“We believe in our lineup,” said Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell following the Reds loss to the Cardinals in St. Louis as they lost the series on Sunday.

The Cincinnati Reds offense struggled once again this afternoon. A 2-run home run in the 1st inning accounted for all of the runs they put up on the day in their 6-2 loss to the Cardinals. The Reds finished the day with three hits. That followed a 4-hit day on Saturday where they didn’t score at all. Friday night saw them win 4-2, but they managed all of two hits in that game. Three games saw Cincinnati put together nine total hits. On Sunday, St. Louis had 12 hits.

The Reds entered the day scoring more runs on average than just two teams in the National League. The Cardinals were one of those teams, and the upcoming opponent, the Brewers are the other. With the final on Sunday, Cardinals are now scoring 4.00 runs per game this season, which matches what the Brewers were at when the day began. The Reds are down to 4.08 runs per game on the season.

Following the game David Bell was asked about the short season, and the urgency of the season, and trying to find something different with the lineup having the struggles that it is having. I’m just going to go ahead and post the entire post game interview. Listen to it, watch it, take from it what you will. The context shouldn’t be lost via the wording – you can see exactly what was said and how it was conveyed.