Is Reds manager David Bell on the hot seat? Should he be? Jason Linden and I explore that question and analyze what the Reds need to do going forward…in the latest scintillating episode of the world’s most dangerous podcast.

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6 Responses

  1. Robert

    Chad – as always I enjoy your podcast and I enjoy Jason as well. But the (understandable) love for Joey Votto has some rose colored viewing glasses that have come with it. He has been TERRIBLE at 1B this year; a butcher, bottom of the league at the position first baseman. Not only the eye test, but statistics bear this out as well. Of all players with 25 or more games at the position he has the WORST fielding % in the league. If you include all players who regular play (at least 15 games) but may not have had 25 games there, only Josh Bell of the Pirates has a lower fielding %. The game he walked off earlier this year, we were down because he made 2 errors in one inning (though he was mercifully only credited with one). Missing that lob throw against the Pirates that a 12 year old would have caught cost us a win in the very recent Pirates game. He has been abysmal this year and while it has been magnified because of the shortened season, his defense has not been good for a while. You are right – Father Time is undefeated and one of the positive things that will hopefully come out of this season is the grasping of the reality that Votto is now a support player whose ceiling is a league average player. It is difficult to watch, but he will never come close to the offensive production he once had and this is now the 3rd straight season of his “worst season ever”.

  2. Max

    You are TOTALLY correct he us EMBARRASEMENT to his career and you still can’t convince this FRONT Office.

  3. David

    Did the listener really put Josh Hamilton on his beer league team? Wow.

  4. Toby combs

    To quick to pull the ace is Bells biggest hangup, and this isn’t Lorenzo’s year as a middle reliever,his arm isn’t right. With the recent injuries put him where he can help the most which is the dh spot.

  5. Robert

    The man has had an excellent career and I am not going to bash that. My point was in response to Jason saying he is not a bad defensive first baseman. He has become that defensively and he is on the decline and hopefully all can see that there will not be a recapturing of 2017. He can still be productive offensively, but his ceiling is average at this point. Unfortunately everyone is so underperforming at the plate that average would be a welcome change.

  6. Bill J

    I imagine Votto wants to end his career on a good note and since these last 3 years haven’t been good he just keeps playing and hoping for a good year. Remember Jim Brown knew he was about to decline and retired after a good year before he started to decline.