The Chicago Cubs had more home runs, six, than the Cincinnati Reds had hits. With that information at hand, the final score reflects exactly what you would imagine, as the Cubs won 10-1 and series split with Cincinnati.

Final R H E
Chicago Cubs (20-14)
10 8 0
Cincinnati Reds (15-19)
1 4 0
W: Quintana (1-0)  L: Castillo (0-5)
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The Offense

The Reds offense was quiet for the first five innings of the day, picking up just three hits and no runs. But Joey Votto got things moving in the bottom of the 6th inning with a lead off home run.

In the 7th inning Cincinnati got things going, down 6-1. Three walks loaded the bases for Nick Castellanos. The Reds right fielder, however, lined out to end the inning. The ball had a .720 expected batting average according to Statcast. But, as we’ve seen this year – things rarely go the Reds way when it comes to hitting. That was the last chance that Cincinnati had to get back in the game as the Cubs continued to play add on from there, while the Reds offense never got going.

The Pitching

The first three innings went well enough for Luis Castillo, but home runs got to him in both the 4th and 5th innings – giving up three of them, giving the Cubs a 4-0 lead. Castillo was fine outside of that, but those home runs loomed large. He went five innings and racked up seven strikeouts along with a walk in allowing four earned – all on the three homers – before being replaced by Robert Stephenson to begin the 6th inning. Stephenson, like Castillo, ran into a home run bat (trademark pending) in the inning as Jason Heyward cracked his second long ball of the game to make it 5-0. The Reds got that run back in the bottom of the inning, but Stephenson gave up his second homer of the game to lead off the 7th – this one to Ian Happ – and the Cubs padded their lead to 6-1.

Joel Kuhnel took over in the 8th inning and tossed a perfect inning as he struck out two batters. José De León came out for the 9th inning and walked David Bote to lead off the inning before striking out both Nico Hoerner and Ian Happ. He was asked to intentionally walk Anthony Rizzo to face Javier Báez. That move didn’t pay off as he walked to load the bases and then Kyle Schwarber hit a grand slam that hasn’t landed yet. That made it 10-1, which was the final.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds

Monday August 31st, 6:40pm ET

Dakota Hudson (0-2, 3.32 ERA) vs Anthony DeSclafani (1-1, 5.71 ERA)

40 Responses

  1. Melvin

    If we’re going to win we will have to be smarter and wiser all the way around or it won’t matter what players we have or how much talent we have.

  2. Roger Garrett

    Said it around the 6th inning I believe that the Cubs would have more homers then we would have hits and that’s the way it worked out.Reds didn’t compete at the plate today against the Cubs and I also said earlier the game was over after Castillo gave up the two homers in the 4th and it was.Our team is just so predictably bad sometimes its hard to imagine anything else in the course of a game.In the 3-2 loss to the Brewers I said they wouldn’t even get another runner on base and they didn’t.They went 15 up and 15 down to end that nightmare I believe although they may have had a walk in the 8th or 9th.We have such a losing culture that we just expect to lose and we do.It will not change unless they change players.Bob Steve and De Leon must go right now and I love Bob Steve.

    • Melvin

      The losing culture starts with the manager.

      • LDS

        Castillo hasn’t been particularly good since sometime last year. It’s time for a shake up and Bell & company is the best place to start. Hard to imagine that Aquino isn’t seen as a better prospect than Payton. I doubt anything too material happens tomorrow but maybe we’ll get lucky.

      • Roger Garrett

        Its been around for awhile and we have had 3 or 4 managers in that time frame.Biggest thing to me is they shoot for a few more wins each year rather then building a legit contender year after year.Right now you hear we are going for it again but what is the it.Trying to sneak into the playoffs and lets see what happens is the new rally cry or our starters make us dangerous in the playoffs.Really?You still have to score and we don’t even hit average pitchers.Outside of Darvish the Cubs have nothing.Hendricks,Lester,Chatwood and Mills are bad and we just split a series we should have won 3 easily and could have lost 3 without the gift from Kimbrell.We don’t hit and just like last year we aren’t going any where unless we do.

      • ClevelandRedsFan

        +500 for Roger.

        That’s the problem. In the finance world, it’s like saving hundreds when you avoid making millions.

        This front office is too impatient to create a successful rebuild. I give them credit for the recent trades that brought Suarez and Castillo.

