A huge error by Joey Votto in game two of the double header cost the Cincinnati Reds (17-22) both the game and a sweep against the Pittsburgh Pirates (12-25) on Friday evening.

Game 1 Recap: Castillo picks up his first win

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (17-21) 4 7 1
Pittsburgh Pirates (11-25)
2 8 1
W: Castillo (1-5) L: Brault (0-2) SV: Iglesias (5)
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The Reds grabbed an early lead and never looked back, though things got dicey more than a few times with Luis Castillo on the mound – he clamped down when all of the chips were on the table and got through the jams.

The Offense

The Reds got things going in the 2nd inning with two outs. Aristides Aquino walked and moved up to second on an error. Jose Garcia picked up his first career RBI with a single into left to give Cincinnati a 1-0 lead. They would play add on the next inning after Joey Votto and Nick Castellanos led off the inning with singles. Votto scored on an Eugenio Suárez sacrifice fly to make it 2-0. Castellanos scored on a Jesse Winker blooper that fell between the center fielder and second baseman to extend the lead to 3-0. In the top of the 5th inning Nick Castellanos gave Luis Castillo some breathing room with a solo home run to make it a 4-2 game. That was the final time the Reds would score in the game.

The Pitching

Luis Castillo had a clean 1st inning, but things weren’t as easy in the 2nd. A single led off the inning and it was followed up with a double off of the glove of Nick Castellanos, who badly misread the ball off of the bat put runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs. But Castillo worked out of the jam by getting a shallow fly out to left, a ground ball that led to a force out to cut down the runner at third, and a ground out to end the inning.

The 3rd inning didn’t turn out as well as the previous one did. Handed a 3-0 lead to work with, Castillo gave up a 1-out double, a 2-out walk and then an RBI single that made it 3-1. The Reds and Castillo caught a break, if you can call it that, when Gregory Polanco’s ground-rule double made it over the fence – likely preventing more than one run from scoring on the play and keeping it a 3-2 game. Josh Bell struck out to end the inning with the Reds barely holding onto their lead.

Much like the previous two innings, Luis Castillo ran into a jam. He allowed back-to-back singles to start the inning, but he then clamped down and struck out Jacob Stallings and induced an inning-ending double play from Erik Gonzalez. Castillo would cruise through the next two innings before handing the game over to Raisel Iglesias for the 7th and final inning if he could hold onto the lead.

A leadoff single put the tying run at the plate. Iglesias got a come backer from Erik Gonzalez and fielded it and fired to second base where Kyle Farmer stepped on the bag and then fired the ball to first. Unfortunately the ball went by Joey Votto and into the dugout, placing Gonzalez at second base on a ball that Votto should have caught. Kevin Newman lined out to center for the second out of the inning. Iglesias struck out Bryan Reynolds to seal the win of the first game.

Game 2 Recap: Costly error leads to a loss

Final R H E
Pittsburgh Pirates (12-25)
4 6 0
Cincinnati Reds (17-22)
3 4 1
W: Howard (2-1) L: Bauer (3-3) SV: Rodriguez (3)
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A huge error by Joey Votto in the 4th inning led to three unearned runs against Trevor Bauer and ultimately was the difference between a sweep on Friday and a split in a double header that felt like a must-win series.

The Offense

Joey Votto led off with a walk and he came around to score on an Eugenio Suárez 2-run homer with two outs in the inning, giving the Reds a 2-0 lead early on. The Reds wouldn’t score again until the bottom of the 4th when Mike Moustakas hit a laser into the right field stands to tie the game up at 3-3. The Reds offense went quietly in the 5th inning, trailing 4-3. Suárez walked with two outs in the 6th inning to bring up Moustakas, prompting the Pirates to go to their bullpen to bring in left-handed reliever Nik Turley. The match up didn’t work at first as Moustakas lined a single into left field as Suárez raced to third. David Bell then pinch hit for Brian Goodwin, a left-handed hitter, bringing in Matt Davidson to see if he had some magic left in that left-handed pitching killer bat. He didn’t, striking out swinging and stranding the runners.

Trailing 4-3 and entering the bottom of the 7th, the Reds had three outs to work with to try and scratch at least one run across the plate. Shogo Akiyama led off the inning against new Pirates reliever Richard Rodriguez, but he flew out to start the frame. Jose Garcia grounded out to the pitcher for the second out of the inning. Tucker Barnhart popped out to the shortstop to end the game.

