The Cincinnati Reds (14-17) are looking to keep their winning ways going as they play a double header at home against the Chicago Cubs (18-13). The Reds are going to be sending out Trevor Bauer and Tejay Antone to face off against Yu Darvish and Alec Mills.

Game 1 Information

Starting Lineups

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Ian Happ – CF Joey Votto – 1B
Anthony Rizzo – 1B Nick Castellanos – RF
Javier Báez – SS Jesse Winker – DH
Kyle Schwarber – LF Eugenio Suárez – 3B
Willson Contreras – DH Mike Moustakas – 2B
Jason Heyward – RF Freddy Galvis – SS
Victor Caratini – C Shogo Akiyama – CF
Jason Kipnis – 2B Mark Payton – LF
Nico Hoerner – 3B Tucker Barnhart – C
Yu Darvish – SP Trevor Bauer – SP

Joey Votto is back in the lineup and he’s leading off against Yu Darvish. What do you say we get a replay of their famous match up in Arizona from a few years ago? You remember the one – when Votto hit the ball on March 23rd and it landed on March 27th after traveling the world. Reds are leaning left-handed against Darvish in Game 1.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Trevor Bauer 32.2 1.65 0.73 7.3% 39.8%
Yu Darvish 37.0 1.70 0.92 4.2% 39.3%
Links: Trevor Bauer’s Stats | Yu Darvish’s Stats

Trevor Bauer

2020 Splits

RHH 62 4 1 0 0 9.7% 37.1% .073 .177 .091
LHH 61 11 2 0 4 4.9% 42.6% .193 .246 .439

Pitch Usage in 2020

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter Change Slider Curve
Velo 93.8 95.1 84.8 83.4 80.8 79.4
Usage 53% 1% 20% 1% 14% 11%

Yu Darvish

2020 Splits

vsRHH 58 14 2 0 1 3.4% 36.2% .250 .276 .339
vsLHH 84 14 1 1 1 4.8% 27.4% .179 .238 .256

Pitch Usage in 2020

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Cutter Curve Split
Velo 95.9 94.8 85.8 92.3 79.5 90.7
Usage 17% 10% 40% 6% 19% 7%

Game 2 Information

Starting Lineups

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Ian Happ – LF Joey Votto – DH
Kyle Schwarber – DH Nick Castellanos – RF
Anthony Rizzo – 1B Jesse Winker – LF
Willson Contreras – C Eugenio Suárez – 3B
Jason Heyward – RF Mike Moustakas – 1B
David Bote – 3B Jose Garcia – SS
Jason Kipnis – 2B Shogo Akiyama – CF
Nico Hoerner – SS Kyle Farmer – 2B
Albert Almora Jr – CF Curt Casali – 2B
Alec Mills – SP Tejay Antone

We’ll update the lineups for Game 2 when available.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
Tejay Antone 16.1 1.65 0.80 12.9% 35.5%
Alec Mills 29.2 4.55 1.11 7.4% 18.2%
Links: Tejay Antone’s Stats | Alex Mills’ Stats

Tejay Antone

2020 Splits

RHH 36 2 1 0 0 11.1% 41.7% .065 .194 .097
LHH 26 3 0 0 1 15.4% 26.9% .136 .269 .273

Pitch Usage in 2020

2-Seam Curve Slider Change
Velo 95.7 80.0 83.8 87.9
Usage 42% 11% 43% 3%

Alex Mills

2020 Splits

vsRHH 48 9 2 0 1 8.3% 18.8% .209 .292 .326
vsLHH 73 15 2 0 3 6.8% 17.8% .224 .288 .388

Pitch Usage in 2020

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 90.4 90.6 78.3 81.2 66.3
Usage 19% 37% 11% 19% 14%

When and Where

  • Game time: 4:10pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati
  • Watch: Fox Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 84°, overcast, 0% chance of rain

NL Central Standings

Team Wins Losses GB
Cubs 18 13
Cardinals 11 12 3.0
Reds 14 17 4.0
Brewers 14 17 4.0
Pirates 9 20 8.0

News and Notes

Aristides Aquino is back…. for today

With the double header, Aristides Aquino has been added to the roster as the Reds 29th player for both games.

