“We believe in our lineup,” said Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell following the Reds loss to the Cardinals in St. Louis as they lost the series on Sunday.

The Cincinnati Reds offense struggled once again this afternoon. A 2-run home run in the 1st inning accounted for all of the runs they put up on the day in their 6-2 loss to the Cardinals. The Reds finished the day with three hits. That followed a 4-hit day on Saturday where they didn’t score at all. Friday night saw them win 4-2, but they managed all of two hits in that game. Three games saw Cincinnati put together nine total hits. On Sunday, St. Louis had 12 hits.

The Reds entered the day scoring more runs on average than just two teams in the National League. The Cardinals were one of those teams, and the upcoming opponent, the Brewers are the other. With the final on Sunday, Cardinals are now scoring 4.00 runs per game this season, which matches what the Brewers were at when the day began. The Reds are down to 4.08 runs per game on the season.

Following the game David Bell was asked about the short season, and the urgency of the season, and trying to find something different with the lineup having the struggles that it is having. I’m just going to go ahead and post the entire post game interview. Listen to it, watch it, take from it what you will. The context shouldn’t be lost via the wording – you can see exactly what was said and how it was conveyed.

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  1. seadog

    Wow he sounds like a beat down guy. I am sure he is. Why does he not just come out and say—“We stink right now”. “changes have to be made”
    Instead—He believes in his players, there is obviously no sense of urgency.
    I believe in his players as well. Problem is I believe what we are seeing from this team is what they are. Solid staring pitching (and may I add) deep starting pitching. A very questionable bullpen who has no guidance. And an offense that is just built wrong.
    Real problem with this team is heart/will/Coaching.
    David Bell. God bless his soul, sounds like he is Coaching a 10u team.
    WOW—Just WOW

    • John C.

      I have never been a Bell basher. He isn’t the guy going up to the plate and looking like an idiot. These guys are prodessionals and they should be embarrased by their performance. Breaking a bat over your knee is not the answer.

      However, a major change needs to take place. As they say, you can’t fire all the players. If there is any hope for this season it has to happen now, tonight, on the road. They can’t wait until they get home. Bell needs to go.

    • David B

      When David B got hired a reporter asked him what advanced baseball stat he might use in the dugout during a game and as remember it he said OPS. My thought on hearing that was “abandon all hope Reds fans”! I have to admit I didn’t abandon all hope, but I am on the edge now. The game has passed the Reds organization by.

      I appreciate they try to improve the team, but there is something very big missing.

  2. Klugo

    Bryan Price 2.0
    They fired one guy. Then hired his twin brother.
    Except Bryan Price at least knew something about pitching.

    • JayTheRed

      I really agree with that statement. The team needs something to light a fire. When i think of David bell I think of a dad saying Oh darn, shucks we will get them next time son. There is no drive there is no passion.

      Is anyone taking extra batting practice. I haven’t seen or heard that this year I know not having a normal spring training to build up upon probably hurt but come on.

  3. Aaron B.

    I have only been listening on the radio so I am probably underestimating how bad these guys have looked at the plate. But I can’t help but think about last season when the team rebounded from a terrible start to get into the playoff conversation. I think they can and will do that again. The rotation is too good on paper to not expect better win/loss results and has been pointed out the balls in play BA is suggesting horrendous luck. I expect a rebound but with the offense struggling I see no way to rationalize Aquino not getting a fair shot again to see if he can be a regular contributor. They definitely need a shot in the arm from somewhere. I don’t think Bell helps himself or the team by batting Votto leadoff, I just don’t see the sense in that. I understand treating him with respect because of his career numbers and sure his strength has always been solid OBP, but leadoff? That’s a head scratcher to me. Still, players need to execute. Cardinals are always a tough opponent so I am not giving up on them just yet. Too much baseball to be played with expanded playoffs to give up hope, but they need to find a way to change their luck somehow.

    • Still a Red

      Can’t really make luck change, by definition. Can only keep putting the ball in play and keep pitching strikes to take advantage when the bad luck turns to good luck.