The Pitching

Trevor Bauer was cruising along until the top of the 4th inning. For the second time on the day a Joey Votto missed catch at first base would put a runner on – this time to lead off the inning. Bauer retired the next two hitters, but then Ke’Bryan Hayes singled and Anthony Alford tripled to tie the game up at 2-2. A wild pitch then brought in Alford to put the Pirates ahead.

The Reds offense got a run back in the bottom of the inning to tie things up for when Bauer returned to the mound for the 5th inning. Things started going the Pirates way once again as back-to-back ground balls found themselves by infielders and set up runners on the corners to begin the inning. Another grounder right up the middle was fielded by Jose Garcia who was standing on the second base bag, turning it into a double play – but also bringing home the runner from third to give Pittsburgh a 4-3 lead. Bauer got out of the inning and then threw a 1-2-3 6th inning to give the Reds two cracks at tying the game or taking the lead.

Lucas Sims came out for the top of the 7th inning. He made quick work of Anthony Alford, striking him out on four pitches. Sims needed three more pitches to strike out John Ryan Murphy for the second out of the inning. The third pitch to Kevin Newman was a lazy fly ball to right field to end the inning. 10 pitches, 9 strikes, and 2 strikeouts. That kept the score at 4-3 and gave the Reds offense one more shot to get at least one run on the board. They didn’t.

Notes worth noting

Pedro Strop, who was released by the Reds on Wednesday, signed with the Chicago Cubs this afternoon.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Saturday September 5th, 7:05pm ET

Anthony DeSclafani (1-2, 7.71 ERA) vs Trevor Williams (1-5, 5.50 ERA)

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  1. Klugo

    Both throws that resulted in Votto errors tonight were poor. Both should’ve been caught. The one in game two was a lazy play by the rook and had disaster written all over it from the get-go.

    Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered, but I’d like to know why Davidson instead of Aquino. This isn’t youth league, you dont have to get every one time in a doubleheader.

    Gaw, I wish we weren’t looking at Anthony Desclafini on the mound tomorrow.

    • Doug Gray

      I never played first base, but I know that you can’t step towards the second base bag to accept a throw from right field and be in position to make any sort of adjustment on a throw that isn’t perfect. That was about as poor of a set up as you could possibly make by Votto and it cost him and the Reds dearly.

      • Klugo

        Yeah, Votto definitely didn’t do himself or the rook any favors on that one. Sloppy all around.

      • Gene Kehoe

        And Votto had plenty of time to adjust his feet as the throw was lobbed…it wasn’t very accurate but a good first baseman stretches and grabs that throw easily. Plus, ANOTHER game where we got 4 hits or less! This is getting monotonous.

      • Ted

        If there is a worse defensive infielder in baseball than Joey I am not sure who it would be…absolutely terrible. Blaming the throw is ridiculous…that is a simple catch for my daughters 15U travel softball team at 1st, let alone MLB. When Bauer came off the mound it looked like he was letting Joey have it and I don’t blame him. Those are the games you have to win against the pathetic 12-25 Pirates. You go from having won 3 straight with momentum, to a total give away and uncle mo is gone once again. Time is running out.

      • Mark Moore

        I’ve played 1B. You don’t step until the throw is coming. Then you step directly toward the throw.

  2. Gene Kehoe

    Critical loss in a game we had to win. Votto has become a butcher at 1B…the new Dr. Strangeglove! Five errors at 1B in a little over a month and he’s had several games off. Good first basemen don’t make that many errors in a YEAR!

  3. Jack

    The error hurt but Bauer sure didn’t pick him up.

    • VaRedsFan

      Bauer threw a multipitch AB to Hayes who grounded it up the middle. The the fly ball double to left that Goodwin butchered into a triple, then a wild pitch that Barnhart fumbled away a 6 foot toss to the pitcher for that run to score. Playing on thin margins that they are, you can’t afford any mistakes, much less three in an inning

      • Heath

        In defense of Barnhart, he recovered enough to pitch the ball, but Bauer didn’t make it to the plate to cover in time

      • Melvin

        Yes. Votto was terrible on that play but Bauer didn’t help himself after that especially with the wild pitch giving up that run. Playing on thin margins is correct. We don’t hit. Period. Exit velocity is all most hitters care about and it’s pathetic. Moose went the other way once or twice tonight. That’s hitting.

      • Still a Red

        It looked like the field was slippery…both Goodwin and Barnhart slipped in their efforts…also, Bauer admits not getting to the plate quick enough.

