This afternoon the Cincinnati Reds (8-10) will play host to the Pittsburgh Pirates (3-13) with a 5:10pm ET start. The only team in Major League Baseball with fewer wins than the Pirates are the St. Louis Cardinals, and they have only played five games this season. Every other team has at least five wins this year. Cincinnati will look to take advantage of what should be a Pittsburgh team they should have a real edge on over the next few days.

Starting Lineups

Pittsburgh Pirates

Cincinnati Reds

Adam Frazier – 2B Shogo Akiyama – LF
Kevin Newman – SS Nick Castellanos – RF
Josh Bell – DH Joey Votto – 1B
Colin Moran – 1B Eugenio Suarez – 3B
Bryan Reynolds – LF Jesse Winker – DH
Gregory Polanco – RF Nick Senzel – CF
Erik Gonzalez – 3B Freddy Galvis – SS
Jarrod Dyson – CF Josh VanMeter – 2B
Jacob Stallings – C Tucker Barnhart – C
Trevor Williams – SP Anthony DeSclafani – SP

David Bell has stacked his lineup with left-handed hitters, with only Nick Castellanos, Eugenio Suarez, and Nick Senzel in the starting lineup as hitters from the right side. That could be important as you’ll see how Pirates starter Trevor Williams performs against lefties below in the starting pitcher breakdown.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA WHIP BB% K%
A. DeSclafani 11.0 0.00 0.55 2.6% 21.1%
Trevor Williams 15.1 3.52 1.11 7.8% 21.9%
Links: Anthony DeSclafani Stats | Trevor Williams Stats

Anthony DeSclafani

After missing the first start of the season, Anthony DeSclafani has made the next two and hasn’t allowed a run in 11.0 innings. He’s only walked one batter and he’s allowing about one baserunner every other inning. That’s a pretty good start to the season.


Home 82.1 3.50 15 8.1% 24.9% .227 .294 .422
Away 84.1 4.27 14 6.0% 23.1% .248 .297 .422
1st Half 86.2 4.26 17 7.0% 24.1% .267 .322 .481
2nd Half 80.0 3.49 12 7.1% 23.8% .204 .265 .354

Home or road in 2019, Anthony DeSclafani was about the same. But the first half and second half were quite different. His ERA was lower thanks to fewer home runs. Part of that is probably related to the fact that his ground ball rate went from 38% to 48% from the first to second half.

vsRHH 333 73 12 0 12 3.0% 25.8% .230 .257 .381
vsLHH 363 78 16 1 17 10.7% 22.3% .246 .331 .464

For Anthony DeSclafani there are clear splits versus lefties and righties. Lefties walk more than three times as often, strike out a little less, and hit for significantly more power than righties do.

Pitch Usage and Value

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change Curve
Velo 94.9 94.7 89.4 88.6 83.2
Usage 37% 18% 25% 14% 5%
Value/100 0.14 1.14 1.13 1.43 -1.30
MLB Rank 61 18 27 21 81
MLB Rank among 130 pitchers with 100 IP in 2019

Only the curveball for Anthony DeSclafani was considered a below-average pitch in 2019 according to the Fangraphs Pitch Values. He’ll bring five pitches to the plate, and it’s the curveball that gets the least amount of usage. The fastball, either one, comes in about 50% of the time. He’ll mix in an above-average slider and curveball plenty to back up the fastball.

Trevor Williams

This season has seen Trevor Williams make three starts. His first two weren’t great – giving up three earned in 3.2 innings to kick off the season, and then two earned in 4.2 innings on July 31st. But his last outing, against Minnesota, saw the right-handed pitcher give up just three hits, a walk, and one run in 7.0 innings. He still took the loss in the game as the Pirates offense couldn’t get going and the bullpen gave up four runs.


Home 66.2 5.54 13 6.2% 16.5% .289 .336 .541
Away 79.0 5.24 14 7.5% 18.8% .279 .340 .489
1st Half 71.1 4.54 9 4.3% 18.8% .275 .316 .450
2nd Half 74.1 6.17 18 9.3% 16.9% .292 .359 .574

When it comes to the home and road splits there’s not much of a difference other than a higher home run rate at home than on the road in 2019, which led to a higher slugging percentage in Pittsburgh. But when you look at the first half and second half splits it’s very clear that there were some big differences. His walk rate more than doubled in the second half, as did his home run rate, and that all took place while he was also striking out fewer hitters.

vsRHH 362 82 20 3 17 5.8% 21.3% .248 .300 .482
vsLHH 274 80 20 2 10 8.4% 13.1% .332 .388 .556

This is the split where you see an enormous difference against Trevor Williams. Right-handed hitters hit for power, but don’t do much else against him. But left-handed hitters do it all – or at least they did in 2019 – against him. They hit .332 with a good on-base percentage thanks to a solid walk rate and an incredibly low strikeout rate. And they hit for tons of power.

