The Cincinnati Reds announced that infielder Christian Colón has cleared waivers after being designated for assignment last week. The team has outrighted him to the alternate site roster at Prasco Park. Colón had struggled in his time with the Reds in 2020, going 3-23 with a double, stolen base, walk, and three strikeouts in 24 plate appearances over the span of 11 games played. With Colón remaining in the player pool, the organization is now at 60 players overall between the big league and Prasco rosters.

That wasn’t the only news of the day, though. We still do not know whether or not the Cincinnati Reds will be resuming games on Tuesday in Kansas City or not as they await test results to return from Major League Baseball after a player tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday’s tests, leading to the postponement of games on Saturday and Sunday for the Reds and Pirates.

The Reds management, though, has gone ahead and announced the rotation moving forward. C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic had the fastest hands among the beat writers today, edging out the others on the updated rotation order if the team resumes games on Tuesday.

Luis Castillo will pitch first and then be followed in the rotation by Trevor Bauer, Sonny Gray, Anthony DeSclafani, and Wade Miley. That is a change up of what things would have looked like if the weekend games against the Pirates hadn’t been cancelled. The rotation then would have gone Bauer, Castillo, Miley, DeSclafani, Gray. It’s unclear why Bauer is being pushed back yet again – he last pitched on August 7th against Milwaukee, meaning the earliest he’ll pitch is a full 12 days later – but it does set up the rotation, assuming no postponements or injuries moving forward for the rest of the month to look like this:

Date Opponent Starter
18-Aug Kansas City Castillo
19-Aug Kansas City Bauer
20-Aug St. Louis Gray
21-Aug St. Louis DeSclafani
22-Aug St. Louis Miley
23-Aug St. Louis Castillo
24-Aug Milwaukee Bauer
25-Aug Milwaukee Gray
26-Aug Milwaukee DeSclafani
27-Aug Milwaukee Miley
28-Aug Chicago (NL) Castillo
29-Aug Chicago (NL) Bauer
29-Aug Chicago (NL) Gray
30-Aug Chicago (NL) DeSclafani
31-Aug St. Louis Miley

With the addition of Christian Colón to the Prasco Park roster, here’s how that looks as of today:

Player POS Player POS
RJ Alaniz RHP Mark Kolozsvary C
Jesse Biddle LHP Francisco Peña C
David Carpenter RHP Tyler Stephenson C
José De León RHP Alex Blandino INF
Brandon Finnegan LHP Christian Colón INF
Hunter Greene RHP Jose Garcia INF
Ryan Hendrix RHP Robel García INF
Joel Kuhnel RHP Rece Hinds INF
Nick Lodolo LHP Jonathan India INF
Alex Powers RHP Alfredo Rodriguez INF
Sal Romano RHP Aristides Aquino OF
Tony Santillan RHP Stuart Fairchild OF
TJ Friedl OF
Mark Payton OF
Boog Powell OF
Nick Williams OF

Let’s also note that there’s a chance that the alternate site rosters could soon be expanding by 15 players.

Alternate MLB sites could be adding players soon

12 Responses

  1. Jeff Greer

    Perhaps they moved Bauer so he pitches against Milwaukee and Chicago.

    • Mark Moore

      That would at least make sense.

    • Mark Moore

      And Bauer/Gray both pitch the DH against the Stupid Cubs.

  2. seadog

    I personally have been very hard on Colon. It is obvious he does not belong on the roster in MLB games. Obviously no other team thinks that as well

    On a brighter note. Somebody in the Reds Org see him in a different light. They say he is a great teammate. He has been thru everything. He came up as a catcher. They can use him in the short term at Prasco for that. I believe (just a hunch) it goes deeper than that. In the long run maybe they see him as a coach. Catchers make great coaches Bochy/Ross/—go back long Berra. Even Oliver is now a Coach. I think it is a smart move to keep him in the Org. Again, just a hunch. Maybe one day we will see him managing an MLB team.

    • Melvin

      Yes. On a personal level I’ve heard he’s been through a lot and certainly wish him the best. Maybe he will make a great coach some day.

    • Rick in Va

      Where did you see he was a catcher. I was under the impression he was always an infielder. He was a very high draft choice after being an all-american shortstop, I believe. I have never heard of him catching before.

      • seadog

        My bad, and you are right. I overstated that. What I should have said is the Reds see him as a catcher (backup). He came up as a SS. As most do. Eric Davis/Kyle Farmer etc etc. My point was he thinks like a catcher. His mind is in the game. My bad.

  3. Melvin

    If he even finds his way back to our active roster then we sill start to hear conspiracy theories. lol

  4. seadog

    Doug brings up a great question as well. If they expand the roster by 15. Who gets those spots? Would that be the Reds telling us “these are what we think are our next best 15 prospects?” I don’t think they would go out and pick up has beens off the street. Will be interesting to see who gets those spots.

  5. TR

    Do the Reds have a Big Klu type first base prospect in the farm system?

    • Randy in Chatt

      Big bell. Ibandel Isabel. Man if they could work with him with his plus, plus, plus power to make more consistent contact.
      I hope they put him at Prasco and get him some good coaching and good reps angainst good pitchers. He could be a game changer

  6. Roger Garrett

    I loved Billy and Jose and Tucker as well but the Reds just can’t make a decision on some guys.A lot of it has to do with it they hate to admit they may have missed it on a player and they don’t feel they have anybody to take their place so they give them years of chances regardless of just how awful they perform.Others players who don’t perform soon and I mean soon just get thrown to the curb.Oh they keep them in the organization because they know somebody else will gobble them up in a heart beat but they won’t get much of an opportunity.This is all on the Reds and how they develop players.Billy.Jose and Tucker lasted because of one or both of the reasons I listed.Aquino killed MLB for a couple of month offensively and then fell off the grid and has not been given a look since.Billy lasted 5 years being just terrible on offense.Peraza has his moments but his last year was just awful and Tucker has never ever hit.Go figure it.