The Cincinnati Reds faced off against the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday evening in a doubleheader, returning to the field for the first time since Friday night after a player tested positive for COVID-19 and put their season on hold as they tested and waited to see if anyone else had contracted the virus. The return led to a split of a doubleheader in Kansas City.

Game 1 Recap

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (9-12)
0 3 1
Kansas City Royals (10-14)
4 7 0
W: Keller (3-0) L: Castillo (0-3) SV: Rosenthal (6)
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Jesse Winker is still seeing the ball well. And Tejay Antone looked good out of the Reds bullpen once again. Everything else? Not great, Bob.

The Offense

Jesse Winker walked all three times he stepped to the plate. Tucker Barnhart had a single in the 6th inning. That was all of the offense the Reds had until there were two outs recorded in the 7th inning. Then Mike Moustakas and Shogo Akiyama both singled to put runners on and run Royals starter Brad Keller from the game. But Trevor Rosenthal came in and struck out Josh VanMeter to end the game.

The Pitching

Things didn’t start out great for Luis Castillo, though not all of it was his own fault. The first batter of the inning grounded the ball to Freddy Galvis, who tossed the ball to Joey Votto at first – only to have Votto drop the ball. After a ground out, Hunter Dozier walked and Jorge Soler doubled to make it a 1-0 game. Ryan O’Hearn followed up with a bloop single into right field to bring in two more runs, giving the Royals a 3-0 lead. That was all Kansas City would get in the inning, but the pitch count had piled up as he needed 35 pitches to get three outs. The next inning was a shutout one, but took another 25 pitches to get through – leading to some action in the bullpen during the inning. The 3rd inning went a bit better for Castillo who worked around a single and threw just 17 pitches to keep the score at 3-0.

Luis Castillo went back to the mound to start the 4th inning, but allowed a single before getting a strikeout of Cam Gallagher. That would be the end of his day, throwing 89 pitches in 3.1 innings with two walks and five strikeouts. Tejay Antone came out of the bullpen with a runner on second to try and keep him from scoring and hold the game at 3-0. A wild pitch moved the runner to third and led to the Reds playing the infield in, which backfired a bit as a hard grounder got by the infield to bring in the 4th run of the game. Antone rebounded with back-to-back strikeouts to end the inning.

The Reds stuck with Antone the rest of the game, which was a little easier to do given that it lasted just seven innings. The right-handed pitcher was dominant, though, allowing just two hits in his 2.2 innings while striking out five batters.

Game 2 Recap

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (10-12)
5 7 0
Kansas City Royals (10-15)
0 1 0
W: Bauer (3-0) L: Harvy (0-1)
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Trevor Bauer pitched a 1-hit complete game in dominant fashion. The Reds offense played home run derby. Things went a lot better on the field for Cincinnati in game two. Off the field for the organization, things went in a different direction – but you’re going to have to check the notes section for more on that one.

The Offense

After nearly being no-hit in the first game, Joey Votto began game two with a single. The Reds couldn’t bring him around, though, going scoreless in the 1st. They followed up with a zero in the next inning, too. But the offense got a 2-out rally going in the 3rd with a Nick Castellanos single that was followed by back-to-back home runs by Jesse Winker and Eugenio Suárez to make it 3-0 Cincinnati. It was the 5th inning that saw Castellanos add to the lead with a solo home run, his 9th of the season, to make it 4-0 for the Reds. The next inning it was Curt Casali’s turn to play long ball as he crushed a homer over the left field fence to extend the lead to 5-0. That was all that Trevor Bauer would need to secure a split of the doubleheader.

The Pitching

Trevor Bauer, Trevor Bauer, Trevor Bauer! It must have felt like it had been 87 years for Bauer since he had last taken the mound, but it had actually been 12 days. A man of a very specific routine, 2020 has been nothing like that for Bauer who has had nearly all of his starts come in ways that were anything but. The right-handed starter made the adjustment, though, as he dominated the Kansas City Royals on the night.

The Royals were hitless into the 5th inning before Aldalberto Mondesi singled into right field. That was the only hit that Kansas City would get in the game. Bauer picked up a complete game, 7-inning shutout on one hit and three walks while striking out nine. When the game was complete, Bauer’s ERA had dropped to 0.68 on the season.

