The Cincinnati Reds are 11-16 through 27 games. There are only 60 games in the season this year. That puts them nearly at the mid-season mark, and when they get to that point, they are going to have a losing record. That’s not how it was supposed to be. But this is 2020 and nothing seems to be going how it was supposed to.

The Reds front office went out this offseason and spent a lot of money. They picked up two middle of the order hitters in Mike Moustakas, and then later Nick Castellanos. Cincinnati also picked up Shogo Akiyama, who helped balance out the outfield with a left-handed option to go with Jesse Winker and Nick Senzel in a group of four guys that were likely to see a little bit of rotating around based on match ups. The offense wasn’t supposed to be an issue. But 27 games in and the team is tied with the Brewers, dead last in the National League, in runs scored per game.

When the season began, the Cincinnati Reds were the favorites in the division, though it was a close call among the top four teams. Still, the Reds were viewed as the favorites thanks to a strong starting pitching staff, a solid but unspectacular bullpen, and a good offense. With an expanded playoffs that features more teams that get in than teams that don’t, things felt right for Cincinnati seeing the playoffs. But 27 games in that feeling no longer exists. Among the fan base, if they even have feelings anymore, the one they are experiencing is dread. In the last few days the playoff odds for the Reds have dropped from 60.2% on August 21st down to 36.8% today, according to Fangraphs. Baseball Referece uses a different calculation method and they have the Reds playoff odds down to just 13.5%.

There are 33 games remaining in 2020. To finish at the .500 mark, the Reds need to go 29-24 the rest of the way. That’s doable – it’s a .547 winning percentage. That’s an 89-win team in a full season. From a pure talent standpoint, that wouldn’t have seemed outrageous to predict this team back on March 1st to finish 89-73, right? Things certainly feel different given how the season has played out thus far – but it’s still largely the same team on the field that was expected moving forward.

With that said, there’s not much time left to get things moving in the opposite direction than the one that they have been moving in. 33 games isn’t much. There is barely a month left in the season before it’s over. After another offensive struggle, catcher Curt Casali – who homered in the loss last night – talked a bit about just that.

“We’re frustrated and it’s easy to take frustration out on other things, possibly even each other. We’ve chosen to use that frustration and fuel it into energy and give it to the players out on the field no matter how you can do that,” said Casali. “That’s tiring. It’s tough to do that on a day in and day out basis. But we’re unfortunately at a point now where we kind of have to empty the tanks and get everything out, now, because I don’t know what the numbers say where we stand – it’s hard to pay attention to that – but we need to go. I’m not going to say there’s panic in here, but there’s a definite sense of urgency that we need to turn this thing around very quickly. We’re aware of that. It’s not like we’re just sitting and doing nothing. We’re working, trying new things. I thought the energy in the dugout was really good tonight and those are things you can build off of. I believe everyone in that dugout thought we were going to come back and win that game, and it kind of stings that we didn’t. That’s the old cliché – you’ve got to move on and get them tomorrow.”

He notes that the team is aware that they need things to change. It’s quite obvious that the team simply isn’t hitting right now. Some of that is their fault. Some of it, however, isn’t. The team has a historically low BABIP right now. They are dead last in baseball with a .224 BABIP. The Texas Rangers are second to last and had a .257 mark. The Braves lead the league at .327. In the previous 20 seasons, the lowest team BABIP was .269 by the 2010 Toronto Blue Jays. Cincinnati hasn’t just been unlucky when they’ve made contact, they’ve been insanely, historically unlucky. There’s some small sample size stuff happening here because it’s 27 games instead of 162. But there are five teams other than the Reds that have a lower BABIP right now than those 2010 Blue Jays.

“I don’t think we’re searching,” Casali said. “Geno hits a bullet that turns into a double play. That kind of kills a rally. I think we do need to focus on knocking off hitting into double plays, I think that kills innings. But as a unit, yeah, you can say we’ve been snake bitten. We still hit the ball hard, but after a while – you keep saying it and it turns into a real excuse. We’re just not into that as a team. We need to do better, we need to find the holes. There are ways to find the holes and play the game. We’ve got to play the game a little better and that’ll hopefully lead to some more wins.”