  4. Rob

    Goodwin’s sloppy play in CF also allowed a double to turn into a triple. Put a wild pitch on top of that and you get an extra run. An inning later Newman is running on Frazier’s single to RF and otherwise doesn’t make it to third. To then score on a double play grounder.

    Bad luck and very very sloppy play. Just doesn’t look like a winning ballclub. Do good teams lose this game? Probably not. But good teams get more than 3-4 hits off minor league pitchers. As I said in and her post, you can’t win 5-6-7 in a row unless you win 1-2 that you maybe shouldnt. Playing like this is however how you lose 1-2 games to a minor league ball club.

    Now we have Disco and X in the next 2 games. As we can not afford another loss in this series, shouldn’t X be Gray? Let Gray rest a couple extra days next week when we have an off day. Seriously I believe you have to treat the next 2 games as playoff games. 90% of Reds country believe we have to go 3-1 in this series or we are cooked. I am OK with cooked but I seriously wonder if Bell and the players are. Sooner or later you have to face reality and reality is we are not going to go 12-6 against 4 other good teams fighting for the playoffs.

    • VaRedsFan

      All true. Is Gray tired after his 1 inning pitched the other day. Why save him to face the Cubs?

  5. Jrad4reds

    Maybe it’s time to let votto DH a few…

    • bug

      I concur. He sure is all thumbs in the field!

  6. Don

    The Game 1 they seemed to luck into some small ball and got some runs, someone on the broadcast said they looks like the Cardinals scoring there.

    Game 2 back to every player trying to hit a 3 run HR without anyone on base.

    Awful overall team defense (close to if not the league worst 24 unearned runs allowed) cannot be overcome on a consistent basis, that is asking to much of a pitching staff. The Reds were 27th for fewest unearned runs going into today’s games
    Cleveland has only give up 4 unearned runs in their 37 games. (best in MLB)

    The pitchers have a right to be upset as the defense has been giving up way to many extra outs which turn into runs for the team to win. A decision was made to give up defense for offense in 2020. The bad defense is here but the offense is missing in action (scoring under 4 runs per game).

    Cleveland pitching (best in league for ERA+,FIP and WHIP) also does not hurt themselves as much as the Reds pitching does with walks (2.5/game,best in MLB) vs 4.1 per game for the Reds (26th in the league)

    All those extra base runners turn into runs allowed and the loses add up.

    Games Saturday and Sunday are must wins for the Reds

  7. Redgoggles

    I’ve come to the conclusion that our offense (as used by Bell), is too one dimensional to expect consistent offensive production. Without that, a long winning stretch is really just unrealistic hope. I bleed Red, but I’m not seeing how this turns around. Bell drives me crazy with his use of HR/Davidson when a single would have been really helpful in that situation. Then, in the 9th when we were down to our final out, he lets Barnhart hit when Aquino/HR is on the bench. I’m sure he knows way more than me in baseball, but his moves consistently make no sense. When the individual talent isn’t reflecting in team wins, that’s on the manager. If the Reds don’t make the (expanded) playoffs, I think it’s time to move on.

  8. ClevelandRedsFan

    This is not a good baseball team. It just simply is not. They don’t play winning baseball to take extra bases, make plays in the field, etc.

    This has not been a good team at any stretch this year.

    The Votto error tonight was pathetic. That was one of many misplays all year.

    This team just continues to find ways to lose day in and day out. This team needs a culture change.

    • Colorado Red

      No fire on the team, No concern about losing. Give me my check (large I might add).
      Votto, is now a very poor player, and does not care.
      Need to clear house, start with Williams, Bell’s etc.

  9. Heath

    PLEASE DH or bench Votto….My god he cannot make Tee Ball plays. I am embarrassed for him as he is also killing us in the field

    • Livvy

      Votto tied for 2nd worst Defensive WAR for all of MLB at 1B, only behind Miguel Sano. Among all infielders, 5th worst. DH him.

  10. Hanawi

    I still don’t understand the Goodwin trade. They gave up too much for a 5th OF, whihc is compounded by the fact that Bell insists on playing out of position in CF. Goodwin played almost exclusively LF and RF for the Angels. He has been quite bad in CF for the Reds defensively and has given them nothing on offense.

    • Melvin

      We didn’t need Goodwin. We have Lorenzen we haven’t even used yet for crying out loud. He’s a good hitter at least in pinch hitting situations and defensively he’s the best we got. We got Goodwin….so Bell has to use him. Wouldn’t want those Little League mothers mad at him. I’m sick to death about hearing about the righty/lefty thing. That’s worked really well hasn’t it?