        But every year this team makes short-sighted moves to win 80-85 games instead of 75-80.

  3. oklaRed

    Can we stop with Votto is the big problem with this team now. I see no other culprits that are remotely as problematic as Votto (please insert sarcasm).

    • Melvin

      haha There are a lot of other places to point besides Votto. That’s for sure. To me it’s all around atmosphere and mindset more than anything else. The elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about and/or deal with is the attitude in the clubhouse. These are professionals but also human beings.

      • greenmtred

        The reason no one wants to talk about it is that no one (of us) is in the clubhouse, so no one actually knows what the attitude is.

      • Melvin

        You can tell something is wrong by the way they’re playing, or not playing and acting on the field. Their mannerisms etc. all point to that. Things just aren’t right mentally for the team as a whole. That’s the biggest problem IMO. Not lack of talent. Certainly not lack of potential.

  4. seadog

    There is no way right now (with this roster) They finish 30-30. Just will not happen
    They (Reds) have done nothing to be “buyers”. They are not. It is obvious. Sell now while you can. Please sell…

  5. Zigbee

    Reds need to sell to highest bidders for Bauer and DeSclafani. They are not going to make playoffs. Cards will finish second and reds will battle brewers for third.

  6. Charlie Waffles

    Only 22 hours left until trade deadline. Reds need a LH hitter. If the Reds believe the DH is here to stay, then they should go after Texas’s OF Joey Gallo. He gas 2 years left of team control. David Bell gets his LH bat for RH starters. Insurance if Castellanos leaves. He is a better defensive OF than Winker, so basically then moving Winker to DH. Athletic with pretty decent speed and good arm. Granted, he is having a down season in 2020, but so are many. The price won’t be cheap, but they could pull something off without giving up Lodolo, Green, Garcia or Stephenson. Texas will want at least some pitching so one of Mahle or Antone would have to be included. Mahle, Aquino, and India at least get conversations started. May have to add the pitcher just acquired from Tampa for Reed. Another starter would have to be added or maybe 2020 1st round pick Hendricks, or the 2nd round starting pitcher from Texas, Texas A&M I think, could be of interest to the Rangers.

    • Hanawi

      Holy overpay. He’s hitting sub-.200 right now with a .770 OPS. Is he even better than Aquino?

  7. zigbee

    Adding a LH bat is not the answer. Reds need FAR more than that to make this club competitive and get past the two teams ahead of them for second place. Bullpen, catching, OF production in terms of hits and RBIs, and hopefully Garcia adds from SS. Unless Castillo pulls it together the club isn’t going to make it with it’s starters either.

    • Roger Garrett

      Exactly right.We need several more pieces.

      • LDS

        Actually, I’ll stick with the position that what the Reds need first is a new management staff. Test drive Aquino over Payton. If he doesn’t produce, trade him off. The Red’s are long on “potential”, short on results. And that’s been the story for a while. Senzel, India, Lodolo, Greene, Stephenson, etc. were all going to be the next big thing. Senzel can’t stay in the line up and the rest haven’t produced at all on the major league level.

  8. seadog

    Can we just make a post Doug/Tom admit 2020 is done. This team is done for 2020. We may as well admit it. I am a die hard “Reds” fan as both of you are. Sell/Sell right now. This team will not finish .500
    Good news is they have parts to sell. Very good parts that will not be here next year.
    Why not get what you can right now?? We are not SLAM DIEGO–they made the move. Reds did not….

    • seadog

      Talk about Akiyama–We all gave him a free pass. All of us Reds/Us everyone. Dude plays good defense. Who really cares at this point. Look at his offensive #’s. He is in over his head at the plate. Yet, David Bell plays him over/over.
      I am sorry to say the Reds/all of us thought this team was better than it is. So now sell…Sell Please sell.
      Akiyama belongs in AA at best. The Reds have no true CF which is a shame. That should be an easy spot to fill

  9. zigbee

    When the Reds were talking about signing Akiyama I was wondering why big market clubs weren’t pursuing him if he was any good. I think we know now. He can’t hit. He can field very well but Reds played up his bat as lead off hitter and that is not working out. He has no power and doesn’t produce many base hits. Just 18 hits to this point and 202 BA, with SLG .258, OPS at .548, OBP at 290. Maybe he gets better? We’ll find out as he’s on this club for couple more years.