Curt Casali is kind of walking that fine line of understanding that the team has been unlucky – and they absolutely have been – but also understanding that at some point you need to try and make something work. What it is that they can do to work is a question that I don’t have an answer to. Hopefully someone else does and they can figure it out.

The team makes less “soft contact” than every team in baseball this year and somehow that’s still got them dead last in hits when making contact (BABIP) than everyone else. The team isn’t so great in the “hard contact” rankings, coming in at 23rd. Neither of those things suggest that the team should be far and away worse than everyone else in baseball at turning contact into hits. But that’s how it’s played out so far. There’s 33 games left for that to turn around. Maybe it will. But regression to the mean works a lot better over 162 games than it does 60, and while it’s almost assuredly going to get a little better for the Reds when it comes to this, the amount of time left because of what’s happened with the 2020 season we shouldn’t expect the team to correct to the point where they finish up at the .295-.300 mark that most teams eventually wind up in.

To conclude: This has sucked, should probably get better, there’s no time left to waste, and the correction that’s probably coming isn’t likely going to get them back to a full “normalization”. Hopefully it’s enough to get them some more wins, as Casali said, and get them enough of them to sneak into the playoffs where everything before that doesn’t really matter.

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  1. Alex

    Kinda amusing that the team implies they have more effort(?)…something? to offer than what we’ve seen so far. Sometimes you are what you are.

    No organization in MLB talks more about winning without actually doing so than the Cincinnati Reds.

    • Sliotar


      And there are no shortage of writers in #RedsTwitter / #Reds Blog Land willing to explain most everything away as “bad luck”.

      Dick Williams – Signed over-30 Moustakas to awful deal. 96 wRC+ of as today.
      Projected to be less than a 2 WAR player in 2021 and in 2022.
      In 2023, when he’s 35, making $18 million …yikes.

      David Bell – Starting Votto as leadoff hitter. Winker, team’s best offensive player, who has been hitting LHP, batted 7th last night.

      Those aren’t “bad luck” moves …. just bad moves. Stubborn, as well, in Bell’s case.

      The Reds have above-average SP, but without Senzel and Winker buried in lineup, look old and stale offensively.

      Why so many writers refuse to hold Williams and Bell accountable for any of this is a mystery to me.

      • Doug Gray

        Start your own website and roast away my man. Then someone will be doing what you want.

      • Wayne Anderson

        Bell is terrible to say the least why not bring up Tyler Stephenson to bring in some youth he can hit!

      • DataDumpster

        The previous contributor makes some good points. Thanks, Doug, for also pointing out the BABIP for the Reds. It’s such a modern stat for showing why the Reds offense/coaching is so lacking. How could that be “bad luck”. Even back in Little League, we were told about the greats “hit them where they ain’t” Ty Cobb, Pete Rose and others so that we surveyed the field before our at bat. Nowadays, when the shifts cause huge holes in the defense, the hitters can’t modify their uppercut, pull strategy to ground some balls to the opposite side? I also agree that some younger players deserve a chance if for no other reason that the “mainstays” have failed and the lack of familiarity with these players give them some advantage that Aquino, Antone, etc. have exploited. Something has to be done when 7 of your nine lineup batters are hitting less than 2 and a quarter!

    • Wayne Anderson

      Right where is this sense of urgency they speak of?!?!

  2. TMS

    As a Reds fan, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everything about this team is subpar. The truth is that BABIP is the culprit for this team. You can blame David Bell, you can blame Dick Williams, you can blame playing Jankowski, and you can blame not playing Aquino. But it all comes down to the team BABIP being horrible. Except for the occassional long-ball, the hitting just isn’t there.

    As Doug points out, it’s going to be real hard to get back up to a more normal BABIP in a 60 game season. It’s a shame. This team is MUCH better than what we are seeing right now. They will get back in the groove at some point … but by then, it will be too late for this year.

