The Cincinnati Reds informed season ticket holders earlier today that 2020 Redsfest was being cancelled. Here is what the email said:

Dear Season Ticket Members,

We are excited to have the 2020 season underway and are continuing to assess when fans can safely return to the ballpark. As you can imagine, the atmosphere on game days is drastically different without you cheering in person and we appreciate you following us on radio, television, and social media.

We have made the difficult decision to cancel Redsfest, scheduled for December 4-5, 2020. Planning and hosting Redsfest with the same bravado that our 15,000+ guests have come to expect is simply not possible given the current limits being recommended by public health officials for large mass gatherings.

Although we are very disappointed by this reality, we are pleased to announce that we have locked in Duke Energy Convention Center for Redsfest to return December 2-3, 2021.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through the unknowns of 2020 together. Your support has been incredible and we appreciate it very much.

Let’s cheer our Redlegs on to a strong finish!


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  1. seadog

    Doug I do not know you from Adam. Would not recognize you if I saw you on the street.

    Reds are bad/you are having a tough time with etc. Why not try to develop “guest” writers. Aka—

    Steve Mancuso. He has a great article on defensive shift

    Joel Luckhaupt. Great thought process

    I respect what you have done and Thank you. Maybe you have already tried this. No idea

    Just my humble thoughts.

    • Aaron B.

      The best part of this site is the comment section in my opinion. I love checking in and getting the various viewpoints, especially if I am stuck on Gameday and need an explanation, you guys are great at that… so for me, guest writer not a big deal, there are sites for that already. Just my 2 cents. I like the camraderie here when the season goes down the tubes like this one has. Just think 2020, not just the crazy format of the season but we lost our announcer to some scandalous craziness and we are literally inventing ways to not score runs and challenge some of the worst ball in play luck in history. If we had Bob Eucker as our announcer this would be more enjoyable. I do like Brantley and quite frankly he should be managing the team, he seems aware of way more than the coaches. For instance he pointed out Ervin has been undercutting for several games now. And he is batting 094. But Bell brings him in to platoon pich hit for a guy that had the best hit of the entire game a drive to the CF wall on perfect contact. Dusty would have never done that, I can tell you that much.

      • DataDumpster

        I’m not much of a fan for any of the TV announcers and also find it hard to justify sitting in front of the tube for 3 hours watching that shameful product aka The Cincinnati Reds. But my love of the game compels me to keep the radio on in the background. Maybe Jeff Brantley as manager would be a move in the right direction. Hardly know if he is really the right guy or willing but he has many qualities that the current manager doesn’t. Insightful, strategic, able to give muted but pointed criticism, sparkling personality and full of emotion and ideas rather than unabashed praise for the undeserved….
        A team purposely takes on the personality of its manager so when you have a bunch of players who seem unmotivated, stuck in glue, outmaneuvered, lacking in fundamentals, etc. they are just reflecting the one who gives the marching orders, i.e. David Bell. I am convinced that no meaningful improvement is possible as long as he is at the helm. He reminds us after every loss some variation of “it/he is going to turn it around real soon”. This man is not a leader and seemingly has no ideas at all for improvement. The BABIP record low and the fact that walks and singles are about the same says it all.

    • RojoBenjy


      Steve Mancuso requires subscriptions to read his opinions. As soon as that happened, he stopped contributing here. And I stopped reading what he writes.

  2. RedNat

    2021 could be an interesting year indeed. As this pandemic continues if there are no fans allowed will there be a season at all? Will it be in a bubble or we will continue with the regional games only?

    I feel that of all the major team sports baseball has the best chance to survive the new normal because of the social distancing. However, i believe baseball is the least ” made for tv sport” of all the team sports. The game is just so much better when being watched in person. Football and basketball are much more fit for tv in my opinion