Updated Playoff Odds

After the win last night, and a 3-game winning streak, the Cincinnati Reds playoff odds have improved quite a bit in the last two days. Fangraphs now projects them to finish 30-30 and gives them a 53.1% chance of making the playoffs. Baseball Reference now gives them a 28.8% chance of making the playoffs.

310 Responses

  1. docproc

    Really unhappy that David Bell didn’t use this opportunity to move Votto down in the batting order.

    • Jefferson Green

      I wish Votto were lower, too. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see JV break his slump today (or very soon), either.

    • earmbrister

      Still think it’s premature to throw dirt on JV’s coffin.

      The man’s skill, knowledge, and most importantly pride will serve him and the Reds well. Too many people were ready to write off Winker and Suarez after their slow starts.

  2. Jefferson Green

    I was surprised to see the poorer performance by left-handed hitters against Darvish this year, but I looked back at last year’s splits, and LHH had significantly more success (or less frustration, really – Darvish cranked up his performance last year). Here’s to helping him regress to the mean!
    Go, Redlegs!

  3. TR

    It’s nice to see AA back, at least for today. If given the chance, Aristides could go on a tear for the final month of the season.

  4. Don

    Doug, Great game preview as always.

    Hoping Bauer is on his game today and holds the Cubs offense to nothing with another 7 inning compete game with 11 or 12 Ks.

    Hoping the offense can put together multiple inning early with consecutive hits to make Darvish work and get his pitch count up to get to the Cubs Bullpen early.

  5. Mark Moore

    I’d wager Joey plays all or most of game 1 and then sits for game 2. Garcia will start at SS for game 2, maybe with Farmer at 2B?

    I also hope we see an AA bomb (or 3) today. MLB games are always more difficult than whatever they can muster at Prasco.

    • Don

      During Bell’s radio pregame interview he said Votto could play both games today and get lots of ABs.

  6. zigbee

    We’ll see if Joey is up to the challenge. Bell is showing great support and confidence in Votto and that’s not unusual. If any player deserves it that is Votto, one of the greatest hitters in team history.

  7. Melvin

    I just think Aki has to get his feet underneath of him facing MLB pitching. He has a really good swing and knows what he’s doing at the plate with great discipline. He doesn’t look far off when he misses. He goes the other way. He’s just a good hitter and will keep getting better.

    • Mark Moore

      Agreed. Transition to MLB is tough. Doing it on a compressed timeline is a steep hill no matter what.

  8. earmbrister

    Has anyone heard anything on Senzel’s ailment and ETA?

    • Melvin

      From what Doug said the Reds can’t talk about it unless Senzel gives them permission.

  9. earmbrister

    Quality AB by Rizzo (after the 0-2 Eugieno start)

  10. Melvin

    Good hit by Votto. I wish he would, at least for now, quite thinking so much, swing out of his shoes and just go for it.

    • Jefferson Green

      Yes, Shogo is not letting his defense slump. He has been very solid.

  11. Melvin

    Down two. First and third two outs. Two catchers on the bench. Why did we NOT pinch hit for Barnhart. SMH

  12. VaRedsFan

    2 very hard hit balls by Galvis and Tucker, found their way into well positioned gloves.
    We need about 50 bloopers to fall in just to get to even.

  13. Indy Red Man

    Shogo needed to steal there! We would’ve scored. Darvish throwing almost all breaking balls so take the chance. Sit around and wait on a big Barnhart blast and you’ll die of old age first

  14. ClevelandRedsFan

    Tucker smoked that ball. Could easily be a tie game right now.

    98 MPH line drive with an expected batting average of .390. Sigh.

    • Melvin

      Yeah he did hit it hard but wasn’t likely to though. Several better options. That’s the point.

  15. VaRedsFan

    Votto staying back and pulling the ball in the air again…sorry I had to yell it so many times, but glad he heard.
    Approach, Approach, Approach.

  16. VaRedsFan

    Darvish has such an arsenal…Winker and Suarez were trying to outguess him, and got caught looking

  17. earmbrister

    Darvish has thrown a lot of pitches this inning.

