Bill Lack and I got together to discuss the NHL playoffs. No wait, we talked about Cincinnati Reds baseball. And despite recent poor play, we conclude that the Reds really do have a legitimate chance to make it to the playoffs this year. We also broke down the trade deadline deals and answer a bunch of Viewer Mail questions.

And the podcast is even more dangerous than usual, tbh.

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3 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Good podcast. I don’t often listen, but this one caught my eye and I had the time. Some thoughts I had …

    1. 42 was a great role for Boseman. He made Robinson come to life for me.
    2. Not completely convinced that “clutch” is a thing (more of a thing than “grit”), but agree that Joey does have the mental discipline you want in that situation. The results seem to indicate that.
    3. BABIP is an interesting stat, especially when paired with the lucky/unlucky paradigm. I think you also have to look at it through the dual lenses of “the shift” and “the insatiable desire to pull every pitch you see”. Making contact into a more tightly packed defense will usually result in more outs, at least those hit on the ground, even if sharply hit.
    4. I’ve got a full set of 1990 baseball cards and there are some clear Reds favorites from that magical team. But I’m too sad to talk about it since we’re only seeing 60 games max on this 30th anniversary and we don’t seem to be doing what we “should/could” given the talent.
    5. On trades, we did a fair job given what went on overall (San Diego excepted). Trevor will take a significant miracle to come back for a year, and 1 year is exactly what he’ll do. I predict somebody will take a shot at him for over $25 even in this weird short season.
    6. On Votto walking away, I think it does happen but I won’t speculate on the timing. Can’t be this year because of the #embracetheweird, but if the DH doesn’t happen going forward and Joey doesn’t move into that role, it happens sooner rather than later.

    +100 for the bologna reference and an additional +400 for singing it!

  2. donny

    Could the reason for not calling up Tyler Stevenson be the starting pitchers ?
    The pitchers that we have now, might be on the same page as the catchers we have on the team now.
    As far as pitch calling and being on the same page of understanding how they want to pitch and recognizing if there is something different in the pitchers mechanics that day. Catchers knowing what pitches aren’t working from the pitcher as they have caught them for awhile now.

    It is like nascar. The driver and the crew chief being on the same page and understanding one another goes a long way.

    • Melvin

      I think our pitchers want to win badly enough that they could adjust to Tyler.