  3. Charlie Waffles

    The Reds hitting coach was on the pre-game show last night. Zinter is just oblivious. Zinter was hand-picked by Bell and it shows. Paraphrasing, he said, Blow it up? Are you kidding. We just need to keep plugging away and do what we have been doing and make quality at-bats.
    On the hitting side, there seems to be no sense of urgency in Zinter’s comments. None. So, to say a correction is probably coming is wishful thinking. We are not going to see a “V” correction in the Reds hitting like we are seeing with the economy now post-covid19.
    With the trade deadline looming and quickly approaching, The Reds need to start talking to other teams. That is where we need to see a sense of urgency. Galvis, DeSclafani, Miley and a couple of relievers should be dealt by next Monday’s deadline. Reed is hanging in DFA limbo and uncertainty right now and could be included in a bigger trade. Casali, being a RH hitter looks to be the odd man out if and when Tyler Stephenson is promoted. One of Casali or Barnhart will have to be moved, so might as well package one now.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Yes. Nearly to a man from the front office on down there’s been a ‘nothing to see here’ attitude, that they’re the smartest guys in the room. It’s disingenuous and inflexible.

  4. Ghost_Runner

    Am I the only one who would like to see Shogo play everyday as the leadoff hitter?
    The FO signed him for his high OBP, and hitting skills. Is there proof that he can’t hit LH pitching?

    • SultanofSwaff

      Yes! Like Winker, we need professional at-bats more than power. Otherwise, you’re consigned to solo home runs as your main means of producing runs. The Reds currently have more walks than singles, and that’s never been done over an entire season.

    • Redgoggles

      At this point, it’s difficult to imagine him performing worse than Ervin against LHP.

    • RojoBenjy


      No you are not the only one.


    • Wayne

      Yes he needs to start and bat leadoff every game!

      • GiantoftheFrost

        Play Chris Heisey every day!

  5. Roger Garrett

    Casali said they need to play the game a little better,which is exactly right.The Reds must adjust at the plate based on the situation in the game.Rarely and I mean rarely does the situation call for swinging just as hard as you can to hit a home run.Getting guys on base and moving them around is how it must be done.As long as we try to hit it a mile when a few feet scores a run then well we will struggle.Keep in mind this is who we have been for a long long time.Others may argue that’s how the game is played and it may be but it doesn’t work for us so you have to do something different or as Casali said play the game a little better.

  6. Bob

    “There are 33 games remaining in 2020. To finish at the .500 mark, the Reds need to go 29-24 the rest of the way. ”

    It’s actually 19-14 the rest of the way to finish at 30-30.

    • Vegas Red

      I talked to Walt Jockety in San Diego one night about 8-9 years ago about changing the team’s profile for hitters to be more professional, more situational, like you see with winning teams in the postseason.

      He stated that was his intention. I don’t know about anyone else but the Reds just don’t seem to produce that in the organization and when they sign one as a free agent—Akiyama—they don’t play him.

      Even when Winker came up, the knock was his power numbers. As he’s matured he’s gotten more power but one could argue he’s focused on power more than then base hits to all fields. And he’s our best hitter this year.

      The reds organization has just not produced the type of professional hitters that pays off when guys are on base and the game’s on the line.

      Maybe that’s why they lose so many one run games, late inning games that could go either way and shutouts.

      • mudpuppie

        I’ve often thought that you see a real professional approach to hitting or pitching comes only from someone the Reds have acquired from another organization. Seems the same with hustle. Not always the case, but it does seem that way..

  7. IndyDoug

    Votto is now 0-14 from the leadoff spot in last 4 games. Still there? Rediculous!

  8. Jimbo44cn

    It’s a lack of urgency and a team that just looks dead. They dont even look like they want to be out there. No bunting, no moving men over. Jankowski to run if by some miracle someone else gets on base. Convince me not playing Aquino could be worse, or Garcia. Those two need to be here, along with the catcher Stephenson. Sit Suarez and Votto for a game and see what happens. Cannot be any worse or more boring.