  18. Melvin

    We have to have the mentality to be ready to at least foul off close pitches.

  19. VaRedsFan

    It’s like Rizzo knows what’s coming. How about they stop pitching this guy inside?

  20. Roger Garrett

    Doesn’t matter much cause Bell just waved the white flag.We aren’t going to score anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter that he brings in our last man in the pen.

  21. earmbrister

    That was a bizarre and deadly DP.

    • VaRedsFan

      Payton should have sold it like it hit his leg.

      • earmbrister

        Looked like he thought it was going foul. Looked like everyone but Rizzo thought it was a foul ball.

  22. Hanawi

    Strikeouts and double plays just absolutely killing the Reds today. Tip of the hat to Darvish I guess.

    • Don

      Darvish did pitch but Reds had chances.

      Before today, Reds were 2nd in the league for highest % of GIDP 13.7%

  23. Melvin

    Is the ball fair if it hits in the batters box? I don’t know. Can’t remember. It obviously did hit there.

  24. Melvin

    As much as Bell likes to switch people in and out and left Barnhart in there twice late down in the game. SMH

    • Melvin

      I guess it’s because he’s a LH hitter. Guess that’s all that matters.

    • Roger Garrett

      For me it is truly just second guessing and its his opinion that first Payton in the 6th and Tucker in the 4th were the best choices.Of course both turned out not so good and I wouldn’t have done either but that is not why the Reds will lose this game.The game was lost in the 5th after the first two reached and Wink and Suarez took strike three.To quote Joey, You have to do better then that

      • Melvin

        It’s just the mentality he’s bringing to his players. Not good. You are correct about SO looking. Have to foul off pitches as I said earlier.

  25. VaRedsFan

    I don’t know what happened to DeLeon in his previous outing, but this kid has a live arm. Super relief apperance.

    • earmbrister

      Seemed like he was spotting his upper 90s FB very well. Worked the edges.

  26. earmbrister

    Didn’t realize I had TV access to the game till late. Play by play guy said that Votto has had a good day at the plate going 1 for 3, with a single and a double. Lol.

    Noticed that Votto was busting it down the line on a grounder to second base. Seems like the sit down has had an effect on him.

  27. earmbrister

    Suarez’s hot streak was seemingly short lived. 4 AB’s with 4 SO’s.

    • Roger Garrett

      Yes and he only made contact 4 times in those 4 at bats.That long looping home run or bust swing will get exposed by good pitching.

      • Melvin

        It goes back to not adjusting on two strikes. Say what you want about Votto but he at least understands two strikes require, most times, a different approach.

      • earmbrister

        Mel, Suarez almost always starts his ABs either 0-1 or 0-2 with them being called strikes. He might need to start a different approach from the get go.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. Being down in the hole every AB is not a recipe for success.

  28. docproc

    We faced the likely Cy Young winner at the top of his game. He threw about 5-6 different pitches in a host of locations, usually in the strike zone. Fastest pitch was 98; slowest was 69. Hard to beat that.

    Tip our caps and hope to beat up on their pitcher in the nightcap.

  29. Melvin

    The email thing started working again Doug. Congratulations. I know it’s not easy keeping everything going.

    • Doug Gray

      It was probably related to that plugin. We’ll see how long that one stays activated. It’s been a long two weeks trying to figure out what the problem is. Tried several new things in the last two days. One didn’t work. We’ll see if the latest one does….

  30. earmbrister

    Great Rizzo is finally waking up vs the Reds

  31. earmbrister

    Antone is looking good. What a find.

  32. Preach

    I like angry Joey. That was a no-doubter when it left the bat

  33. VaRedsFan

    Maybe Marty called him and said he’s not elite anymore?

    • Preach

      Or Thom called him and said something else……

      • RojoBenjy

        I second that—at least for THom

  34. Slicc50

    Joey! Just quit thinking and let er rip buddy!

  35. earmbrister

    Oh look. Suarez took the first pitch for a called strike …

  36. Don

    maybe the Reds can do to Mills what they did to Hendricks yesterday as Mills is a similar pitcher.