    • seadog

      Exactly. But, nobody on this site will call him out. From the top Doug/Tom.
      There is a reason no team signed him…
      But, Bell continues to play him. Over and over. The Dude plays good D. No doubt. He does not belong in the #1 spot of a AA team in the states at this point.
      He may grow into that spot. Eventually. He is kind of like a new draft pick…. This is the big-time, not time to “Hone” your skills. He is just way overmatched at the plate right now. Bell–continues to play him over/over
      Before any of you hate on this–Tell me 1 player that came out of that league and had success at the plate as a rookie?? There are none.

  10. zigbee

    I think it’s obvious Nick Krall and Dick Williams are not really doing that well in front office. I do think they need to stick with the young guys they drafted in Lodolo, Stephenson, Greene, India, Hendrick, Santillan, Siani, and of course Garcia. I have no idea on Aquino. Unloading those prospects would not make sense for a club that is not close to winning in the playoffs vs Braves, Dodgers, Padres. They need to stick with Senzel as well. He’s got a lot of talent and was producing till the COVID diagnosis. Teams that win build a foundation of young talent and accumulate it to use for future trades when close to the top in winning and making playoffs. I think they should sell Bauer and DeSclafani and add to the young talent they have but I doubt they do it. Garcia, Stephenson, Senzel, Suarez, Winker, provide a pretty good base to go with the vets this club has.

  11. Steven Ross

    It’ll be the Cubs and Cards. I just don’t see it with the Reds under Bell. Hope I’m wrong but I doubt it. Unfortunately, Reds will probably be buyers and Bell will be back next year for a continuation of the same nonsense.

    • TR

      I think Bell signed for three years. He’ll be back next year.

  12. scotly50

    The Reds have four consistent outs in their line-up, the bullpen is atrocious, and they can’t even outscore their defensive errors.

    Building a team to make the playoffs is loser mentality. Building a team to win in the playoffs produces a winning team. They are building this team using the Wack-A Mole approach.

  13. Charlie Waffles

    Could Castillo’s inconsistency lead to him moving to a closer role? Possibly a 2 inning closer or one who can come in during the 8th. Or come in earlier if needed. One that doesn’t have the fragile psychee that Iglesias has. His fastball could bump up to 100 regularly coming out of the pen.
    Could try it in a short playoff series if they make it in this year. Could easily try it in a 2 out of 3 series and even a 3 of 5 series.
    That would put some more importance to re-sign Bauer.

    • jim walker

      +100 At least in this strange off the wall season. Castillo’s reverted back to being just a thrower of supreme stuff this season after looking like he was becoming a real pitcher at least the 1st half of 2019. The format this season doesn’t leave time for him to try and figure things out on the fly.

      On the other hand, he can just throw the ball by for 6 outs or so with few enough change ups required to keep it the true trick pitch it was in the past.

  14. seadog

    You are correct. The part you left out is…They will not win without selling and Bell as Manager.
    Therefore, the whole problem. Over/Over/Over again…

  15. zigbee

    Castillo is not going to be a closer, he was an all star as a starter. He has gotten little run support in some games and his focus has been bad in others. He has great stuff just needs to get some support and concentrate more. He’s leaving some fat pitches out over the plate like today. Concerning Bauer, he is not signing with Reds at this point and made it clear he’s going to explore options in off season and will only sign one year deals. He’s gone.

  16. jessecuster44

    This team STINKS. And it starts with the Manager, and how he uses his roster. Castillo has been Meh since july of last year, few players can hit consistently, Senzel (who the Reds could have traded for Yelich) can’t stay on the field, and people like Colon, Barnhardt and Payton have played more than Aquino and Tyler S.

    There’s NO WAY they are making the playoffs. Sell Bauer. Sell Disco. fire Williams, Krall and Bell and start over.

  17. CFD3000

    Yes, the Reds have struggled. Castillo has not been good despite the “his peripherals are solid” faction. The bullpen has been somewhere between unreliable and downright awful. Suarez, Moustakas, Votto, and whoever is batting leadoff (until yesterday) have underperformed. Senzel has been out more than he’s played.

    And yet.