  9. seadog

    There are some great articles floating around out there about how the defensive shifts are hurting left handed hitters. I know Doug has touched on this as well. I think that is a big part of the reason why the BABIP is where it is. Here is the problem. This team is built for that shift on lefties. It’s even worse when they are not at GABP with the short porch. Just a poorly constructed team. They may actually break that BABIP mark, or probably wind up very close. The schedule gets harder. I see little to no improvement

  10. Mark Moore

    You know there’s frustration that they aren’t going to vent in public. There are a few guys who need to fire them up internally if they are going to lose this lackadaisical attitude. I know the shift is killing them at an alarming rate, but that won’t change (meaning the shift is here to stay). I know Geno isn’t whiffing as much, but I’ve still observed a lot more bat on shoulder than what I recall. I know Votto is not striking out, but he’s not hitting them where they ain’t either.

    In short, I’m not paid to come up with a fix and, frankly, I couldn’t do that anyway. I’m just a fan who was excited for this 30th anniversary season from the wire-to-wire to provide the miracle we’ve all been waiting for. Now, I’d settle for just getting in – but that’s going to take change and we can’t make that change happen.

    I’m sticking with it because it’s baseball. But Debbie is far from happy at this point.

    • Don

      Geno is on a 162 game pace of 174 Ks, 2019 he had 189Ks (leader of MLB) in 159 games. So 2020 has aslightly better rate 1.07Ks/game vs 1.19 in 2019.

      • Mark Moore

        It’s not his K-rate (glad it’s less than last year), it’s what I see as his approach so far. He still looks lost to me.

    • SultanofSwaff

      I live in the Chicago area and I hear a similar criticism of the light hitting Cubs—that they’re so focused on working counts and keeping the line moving that they often pass up cookies early in the count. Votto does this to a maddening degree……last night in the first he spit on a center cut fastball on 1-1, only to put himself into a hole where he then flied out softly to LF (I will credit him with a great at-bat in the 9th to set the table for NC and Geno….but that situation called for patience).

      • Mark Moore

        Yet the Stupid Cubs keep winning … if that were our Reds, I think all of us would have a different take on the situation.

  11. Vegas Red

    Fair or not (I think fair) the easiest impact Move to jump start the team would be to can Bell. Hire Barry Larkin to see what he could do. Put Bell in the organization somewhere if they don’t want to cut all ties but at least try something different on the field to break the losing rut.

    • mudpuppie

      I disagree…. If you hire Larkin, then again you paint yourself in a corner, as it is hard to fire a local legend if and when the time comes.

  12. wizeman

    Doug… could you or someone else please help me with the dates where we don’t lose a year of control with Stephenson, Garcia and even Greene.
    This year is off kilter so I have been unable to figure this out.
    Thanks in advance.

    • SultanofSwaff

      With key free agents and opt out clauses, sadly the Reds are built to win now. If I’m in charge service time considerations go out the window. Do what the White Sox are doing and lock up their core guys to imaginative contracts early so they can focus on the only thing that matters—putting the best players on the field. There’s no credible way Dick Williams can say they’re doing that right now.

      • Larkin4Manager

        The Reds don’t have a single player worth “gambling” on and signing long term like the White Sox have done with Anderson, Robert, Jimenez, or Moncada. You still need to see more out of all the prospects and none are even close to can’t miss. Then you have Senzel. Sheesh. You’d have to be in a charitable mood to extend him.

  13. Redgoggles

    So far, this is the thing the 2020 Reds are best at; quotes on how good of a team they are and the sense of urgency they need to/are playing with. At some point, you are the back of your baseball card, BABIP be darned. It is quickly approaching this time for me. Too many recent seasons where the statistics “normalized” after the team was out of the running for me.

  14. Don

    BABIP is one stat that can be used as a “luck” vs “unlucky” statistic.

    BABIP is putting a number on the old adage of “hit it where they ain’t” and the Reds are not doing that.