Notes Worth Noting

Mike Moustakas exits early

After the designated hitter in game one of the Reds doubleheader, Mike Moustakas got the start at second base in game two. He was replaced in the game in the middle of the 5th inning. After the game David Bell said that Moustakas is fine, but given the situation of the game (had a lead), it led to the decision to pull him then since it was the first day back.

The Last of Thom Brennaman?

We have probably heard the last of Thom Brennaman calling sporting events. While it didn’t make the Fox Sports Ohio broadcast, it was picked up on MLBtv, where Brennaman used a homophobic slur. In the middle of game 2 of the doubleheader against the Royals, Brennaman issued an apology before handing over the rest of the game to Jim Day who stepped in to resume the game with Chris Welsh.

And I want to be very clear that while the comments section are open for discussion, do not use the word that Thom Brennaman used, do no try to avoid the filter to spell it out in a different way. The ban hammer will come down swift. We aren’t going to be writing about it any further here at Redleg Nation. If you want more information on the situation google is quite accessible and will be full of information.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati vs St. Louis

Thursday August 20th, 8:15pm ET

Sonny Gray (4-1, 2.05 ERA) vs. Adam Wainwright (2-0, 1.64 ERA)

88 Responses

  1. Doug Gray

    You can’t be cancelled if you didn’t screw up. Those are the rules. You want to stop “cancel culture”? Stop doing things that should rightfully get you fired. People aren’t being cancelled for buying the office bagels, David. They are being cancelled for doing and saying things that they absolutely shouldn’t.

    That word has zero place in culture. It has zero place in the workplace. It has zero place on a microphone.

    • Doug Gray

      It’s absolutely worth firing someone over. 100% worth firing someone over. That’s the correction of the issue.

    • Doug Gray

      No. He used HATE SPEECH in the workplace. It’s a fireable offense.

    • Doug Gray

      My man, the word he used absolutely does those things.

    • Doug Gray

      You are wrong, David. That word is used as a means of oppression and incites violence. It does, whether you want to accept or believe it. It does.

  2. Magi210

    Considering the Reds had to put up with Marge’s bigoted attitude for years and had to put up with it because she owned the tram, I see no reason to give the appearance of continuing to condone it with the broadcast representative allows to to go over the air.

    • Doug Gray

      That he was on the air does not matter. He used that word in the workplace. The fact that we heard it simply means he’s actually going to face the consequences of his actions.

      And keep that “left” garbage to yourself. Tolerance of HATE SPEECH isn’t, or at least shouldn’t be a “political side” issue. If you think it is, I’ll just kindly ask you to never post here again.

    • RedsDownUnderer

      “He didn’t know he was on the air” — That’s exactly the point. It means he uses that kind of language regularly, and anyone who says something like, even in ‘as a joke’, in a place of work like that, shouldn’t have their voice heard. The Reds, MLB, and anyone with half a brain or a pretence to being a decent human being should have zero tolerance for bigots.

  3. Sliotar

    The Reds have fed off the Brennaman brand name for years, just like the father and son did.

    It was a point of “pride” (pun intended), one way to distract from lousy on-field results for most of the last 30 years.

    This was far from the first time Thom Brennaman has stirred up controversy as a Reds broadcaster. Tonight was the night that it went too far, apparently…and the team had to take action.

    No joy should come from seeing a career washed away so quickly, but maybe the Reds should have reined in Brennaman before now.

  4. Rut

    Haha, well, the new Voice of the Reds hath spoken. Doug has pretty much inserted himself across the online Reds platforms, right?

    No love for Thom, but hot mike moments are the hidden dagger for any broadcaster. If only anyone could listen to the new Voice for more than two minutes he would deal with the same issue. Lucky for him, he has a face AND a voice made for the internet…

    Good grief, get over it, get over yourself.

    • Doug Gray

      Hot mike mistakes are one thing. Dropping an F-bomb is a hot mike mistake. Dropping a slur? That’s not a hot mike mistake.

      Here’s the take from a professional broadcaster that isn’t me (because I’m most certainly not talented enough to do that):

      I’m seeing a number of broadcasters post about hot mics, and how we should always assume a mic is live. That entirely misses the point here: the point is that a homophobic slur was used. This is a serious, hurtful moment and requires immediate consequential discipline.

      If a human being uses a slur, it didn’t matter if they’re not on or off headset. It’s unacceptable.