      • TR

        The Goodwin trade made no sense to me. Did the FO just make the trade to please the fans who wanted something done at the deadline? Strengthening the bullpen does make sense but the acquisition of another average outfielder does not. Lorenzen, Aquino or Akiyama can cover centerfield until Senzel returns. And Goodwin’s initial reaction in the lineup did not indicate to me he was too pleased to come over from the west coast.

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      Hamilton’s been DFA again…

      • Gene Kehoe

        Yeah, he’s hitting .045 for the Mets and made a bad baserunning blunder in an attempted steal of 3rd as the tying run.

    • Steven Ross

      Out of position? Goodwin can play all over the outfield, as he has spent time in all three outfield positions for the Angels this season.

      Gave up too much? Naughton is 19 & 25 in his minor league career with a 3.59 ERA. Jose Salvador is much more of a gamble. At just 20-years-old, the left-hander has yet to pitch outside of Cincinnati’s short-season affiliates and was not part of their 60-man player pool in 2020.

  11. Jrad4reds

    Bryan Price never had a chance with the teams he was given, 2014 was his shot but injuries derailed it quick. I think he would have done fine with this team, David Bell has been given all the pieces to be successful but it just has not worked out, it’s on the players first and foremost but something just does not click with Bell and all his moves. They never seem to really work consistently…idk. Just a real head scratcher. Maybe it’s time to give Barry Larkin a shot.

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      Bell is still under contract for one more season (club option for 2022) to demonstrate anything, if ever. They need to find a replacement for 2022 and onwards, somebody with no ties to current management, young and yet experienced.

    • Colorado Red

      NO, Go out of the system.
      How about AJ HInch. Did a real good job managing the Astros.
      Who has Berry managed? Need to go OUT of the system.
      However, fire boths Bell’s

      • Jrad4reds

        HInch did a great job managing cheaters, voiced his displeasure but did not stop it. I don’t think the reds would hire a manager that is taboo. As a player Larkin was Captain of the team for a long time and no one has ever filled in that spot for a while. I think players would respect him right away by what he accomplished on the field, he has World Series experience, one of the greatest shortstops of all time, a proven leader, I think he would bring something different to the table. I also think he won’t be soft on the players…just my opinion. Who knows, plus how can you hate on Barry, he is beloved by every reds fan.

  12. Burgey

    I wonder if Votto is having trouble with his eyes. In his last AB in the first game he backed off the plate as strikes one and two approached, clearly taking. Then he seemed to be blinking strangely before swinging at a pitch well out of the zone for strike three.

    • Jimbo44 CN

      I think you may be on to something here. I saw the same thing, backing out of the box as soon as the pitch was thrown. Something going on with Joey that we don’t know about I believe.

    • Rod Andrews

      I’ve been saying this for the last couple of years. His reactions have all the earmarks of vision problems. It doesn’t take much to throw you off, especially in this game.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. I’ve been thinking that and saying that too. It doesn’t look like his skills are gone. It looks like he’s not seeing the ball. You would think eye tests are the norm in pro sports right?

  13. SteveO

    As soon as Senzel is ready to come back, I’d like to see the Reds go with this lineup. Senzel-2B, Votto-DH, Castellanos-RF, Winker -LF, Suarez-3B, Moose-1B, Casali-C, Galvis-SS, Aquino-CF. Have Senzel take a few days at Prasco practicing at 2B before returning to the Reds for the Cubs series on Tuesday. This lineup is well balanced and has the top OPS players. All above.300 OBP except Galvis .295 and all above .700 OPS. Watching Votto in the doubleheader makes me feel that Moose wouldn’t be worse at 1B. Unfortunately, I think Aquino will get sent to Prasco when Senzel returns, so Goodwin or Akiyama playing CF batting 9th is more realistic. 2LHB Tucker and Goodwin or Akiyama and 3 RHB Davidson, Farmer and Garcia balanced bench. I also don’t mind Garcia replacing Galvis playing SS batting 8th for his growth, but I’d like to see the Reds put out the highest OPS players to see what that lineup can do. Hoping to see Iglesias in another save situation tomorrow, so that there is a possibility to see Bradley in a save situation on Sunday. Go Reds!

    • Mark Moore

      Senzel is never going back to the infield in a Reds uniform. He’s a CF’er now and that’s just the facts. He’s the best one we have, in fact.