  4. LDS

    13 batters today. 6 with an average UNDER .200. Only 1 above .250. The Reds are 29th or 30th in BA. In the modern analytics world, someone is going to tell me that BA doesn’t matter. Bell is responsible for the lineup. Two straight years of continuing decline. Sorry I don’t see anyway to attribute the problems to anyone except Bell & his coaching staff. When a whole team, business unit, company, whatever is this dysfunctional, it’s nearly always the manager’s fault. It’s like a vote of no confidence. In the corporate world, fire the manager and start over. Same here.

    • JayTheRed

      I did read that batting averages as a whole are way down this year from recent years. Still like you pointed out there are too many under .200

      Maybe they need Sarono (sp). lol.

      • Bob

        I believe David Bell lacks the
        Experience to be a well designed manager. He continues to make excuses for his team. I have counted several times this season he has lossed games by his managerial moves. You dont keep a pitcher in the game when he has allowed four or more runs in an inning. He has stuck with his muscled pitcher time and time again and lossed. He has stuck with his closer and lossed. David Bell has lossed at least 10 games this year
        By his managing duties. He needs to be replaced

      • Paul Leonard

        Reds need a disciplinarian to manage today’s players. Bell comes from a Reds family but he’s more like a father-figure than a tough leader. Another Lou Pinella-like figure is needed in the clubhouse. Having said that, this is not the year for major changes. It’s not a normal baseball season; it’s like imitation baseball—something thrown together to give fans something this Summer.

  5. RedAlert

    Well , we don’t believe in you Bell !!!! He ain’t changing lineup for squat – guy has no business managing this team .
    Unbelievable they hired this guy – CLUELESS!
    Couldn’t manage his way out of a wet
    paper bag.

    • Gene Kehoe

      Funny, I said that about the offense three weeks ago and was attacked! Now they STILL can’t hit their way out of a wet paper bag and “Sleepy” Bell now is trapped in that same bag! Someone please pop it!

  6. seadog

    I agree Bell has to go. But look deeper!! The reds have outstanding starters/So do the Dodgers. Here is the difference. Where did they come from? Did you draft/develop them? What did you have to give up to get them? Dodgers are 22-8. Reds are 11-15
    Every Dodgers starter was drafted/signed by the Dodgers. Every Reds starter was drafted/signed by another Team. It has nothing to do with David Bell/$$ at this point. The Dodgers draft later than the Reds most years. It has to do with a very bad Organizational concept/people from the top down.

    • LDS

      Reds seem to hold their players out longer as well. Gavin Lux is 22. Tatis is 21. Exceptional talents no doubt. Tyler Stephenson is 24 and still in the minors. Surely he is at least competitive with the two sub .200 guys the reds are starting. And is Payton, a 28 year old, who no ML experience prior to yesterday really a better candidate to call up that Aquino who hit 19HR for the team last year? When you suck this bad, at least give the young guys a chance. They actually want to play.

      • Jimbo44 CN

        Aquino absolutely should be up instead of another has been or never gonna be. Just because the guy is left handed is ridiculous. We dont have anybody that can hit from either side of the plate save Winker and Farmer, and Farmers not playing every day. I really think they have something against Aquino. Please convince me that Jankowski is a better choice than him. Give me a freaking break.

  7. martin

    Not to use Aquino, Stephenson, and Garcia at this point is really poor decisions made by front office and Bell. They need to play.

  8. Give me the job

    1. Galvis 2.Senzel 3. Castellanos 4. Moose 5. Akiyama 6. Votto 7. Suárez 8. Winker 9. Barnhart It’s that simple and I’d mix Galvis and Senzel at 1 spot depending on who’s hot at the moment. I wouldn’t bat Akiyama first because I feel like he needs to see how other players get hits first and then he’s extremely good at following up that example. I’m 22 years old and if I had the lineup card I guarantee the Reds would be 22-6 right now.

  9. seadog

    Exactly. Hate to go back to the Dodgers. But, they carry 1 catcher on the roster Will Smith. He is 25 hitting @ .200. Who bats if you have to take him out of a game? Who cares? Because you don’t take him out
    The Reds could do the same with Stephenson. He is 24. I bet he can hit better than .200.
    It is mind blowing

    • Doug Gray

      The Dodgers carry both Will Smith and Austin Barnes. They play about 60/40 in favor of Barnes.