      In this specific case, this is about homophobia and it is unacceptable not just in the booth, but in our society as a whole. It’s abhorrent.

      • JayTheRed

        Tom has been aweful this year and past years. I have such a hard time listening to him mistaking names and dates and who is in the field and so on. This new moment is the topping on the cake though. It saddens me greatly that it came from a broadcast of my favorite baseball team.

        I am almost certain there will be no more Reds games that will be fumbled through by Mr. Tom B. I can only imagine what Chris Welch is feeling right now too. He must be embarrassed.

      • Tom Reeves

        Yeah, an F bomb on a hot mic is bad but many of us use the F word in our normal, casual speech. If you’re a broadcaster who uses the F word casually, there’s a good chance one day you’ll slip up and say it into a hot mic. Bad, but not the end of the world.

        Saying a ugly and degrading slur into a hot mic indicates that the speaker uses that slur in their casual speech. The hot mic isn’t the issue. Their casual racism, sexism, or homophobia is the problem. The hot mic just allowed the world to see their character.

        I hope Thom learns and grows from this. His journey doesn’t have to be over. His career as a Reds broadcaster definitely needs to be over.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Good stuff Doug. The content of that quote is right on.

    • RojoBenjy

      -1 for you, Rut.

      Tom Reeves has it right.

      Anyone who uses that other F bomb in any conversation is not just making a regrettable comment, he’s revealing what’s in the heart.

  5. magi210

    On a different note, nice to see Bauer as dominant as he was tonight, and the bats wake up enough to gets some runs for him.

    • JayTheRed

      Bauer sure looks like the pitcher he was in Cleveland before when he was lights out. I really hope the Reds find a way to keep him another year.

      Castillo needs to use his changeup and quit using his slurve or whatever he is calling it. Never a good sign when you name your pitches aka Major League 2 the movie.

      • JoshG

        Castillo let the Ump not calling strikes on the outside corner get to him and lost focus a little … other than that he was fine

      • ClevelandRedsFan

        Maybe he really does want a one year deal. It will likely take around 25 million to keep him. That will be well worth it, but he’s a gamer and Reds need to prove they can win in 2021.

        At the very least, Reds should give him the qualifying offer. If he takes it, great! If not, they get the pick. I doubt he will take it if he continues on a Cy Young pace.

        I’d thank Disco for his service.

        Reds will need starting pitching help. Next year’s rotation looks like:

        Lodolo if anyone is hurt.

  6. Rut

    It was an awful comment, even with no context.

    But is a comment! The distinct difference between many folks is the notion of Words vs Deeds. People use awful words all the time. It is the awful deeds that I worry about.

    Thom is toast regardless, I won’t shed tears for him. But this immediate “burn them!” reaction to words says much more about the mob than they understand, and good luck with that.

    • Doug Gray

      And people that use awful words should pay the price for doing so.

      • Sliotar


        Where I will disagree with you is … you are coming off as a “Judge and Jury”, IMO.

        That’s not a healthy society … for an Internet Mob to try and define a person’s life or employment status.

        He’s the Reds employee, it’s the team’s problem … I know what I would do if I was team president … but “pay the price” sounds like something straight out of Soviet Russia.

      • Doug Gray

        Pay the price is literally something in every place on Earth. Actions have consequences everywhere. They always have.

      • Sliotar

        Or he may be an FSO employee, which the Reds have an ownership stake in .

    • Sliotar

      Cancel culture is wrong … and in time, IMO, like all over-reactions, it will burn itself out.

      Thom’s case is much more than “awful words.” His knack for stirring up controversy and showing disdain repeatedly left him little to no goodwill in the public eye … no chance of a second chance.

      Vin Scully has been outspoken in recent years … he hasn’t been cancelled.

      I doubt anyone on the television production team will miss such “awful comments” while they are trying to work, hot mic or no hot mic.

      • greenmtred

        Thom is not being charged with a crime. He faces no jail time. His employers have a right to impose consequences for his actions, and we have a right to judge his actions which, after all, took place in the public sphere.

    • renbutler

      Forgiveness is an essential action of a decent person. It seems like forgiveness is being completely lost in the modern cancel culture.

      He should be suspended, but an entire career shouldn’t be thrown away based on a weak moment. The rest of us had better hope that we won’t lose our careers based on our worst moments.