Pitch Usage and Value

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider Change
Velo 91.5 90.0 83.0 85.0
Usage 52% 15% 20% 12%
Value/100 -0.34 0.99 -1.40 -1.83
MLB Rank 83 22 81 96
MLB Rank among 130 pitchers with 100 IP in 2019

Now, before we totally jump in here, I should note that this season Trevor Williams has thrown a curveball 15 times this season. If you look above you see that there’s no curveball listed. That’s because he only threw 21 last year and it wasn’t enough to even bring up as the value, rank, usage simply wasn’t worth anything. This season he’s thrown it 6% of the time and it’s averaged 77.9 MPH.

For the rest of the stuff, he’s been fastball heavy in the past, mixing in the 4-seamer and 2-seamer 67% of the time last year. This season that’s only been 52% between the two, but it’s also only been three games. His slider usage is up (27%), as is the change up usage (16%). Last year the 2-seamer was an above-average pitch, and it was the only one that he had – but he’s throwing it less now than he did last year. Instead he’s throwing the slider and change up more often and those were among the worst in baseball among starters last season.

When and Where

  • Game time: 5:10pm ET
  • Where: Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark
  • Watch: Fox Sports Ohio,, MLB Network (out of market)
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 86°, partly cloudy, 5% chance of rain

NL Central Standings

Team Wins Losses GB
Cubs 12 3
Cardinals 2 3 5.0
Reds 8 10 5.5
Brewers 7 9 5.5
Pirates 3 13 9.5

News and Notes

After starting the season 2-23 (.087), Jesse Winker has gone 13-22 (.591) in the last eight games, posting an OPS of 1.758 in that span.

Four of the players in the Cincinnati Reds lineup have at least 10 at-bats against Trevor Williams in their careers. Joey Votto has the most and he’s 10-25 (.400). Eugenio Suarez is the opposite of that one, as he’s 3-18 (.167). Catcher Tucker Barnhart is 5-11 (.455), and Nick Castellanos is 4-11 (.364) against the Pirates starter.

Updated Prospect Rankings

The crew over at MLB Pipeline/ have updated their version of the Cincinnati Reds Top 30 Prospect list as well as updated their farm system rankings.

MLB Pipeline’s updated Cincinnati Reds Top 30 Prospect List

176 Responses

  1. Grand Salami

    Back on track!

    JVM may have found his groove yesterday, a good call to start him. I know Tucker is a mainstay but if he doesn’t start to hit this series then the Reds need to re-evaluate the depth chart. His D isn’t worth starting him the rest of the season.

    Need a decent amount of inning from

  2. Roger Garrett

    I will just say one thing and leave it alone about the lineup.Eugenio in clean up with 7 hits in 61 at bats is a joke,Play him if you must until he starts to hit or the season ends whichever comes first but please drop him down in the lineup.I won’t even mention his strikeout rate nor his sloppy almost I don’t want to be here defense.

    • Don

      No clue why Suarez is not hitting 6 or lower. If lefties kill the starter, he should not be 6th.

      I get the right left alternating to make hard on relief pitching but if when the reviler enters the game your are down 3 to 5 runs does it really matter.

      Castallanos hitting 0.200 in 2nd position, 381 when 3rd,4th or 5th so lets keep him batting 2nd.

      Votto hitting .273 when 2nd and .105 when 3rd so lets him 3rd.

    • Grand Salami

      That’s a fair criticism.

      Bell seems to relish that L, R, L, R, L balance at the top of the lineup. I don’t know that’s his motivation for leaving the team’s coldest bat in cleanup. If so, it shouldn’t take priority over pushing Winker and Senzel ahead of Suarez.

      If necessary then:

      That lineup may net one more run than the one posted over the duration of a three game series against righties. So the impact is minimal.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I agree with this, but would flip-flop Votto and Winker.

      • Steven Ross

        Relish? Bell lives for the L-R-L-R matchup. To the point of absurd. One of these days, Tucker will hit but right now, he doesn’t deserve to start. As for 2B, what’s Farmer done wrong lately? Nothing. Solid “D” plus he’s been hitting. Play him.

      • doofus

        Tom you are a sage!

        It is unfortunate that Bell is scared that Votto will not like it.

  3. seadog

    Been a rough day for Doug. Been a rough “season” so far for our Red’s

    Good news-Doug made it thru. Our Red’s are still in the hunt.

    Hopefully they get well on the Pirates.

