The Cincinnati Reds are flying to Kansas City right now. The Reds were scheduled to play two games against the Royals in the series, and that is still the plan. But the plan has changed a little bit as Jon Heyman of MLB Network just reported that tonight’s game has been postponed and there will be a doubleheader tomorrow. Update: The game tonight has officially been postponed and a doubleheader is scheduled for Wednesday at 5:05pm ET.

Jon Morosi of MLB Network was the first to report that the team took their flight to Kansas City this morning. He then went on MLB Network to further report that there have been no further positive tests on the team and that there was optimism that the two teams would play this week. But he noted that the game tonight could be postponed to allow one more day of tests to come through for the Reds and that the two teams could wind up playing a doubleheader on Wednesday.

That Wednesday doubleheader could be quite valuable to the Cincinnati Reds if the report from C. Trent Rosecrans on Monday night was accurate that if the teams were to play on Tuesday that the Cincinnati may have had to hold out some of their roster from playing due to contact tracing related exposure. Giving the team an extra day allows for more testing, and if those players were to test negative again it would – in theory at least – allow them to take the field on Wednesday and not have the organization playing short-handed on Tuesday.

As we wrote about here at Redleg Nation last night – no other team has been asked to play short-handed due to contact tracing related issues. The Philadelphia Phillies, who had zero positive tests, were given six full days off before returning to play on the 7th day after being around the Miami Marlins. Cincinnati being asked to take the field four days later and to hold players out who never tested positive because they were around someone who did wouldn’t make much sense given past precedent, nor would it seem to be fair given past precedent.

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  1. Mark Moore

    I’m actually OK with this approach. Gives another day cushion (for our bullpen). Higher probability of two “complete games” by our SP’s … or at least far more limited BP use. And keeps Trevor on the revised schedule.

    #embracetheweird continues …

    Some “fan” on the Reds FB page posted about “when players would push through injuries like the flu …” I resisted replying, “How many of those injuries had documented outcomes of death and disablement?” Hard to believe there are still many that don’t take it seriously …

    • Tom Mitsoff

      How about a doubleheader featuring two 7-inning complete game wins by Castillo and Bauer? 🙂

      Whoops — just noticed you said that already when I went back through and read again.

      • Don

        A DH on Wednesday seems to be the fairest thing for both teams so that they can both be as close to “full” strength as possible.

      • TR

        Two seven inning games with strong starting pitching along with a less than secure bullpen looks good to me.

    • Doc

      Not clear if you are comparing/contrasting injuries to flu, or if you are comparing/contrasting injuries and flu to covid.

      I would assume you know that Flu has documented outcomes of death. Tens of thousands of deaths annually. Every year. For many years. For Many decades. Millions of deaths from flu in 1918.

      As far as believers in Covid are concerned, there is legitimate basis for having doubts, not about the virus itself or its potential for harm, but whether the virus is as serious as claimed and has been responsible for as much death and destruction as has been blamed on it. Science was jettisoned in analyzing and reporting on Covid long ago. Some day, one hopes, the media hype and politicization will be discarded by real scientists and the effects attributable to this virus will be accurately studied snd reported. At least for the sake of effectively dealing with future outbreaks, that is my prayer.

      • Don

        Doc, I agree with you prayer.

        This is health and well being of people. There is a lot of talking but few known facts and answers given with an authoritative voice when there is not data to back up the statement.

        I try to find as much information as I can from original sources, sources that do not give references to where their original data but deliver conclusions should be questioned

      • Mark Moore

        Doc – what I’m noting is some commenter (many elsewhere) attempting to minimize COVID-19 as nothing more than “the seasonal flu”. My sister recently lost a close friend who couldn’t see his wife for the last 2 weeks. His complications were huge.

        So I’m not minimizing the impact of the flu, especially not the Spanish Flu of 1918. I’m pointing out that far too many people try to minimize COVID-19.

      • TR

        It is amazing how the incredible death toll and the millions of infections in our country has not convinced some Americans that the pandemic is supper serious stuff. Regardless of one’s political beliefs, this is not fake news.

      • Doc

        Must always be careful when presenting anecdotal cases and using them to support or justify widespread actions as though the anecdotal case were the norm. Myocarditis, for example, is also a complication of a number of other conditions, strep, but we don’t shut down the world because of that risk.

        Texas recently reduced their death totals by several thousand due to counting errors made. Other states have reduced death counts by smaller amounts. Multiple testing centers in Florida were reporting positivity rates at or nearly 100% until they were called on it. People have been labeled as Covid deaths without even having been tested. There are reports that actual Covid deaths in NY might be undercounted.

        Reiterating my earlier comment, until science is the main driving factor in analyzing the effects of Covid, people will have legitimate reasons to be skeptical, and the sacrificing of science is, in my opinion, one of the big tragedies that is playing out.