  7. Drew

    If I used that word in a board meeting, I would be fired on the spot, and rightfully so. Weird hill for some of you to die on.

    • Doug Gray

      No, people are not too sensitive. People are absolutely tired of being treated as lesser thans and finally, being treated that way is starting to have repercussions for the first time in history and some people can’t handle that they are now being punished for it.

    • Jim

      As an executive at my company if I used that word for everyone to hear I would be fired the same day.

      It isn’t cancel culture. It is about professionalism and frankly just right or wrong.

      Thom was at work and a public voice.

      I don’t understand why this is even a debate. This is insane.

  8. Drew

    If you can’t differentiate between an inappropriate curse word and a slur used for decades to denigrate and express hate for an entire group of people, idk what to even say.

  9. seadog

    Now back to baseball. Bauer wow. He has to be thinking to himself?? What do I have to do to make headlines?

    • Drew

      He’s trying by egging on Correa! His shenanigans are a lot more fun when he is leading the CY Young race lol

    • Doug Gray

      I edited your post. While I certainly don’t disagree with what you said, it’s also not within the rules of posting.

      • Drew

        Yep, yep. After I submitted it I realized it was dancing around the word. Baseball related though, Bauer is like a golfer out there, from his mental approach and the way he talks about the game. It’s like he’s going out pitching against himself, and when he’s in a good headspace… watch out.

      • seadog

        No worries. Probably best kept to myself. Been a hard day for you. It is like Bizzaro World. Lol

  10. VaRedsFan

    Any reason why Castellanos was removed? Is a 5-0 lead insurmountable now? FWIW….Ervin did make a great catch later in the game.

    • Jimmy

      To prevent freak injuries late in the game when we’re up by those many runs. It’s a good move, we can’t afford to lose his bat.

  11. RedsMonk65

    Reds statement on Thom Brennaman

    “The Cincinnati Reds organization is devastated by the horrific, homophobic remark made this evening by broadcaster Thom Brennaman. He was pulled off the air, and effective immediately was suspended from doing Reds broadcasts. We will be addressing our broadcasting team in the coming days. In no way does this incident represent our players, coaches, organization, or our fans. We share our sincerest apologies to the LGBTQ+ community in Cincinnati, Kansas City, all across this country, and beyond. The Reds embrace a zero-tolerance policy for bias or discrimination of any kind, and we are truly sorry to anyone who has been offended.”

    • JayTheRed

      Good to see the team is taking this very seriously. Suspended Indefinitely is probably the tag next to his name now. Meaning he is never coming back.

  12. Rednat

    Doug, i rarely agree with you but in this case i do. it was a horrible mistake and he absolutely has to face the consequences. And i am sure there is a clause in his contract that would support his firing.

    the context does need to be examined though for his future in broadcasting., imo. IF Thom truly does hold hate in his heart for the LGBT community (or any other community for that matter) he really does not belong in the broadcasting booth ever again without major, major counseling and rehabilitation.

    i have a hunch though it was said in frustration. look we are all frustrated at this point. The reds are not as good as advertised, the pandemic looks like it is here to stay. we have just missed 4 picture perfect days to play baseball because we have a positive coronavirus test. And guess what we get to go to our favorite city tomorrow to play a team for 4 days that has literally dominated us for the entire century. if this is indeed the case i hope down the line he will get another chance.

  13. seadog

    Even when/If I am frustrated I don’t use that word. Who even use’s that word now days. That is an old-school word embedded in his heart. I do not thank he should ever see the mike again.

    Using that word is not frustration.. just plain hate. Shame on him

    • JayTheRed

      Plus he is a terrible announcer. Can’t remember peoples names in stories and is constantly apologizing on air for his mistakes. He doesn’t even know who is playing on the field or who got a hit. His stories often seem off base and several times in the past few years listening to him I have been like what is he talking about or why is he telling this story now. It’s a great time to move on from him. I imagine his father is ashamed beyond belief.

    • RojoBenjy

      Agreed, that word is not a frustration word. The other F word is—not that one.

  14. daytonnati

    “Zero tolerance” can mean only one thing.

  15. seadog

    Reds have a pretty strong statement about this. Go to and read it.