    My humble opinion—Front office has done what they can with the bullpen. Glad to see guys up. I hope they carry that over to position players. Time will tell

    Go Reds

  4. JB

    Alot of players find it hard to get use to the DH role. Winker seems to be figuring it out . As much as it was hard to watch him earlier he should not sit the rest of the year. This is a great year to evaluate him against lefty’s. I’ll be curious to see if Shogo settles in and starts to hit after he starts to see the pitchers he has already faced in earlier games. Reds need at least 3 out of the 4 but the way they are playing I wouldn’t be surprised they go 2-2.

    • Don

      if the Reds go 2-2 vs the Pirates they are in trouble for the season.

      The Reds need to go 8-2 for the season vs the Pirates to have a chance to make the playoffs.

      These are all must win and should win games vs the Pirates.

      • seadog

        Exactly. Does not matter if the Cubs run away with it. All that matters is—They make the dance. They will. While at the “dance” you never know who will be the star**

        Billy Hatcher had his moment. Trent Rosecrans likes to call Colon a W/S hero. He was. Look it up. Bad as it is. Make the dance. All that matters at this point.

    • Doc

      Anybody besides me remember how much trouble the Reds have had beating the Pirates over the last several years (at baseball, not to mention brawls)?

  5. Mark Moore

    At least it’s an earlier start … I personally like that.

    So perhaps as part of #embracetheweird we also need to change #wintheNLCentral to #makethedance instead?

    Let’s flatten the Pie-Rats!!

  6. seadog

    Obviously I am not a fan of the Dirty Birds (Cardinals). But, if it is true—more Covid. MLB has to shut them down. There is no way they can make up games missed.

    On top of that—I believe this gives MLB the option to use a BUBBLE for the play-offs as other sports have. It is coming.

    • Sliotar

      If the Reds were the Cardinals right now … I doubt many here would be saying, right at this moment, “MLB has to shut them down.” As long as players still want to play.

      This weekend, Cardinals are planning to go to Chicago and get 6 games in with White Sox and Cubs. IF they can make up some games in the next 7-10 days, they still could get 50 or more in the books. 6+ weeks still to go.

      Not an optimal situation, or truly fair for anyone … but too early, IMO, to not let STL (and their opponents) get games in.

      • seadog

        White Sox game is off. Reporting says—Several Cardinal players went to a casino. Hence what brought on the spot they are in. Don’t believe me—Read John Heyman. Read Jerry Hairston Jr. If the Reds has done that. I would say—Shut them down. They did not. Dirty birds did.

      • Doug Gray

        There is absolutely zero evidence that the Cardinals players went to a casino. That rumor has been very much debunked but continues to live in lore because it’s a good story.

    • Mark Moore

      Cannot have a “winning %” metric to get in if 25% or more of the games won’t happen. Heck, even at 10% of the games it’s a HUGE stretch.

      Where are you seeing rumors of more COVID-19 with that St. Louis Professional Baseball Club?

  7. Old-school

    Reds have been homer dependent for offense but this year is crazy.

    Mlb Network just put up a graphic. Through first 18 games of a season, the Reds at 23.1 % have the most homer dependent run creation since……1920.

    Angels and Padres 2020 slightly behind. 2011 Yankees 4 th.

    Get on base.

  8. Mark Moore

    That was a BP at bat, right????

  9. Mark Moore

    On a positive note … my feed has the WLW audio option again, so no Thom for me.

    Well K-R-A-P!!! That’s not good. I thought maybe these guys would be rusty from not playing actual games.

  10. Sliotar

    Death, taxes and DeSclafani giving up HRs at GABP.


  11. Mark Moore

    Well, that was a productive inning.

  12. Wayne Nabors

    You just got to love votto check swings

  13. FreeHouse

    Home Run Derby at GABP today. Too bad none belong to the Reds. The long ball has always been a problem for Disco.

  14. RedAlert

    Throwing batting practice ! Geeze – sane thing that bit him last year

  15. Mark Moore

    Well, a stellar start to the 2nd inning, no?

  16. Rut

    This is just a bad baseball team. Might get some good individual performances this year, but this team is years away from being competitive. The parts themselves can appear excellent, but the sum total does not reflect that.

    And given the contractual realities (Bauer and Castellanos probably gone next year, Votto another year older), this team will be worse next year.

    Just makes me sad, but the Reds are Bengal level bad as a franchise.

  17. Roger Garrett

    Down on 9 pitches.We don’t even resemble by any stretch of the imagination a major league team.Its almost like they want to get it over as quickly as possible and I am good with that but they don’t even pretend to be interested at the same time.Something has to change.Change the players or the leadership in the dugout,somebody start a fight,get thrown out of the game or do something

    • RedAlert

      Lol – ballgame – what a joke ! Leave him In there Bell – late to the party again

      • RedAlert

        Hey Bell – you asleep in the dugout dude ?