  37. Roger Garrett

    He also goes down on strikes for the 5th straight time.

  38. Preach

    Both Antone and Mills have a nice little breaking ball working tonight

  39. Roger Garrett

    Just have to do something with Eugenio.Set him or drop him in the order.Just can’t continue to give him 4 at bats a game every game when he is performing at this level.Goodness.

    • earmbrister

      Yeah, it’s not just a Reds issue. The Cards have kept Matt Carpenter in the 4 or 5 spot and he’s batting .190

      Having just sat Joey, Bell should try dropping Suarez to 7th in the lineup. Pride can be a good thing.

      • Roger Garrett

        Bell must address his performance .Eugenio has hit 3rd or 4th in every game except one I think and he is not getting the job done.I am shocked he hasn’t already been dropped down.He isn’t even putting the ball in play over 30% of the time the last time I checked and 5 straight strikeouts doesn’t help that at all.

    • VaRedsFan

      Geno was a huge contributor in last night’s win, and had been hitting better over the last week. It’s not like Mike Schmidt is sitting in the dugout to take his place.

      • JB

        Exactly. Yelich is hitting .190 and still hitting at the top of the order. Baez looks totally lost at the plate. If they were on the Reds they would be screaming to hit them 8th.

  40. Slicc50

    Serious question guys…….can someone explain to me why Aristides Aquino hasn’t been given any shot at helping this team in 2020? I just can’t understand it for the life of me! Are you telling me sticking with guys like Ervin and JVM as long as they did are better options? To me, he showed more in his limited time than either one of those guys have ever shown. I just don’t get it!

  41. Preach

    Nice inside out swing. That’s how you defeat the shift

    • Don

      Winker, making up for looking bad vs Darvish.

      Team is doing to Mills what they did to Hendricks.

      Darvish is just that good.

      • earmbrister

        I know that Darvish was throwing darts, but 113?

  42. Slicc50

    There is how Jesse beats the shift!

  43. earmbrister

    Heard the call as I came in from walking the dogs.

    Da Wink!!! What a season!

    • VaRedsFan

      Is it me, or do the Reds score a lot when you aren’t watching?

  44. Jon

    Am I crazy for thinking that Winker become the NL MVP if Tatis starts slumping?

    • Don

      Only if Reds can win the Division.

      MVP usually comes from best teams.

      • Jon

        Unless you’re Mike Trout.

        I don’t necessarily think the Reds would have to win the division, but just make the playoffs.

      • Don

        He should get some votes if he stays hitting list the last 3 weeks

    • Slicc50

      I don’t think so…….the guy is just so on fire, it is insane! Can we Reds fans be lucky enough for this to be Jesse Winker going forward? Very exciting! He shows no signs of slowing down.

      • Jon

        People on this site a couple years back used to say that Winker was going to be a light version of Votto. This year Winker feels like the full version of 2010 Votto.

  45. Preach

    is it a negative Nancy comment to think that I’m a little concerned because the only way the Reds seem to score mostly is by the home run?

    • earmbrister

      They’ve got some high OBP guys. Obviously Votto, Winker, Senzel. Winker just doesn’t seem to want to get on base, he wants to round them. Senzel will be a great addition to this lineup, if he can get healthy.

    • zigbee

      Cubs score mostly that way on HRs as well.

  46. Preach

    That’s one way to handle Rizzo, I guess

  47. Whosonfirst

    Suarez is just getting himself out. He has become a slugger that only hits pitcher mistakes.
    Until he learns how to hit the ball the other way, teams will continue to throw pitches outside.
    Suarez keeps trying to pull the outside pitches.

    • Whosonfirst

      Could anyone read his lips…oh, wait?

  48. Mark Moore

    Go sit down, Ross … the kid let one slip.

    • Preach

      He’ll be sitting down at the hotel now

      • Mark Moore

        So he will … along with the pitching coach.

  49. Mark Moore

    “Throw the next one at the Bull …”

  50. VaRedsFan

    Sure…Antone was just handed a 4-1 lead….so he’s gonna hit the leadoff man.
    Ross tossed

    • Don

      obviously the ball slipped out of his hand. You can see by the reaction, immediately look at his hand and wipe his hand on his pants.

