuff. He’s gone … we’ll miss him.

  2. Mark Moore

    Well this sucks … kind of like an exclamation point on our season so far.

    Now is the time to let Trevor go every 4th day as I see it. He’s still our best SP by a long shot and if he’s up to the task, hand him the ball and let it rip. Really nothing to be lost for the Reds. They didn’t trade him (I supported that move) and they will give him the QO unless he blows up his arm/shoulder. He’s not returning to us next season barring at least 3-5 documented miracles … 🙂

    OK – one more under the Arch against these Dirty WLB’s!

  3. Don

    Unless Reds win 8 of the 10 games Gray is out, let Gray go into the off-season and get healthy. No need to take any risks to have him do something to jeopardize 2021.

    Reds will desperately need a healthy and strong Gray in 2021.

    If I were Bauer and the Reds asked to go every 4 days for the last 13 games, tell them no. No need to have extra risk for injury.

  4. Charlie Waffles

    Something hasn’t been right with Sonny Gray for a couple of weeks. Now we know.
    I would think DeSclafani is back in the rotation and pitching one of the DH games tomorrow.
    Good to see Big Sal get the call up. I still hope he can become a good bullpen arm.

  5. DaveCT

    This might be related or not but I was not happy at all seeing Sonny pitch in the rain, slipping frequently, hoping he’d not get injured or possibly in this case re-injured.

    • RojoBenjy

      I agree. Not happy with MLB umpires about this

  6. CI3J

    I think realistically, it’s time to accept that this “season” is over for the Reds. Yes, they have not been mathematically eliminated and are still 4 games out of a playoff spot with 14 to play, but I just don’t see where a spark is going to come from that’s going to allow them to make up that 4 game difference AND leapfrog all the teams in between them and the final playoff spot, no matter if they’re trying to get in via the WC or by finishing 2nd in their division.

    It just wasn’t meant to be. The Reds went for it, and this was their best shot in a long time, but it really was a one-time-only thing, as Bauer and Castellanos are both probably gone, and Votto is yet another year older.

    I still think it was a mistake to play the season and I hope all the plaers who got the virus don’t suffer serious long-term damage because of it (did we ever get confirmation that Senzel had it, or is it still more of a “read between the lines” take?). But since the “season” was played, it’s very disappointing that the Reds couldn’t make it to the playoffs when all they needed was to be slightly better than .500. They would have to go 10-4 over these last 14 games to break even, and I see no indication that that’s even remotely likely to happen.

    Very curious to see where the Reds go from here. They have a few nice pieces to build around, but they are basically back to where they were last year, still several pieces away from being competitive, with the added burden of needing to replace Bauer now. It’s very hard to be optimistic about this team in the short term or the long term. I just don’t see how they are going to close the gap to being competitive when they couldn’t even do it this year.

    • JoshG

      you don’t think they have any chance of going 9 and 4 the last 13 games? because it’s looking like a .500 (30-30) record will have a really good shot at being in

  7. Mark Moore

    That was my fault. I started watching again and I should have left it off.

    Sorry …