The Cincinnati Reds (21-26) needed to come from behind on Sunday to beat the St. Louis Cardinals (20-20), but they were able to do just that as they put the pressure on the Cardinals bullpen. Cincinnati scored at least one run against six different St. Louis relievers, getting home runs from Eugenio Suárez and Aristides Aquino late to put the game away.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (21-26)
10 13 0
St. Louis Cardinals (20-20)
5 8 0
W: Bradley (2-0) L: Gant (0-3) SV: Iglesias (7)
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The Offense

After the Cardinals grabbed a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the 1st, Cincinnati’s offense got the run back when Brian Goodwin crushed his first homer as a Red – clanging the ball off of the fair pole down the right field line. They had to match the Cardinals again the next inning after St. Louis put two more on the board. Eugenio Suárez doubled in a run with two outs. Mike Moustakas was intentionally walked to load the bases to bring Tyler Stephenson to the plate. The plan didn’t work out for St. Louis as Stephenson worked a walk to bring in the tying run and make it 3-3.

As the game had been going, the Reds offense seemed to answer the Cardinals offense that happened the half-inning prior. St. Louis took a 5-3 lead in the bottom of the 5th. In the top of the 6th Brian Goodwin walked to lead off the inning, and an out later Jose Garcia picked up his second single of the game to put runners on first and second. Nick Castellanos came through with a 2-out RBI single to make it 5-4 and put runners on the corners, but Joey Votto flew out to left to end the inning.

Cincinnati got the offense rolling with one out in the 7th. Mike Moustakas walked and moved up to second base when Tyler Stephenson singled. St. Louis made a pitching change after the first pitch, a ball, to Brian Goodwin, as John Gant seemed to injure himself on the pitch. Andrew Miller was brought in to left the left-handed hitting Goodwin. The Reds, however, countered by bringing in Aristides Aquino as a pinch hitter and he was hit by a pitch to load the bases. Freddy Galvis then walked on four pitches to tie the game up. The next pitch got away from Yadier Molina to bring in the go-ahead run for Cincinnati. Jose Garcia then grounded one down the third base line that brought in another run, making it 7-5.

In the top of the 8th inning the Reds offense kept going when Eugenio Suárez hit his 13th homer of the season – a solo shot – to extend the Cincinnati lead to 8-5. They didn’t stop there, keeping things rolling in the 9th, too. Tucker Barnhart singled on a line drive to right field to start the inning. Aristides Aquino then crushed a ball 421 feet into the center field seats to make it 10-5. That was more than enough to seal the win on the day and the series win over St. Louis.

The Pitching

Tyler Mahle ran into trouble early. He walked two batters and allowed a single to load the bases in the 1st, leading to a sacrifice fly that put St. Louis up 1-0. He would get Yadier Molina to ground out to end the inning. The next inning was more of the same, though. Matt Carpenter led off with a double. After a strikeout, Mahle allowed a walk, single, and then a sacrifice fly – a sequence that brought two more runs in and made it 3-1.

With more control problems, Tyler Mahle didn’t make it out of the 3rd inning. With two outs in the 3rd, David Bell went to the bullpen to bring in Robert Stephenson – ending the day for Mahle after just 2.2 innings and four walks to go along with three earned runs at that point. Stephenson came on and struck out Austin Dean to strand runners on first and second base and keep the game tied.

Robert Stephenson would work around a walk in the 4th inning to keep the game tied up. He returned to begin the 5th inning, but walked the leadoff batter and prompted the Reds go to the bullpen and bring in Nate Jones. Walks will haunt, as they say, and the leadoff walk by Stephenson did just that. After a ground out induced by Jones, he gave up back-to-back singles to bring the runner across the plate and put the Cardinals back in front 4-3. The Reds caught a break on the next play as another single followed, but the Cardinals made a TOOTBLAN (thrown out on the bases like a nincompoop) by holding the runner at third, but the trail runner also headed to third. After some throwing around, Yadier Molina was thrown out at the plate, leaving runners on the corners with two outs. Another single followed that brought in another run, making 5-3. Jones finally recorded the final out on a line drive to Nick Castellanos, but the damage was done.

Archie Bradley made his third appearance in the last two weeks and tossed a perfect 6th inning that featured a strikeout. He came back out for the 7th inning and he made quick work of the Cardinals, getting two quick ground outs and a fly out to Aristides Aquino in right field to hold the 7-5 lead after a big top of the 7th.

Raisel Iglesias came out for the 8th inning and things went quickly as he struck out two batters and needed just nine pitches to record three outs. The closer came back out for the 9th, holding onto a 10-5 lead after the bats did damage in the final two trips to the plate. A 1-out walk to Paul Goldschmidt was worked around as Iglesias sealed the win for the Reds with a hitless 9th inning.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinnati Reds (Double Header)

Monday September 14th, 4:10pm ET


26 Responses

  1. RedNat

    Not sure if the bengals can hold on. But so far this has been a good day to be a Cincinnati sports fan! Not many of those

  2. Mark Moore

    Pummel is the exact word to describe it today. Plus they “small balled” them to death!

  3. Brennan

    Can someone explain the playoff situation to me? I know 8 teams from each league get in but is it the top 2 teams from each division then the next top 2 teams? Also, is our only hope basically to finish 2nd in the Central?

    I can’t believe despite all of my googling I can’t find a great answer to this…

    • seadog

      You are correct in your thinking. Easiest way is just go to standings.

    • Mark Moore

      As of today, the AL post-season includes Tampa Bay, Toronto, Chicago, Minnesota, Oakland, and Houston as the leaders plus NYY and Cleveland as the Wild Cards.