      Umpires overreacted and the Cubs got upset.

      Embrace the weird in 2020

    • Preach

      Yeah, not the worst outcome to be honest

      • Mark Moore

        Nope … the failed DP and the dinger were the worst outcome.

  51. Don

    That Bode HR is to bad, I thought Antone would get out of the inning.
    Not a good pitch.

    Offense will need to score more runs.

    • VaRedsFan

      I wonder if the “slip” pitch to Rizzo got him rattled.

    • Slicc50

      Absolutely must win game as far as I am concerned. You have to get back to .500. Lose this one and they are back to 5 under. That can’t happen

  52. VaRedsFan

    I guess Lorenzen should probably come in next inning…hopefully 30 minutes from now.

  53. Mark Moore

    Don’t know about y’all, but I’m liking our new SS.

  54. earmbrister

    Very happy to see Garcia in the big leagues. I like that the Reds have been aggressive with their player moves.

  55. Melvin

    Garcia looks mature in his approach. I like it.

  56. Mark Moore

    Well this is a complete mess … wonder who will survive to actually play

  57. earmbrister

    So Rizzo start barking, and Votto and Winker are ejected?

    • Mark Moore

      Biggest thing was they were first to leave the dugout. Umps are under pretty tight guidance to keep that stuff from escalating. At least it didn’t end up in a brawl.

  58. Slicc50

    Tell me Jesse is not thrown out of this game….

    • earmbrister

      Yeah, he’s out as well as Votto. Total nonsense

    • Mark Moore

      Uh … sorry. Looks like he’s out. One of the first to get tossed.

      Freddie B is on for the rest of tonight.

  59. Don

    Whomever is ejected is just not smart.

    Rizzo got under their skin and the Reds reacted stupidly.

  60. Jon

    Loving the ballpark music in the background…”Can you feel the love tonight…”

  61. Melvin

    Pretty sure Votto AND Winker. Amazing.

    • Don

      umps have lost control of the game and the Reds are paying the price

    • Melvin

      That was my thought. “Come on Hobbs. You’re up!” 🙂

      • Don

        odds are they will put payton in left to replace Winker.

        All this mess is Bell’s fault for going out and chirping about a pitcher that had a pitch slip out of his hand.

  62. Preach

    How about getting a lead off second next time before you run?

    • earmbrister

      That lead was probably more than adequate in single A ball. It’s a learning process.

  63. Don

    Rookie mistake, do not run on Contreras

    • VaRedsFan

      They both ran, so maybe a called double steal?

  64. slicc50

    that promising inning sure fell apart…….in typical Reds fashion.

    • Don

      If the Reds lose this game it is Bell’s fault. He went on the field to show up the umps and complain about a pitcher that had a ball slip out of his hand.
      The umps told him to go back into the dugout and he would not.

      Bell lost his cool and could cost his team the game.

  65. Melvin

    If you want to blame anyone for starting it and not walking away from Rizzo it’s Davis Bell.

    • Preach

      Yup. and it’s hard to say what exactly went on, but it almost looks like the players were defending the manager. That’s on Bell.

      • earmbrister

        Sorry, but the whole bench erupting, esp Votto when that pitch went over Shogo’s head.

        If Bell hadn’t come out, the masses would be crucifying him for that also.

  66. slicc50

    Come on Michael, the team has to have this one!

  67. Melvin

    Hobbs, I mean Aquino, in left. 🙂

  68. Preach

    Ohhhhhhh…….we didn’t need that

  69. VaRedsFan

    Dangit Nick.
    Work around it Mike.

  70. Don

    Castellanos, no, Reds cannot play sloppy and win.

    Mikey deserves better than that

  71. Melvin

    That’s not going to win you Gold Gloves, Casty.

  72. docproc

    This won’t be popular but I was with Rizzo. David Bell was out there arguing far longer than he needed to be. His point was made, he got the umps to make a decision, and yet he kept yammering. Get back in the dugout and play ball. Rizzo had reason to be concerned that his pitcher was getting cold.