      • seadog

        Ha. As always you are correct. My bad.

        It is now 8/24. What happened this day in Reds history??

        We both know. Lol. This team could use some of his mojo

  10. Rob

    Don’t think so on the young guys. We have those and they are right on par with the 5-10 year vets. This team was built for now! Lodolo, Stephenson, Greene, Garcia are all development guys for future years. We have a ton of 1 year contract guys who we paid or traded for. Several will not be resigned and have limited trade value at this point. There is really no where to turn at this point. The ownership has done the youth and rebuilding bit for 5-6 years and fandom tired of it and demanded talent. We got it without the results. I think the manager has to take the fall.

  11. seadog

    Nope. Sorry to disagree. And yes Bell has managed himself into a corner. But, it goes deeper/higher up the latter. Bell should go. But, my humble opinion is Dick Williams is the one who should go first. Just bad choices/moves by this team as a whole. I know hindsight is 100%.
    Dick will not go. David Bell will go first. Dick gave Bell a really bad team to manage. Bell did not help himself. We are seeing the results.

    • Jimbo44cn

      No, I disagree. This team has taken on Bell’s personality of a dead fish. They look beaten before they take the field. THAT IS THE MANAGER.

  12. Roger Garrett

    Reds leadership just refuses to believe this team is what their record is.You can’t continue to just hope it gets better you have to try some different things to make it better.Sometimes younger guys bring energy,sometimes because they aren’t guaranteed another at bat or another call from the pen they actually play like their hairs on fire.Now I know the old way of hollering at guys or benching them for poor performance doesn’t set well any more but you can’t have players that just go through the motions.Our guys have no fear of being benched or sent down and I am not talking about the bench guys.Sending down JVM and bringing up Payton is not a game changer.Seadog mentioned Stephenson above who is already 24 and could surely do know worse then what Tucker has down now for how many years.My point is he has some upside,he has some skills and he may get better but he is no worse then what your playing every day if he doesn’t.My goodness how foolish can the Reds be to not make moves like this.My goodness again whats wrong with playing for an early lead in the game.Just by simplying bunting a guy in to scoring position rather then trying to hit a 5 run homer.

    • Rod Andrews

      I keep saying, if the veterans are not getting it done, bring up the young guys. You’re right, youth brings energy and competitiveness. Times running out quickly. They need to move now, or start planning for next season. Too bad for hurt feelings.

    • Aaron B.

      Barnhart is not hitting but he provides plus defense and calls a good game. I agree Stephenson should get the call and the opportunity to win the job. Barnhart should be asked to mentor him as best he can for the sake of the team. Barnhart is still a good back up. Casali is alright too, with these expanded rosters I don’t see an issue but maybe trade Barnhart at the deadline. He was the leader and this mess falls on his shoulders in my opinion, deserved or not, someone needs to fall on their sword and invoke change.

  13. Roger Garrett

    I just viewed the Bell interview and I really feel he is just overwhelmed at this particular point in time.His body language tells the story and he obviously doesn’t have any answers.I feel sorry for him.He is in way over his head and is going down for a third time.He just isn’t ready for this situation right now and unless you have went through it nobody would be I would imagine.I don’t believe he could be a bat throwing hollering maniac but if he has any of that it may be time to just go ballistic.

    • JayTheRed

      Honestly were is the fire he had last season with all of his ejections. He needs to have that with his own team Quit the babying. Quit the Oh we need to get everyone in the game every game it feels like.

      Votto needs to be batting like 6th or 7th in the order. He is running out of gas. I feel like Galvis should get a shot at the top of the order. Talk to him get him excited about it and give it a try. It can’t be any worse than we already are seeing. At least he is batting over .230 last I checked.

      Oh this season is so frustrating with how good our starting pitchers have done.