    If the Reds has won today and the Brewers and Cardinals had lost to the first place Indians, the Reds would have been in solo second in the NL Central. That is why a) the Reds will not be sellers at the trade deadline and b) there is still plenty of reason for optimism. Will the Reds make the playoffs? Maybe not. Is it reasonable to think they’ll be better the second half of the season? Yes. And if they are, this is a team that could make the 8 team playoff rotation, and could do some damage behind Gray and Bauer. So I for one am not giving up on the 2020 Reds, nor will the front office.

    Also, welcome back Joey Votto.
    Also, I am hoping that the Reds front office is already working on extensions for, not trades of, Trevor Bauer and Nick Castellanos.
    That is all.

    • CFD3000

      Hasty on the send button. The Brewers did lose today. The Indians obviously weren’t going to beat St. Louis and Milwaukee tonight. Though if that were going to happen, clearly 2020 would be the year.

  18. Charlie Waffles

    Former Reds top 5 prospect Taylor Trammell going to Seattle in that 7 player trade. SD is all in. Seattle got a nice return. That could be a good OF in Seattle with Kyle Lewis and Trammell. And Shed Long could be moving to CF.

  19. John C.

    Boy, the Padres are all in. They have the prospects to make the moves. We used to be like that.

  20. RedNat

    The reds are in the playoff hunt heading into September. Those words have not been uttered since 2013 and likely wont be uttered again for a long time after this year so i hope they will not sell. If we can add another reliever, that would be helpul. If Shogo and Votto continue to get in a groove that could really solidify the top of the lineup.

    I agree with the comments above about Aquino. I think he needs to be the every rightfielder from here on out. This at the very least solidifies the defense in the outfield. Shogo can play center. Than take your pick in left between winker and Castellanos. ( i have given up on Senzel)

    • TR

      I would leave Castellanos in right field. Make Shogo the 4th. outfielder until he improves his offense, if he does. For the remaining month take a chance on Aquino in centerfield and if he doesn’t work out, then trade him for what the Reds can get in the offseason. I don’t think selling over reaction is the way to go to make the playoffs. The Reds have the foundation of a competitive team that can be improved in the offseason.

  21. zigbee

    One month from now, Reds will be 6-7 games out of second behind St Louis and the leader Chicago and looking at an off season of where they again have to regroup and try and put together a team to complete. So much enthusiasm in 2020, yet disappointment again. SELL on Monday Bauer and DeSclafani and add to the young core for next year. Look in off season to trade some duds in Lorenzen, Casli or Barhart, R Stephenson, and get rid of Galvis. Bring up the young guys we mentioned like T Stephenson, to go along with Garcia. Keep Sims and Garrett and Antone and Mahle and Iglesias, and bolster the pen with a few additions.

  22. GreatRedLegsFan

    I’d take four runs in five innings from the starter any day, via HR’s or not. Problem is an unreliable bullpen and poor offensive, period. Castillo has been extremely unlucky this year. Reds have too many holes to just be fixed by deadline, so better off go ahead with what they have and start thinking about next season: upgrade catcher position and obtain at least three good bullpen arms via trade and/or free agency to pair with Iglesias, Garrett, Lorenzen and Sims. The starting five are OK even if both, Bauer and Disco, leave. They still have Castillo, Miley, Antone, Mahle and Grey. OF is deep with Winker, Castellanos, Senzel, Akiyama and Aquino. IF is good too with Suarez, Garcia and Moustakas, but Votto.

  23. jim walker

    I have realized over the last week or so that I don’t really care anymore who the players are or what they are doing individually. I just want the darn team to win and in the process hopefully play baseball that is interesting and fun to watch.

    We know from recent history that Joey Votto’s MVP level years didn’t keep his team from being among the very worst in baseball. Those of us who have been around long enough to remember the 1980s can recall that for a period Mario Soto was arguably the best starting pitcher in MLB and pitched for probably the worst team in MLB.

    The onus is on the people who run this organization to understand how the pieces need to fit together and assemble a team which can play consistently and win games.

    Rant over!

  24. jim walker

    I do have a take on JoeyV’s “resurgence” Saturday and Sunday. Recall that Joey started the season on a flourish then slid into that terrible funk? Now after he sat out for 3 or 4 days, he rebounded with a surge. Just maybe the lesson for everyone is that Votto is at an age where he can’t grind like he used to, every game every month all season?

    To steal from an old song lyric, maybe he’s not as good as he once was; but, he is as good once as he ever was?