      • Indy Red Man

        He’s good at cashing checks! One of the best doesn’t miss half the season every year. It was happening in the minors too. They need to deal him while the word “potential” still exists. A 28 yr old thats hurt all the time has no potential.

      • Old-school

        Senzel just turned 25.
        He’s a big part of the next good Reds team.

    • Gene Kehoe

      I agree that getting Votto off the field and Moustakas over to 1B and putting someone with more range at 2B would help this infield defense immensely. The left side of the infield is fine defensively as is. Goodwin just looks like the other Reds in the clutch…always striking out. Castellanos has not been the hitter we expected. I thought he would hit close to .300. I hate to say it but Votto is probably washed up. I’m not giving up on Shogo. I think he will adjust. Japanese players understand the game very well and make necessary adjustments while American players just whale away at the plate. Barnhart is lost at the plate. Casali and Stephenson are both better options.

      • jim walker

        In what universe is Barnhart trusted with the last out of the game when bases are empty and the team is down by 1? Aquino was available. Also Galvis unless I missed something about injury or illness (looking at the boxes he did not appear in either game). Michael Lorenzen has been known to run in pitches and has shown a skill to work counts, has a career OPS slightly better than Barnhart too . Just saying.

  14. JB

    Defense will always keep you in the ballgame. This team was built on offense and no defense. Unfortunately the offense was built on Home runs and not enough guys getting on base. No way this team can go into next year with Barnhart as your catcher. Stephenson needs to play now. I know I’m in the minority but I’m hoping Castellanos opts out. His defense is below average and I would rather have a guy out there who gets on at a 350 clip. The Reds better hope the DH stays for good because Moose and Votto are liabilities in the field. DH Votto and Moose at first. Sit Moose against left handed pitchers. Try Winker at first as well. Get rid of Bell. I’ve seen some of the dumbest moves ever by a manager this year with him. Last night batting Davidson when they only needed a single was the icing to the year of bad moves.

    • Charlie Waffles

      Man, if you Don’t want Castellanos on this team, then you have become too accustomed to losing. His .338 OBP is close enough to .350.
      Scapegoating Castellanos is absurd.

      • JB

        Yeah I’m frustrated . I was so looking forward to this season.

    • Rob

      I didn’t like the Davidson choice either. Slow, curveballing lefty. I was thinking Farmer or Galvis might have been his choice. I wasn’t thrilled with the Davidson or Aquino options. Too, I am not real thrilled with our outfield offensive options at this point. Seems like we have gone in reverse here with Aquino and Goodwin. With Senzel out, I was hoping for a little more than Goodwin as a rental.

  15. Hotto4Votto

    We knew in the winter that the defense was going to be an issue. It was often discussed as the downside to some of the signings. The thought in favor of starting a bad defensive team was that the pitching and offense would be enough to overcome it. Well it hasn’t, certainly not from the offensive side. Castellanos, Moose (@2B), Winker, and Votto are all poor defenders. Senzel when he can stay on the field is not a true CF, and Suarez, at best, has been inconsistent defensively. They robbed Peter to pay Paul, to add offense but it’s not worked out the way they hoped.

  16. jim walker

    Votto’s defensive demise is as sad for me as his offensvive issues. Time was he had made himself into one of the best throw pickers in the league or even all MLB. Never overlook Joey was the guy on the backend of all those lights out plays by Phillips and Cozart. Just nature of many of many of them meant the throws were often hurried and not textbook deliveries by any means.

    This said, getting the ball down to second has always been problematic for JV whether that be on a ground ball in a possible DP situation or a pick off play. And lateral movement has never really been a strength for him.

    However, factoring the 2 blows on Friday in with Vottto’s offensive drop off, it is more than fair to ask is he even capable of following the ball with his eyes consistently at this point in his career.

    • jim walker

      Just to explain my last statement above, consider how outfielders often clearly take their eyes off a fly ball to spot their location in regard to a wall then pick the ball up with their eyes as they position to catch it. Infielders make the same sort of switches in visual focus, only generally in a much more subtle way.

      Particularly on the throw in game 1 Friday, it appeared Votto spotted where he thought the throw was going to be then glanced off just a second but when he shifted his primary focus back to where he expected the ball to be, it was somewhere else (by a wide margin). Whether this was all in the physical operation of eyes, the brain’s interpretation of the data or the coordination of the muscle movements with the optical information, isn’t it really the same skill set as following a pitch?