    Some other stats:
    2020 Reds
    the 2nd highest (tied with White Sox) for Ground into double plays @ 13.6%, best team is pirates at 5.8%.
    the 3rd lowest % of productive outs @ 18.4% (Cards are 2nd best @ 31.3%)
    the 5th lowest % of base runners scoring due to batter’s play @ 13%
    the 8th lowest % of base runners scoring from 3rd with less than 2 outs 45.2%

    • indydoug

      They’ve been dreadful in nearly every offensive category

    • Indy Red Man

      Good points! Josh Van Meter is a good example. He came up and hit well last year and has a nice swing. This year he had 2 hits….a double and a pulled HR off a guy throwing 97. He K’d constantly, but the shift could wipe out nearly all hard hit balls to RF.

      I watch Korean baseball and these guys have a completely different approach. They’ll pull the ball if you come in with a fastball or hang a breaking ball middle-in, but they’re always looking to hit anything middle-away to the opposite field. Hit it where its pitched! Would that work in Tampa or another pitchers park? They might hit 50 hrs a year at home, but it would work in GABP. You don’t have to go into caveman pull mode to hit HRs in gabp. Joey used to hit 10+ hrs to left or left-center every year! Suarez came up and hit it the other way all the time. He hit .280! Unwatchable as it is. Senzel’s never in the lineup and the other young guys never play. Tucker Barnhart is an auto-starter every year? The guy cannot hit, but he’s also bad at framing pitches. I don’t know how many times they get the corner or a borderline pitch while we don’t and TB is a part of that.

      Blow this thing up and start thinking outside the box or you’ll get what you’ve always got. Definition of insanity…etc etc

    • seadog

      You are correct. Unfortunately for the Reds the (defensive) analytics have caught up with them. Teams are playing them where they hit. I guess we could call that PTWTH. Exit velocity does not matter if you are hitting it right at a player. Bell continues to stack his lineup on a R/L basis depending on the pitcher. When you stack your lineup with 6/7/8 left handed bats, MLB teams have figured out how to beat you. 3b plays short. SS plays short right. The stats show they win. We are seeing it play out with the Reds. They have to adjust some way. Whether it is players/batting adjustment/Coaches. Until then what we see now will continue to happen. Basic fact—They are getting out baseballed. (If that is a word?)

  15. Rob

    This team has not performed well under the gun. We don’t get the clutch hit and fall just short all too often. I think we have lost 4-5 games cheerleading in the 7th or 8th inning. That is a season’s worth in a162 game season. On top of that, we never come back to win from anything greater than 2-3 run defecits. I am not a statistician but I can tell you to win 5-6-8 in a row, we are going to have to win a few games where we are down 3-4 runs. Last night was a perfect opportunity but 3 relievers completely shut us down.

    Bell has used this normalcy bit for a week or too now. As Doug pointed out, it is getting more ridiculous by the day. We are nearly at the halfway point, and we have a number of players at or below the Mendoza line. I can do the math here and for a 200 hitter to normalize to 275, he will have to hit 350+ in the second half. If we really really expect this to occur, we will be scoring 7-8 runs a game and easily go 20-10 or better. I am not buying that swamp. Sure 2-3 guys could hit 300+ over the rest of the season and finish at 250 but I doubt that will be enough to get us to 30-30.
    And I don’t agree with Bell that doing the same old, same old, is going to break the spell. No I think we need some leadership from him and the core. We need to start hitting to the opposite field, surprise and sacrificial bunting, surprise steal attempts, sitting on the curve ball and change up, etc. Singles and doubles. And I can’t believe we are batting Votto first. Counterintuitive. I would rather have some speed here like Akiyama, Senzel, Ervin, etc. Follow that with hitters like Winker , Nick, Suarez and Moose At the bottom, you can have Tucker, Galvis, and Joey. If Joey starts hitting 300 with some power, move him back up. But this 1-2 out walk that he draws doesn’t do much for me.

    Come on. Break the spell and get excitement going.

  16. Vada

    I think the Reds made a huge mistake when they decided to get hooked on sabermetric baseball. Who really cares what a players WAR or wRC+ is? This dad was started by the introduction of the movie MONEYBALL.

    I prefer the message conveyed in the movie Mr. Baseball – “Baseball is a game, games are meant to be FUN.” Yes !!!