    • Preach

      I agree. And it was smart baseball by Rizzo

      • Roger Garrett

        Old school guy here but Rizzo is not in charge of the game.I didn’t see it cause I can’t but if Rizzo started chirping at Bell he shouldn’t for any reason.The umps are in control and not Rizzo.If he feels like he needs to go after the other teams manager then Bell has every right when he steps out of the box or is slow getting in or asks for time to go after him.The other teams manager has every right to go out and ask hey whats the hold up and why aren’t we playing ball.

    • slicc50

      You are probably right. Just kinda sickening how Rizzo gave that little smile at the end of the whole thing.

  73. VaRedsFan

    Stop throwing that 50 foot curve ball

  74. Don

    Reds have to regroup. All is falling apart now.

    Lorenzen does not have it tonight, get someone else in the game

  75. slicc50

    Amazing how this team just continues to make mistake after mistake. Does it ever end?

      • slicc50

        They sure don’t. Every time it looks like they are finally putting it together, you get something like this.

  76. zigbee

    Lorenzen is susceptible to big HRs in these cases. Be careful.

  77. Preach

    He could have plunked Rizzo to get him to first base. That would have been interesting

    • Don

      Lorenzen would have been tossed as well as the acting manager. Warning were given so next HBP should be an automatic ejection for pitcher and that teams manager.

  78. VaRedsFan

    No further damage…
    OK replacement guys…go out and win this.

  79. zigbee

    Nice job Lorenzen. He looks to be gaining confidence and some stability. Reds really need him to pitch like this in pressure situations.

  80. slicc50

    Come on guys, got to have this game! Luckily, the Cubs only tied it. Get it together and get a couple of runs here.

  81. earmbrister

    This is a very suspect Cubs BP. Time to do some damage

  82. Don

    Tie Game, reds have 9 outs Cubs have 6 outs left.

    Time to score a run or two any way they can.

  83. slicc50

    LOL, Payton sure does like the high ones doesn’t he?

  84. Don

    Castellanos needs to make up for his error

    • Don

      not good, he is swinging at the low outside again and would need a 5 foot bat to even reach that pitch

  85. earmbrister

    Terrible strike call on that 2-0 pitch to AA

    • earmbrister

      The ump gave him the make up call on the walk

  86. Don

    pitching around Aquino to get to Suarez?

    • Melvin

      Yup. Not bad for a guy who never plays or even on the active roster most of the time. LOL

  87. Melvin

    At the very least Aquino commands respect and that alone is an asset.

  88. slicc50

    Man Suarez is just all kinda of messed up right now. He couldn’t hit it off a Tee tonight!

    • earmbrister

      He’d take the first two pitches off the tee

    • Jack

      He can’t lay off that slider low and away. He’d strike out 400 times in a full year of you threw it there every time

  89. Don

    smart pitching, Suarez back in his slump after a couple of decent games.

    • slicc50

      Throw it down and away and Geno will pull off and miss the ball by a foot.

  90. earmbrister

    The “hits” just keep on coming with Suarez. He likes that pitch that he can never reach.

    • Don

      back under .180 average, He needs to be sat down for 2 or 3 days and told it is performance related just like Bell did with Votto.

      Maybe it will wake him up.

      • earmbrister

        That or move him down to the 7 spot. He needs to be challenged.

      • Slicc50

        I have to admit. I am shocked by how bad Suarez looked tonight. I took a new job back in Feb. and it is 2 nd shift. I don’t get to watch the games anymore. So 90% of my Reds games come from radio now. I knew he was struggling but wow……

  91. RedAlert

    Loss will be on Bell if it gets to that – about the most unintelligent thing he’s down this year (and that’s saying a lot !). Absolutely no excuse for him pushing the envelope like he did . Don’t know why I’m surprised though … It’s David Bell

    • earmbrister

      Nonsense. I completely disagree. The umps let the situation get out of control and the Reds paid the price. The first base umpire seemed to be the one that ejected Votto and Winker. Could he not hear Rizzo, is he deaf?

      • RedAlert

        Bell stayed out there too long – it was done – needed to get his tail back in dugout .