      NL stands at Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, St. Loser, LA and Slam Diego plus Philly and San Fran.

      We’re behind the Brewers, and Rocks. Tied with the NYM.

      We’ve got to get ahead of the Brewers to have any shot at all and hoped the Giants fall down the beanstalk and Mets go dark. If the Phillys Phalter, that’s all that mulch better.

      So yes we have a shot at a spot … but it’s a lot of teams to climb over.

      • Colorado Red


        The Rox look terrible.
        Despite the walk grand slam on Friday, they lost 2 of 3 to the Angles.
        It is still a long shot, need to sweep the Bucs

    • Mark Moore

      Nice site. +250 for posting that.

      Yes, the Marlins – once they were allowed to play – have surprised everybody more than a little.

  4. Aaron B.

    Funny how the offense looks much better with Shogo leadoff and Stephenson starting ahead of Barnhart, things we were talking about a month ago. I really think if Shogo had been allowed to play everyday he would have quickly found his groove but that bizarre platton situation ended up hurting everyone.

    • Colorado Red

      Also, we need to get NIck and Jessie back.

      • Mark Moore

        Nick definitely. Jessie only if his back is healed. Otherwise, that swing out of your shoes approach will only do more damage.

    • RojoBenjy

      “ I really think if Shogo had been allowed to play everyday he would have quickly found his groove but that bizarre platton situation ended up hurting everyone.”

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Steven Ross

      Agree on both! Now that Shogo has seen many of these pitchers a few times, he knows their tendencies. Leadoff is perfect for him now. I like him a lot. Stephenson looks like he belongs already. He should get the nod over Tucker from here on out. It’s no contest really.

  5. Adam

    Can anyone tell me where to find all win loss records over the last 20 years? I think I saw the Reds have the worst record over that span? I really hope I misread.

  6. Don

    Solid win, scored lots of runs without hitting HRs which is great.

    Will miss Brantley on the TV broadcasts. He is great, I guess will need to listen to the radio play by play. He was right on with commentary and has great insight.

    Will need to win them all vs Pirates and hope for the right help.

    Bell finally pitched Bradley and he was dominate.

    What if Bell would have used him some in last 8 days?

    • RojoBenjy

      “ What if Bell would have used him some in last 8 days?”

      That’s just crazy talk—like suggesting that Akiyama be full time lead off, or that Tyler Stephenson should play catcher every day, or that Aquino should be in RF almost every game.

      Obviously you have a lot to learn.


      • seadog

        obviously you have a lot to learn. Akiyama should be the lead-off hitter if he is playing. Stephenson should catch everyday and yes Aquino should have been in this line-up from day 1 somewhere.
        Bradley used BAD to this point by Bell
        You have a lot to learn

      • RojoBenjy


        Sorry, i thought the wink would clue everyone in that i was being sarcastic. Hence, you and i agree on what you posted.

  7. DaveCT

    Moose’s swing looks the best I’ve seen the entire year. Loose, confident.

    • TR

      If the Reds are going to make a breakout, they need Moose, Votto, Castellanos, Suarez and Senzel to lead the way.

  8. seadog

    Good news is our Reds are only 2 out. The next 10 are at home Only 3 left on the road Gray being out is a huge deal now…
    They are not out of it yet. No worse off than they were end of last week.

  9. RedNat

    We talk about leadership of the team on this site all the time ( and the lack there of). In general we have been a lackadaisical, laid back, happy go lucky team since 2013 after Rolen left. Who is going to light a fire under these guys for the next 2 weeks? If we get Senzel back and play to our fill potential i think we will sneak in the playoffs

  10. GreatRedLegsFan

    Still 2-10 w/RISP and 9 LOB game. Amazingly, every single player in the roster with qualified AB’s has an AVG around .200 and only two players with above .800 OPS. They’d almost need a no-hitter in the last 13 games to have a chance of getting into the post-season.

  11. Don

    Pirates have held their own with everyone in the division but the Cubs.

    Pirates record vs the division.
    Cards 3-2
    Brewers 5-5
    Reds 3-3
    Cubs 1-5

    That is 12 of the 14 Pirate Wins. Pirates are 2-14 vs the AL central.

    When the season started, we all said the Reds needed to dominate the Pirates to have a chance and be 500 vs the rest of the division.

    So Far Reds vs the division.
    Cubs 4-6
    Cards 4-6
    Brewers 4-3
    Pirates 3-3

    The Saturday loss hurts not only in the record but now the Cards have the head to head tiebreaker over the Reds.

    The 2 games not being played by the Cards could end up being huge for the winning percentage.
    That tiebreaker really means the Reds are actually one more game back of the Cards than the standings show.

    If the Cards get to 29 wins (29-29, which is 9-9 in their last 18), the Reds need to get to 31 wins to get 2nd in the division as a 30-30 finish losses the 1st tie breaker which is head to head record to the Cards.

    If the Cards go 8-10 in their last 18 then the Reds only need 29 wins for 2nd place.

    28-30 is a .48275 win %
    29-31 is a .48333 win %

    The Reds control their own destiny vs the Brewers with the 3 games left to overtake them for 2nd place.

    For the Reds to have the best chance at 2nd place in the division, the Reds need the Cards to go 8-10 to finish the season (10 Brewers, 5 Pirates, 3 Royals)

    It all starts with the Reds taking care of business vs the Pirates and winning each
    game as it is played.

    We need to root for:
    Reds sweep these 4 games to be 7-3 vs the Pirates
    Brewers must win the series (3 if not 4 of 5) vs the Cards the next 3 days.