    Governor of Michigan had a “hot mike” episode this week also. Difference is she was talking about shark week and used MFer She was not talking about people

  16. J

    It’s not just that he used the word. It’s HOW he used it. If he used it in the context of “here is a terrible word nobody should ever say because it’s hurtful and wrong,” that would be one thing. But he was clearly using it in exactly the way nobody should ever be using it. His apology was a clear admission of guilt. Everything else seems irrelevant. I’m so glad he’s gone, for so many reasons. I just hope it’s permanent.

  17. GreatRedLegsFan

    These are Castillo’s stats so far: 26.1 IP, 4.44 ERA, 36 K, 10 BB & 1 HR in 5 GS. His WHIP is higher than his career (1.52 vs. 1.18), so even K, BB & HR stats are OK, it looks like hitters are making more hard contact against him. On the other hand, Bauer looks more dominant in every outing.

    • JayTheRed

      Castillo is still in top 10 for starters in most strikeout category. Sitting at # 9

      He needs to return more to his changeup. He is using his slider or slurve or whatever his other pitch is too much and it is catching to much of the plate.

      • ClevelandRedsFan

        His problem is hitters aren’t chasing his change up out of the zone. So they’re either taking walks or forcing him to throw the fastball more. That’s why he’s getting hit.

        Also, he does seem to have some bad luck. Most of his hits are soft contact and his FIP is lower than his ERA. He really does need a third pitch he can trust.

  18. Redsfandownunder

    Thom’s “I pride myself and think of myself as a man of faith” apology statement was equally offensive!

    Jeff Pearlman summed it up: “So what? You believe in God. I don’t. Never have. Does that make you better than me? More moral? More decent? Just an exhausting justification of idiocy”

    • Andy

      May have been mistake to let him make off the cuff, unprepared apology on air. Should have just taken him off the air and let him release written apology after Reds reviewed/approved text. The on air version also had Chris Welsh saying “you’re a good man”, leaving him up to criticism from people who disagree. For some, failing to condemn a racist/homophobe is nearly as bad as being one.

      Jim Day did a great job filling in, and expertly redirected in postgame when Lecure appeared to goad him into the topic, by asking if he needed some water (presumably because his voice was on air more than expected).

  19. Jimmy

    Can we talk about how the Reds will make the playoffs if the brewers cardinals and cubs are playing better baseball than us. Without Senzel in the lineup they’re not as dynamic of an offense and lose when the opposing team gets the lead first. I’m getting worried

    • Doug Gray

      Jimmy, you’re new to posting here, so I’m just going to fire off a quick warning: watch the language. That word may not be frowned upon everywhere, but it is here. General rule of thumb: If you couldn’t say it in 1st grade without being reprimanded, you can’t type it here.

    • JayTheRed

      I’ll be honest. I am getting worried too. We needed to sweep today. The next 7 games against the Cardinals and Brewers are pretty critical. we need to win at last 5 of those games to give me any faith of a comeback for us.

    • Indy Red Man

      No need to worry? This team just isn’t that good. They have 4-5 outstanding players, but everything else is a black hole. They absolutely can’t play small ball or extend at-bats to wear down starters. Everything is HR or bust. If the Reds can win 15+ Gray/Bauer starts then they might squeak in and that could be fun. Its all about expectations. I’m looking at this team as an NFL wildcard if they get in. They’re a lower seed for a reason so don’t get your expectations up too much.

  20. Indy Red Man

    Thom? Unbelievable. I was never a hater, but I did find it humorous that someone could watch so much baseball and yet fail to understand the basics of the game.

    Dave Chappelle lives in southwest Ohio somewhere and he’s my favorite comedian. He uses every insult you can think of and was still able to buffer them enough to receive the Mark Twain award for comedy. His response to any blowback is usually that people today are way too brittle. I do know that there is no place for hurtful insults and he needs to pay the price, but I hope Thom is able to resume his career at some point. We have a former NFL lineman on the radio here in Indy named Joe Staysniak. He went on a whole racial diatribe on the radio this spring and somehow came back to work in 2 weeks. I couldn’t believe it. I thought he deserved atleast a year suspension. These are strange times in every way.

    • DX

      He is a a very funny and kind man. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting him in Yellow Springs when we were both getting coffee. There are people who post things to stir the pot. I thought this site was different and clearly it is not. I respect some of the writers knowledge of the Reds and the game of baseball. But I don’t want to hear their opinions about anything else. But I guess we should be thankful to know there are so many perfect people who have never made a slur of their own who can cast out Thom

      • Doug Gray

        You don’t have to be perfect to not use slurs.