  14. Aaron B.

    I mentioned this on the game thread (after gametime) but I really think the team would be wise to just say Akiyama is our leadoff hitter, and no more of this platoon nonsense. He has a short compact swing, he can fight off tough sliders if need be, he has as much quickness as anyone so a good baserunner potential steal, just a spart plug kind of guy. This Votto experiment is totally reminiscent of Dave Miley having Adam Dunn leadoff but honestly Dunn was better on the basepaths than Votto at that point of his career, so I give Miley more credit than Bell on this concept. Regardless, too many platoon subs and by the ninth inning there are no more options. Strategically maybe its a wash I don’t know, but psychologically … players like roles… most of them want to play every inning unless they are fatigued. So this works against the individual psychology of a player to run the lineup like this. Still, worth a shot maybe, but the results are showing something is not right. Go back to traditional roles, keep the substituions for late innings only, bring up Aquin, Stephenson, Greene, Garcia, the whole rookie class and see if they can push some of these vets.

  15. Joseph

    It’s a shame. Reds have young guns at Prasco who are absolutely raking. And it just so happens that these young guns are middle of the field guys ie-Garcia, India, Stephenson and Fairchild. Let’s include Senzel as well. So you have these young studs at ss, 2nd, cf and catcher. Not too many teams can lay claim to having that in their system.
    The team has been floundering-one would think that the powers at be would give these kids a shot. They can’t do any worse!
    Over 90 young men have made their mlb debut thus far this season, on teams ranging from the top of the league to the bottom.
    It appears that the reds front office has a different philosophy than the rest of the mlb.
    I know there’s time left for the reds to right the ship but I would of thought by now that they would of wanted to get a glimpse of their top prospects in a regular season game. Btw, Stephenson made a case for more PT with a great game offensively in his debut!

  16. seadog

    All of us (most of us) hated on Dusty Baker on this site. Dusty made it to the playoffs multiple years as Manager, I am as guilty as anyone
    We are now to the point where we can’t even make it to the playoffs. Even in an expanded teams/short season. Now we try to put it on Bell. Yes, he is bad.
    Look at what Dusty had in 2012–Cueto/Bailey/Latos/Arroyo/Leake
    Look what Bell has in 2020–Gray/Bauer/Castillo/DeSclafani/Miley
    Here is the catch—Dusty had Chapman/Marshall/Lecure Bell/Reds have not developed that yet. If they do. Look out. Simms/Antone/Iggy/Lorenzo. Could develop into that. If they do, this is a different team.

    • Aaron B.

      Dusty kept the clubhouse loose by looking the other way and letting the vets do their thing. Which is fine, but he failed to do anything in playoffs, and I must say he failed the Nats as well, but the Nats unlike Reds brough in a vet coach that won them the world series, while the Reds hired a first timer that set the team back as he learned on the job. Ownership owns as much of this mess if not more than anyone for their inconsistent approach from one manager to the next and for questionable contracts especially under Jocketty who I really feel killed Krivsky’s run… Krivsky built that team that was our last playoff team, not Jocketty… right now this is Jocketty’s team and its been a hot mess. That’s what you get for hiring your best buddy Bob. Krivdawg was doing just fine. We haven’t forgotten.

    • Johnnie Sparks

      You don’t have time for that to happen. Season half over. Baurer and disco gone next yr. Castillo inconsistent

    • CP

      Dusty didn’t make it to the playoffs his first 2 years with the Reds. Y’all got a bad case of nostalgia.

  17. Mark Moore

    My first response when reading the headline is to say, “I believe in unicorns. I’m organizing a unicorn hunt for Saturday. Anybody want to come along?”

    Can’t really add anything that hasn’t been said. I’m as frustrated as anyone else. While we have some hope we could make whatever the playoff looks like, it feels more like a fool’s hope right now than anything. All we know is that something has to change … we have to start hitting and winning.

    Oh, and as for those who keep saying how well the Prasco young studs are doing, my question is, “Based on what? Which MLB-caliber pitchers are these guys hitting so well that it’s worth a mid-season wholesale change?”

  18. scotly50

    When Bell ran across the field and engaged in that mess in Pittsburg, he should have been fired on the spot. Not the leadership a of a big league Manager.