    • Melvin

      Bell going after Rizzo WAS NOT WISE. This is not a “normal” season. He knew the umps have a short fuse and are told to keep players in the dugout away from a brawl because of the Covid thing. We had the lead for crying out loud. That mistake turned the momentum in their favor not to mention led to our two hottest hitters of the night being ejected.

  92. Roger Garrett

    This is just not going to end well but as I said earlier Rizzo is not in charge of the game and has no right at all to say anything to David Bell.Pinella would have went over and kicked his can if an opposing player interferred while he is arguing with an umpire.Reds were defending Bell because Rizzo got away with it.

    • Don

      argument was over, ump had the meeting which Bell asked them to have. Umps made their decision and Bell was trying to show up the umps. Bell should have been thrown out when he did not go back to the dugout after the ump meeting.

      Umps gave Bell rope and he hung himself and maybe his team tonight.

      • earmbrister

        I’m not buying the Bell blame game Don. Rizzo’s chirping should’ve earned him an early shower.

      • Roger Garrett

        Regardless of what Bell did or didn’t do,Rizzo has no business chirping at Bell.Rizzo is not in charge of the game.

  93. VaRedsFan

    I get the feeling I know this is going to end.

    • Don

      Yup, Thornburg cannot throw strikes today.

      Another game between a team with an expectation to win and another that is hoping and wishing for wins.

  94. Preach

    They’re loving the wild pitch today

  95. Jack

    You tip your cap to Darvish in the first game but it feels like the Reds lost their cool in the second. You are up 4 to 1, don’t stir the pot. Momentum lost in 1 day

  96. zigbee

    Sims not available? Was he used in game one?

    • Don

      Sims last pitched innings on Wednesday, no idea why he did not start the 6th.

    • Don

      game 2 bullpen for Reds needs to be much better to get rated as awful

  97. VaRedsFan

    I’m not saying Bell wasn’t at fault….but he didn’t cause them to lose

    • Don

      but, Bell did not put his players in a position to win

      • VaRedsFan

        Players came out of the dugout…that’s not allowed.

  98. Roger Garrett

    Another game just gave away.So SAD.

  99. Jon

    Oh how things change over ten years. A decade ago, the Reds’ feud began with the Cardinals. That died down and over the past few seasons the Reds and Pirates has issues. Now, it’s the Cubs.

    • Melvin

      There is no love lost between any two teams in the NL Central.

    • Hal

      Dude come on, I love Piniello as much as the next guy and he may have taken a run at Rizzo but it would have ended up worse than it did w Dibble. Rizzo is so deep in the Reds heads and he has been since the early 10’s when he challenged the whole dugout to a fight and the Reds all just started whistling and looking up at the dugout roof.

      We personify weakness at the manager position and have since Dusty. Fake tough.

  100. zigbee

    Votto and Winker getting tossed sure isn’t helping. Again, is Sims available? Hind sight is crystal clear but Thornburg stunk badly.

    • Jon

      This three-batter rule for 2020 sure isn’t helping the Reds tonight either.

    • Don

      to many pitchers in the bullpen, they pitch every 3 or 4 days and they seem to rotate through everyone. They need to have 3 or 4 less pitchers in the BP so those that are there get more consistent work. Chris Welsh has been saying this all season

  101. Mark Moore

    Got to put a lid on the ugly right here, right now.

  102. Don

    Reds lose this game and they are 6 back of 1st and only one less loss than the pirates.

    The series with the Pirates next weekend will be to stay out of last place in the division.

    • Don

      ouch, he swung at worse pitches in the same AB.

  103. Don

    Hader started the 9th with a 1 run lead vs PIrates and has walked 5 batters out of 6 to loose the lead

    Reds have to come back and win this game somehow to keep hope alive in the season.

  104. Melvin

    Good catch by Aquino. He’s underrated defensively.

  105. Don

    Aquino saves the possibility of a solo shot to tie still.

  106. Kywhi

    Longtime fan who comments rarely, but having been a Reds fan since 1966, I can’t remember a time I have felt this angry over the Reds shooting themselves in the foot in such an important game. That David Bell would have kept that senseless argument going that long is beyond forgivable, especially since it cost his team its best two offensive players who lost their cool only because he stayed out there. Hope we can come back in bottom of 7th, but if not the season may rest on whether Castillo is lights out tomorrow.