      • RojoBenjy


        It’s about context. Can everyone say they’ve never uttered a slur? Doubtful, myself included. Should a man over 40 years old who works in the public eye realize that slurs should be stricken from his vocabulary? I say “yes.”

        He may be kind–I don’t know–but I venture to say he is beyond stupid for even using that word at work. I would go further to say it was arrogant–Thom thinking that he is bullet-proof because of who his daddy is. After all, it works for the President of Baseball Operations and the Manager, why not the Broadcaster?

        The Reds have every right to terminate him for conduct severely damaging to their image, brand, product, etc. It’s not just posting to stir the pot–that’s an unfair characterization.

  21. John G

    How exciting that we could have 2 SP’s in contention for the Cy by the end of the season. Somehow someway I hope we can make the playoffs, just so I can see Grey and Bauer on the big stage (bubble stage)??

  22. Greenfield Red

    I’m good with Thom being gone because I think he is hard to listen to. He is not all that good at what he does in my opinion.

    Now he will be gone because he made a comment that is hurtful and shows hatefulness to a segment of the population that is offended. I agree with that.

    However, hundreds of athletes make hurtful and hateful statements every day by kneeling for the flag and it is at best swept under the rug and at its worst celebrated.

    It can be argued that many people, maybe even millions, are offended by what Thom said. Some have probably even died because they fall into group he offended.

    There is no question that millions and millions are offended by athletes kneeling for the flag, and there is no doubt that millions have died defending it.

    Both “crimes” are bad. Which is worse? There is no question in my mind. This is why Sports have become way less important to me. Reds baseball is pretty much my last lifeline to Sports. When I see our $25 million firstbaseman kneeling for the flag and facing NO repercussions and then an announcer losing his career for a racial slur, I’m close to the end of that rope too.

    • Jim t

      As a 20 year vet I don’t find kneeling for the flag offensive. It is a peaceful demonstration that is being used to bring awareness to a much needed issue.
      While serving I have seen many examples of such behavior. You don’t get to tell someone how to peacefully protest.

      You want bigotry and racial bias to go away? Hold people account.

      My 20 years of service was spent protecting all our citizens.

      I am considering joining those knelling. I will lend my voice to them and my fellow veterans who are taking their own lives at 22 a day. Which side of the aisle has addressed this issue? None of them!!!

      I didn’t serve a flag. I served the people.

      • Michael Smith

        Well put Jim T and great point about the tragic amount of daily suicides by veterans

      • Greenfield Red

        I get it Jim, but the flag represents the people. I didn’t serve, you did, so you know better than I about the sacrifice.

        You sort of make my point though. You are not offended by kneeling for the flag. But some are, myself included. My brother and father both served, and both are offended. Do my feelings not matter? What about my brother and father? Is the LGTB crowd better than me? More important than me? Why do their feelings matter so much that a man loses his career because of one word, while my feelings don’t matter for a gesture that is repeated day after day after day?

        Gob bless you for your service.

      • Jim t

        Greenfield Red thank you for your response

        I guess I see things a bit different. The Flag represents equality, liberty and justice for all. If it can be used as a catalyst to promote and ensure those ideals are afforded to all our citizens and make us aware of Our shortcomings by using it to bring attention to injustices that to me is a huge benefit. If we don’t adhere to what the flag represents what are we honoring? If your offended by the kneeling take a stance to correct the injustices that promote such reactions. Righting the wrongs that have infected our country since it’s inception is the goal. It’s then that the flag will truly be flying high.

      • TR

        Thank you, Jim t. Peaceful protest is a part of our Constitution. I see nothing in that Document saying a citizen must only stand for the national anthem.

      • Greenfield Red

        I get it Jim, and I’m glad this discussion is as civil as it is… especially on Doug’s dime.

        Athletes also have a point of view, and I respect that. However, in my opinion, if they want their opinion heard, it should be on their own time and out of uniform. There is no way to kneel for the flag and not offend many people, may family among them. It can’t be good for business.