      • RedNat

        Good post doc. The frustrating thing to me is the politicization of this disease. This has really made it impossible to know how prevalent and deadly this virus really is. All we know is that 5.5 million Americans have tested positive for Sars coronavirus and of those 5.5 million about 170k have died. We have no real idea if they died from covid syndrome or died of other causes. Of the 5.5 million positive tests , again we really don’t how many have actually had the actual covid 19 disease/syndrome. Again because we are testing asymptomatic it is possible that up to 90 percent of these cases are actually false positives.

        You are right it will take years to really know how devastating this virus was? Did we overreact? Or did the shutdown really save millions of lives. We really never will know because, as you said, we are not letting doctors and scientists take the lead. It is politicians, big business and the media that seems to be driving this .

      • Don

        RedNat , agree that we do not know enough details to make our own judgement and I have no idea whom to trust for information. I take this very seriously but want to know the real information and data.

        There are 5.5 million positive tests, we have no idea how many are the same person tested multiple times (as the prescribed way one could exit quarantine in NY was to test negative after symptoms cleared) which based on the latest information from the FDA could be up to 90 more days. If I report that I have sinus congestion on my daily self analysis which I must complete to go to my office, I must have 2 negative tests on consecutive days before I am allowed to go to the office again. Being someone whom has had hay fever/pollen allergies my entire life there is no day from May to November where I do not have some mild sinus congestion so I cannot go to the office unless I do not tell the truth on the form.

        We also have no idea of all the tests done how many of the negatives are the same people tested multiple times.

        During the peak of issues in NY they would give counts total counts for a town/area. There was never any good data about “active” cases. After 45 days of lockdown, the cases from the 1st 15 to 20 days should have been concluded in some way but the total cases just keep growing and growing and growing.

        For me the number that should be tracked and publicized is current active cases and a general area that cases were transmitted. The vast majority of positive tests which are more than a 4 weeks old are no longer cases, they have been concluded one way or the other. I fear this data is not being publicized as it would not instill the desired response from people.

    • Bigbill

      How many deaths and disablements have happened to Professional athletes under the age of 40? I’ll await your answer.

      • Doug Gray

        I guess it’s going to depend on how you want to define disablements, but we are seeing myocarditis show up and that’s certainly a real concern and it’s led to at least one Major League Baseball player having to stop playing this season. That is the very reason that the Big 10 decided it wasn’t smart to continue with their plan of playing football – they found multiple athletes that had tested positive had myocraditis.

        But we also need to stop acting as if the athletes are the only people involved. Coaches, trainers, clubhouse personnel, etc, have to interact with the athletes on a daily basis, too. And they aren’t all “under 40”. In Nicaragua, a professional baseball team had an outbreak that led to the death of their manager and hospitalization of another coach and player.

  2. Charlie Waffles

    Good news all around here. No more positive results and probably are not going to have to sit out some players.
    Have they noted game times for Wednesday yet?
    It will be interesting to see how Bauer pitches on long rest. I hope his velocity returns to normal as he is well rested. What will that mean if his velocity is still averaging “only” 92/93 on his fastball?

    • Mark Moore

      Same. 4:05 to about 6:30 PM, about an hour break, 2nd game starts by 7:45 PM CDT.

  3. Why?

    Everybody seems to be content with the doubleheader but the offensive batting order will have little potency if Senzel and others are not in the lineup. With a B lineup they will not be able to compete and score early which is the recipe for winning on this team. This team is cursed. The one year where we can go to the playoffs this happens. Bauer’s and descafani will be gone and Castellanos will opt out.

    • Roger Garrett

      Yep but its on the organization to compete every year and well we know how that’s gone for the last 6 or 7 years.Reds never followed any blueprint to rebuild and their are several to go by out there.Reds always hold on to long to guys that at one time had some value in hoping to strike gold with what talent they have left.Never worked and while they did sign Moos,Nick and Shogo the rest of the team is still the same.Along with the ones you listed that will leave it will be time to pony up to keep Castillo and some others.As I have mentioned before outside of our starters we have little of anything other teams may want so this shortened year in the middle of a pandemic with a team that has a 9-11 record could be it unless they blow it up and start over next year.So for now lets Go Reds.

  4. Charlie Waffles

    Matt Harvey has been called up by the Royals. Could Harvey start that Game 2 vs. the Reds? That would be sweet on a few levels.
    Game 1 has Castillo and Keller listed as the starters for it. Game 2 on both the Reds and Royals sites don’t have any starting pitchers listed for it yet. Load up the lineup with the LH hitters if it is indeed Harvey. Even if he doesn’t start Game 2, we probably will see Harvey at some point in one of the games. Just an added bonus for this upcoming DH tomorrow.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It has been announced that Harvey will start one of the games for KC.

      • Mark Moore

        Was wondering about that … so the Dark Knight is going to set himself up for a Cy Young next year???

        I hope we light him up!

  5. Roger Garrett

    Would be nice but we have made more guys look like Cy Young and will probably do the same for him.Glad to see us get back to playing games but it does remind us again what really is far more important then baseball or anything else for that matter.