    And he is proving it once again on a daily basis

  19. TR

    The front office wanted to join the analytics crowd and that’s who we have in Manager David Bell. He is not a dugout operational manager. His previous job as the Giants V.P. for personnel (front office) was a good fit. Making sure everybody on the roster gets playing time in the dugout doesn’t work when you’re chasing the playoffs. The pandemic and the empty stadiums are depressive for everybody. It takes extra leadership in the clubhouse from the manager and/or a player(s) to produce that extra effort that winning teams have. The Reds have good talent. Inspiration is missing to bring it together.

  20. Steven Ross

    There’s too much talent of this team to be this apathetic. Need a wake-up call and if that means letting Bell go, I’m in favor of it. This season is still salvageable but it won’t happen under Bell.

  21. centerfield

    There is not a lot the Reds can do at this point except terminate Bell (they would bump him to the front office). I doubt that will happen until this winter because the Reds move s l o w l y. Something about Bell just doesn’t work. You can fault his lineups and substitutions, but none of that should prevent major league players from performing. Bell just seems snake bitten. This is really the only move for the Reds to make. What managers with previous successful experience are available?
    Anyway, win or lose, I’m going to try to enjoy watching baseball. Go Reds!

  22. Don

    Agree with the comments that Bell looks overwhelmed/defeated,etc..He has the body language of someone whom does not want to be where he is.
    He (and anyone whom watched) knows his team was not competitive vs the Cards for the 4 games. The one game they won came on an error, walk, HBP and a HR, that was lucky offense more than anything else.

    Reds are 11-15 and most the odds are a 500 records is needed to make the playoffs someway, They have to go 19-15 to have a chance.
    With the Reds history vs the AL they will be lucky to go 3-3, probably 2-4 since they are the best teams in the AL central left to play.

    So they must go 17-11 for the rest of the games vs the NL Central.

    4 @ Brewers (11-15)
    4 vs Cubs (17-10)
    3 vs Cards (9-8)
    4 @ Pirates (7-17)
    3 @ Cubs
    3 @ Cards
    4 vs Pirates
    3 vs White Sox (17-12)
    3 vs Brewers
    3 @ Twins (19-10)

    According to FanGraphs the Reds opponents have the highest win% for the Rest of the Schedule in the NL Central.

    Looking for optimism at that crack of light through the closing door and hoping the team figures out a way to open the door wider instead of letting it close.

  23. Still a Red

    I think it is clear, and I know this is heresy on this site, but managing by analytics is. not. working. Orrrrr…they are going about it all wrong. What other team(s) manage by analytics? How are they doing?

    • Wayne Nabors

      Amen brother,said it last year and I’ll say it again this year,you have to have a feel for whats happening on field,you can’t manage with analytics,bell has game plan drawn up even he takes the field,will never win that way

  24. Roger Garrett

    I feel sorry for Bell as I said yesterday.Its just time for his boss to either get him back on track or cut him loose for his own good.He just may not be able to handle this train wreck of a team and who knows it has been going on for so long that no manager may be able to do it.I will say this and just leave it alone for now.Attitude is a direct reflection of leadership and the Reds have none because they accept whatever they get on the field or off

  25. donny

    Reds Team ,
    This is a good reds team that just isn’t playing like it.
    I think a lot of it has to do with lack of personality and lack of confidence and a lack of moxy.
    This team needs more players like Trevor Bauer who has confidence , moxy, personality, and swag. You can just see it in Bauer . He wants to go to the playoffs and win MVP in the world series . I don’t see that in the others except maybe Sonny G.

    • That that had had

      Hire BRAD MILLS to replace Bell


  26. Chris

    I agree with most all of the Bell comments. I’ve been saying it for quite a while as well. With that said, is anyone else bored to death by the way the Reds play baseball? This team does not score runs unless they hit a homerun. And if it’s more than one run on the HR, it’s mostly due to a BB or even an error, prior to the HR. What in the world has happened to this once Great Game? Baseball has a huge problem, and if they don’t stop all the infield switches so that the base hit and basic ground ball comes back into play, then they will lose more and more fans. I’m bored to death watching a Reds game these days; it doesn’t help that their manager continues to hamstring them.