        Here’s an example. I am somewhat of a John Mellencamp fan. I know his views, but he keeps them out of his music and his shows. I respect his opinion and disagree with it. Once it is brought to the stage or into his recordings, he will alienate me and others. He knows that and doesn’t do it. This is how it should be.

        As an aside, in addition to my father and brother, I have a grandfather who served in WW1 and 3 gggg’s who served in the American Revolution. My roots and love for my country runs deep.

      • Greenfield Red

        TR, I respectfully submit that the flag and national anthem are about respect for those who have served, some of whom died, so that flag could continue to be flown. It’s not about the cloth it is made of, it’s about the sacrifice that was made for it and everyone who followed. If standing is the set tradition to show respect, then do it. Without question.

        To do otherwise is the spit on the grave of those who fought for it. If you don’t agree with that, just stand their quietly.

        If you, as an athlete, are so important that people will follow you, make your stand on an off day out of uniform and see how big of a crowd you draw.

      • greenmtred

        Fine comment, Jim t. Kneeling is peaceful protest, nearly the opposite of hatred.

      • VaRedsFan

        JimT, it has caused far more division in society, then it has provided solutions for a cause.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        That is not how it works, GR.

        Kneeling for the flag is about asking for equality, to be treated fairly. If that somehow offends you or anyone else, then no, your feelings do not matter on that because you are being offended and hurt by something that either isn’t happening (because you are misunderstanding what’s being done/said) or you believe that they aren’t deserving of being treated equally.

        That’s the problem with those who are offended by it: They either refuse to understand what’s being done, or they just flat out don’t believe that those asking to be treated equally deserve to be treated equally.

        At no point was kneeling ever about the troops and it only became about the troops when a group wanted to try and find a way to make others upset about what was actually being protested and tried, successfully, to place what was actually being done onto something else that they knew would actually get people fired up instead of just blowing their racist dog whistles as loudly as possible. It was zigging to get you to zag.

      • Indy Red Man

        I’m also a veteran and I would never kneel for our national anthem. I do understand protest and police actions do need to be reformed in many cases! Black lives do matter!!

        At the same time being a police officer is a dangerous job! I listen to WLW during the Reds season and just heard the other day that 4 were killed and 16 wounded in Cincinnati the night before. The police didn’t kill anyone or that would’ve led the news. I worked in east Ft. Worth many years ago in a crime infested area. We’d have to stop making deliveries about 7pm because the gunshots would start ringing out. Then that lifestyle is glorified in music? Thats insane! An ex-girlfriend insisted in living in downtown Indy and I’d have to sleep thru the sirens at night. We’d walk her dogs the next day and see drug paraphernalia on the sidewalks. Intercity violence is the primary issue and always has been, but no one will protest that.

  23. Andy

    Saw on twitter… Castellanos home run very nearly hit a sign that said “judgement free zone” in middle of his sign off/apology. An absolutely bizarre moment.

  24. Mark Moore

    Well, you play with fire, sometimes you get burned. I’m in the camp that says “zero tolerance” means what it says, especially when it comes to a public facing figure. Frankly, I don’t see any way back for the man … and that’s more than a little sad in some ways.

    Bauer was completely lights out. I was worried with the pitch around in the 7th, but that’s exactly what it was and then he finished it up nicely. Conservative pitch count to boot was just the icing on a pretty nice cake.

    It’s like we watched two completely different ball clubs last night. No apparent sense of urgency or themselves in the first, a laser focused machine in the second. Maybe it was the rust of a short layoff. I tend to believe these guys are who they’ve shown us … until they show us something different. We’ll need that second team to come on strong in the next week.

  25. Klugo

    Luis Castillo can learn a lot from Trevor Bauer (and Sonny Gray, for that matter). I really, really hope he’s taking notes.

    • Mark Moore


      I hope he can and does. It’s painful watching him work like he did tonight. Polar opposite of what we’re seeing in Sonny and Trevor. Even Disco is handling it much better. Castillo is looking like our #4 right now … that’s very sad.

  26. centerfield

    Castillo seemed to be getting better as the game went on. I was disappointed that Bell didn’t leave him in longer, but I suppose it was his pitch count (89?) It just seemed as if the extra work would have helped him develop some consistency. I mention this because it highlights what I perceive as Bell’s lack of feel for the players and the game. On the other hand, the Ervin substitution paid dividends defensively.