    • Don

      you are 100% on target with your comments.

      Dick Williams should suspend Bell for a few games for what he did tonight. Someone needs to hold Bell responsible like Bell is supposed to hold the players responsible.

    • Don

      Davidson and Barnhart are the only other options.

  107. Don

    As long as no DP or Castellanos hits a HR.
    Aquino will get a chance

  108. Preach

    Winning run aboard, here comes Aquino

  109. Don

    Need to get a single in the gap to score Galvis. Do not need a HR, have to score tying run.

  110. Hanawi

    Amazing that Aquino hasn’t been with the team all year

  111. Don

    Aqunio with the single, all tied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Suarez needs one now for the win. NO need to swing for the fences.

  112. Preach

    And the wild pitch takes away the double play

  113. Mark Moore

    OK, Geno … a simple fly ball does it now.

  114. Preach

    I think this is a bad mood for the Cubs, but we’ll take it

  115. Don

    Time for Moose to get a single.

    Time for your $64 million contract to pay off.

  116. Don

    Moose lost his cool. Up to the rookie for the game winning hit

  117. Preach

    A wild pitch walk off. Whatever it takes.

  118. Don

    Thank you Craig Kimbrlel and Contreras for the gift win

  119. Mark Moore

    How many ways to score from 3rd?

    Love beating the Stupid Cubs and watching Kimbrel implode. His contract will NOT age well at all.

  120. Don

    4 back of the Cubs is so much better than 6 back after today.

    Castillo needs a gem on Sunday

    • slicc50

      Season saving win right there Don. That is what that was. Win tomorrow and take 3 of 4 and they are right there!

      • Don

        agreed it was a season saving.

        Hopefully this is a learning moment for the team and stays with them.

        Reds will need to have any more season saving wins in 2020.

  121. earmbrister

    Trying day. But in the end we have taken 2 of 3 so far vs the Cubs. And the whiny little birds lost in 12 vs the Tribe. Long, but somewhat satisfying day.

    • Jefferson Green

      If the Pirates could just beat the Brewers…

      • Don

        Hader gifted the Pirates the lead but the Pirates closer imploded in the bottom of the ninth.

        This Reds win even bigger since it keeps pace with the Brewers as well.
        Only 1/2 game out of 2nd place in division.

    • slicc50

      You are right, “somewhat” satisfying. We know that they got away with one tonight. It is time that this team stops making things so much harder on themselves with mistakes and mental errors

  122. Melvin

    Man are we “lucky”. I’ll take it. Hope we learned some lessons. I like Garcia and Aquino up. Now we need Stephenson. 🙂

    • Don

      They need to keep Aquino on the roster and send someone from the bullpen to Prasco.

      • Melvin

        Yeah and he needs to be in the order one way or the other every day at least until Senzel comes back. Time to quit the “Payton” type experiments. He did hit against a RH pitcher tonight correct?

      • Don

        No Payton should stay for a late inning pinch runner and defense but no longer start.

        To many arms int eh bullpen is why they are imploding at times.
        Bullpen arms need to pitch ever other or once every third day.

        Thornburg last outing was the 25th
        Lorenzen’s last outing was the 23rd
        Both were rusty neither had control today.

        Fewer BP arms will mean better appearances by them

        Just listening to Chris Welsh’s commentary but it makes sense.

    • Mark Moore

      +500 and another +100 because I “shorted you” earlier 🙂

      Lucky works tonight. And Kimbrel gonna Cub.

  123. TR

    A A gets it done. Where’s he been for the first half of the season?

    • Slicc50

      Nobody knows. There is no excuse, he needs to be on this team going forward. That guy as a DH or in the OF makes this a much more dangerous lineup!

  124. RedAlerr

    Glad the Reds won ! Will certainly take it- they bailed Bell out – he’s lucky cause that ejection and the 2 that followed were
    inexcusable and a direct result of his
    nonsense.. Nonetheless,, glad for the win !