  17. TNic2

    Giving any team, even as bad as the Pirates, four outs in an inning is never good, but this loss is on Bauer. He has to be able to close out an inning against the bottom of the order, with two outs. Then the Reds re-tie the game and he gives up the go-ahead run again in the next inning. The fact that Bauer only gets one earned run in this game hides the issue…he didn’t get the job done when he had to.

    The play by Goodwin was completely inconsequential. He made a desperate, sliding effort to keep the ball from getting through the alley to the fence, which would have been a triple anyway, and didn’t come up with it cleanly. Nothing to see there. On the wild pitch, Alford beat Bauer to the plate, so the Barnhart slip was also meaningless.

    Votto’s defense has been awful, but you need your pitcher in a critical game to stand up and work around a lead-off one-base error against a bad-hitting team in the bottom half of their batting order.

    • jim walker

      I don’t deeply disagree with any of this. Quite simply guys on the Reds don’t make plays they should whether it is in the first instance or to pick up a teammate and the cause after someone else has slipped.

      However I think the damage of the Votto error should not be undervalued. The Run Expectancy Table says that on average there is a 60% greater chance a run will score in an inning with a man on 1st and no outs than with no one on base and 1 out.

      • jim walker

        I applied my logic wrong above, by mixing raw numbers and percents. The numbers are with a man on 1st and zero outs, on average .859 runs are scored in an inning. With 1 out and nobody on base .254 runs are on average scored in an inning.

        So, that makes the difference more like 3 times more likely a single run will score from a man on 1st and 0 outs versus nobody on base and 1 out.

    • Rob

      I might have been too quick and harsh on Goodwin.

      However I wouldn’t call the earned run that Bauer gave up in the 5th as not doing his job. I thought the 2 singles he gave up were slappy seeing eye type hits. Combined with a hit and run. Sort of the minimum to grab a run. And the infield conceded the run from third on the double play. The right play but with the thinking we are going to score more runs off these minor league pitchers. Sad, but in hindsight maybe this team needs to prevent any 5th inning run in a tie game.

  18. Rob

    Let’s be clear. Bauer pitched a very good – not great – game giving up 1 earned run in 6 innings. And it would have been 1 run in a 7 inning complete game had he not thrown the extra 17 pitches in the 4th. He is a proud intense competitor who prepares and expects to win. That display by Votto and Goodwin in the 4th would upset any professional and ultimately ended up costing him and the Reds a victory. Hall of fame pitchers can’t win on a No hit team giving up 3 unearned runs. I don’t know what the ultimate outcome will be but maybe, just maybe, Bell and others will use it as a launch pad for more of a piss and vinegar attitude in the dugout. Obviously, this “things happen” culture has worked. Chew on Votto and sit him a few games. Isn’t that the manager’s job to light a fire under this lackadaisical bunch? This attitude of “we believe in each other” is about to exhaust itself. If something isn’t done, this could become a very uninspired team the last 2 weeks. There is a spark.

    • jim walker

      I think the top 2 of the starting rotation have been growling under their breaths for some time while looking for a constructive way to channel their dissatisfaction. Consider some of Gray’s subtle but nonetheless edgy statements and Bauer’s overall demeanor.

  19. Bill J

    With things pretty much expected to be the same next year does anyone think Bauer will want to sign with the reds next year. I think the FO only cares about home runs by their batters and strike outs by their pitchers, maybe all teams do.

    • jim walker

      Probably not on Bauer and Castellanos is going to use the lead time he has to see what kind of alternate deal he can come up with elsewhere before he decides whether to stay.

      • Colorado Red

        The Market this year, is going to be really bad.
        Next year, he opts out (I think), Bauer does not sign with the Reds, we wants to win.
        Not sure this team has any clue how to win.
        Time to clean house
        Dick, Nick, David, Buddy, etc.
        Tell Votto to go home, he is not a negative WAR player.
        (-.2 per baseball reference). Good by hall, you are not there yet.

  20. Tom Mitsoff

    Bauer’s outburst was very telling. It’s not just us fans who perceive that something is not right. Actually, there are many things not right, and it’s difficult to put your finger on exactly what is the most pressing issue.

    At this point, when a ball is hit to right field, you can’t assume Castellanos will catch it. When a ball is thrown accurately to first base, you can’t assume Votto will catch it.

    Any momentum gained from Wednesday’s clutch win was lost when they lose in great part due to the first baseman not catching a 10-foot toss from one of his infielders.