    Imagine if you can the DATING SITES using sabermetrics to RANK their profiles. Imagine a woman choosing you for a date because of your HIGH ratings. How much pressure would be on you to perform to meet her standards. Sabermetric Sex would RUIN dating. Impotence would be embarrassing.

    The Reds are impotent right now and sabermetrics may just be the cause. Too much focusing on NUMBERS instead of having FUN.

    See what happens when they decide to focus on the BALL instead of NUMBERS.

    Clubhouse needs to have a huge pre-game bonfire today throwing all the sabermetric sheets and laptop hard drives into the fire. Then put on their uniforms and go out and have FUN. Laughing and smiling. Attitudes will change.

    • Seadog

      If, I got divorced. Had to find a date. My dating season would like the Reds season so far.

      • Daytonnati

        BABIP would take on a whole new meaning.

    • LDS

      Exactly. Sabermetrics isn’t strategy. Playing everyone to “stay fresh” isn’t managing an MLB team. It’s managing the little leagues – got to get your participation trophy. I managed professional software developers for 30+ years. You want to see performance go to pot, start treating them as fungible resources. From a personality perspective, I doubt baseball is that much different. The skill sets are obviously not the same, but human nature is. Hire a true baseball manager. Bring in new coaches. Pick your best line up and play them daily. Go back to situational pinch hitting, defensive replacements, etc. Quit assuming your analytics win games. Statistics that describe the behavior of a large sample, e.g., all of baseball over the season. It doesn’t tell you anything about how a player will perform in a given at bat. Quit pretending it does. As for this season? I’m thinking it’s likely over unless the Reds run off a streak of maybe 9 of 10 etc. And I don’t see that happening.

    • TR

      Boring is in the drivers seat of Reds baseball and time is at a minimum to reach the expanded playoffs without change occurring which is not going to come from the manager. Play like it’s an exciting high school game. Maybe that will work.

  17. ClevelandRedsFan

    The points on this being more than bad luck contributing to lower BABIP are valid. As Doug writes, they are not great at hard contact.

    I think there are a couple other areas contributing to lower BABIP
    1. This team does seem very pull happy, including Votto. So ground balls go right into the shift.
    2. GABP simply has less space. So it’s reasonable to think that lowers the team’s BABIP as outfielders don’t have to cover as much ground.

    However, a 30 point gap is ridiculous. There’s no way this team finishes with a BABIP less than .250.

    Make no mistake, this still does not look like a good baseball team. I still don’t like the Reds chances of finishing .500.

    • seadog

      They have a hard time getting 5 hits in a game on the road. It is not GABP. But, you are right. They are “pull happy”.

    • Don

      Reds BABIP at home = .244, on the road = 207

      • Don

        2019 Reds BABIP, Home = 300, road = 278 so GABP is an advantage for the Reds not a negative.

  18. seadog

    Reds fest cancelled. I glanced at the headline at first. Thought it said Reds fiasco is cancelled. Had to read it twice. Lol. Shows where my thought process is!

  19. Old-school

    Fangraphs has an article up.on 2020 replacement level.killers- first base.

    Joey votto.makes their list and they compare his contract to Todd Shelton , sarcastically saying he has three more decades left. They point out his exit velocity and hard hit 25% are in the 12-16% . They also point out something I’ve not seen. He has a wRC+ 75 and slugging .303 against lefties dating back to the start of the 2019 season . That’s not small sample size. They argue The Reds need a platoon partner at first base . They mention Matt Davidson but also suggest they should be looking for trades to acquire a RH platoon partner before things are too late.

    • MK

      Does David Bell have the guts to bench Votto. As they are now at mid-season 2020 his offensive down side which began mid season 2018 is now 2 seasons old. He is killing them offensively and his defense continues to deteriorate. If he has to play he should be a DH batting seventh but maybe they can get him to accept a trade if they just bench him (of course you would need to pay 2/3 of his contract to make that happen. It was discussed originally what it would be like at the end of the contract. Now we know. As a Browns fan I remember how the fans went nuts when Bill Belichick benched Bernie Kosar. It ended up being the correct move but he had to have the guts to do it. Does Bell have the guts and future greatness to pull the trigger?