  27. centerfield

    Bauer = Stopper. If Luis can get his act together, the Reds would be a tough draw in the playoffs with Gray, Bauer, Castillo, assuming they can limp their way in. Be interesting to see if AD fixes his problems for his next outing. Miley needs to be something other than an automatic L. Just average would do. I see Mahle gets a start.

  28. TR

    Doug: I commend you, the Cincinnati Reds organization and various commentators on this site for the comments regarding the homophobic slur of Thom Brennaman. It is offensive to many people in the Red’s organization, the fan base, and elsewhere. Thom’s days on the Red’s broadcasting team should be over.

  29. Redgoggles

    Regarding Thom and cancel culture in general; a wise man once said “let he without sin cast the first stone.” While I empathize with his plight, it will be easier to watch the Reds without him broadcasting for (at least) a while. Simply put, I think he should be accountable to his overall job performance – including last night but not entirely based on last night – which may lead to the same conclusion. Last night may give his employers an easier way out.

    Regarding the weaknesses of the team; how many games has our entire offense as constructed been together at a time. Granted our bench/depth has been pitiful, but if we can get everyone healthy for a stretch, I’m still optimistic that we can get on a roll. Getting Strop and Stevenson back will strengthen the bullpen too. Treading water over the next two weeks is a minimum though.

    • Grand Salami

      Great post re: Thom. Not talking about it anymore as it’s a distraction from the field and this team that is still in it but in a precarious position.

      Very nervous about the Cards series with Grey and then the bottom of the rotation. Hopefully Disco comes back strong.

  30. BatAround

    I am exactly the same age as Thom. I grew up hearing that word, and have used it myself many times in my youth, and even later. At least in my circle, and I suspect this is true for most people of my age, we didn’t recognize it as the slur it is. It was along a continuum from calling someone a jerk (most mild) to calling someone a derogatory name for a woman (most aggressive). It was a word used to get a reaction, or even used, sadly, playfully in friendly banter.

    I bring this up because one cannot truly know what is in a person’s heart. I really doubt TB is homophobic, because I think we would have heard rumors of poor language in the past; but I really don’t know. I hate to see someone’s career end because of what may be a lack of personal growth in a narrow area of that person’s life. It’s a shame when a person’s entire body of work (and life) is not taken into consideration when their career hangs in the balance. And maybe TB’s employers ARE going to consider all of TB’s work and personal behavior, again I don’t know. But I can see how, through a lack of personal self-awareness and lack of growth, that word could be used casually without it being thought of as a homophobic slur, exactly as TB said in his apology. It’s still an unacceptable word.

    We all have opinions on TB’s broadcasting style, and obviously his employers were happy with him enough to continue to hire him. This might change that, but I hope it’s a fraction of the overall equation, rather than the totality. If I was his boss, my main concern would be that someone who makes his living with the spoken word, to a huge, diverse public audience, representing a huge, diverse business entity, hasn’t somehow found the growth to move beyond casually using language that is in no way acceptable today. Which indicates to me a lack of maturity and growth in thought process (read: old curmudgeon), which has always been my criticism of TB and his father.

    Thanks for hearing me out.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      @BatAround: thank you for your post. I have very mixed feelings about what was said. I’m 65 and growing up in my house, my parents made it clear that slurs of any kind would be met with consequences. Through high school and college I had a few people in my circle who used certain slurs, including the one Thom used. I can thankfully say I never did and never will. The fact that it seemed (at his age!!) to roll off his tongue so easily is a cause for concern to me. Whether Thom loses his job, is suspended, or is back at the mic tonight (doubtful) is up to his employer and I’m fine with whatever that is. I don’t care for his style of delivery but I can live with it and I’m not going “boycott” Reds baseball if he’s back, nor will I if he’s gone. I will feel a bit bad if he loses his career but I’m still bothered by his use of a term that should never have been part of his vocabulary, or if it once was, should have left it many, many years ago.

  31. Mark

    Reds need to step it up here in the next 7 games and win 6 of them!!!!
    GO REDLEGS!!!!!
    On Thom, wasn’t it also weird about 3-4 weeks ago when he was going on about Jack Clark dying and then had to do the long apology on air to Jack Clark and his family when someone corrected Thom alerting him he was not dead……..I can’t remember why or how Jack Clark came up but that was a really ackward moment this year as well.