    Something I’ve said here before remains in play, I believe. This team does not know how to win. There was no mistaking Bauer’s thoughts when he said there is a fine line between winning and losing in the majors. The Reds haven’t crossed that line yet.

    If they somehow get in the playoffs as a seven or eight seed, of course I’ll be watching and hoping for the best. But this season will have been a tremendous disappointment even if that happens. This team should have been in contention for the division title, but currently it’s closer to bottom-feeder status.

    I keep waiting for a Hal King moment, and those of you who go back many years know what that means. I thought maybe the Davidson pinch-hit grand slam in St. Louis might have been that moment, but clearly not. I never give up, but I’m not oblivious to what I am seeing either.

    • jim walker

      Was it 1973 or 74? 73 I think. The rest I recall. 2 out 9th inning pitch hit multi run homer versus Dodgers (correct, I didn’t check) wins a game and launches the Reds on a division winning run from many (10?) games back.

      There have been several Hal King moment opportunities. it is just that guys don’t have whatever it takes to jump on the bus and keep it going.

      • Wayne Nabors

        Had to be 73,didnt make playoffs in 74

    • seadog

      There will be no Hal moment with this team. We can still wish in one hand an blow our nose in the other and see which one fills up faster. I will continue to say it. This team is constructed wrong. We are seeing the results. They cant go on a consistent run because of the lack of offense and a weak defense. Bauer/Gray etc can only do so much. The must do some major re-construction this off season.

  21. Charlie Waffles

    Mets are DFAing Billy Hamilton. If you can pick him up for free on a waiver claim it might be worth it. Just Don’t let him near the batters box. The OF defense needs the help so he can be a late inning replacement. But pinch running has to be his forte. But he didn’t even do that well with the Mets. With only 3 weeks to go might as well try anything and everything. BHam could ignite a spark with one of his 1st to home scores.

  22. MK

    Might be time to have Senzel brush the dust off his infield glove. The best of a bad situation(Votto contract) might be Moose 1b, Senzel 2B, Garcia SS, Suarez 3B. Votto at DH, Winker LF, Akyama CF, Castellanos RF.

  23. ClevelandRedsFan

    The problems with this team are actually fairly surprising when looking at the data.

    I looked at 2020 OPS+ stats for the Reds regulars, and only two guys are really hitting above their MLB averages: Castellanos and Winker. Tucker, Votto, and Suarez are well below, with Suarez to a lesser extent. However, most guys are about career averages or right around the 100 MLB average.

    Tucker 2020: 48 – Career: 84
    Casali 2020: 149 – Career 98

    1st Base:
    Votto 2020: 105 – Career 149

    Second Base
    Moose 2020: 96 – Career 100

    Galvis 2020: 89 – Career 82

    Suarez 2020: 91 – Career 113

    Akiyama: Rookie, but still has a 47 OPS+

    Senzel 2020 110 – Career 90 (Limited ABs)

    Castellanos 2020: 130 – career 113

    Winker 2020: 168 – Career 126

    The real offensive problem with this team is the lack of production from the utility, back-up players, etc. However, the REAL PROBLEM with this TEAM is how many at bats this group has received. Some of this is because of injuries, but some if is David Bell’s obsession with lefty-righty matchups.

    The group not hitting well has received an astounding 250 ABs this year. For comparison, that is almost 2X Castellanos’ 137. That means two of these guys are essentially in the lineup every single day.

    What this means: Every day, David Bell has 3-4 black holes in his lineup: the two replacement players + Tucker + Akiyama. It is maddening that Bell has continued to run these guys out there every day and also maddening that the front office waited so long to bring up Aquino or others.

    It’s time for Casali to be the everyday starter.

    Matt Davidson 2020: 65 – Career 95 (42 ABs)

    JVM 2020: -12 (yes MINUS 12) – Career 74 (34 ABs)

    Ervin 2020: -9 (yes (MINUS 9) – Career 94 (35 ABs)

    Colon 2020: -10 (yes (MINUS 10) – Career (70 (20 ABs)

    Garcia 2020: 7 (Rookie with 27 ABs)

    Farmer 2020: 57 – career 71 (49 ABs)

    Payton 2020: 26 (Rookie with 18 ABs)

    Jankowski 2020: -32 (yes MINUS 32) – career 74 (with 15 ABs)

    Replacements actually hitting well
    Aquino 2020: 100 – Career 118 (16 ABs)