      • Rob

        Don’t know that that is Bell’s decision. It should be though. Put Joey on the saber metrics watch and you will have your answer. I would guess that Joey ‘s metrics or stats rank in the bottom 10-20% of all 1B guys. He is hurting the team. And No, Davidson is not the answer. His salary situation is not going to change in the next 3 years and we would be better off biting the bullet sooner rather than later.

      • Old-school

        I posted this on the votto.thread but Todd Frazier is destroying left handed pitching. He’s cheap.and a huge upgrade at first base over Votto against lefties. Platoon.

    • Don

      WAR stats from baseball reference for the Reds,
      Winker (1.1), Castellanos (0.6), Casali (0.2), Farmer (0.2), Senzel (0.1) are the only hitters above 0 which means every other play can be replaced with a AAA or AAAA player would give better results.
      Votto (-0.6), Suarez (-0.4), Mouse (-0.1), Ervin (-0.2), Barhardt (-0.2),Akiyama (-0.1),Janikowski (-0.4), Davidson (0.0), Galvis (0.0)

      Of the team is using Saber metrics and analytics, the metrics show significant changes are needed.

      • Roger Garrett

        Sounds like you don’t believe in our line up and our sense of urgency.

  20. Charlie Waffles

    Since the Reds resumed play they have played 7 games. Gone 2-5. They have scored runs in only 10 of 59 innings that they have batted in. That is 49 scoreless innings.
    The Reds are putting up more zeroes than the Japanese Navy did during WWII.
    Deja Vu all over again.

    • Don

      Needed a laugh, that one is good.

      Reds score 5.5 runs per game at home and 2.8 per game on the road.

      .486 slugging % at home .327 on the road.
      averaging 2.25 HR/game at GABP
      avg 1 HR game on the road.

      No HRs, no runs, no wins.

  21. Don

    No changes in Tuesday’s lineup vs RHP

    • seadog

      That is 7 out of 9 batting left. We shall see how the Brew Crew handle defensive shift.

      Garcia on the “Taxi squad”. Yes.

      • Don

        Disco on paternity list as well so Miley probably starting on Thursday. This is probably why noone was listed for Thursday starter earlier.

        Hope all goes well for Disco’s family.

  22. seadog

    I wish Disco and his family well also. I believe he just made his last start for the Reds. Maybe this all fits well for he and his family/future in MLB.

    All of us have gone over stat/over stat/ over stat/over stat

    Bottom line is this team is just not built to win in 2020. Major issues on constructing this team. I think the starters come back to earth. With Strop/Bob Steve coming back the “bullpen” will be more solid. Offense will continue to be what it is. Schedule gets harder.

    This team (as built) will struggle to make it to .500 for the season. They will struggle to make any hope of a playoff appearance. Maybe they do? I hope they do. Even if they do—same results will happen in 2021.

    At this point you have to blow this team up. Start from scratch. Hate to say it, but true

  23. Roger Garrett

    Your right seadog.This team is one dimensional on offense with most suited to be a DH ouside of Senzel who has multi skills with some upside.Disco,Bauer and Nick will not return.Joey will continue to decline as will Moose and Suarez is now 30 so he isn’t far from joining them if he hasn’t already so 2021 will be much worse.Blow it up and move on.Hire away from other organizations those that have had success in drafting and developing players and start over.

    • TR

      I’m not looking forward to another Reds rebuild.

  24. Tom

    From here on out opposing teams have to pitch underhanded to the Reds and the Reds get to count hits as runs. And they will still lose to KC, Detroit, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh. Face it, a rapidly ageing leadoff hitter and a majority of automatic outs in the lineup does not make for a good hitting team. Swing for the fences guys, it looks good on your stats if you actually connect and you will not have to run hard around the bases. Thanks to David Bell for burying better hitters in the 7 and lower spot in the lineup. Sorry, just saying it like the Reds play it.