    Casali 2020: 149 – Career 95 (50 ABs)

    Tyler Stephenson 2020 774 (Rookie in only 2 ABs)

    • Jimbo44 CN

      I have said this before, and I’ll say it again. The way Bell uses his players just amazes me. Goodwin, if you ask me, just another retread. Davidson, nice guy but all you get is a Kingman type hitter. Its all or nothing, and I guess he could play first base. Earlier in the year it was Jankowski, fast and good CF defense, but that’s it, no bat whatsoever. Payton, yay, another left hand retread.
      For what ever reason, they are not giving Aquino his fair shot, and he out of all of them deserves it. When he is on, he is on and doesn’t really matter who’s pitching, he PROVED It last year, yet they keep running out these guys they picked up here and there because???????
      Just put him in the outfield somewhere and let him stay in the whole game for a few games, certainly could not be any worse than what we are seeing now. I just dont understand why they are treating him this way, (Bell). Time to change managers.

    • seadog

      Very well written Clevelandredsfan. And yes—look at the OF this team has gone thru in the last 45+ days. Schebler/Jankowski/Payton/Ervin. Now we have Goodwin. Akiyama is at best a AA prospect at the plate right now. He plays solid D. What did they expect?? Maybe a year more “seasoning” is what he needs. Senzel just can’t stay on the field. Maybe no fault of his own. But just the facts.
      That leaves you with two “legit” outfielders. Castellanos and Winker. TWO—. Makes no sense for Aquino to not be in everyday. Also, probably the reason we saw Farmer in LF. What else will we see?? Galvis in CF. Who knows at this point. Just shows how poorly this team was constructed coming into the year

    • Hanawi

      In the trade where the Reds got Bauer, the Indians turned Trammell into 3 guys from the Padres, including Franmil Reyes, who is currently slashing .331/.391/.566 for a .957 OPS. He mostly DHs but probably wouldn’t be worse than Castellanos in the field. And is controlled with a much lower cost.

  24. MK

    For years people wanted an analytic approach to operating the team. Well now they have analytics to the maximum degree. This is what it looks like.

    • seadog

      You know it is sad to say, but maybe pick up Billy Hamilton. At least you know you are getting strong D in CF. Bat him 9th. He has a career .241 BA. hope he lives up to that or exceeds it. Why not at this point?
      Play Winker in left/Hamilton in CF/Castellanos in RF. Put Senzel at 2b/Moose at 1st and DH Votto/cut Barnhart/out Stephenson at C.
      Would be a better team in D. Why not at this point?

      • RedAlert

        Problem is is doesn’t even matter what Barnhart does – Bell gonna run him out there period . It’s ridiculous ! Dude can’t throw it up himself and hit it in the ocean . Completely dumbfounded why Stephenson gets no starts at all . So tired of David Bell , yet this front office does absolutely squat ! He has the personality of a wall .

      • Rob

        Don’t know that I agree on Stephenson at this point. He has essentially no ML experience and we are in a playoff chase. To be clear, I am not saying we are going to make it but we have a reasonable shot. Once this thing gets out of focus, I have no problem with your suggestion. Given the club’s makeup, I also think that once we get out of contention, that things will boil over. You can already see the pent up frustrations individually and continuing to rely on the other guy. I said it a couple weeks ago but my belief is this team needs to play a couple games outside the box. Steals, hit and runs, bunts, throwing behind runners, etc. The same old, same old isn’t working. Stop the sleepwalking.

      • Melvin

        Trust David Bell with Billy Hamilton???????

      • Melvin

        Bell’s computer doesn’t say to change things.

    • seadog

      I don’t disagree. I think MK said it best. You want analytics. You got it. He has zero personality. He is going to play the #’s. It takes both. This is a “team”. Maybe he is good at analytics. Maybe he would be a great 11u coach. He is not a MLB Coach. This day and age takes both. He is not that guy.

    • TR

      David Bell was the Cardinal’s bench coach for three years (2015-17). Obviously he didn’t get the Cardinal’s manager job. Next year is the final year of his Red’s contract but the club has an option to retain him in 2022.

      • Gene Kehoe

        He’ll be lucky to last out the year. We have a Walker, a member of the Walking Dead for a manager. No energy in him whatsoever. AND THAT’S EXACTLY HOW THE TEAM PLAYS (with a couple exceptions, like Bauer).

  25. John

    Time to make Votto the DH. Defensive play all season well below MLB level. Kyle Farmer maybe?