    • Old-school

      This may be what they need. A TKO in 2 nd inning against the Pirates.

      • Roger Garrett

        Nope they got hammered 13-0 by the Tribe,another team that can’t hit,and it did nothing.These guys have no pride at all.They just roll over and give up.

  18. Mark Moore

    Get him on track? Not gonna happen, my friend. If he somehow makes it out of this inning, he’s toast. He’s throwing grapefruits up there.

  19. Wayne Nabors

    Guys,this is just crazy,so much for the clint hurdle effect

  20. FreeHouse

    Pirates own the Reds! Reds will be lucky to split the series.

    • Wayne Nabors

      Agree tom,im turning it,cant watch no more

    • RedAlert

      Bell quit on this team this game – just quit in the second inning . Complete and utter failure as a manager .

      Trying to “get him going “ ????

    • Doug Gray

      *checks the schedule for the game recap tonight*


      Feel free to keep it short if you want. Lol

    • Mark Moore

      Beyond stupid … we’ve breached over to LUDICROUS!! (cue the plaid screen)

  21. ClevelandRedsFan

    Can someone please tell David Bell that Disco is getting rocked.

    He’s clearly not watching this game.

  22. RedsMonk65

    Just tuned in. Think I’ll tune back out …. Sheesh.

  23. Roger Garrett

    There just aren’t any words.Somebody call me when we actually put a major league team on the field.Good time for Lorenzen to work out his problems.

    • RedAlert

      Trounced by the worst team in baseball – how much more of this can Big Bob
      stomach ? Apparently quite a bit ….

  24. Sliotar

    Jarrod Dyson likely to hear it from his Pirates teammates … they bat around in the 2nd on DeSclafani, and he is the only one to make an out.


  25. ClevelandRedsFan

    What was David Bell waiting for? Pirates to reach 10 runs. Should have pulled him at 4 runs.

  26. JB

    Like I said up above 2-2. This team has no sense of urgency. 500 team might make the playoffs this year. They just need to figure out how to get there. If I was on the team I would be embarrassed right now.

  27. Preach

    I forgot about the odd start time today. I wish I would have kept forgetting…..

  28. JB

    With all the other crazy new rules and stuff this year , I hope they put in the 10 run mercy rule .

    • Rut

      Ha, same idea you just beat me by a second!

  29. Rut

    So if MLB is going to use little league rules (like 7 inning double headers), and the Reds are playing like a little league team, can’t we just institute the little league slaughter rule now?

    Would be 1 change I could totally support, especially with these bozos.

  30. Vared

    This is a good spot for Lorenzen to work on his issues. Let him pitch 4 innings or so.

  31. Preach

    I honestly I’m more upset with the zero runs that the Reds have scored as opposed to the nine runs for the buccos. Disco is having a bad day. The O is having an awful season

    • Preach

      Yeah, I get it’s only the 2nd inning, but my point stands

  32. Jack

    Forgot this was an early start…so did the Reds. weeps

  33. Jack

    I know the Reds are short of long relief after yesterday but Bell just basically conceded the game. Reds will now score 8 runs and lose 9-8

    • Roger Garrett

      They will get some cookies to hit for sure being down by nine runs.

    • Roger Garrett

      If they are indeed short that’s on them.They should never be short on players in a short season.I don’t know what the roster size is right now but I do know a move could have made today to call up a pitcher that could go a couple of innings.

    • TR

      With runners on 2nd. and 3rd. to end the game. Don’t be lured into taking the Pirates lightly.

    • Mark Moore

      Bats are afraid of curve ball … need rum for Jobu

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        Need rum to keep watching this game

  34. Charlie Waffles

    David Bell lineups. Where big league hitters go to die.
    RIP Reds 2020 season.

    • Mark Moore

      If these shadows continue … Nick C. opts out, no questions asked. Bauer won’t even sniff an offer from the Reds.

  35. Preach

    That’s why you should always run, Jesse!!

    • JB

      Like I said they have no sense of urgency.

  36. Mark Moore

    The words “Winker jogging home” don’t give me confidence in this review. He definitely dogged it.

    • Roger Garrett

      Can’t argue at all.In fact they probably are on the phone right now with their agents to see if they can make their exit today.

      • Jack

        Reds will be on the phone in another week looking to trade them hopefully so they get some return.

  37. Indy Red Man

    Pirates with all these lefties…..should’ve be Miley/Reed, but no Bell has it all figured out. Lets go with a lefty vs all RH hitting and Disco vs an all LH lineup. Then I’ll leave Disco in to completely meltdown and end the game. 60 games requires urgency. You have 28 guys so why leave him in? Show me other teams that have starters giving up 9?

    Bell is clearly overmatched

  38. Ed

    Jesse Winker trotting home tells me everything I need to know. Individual performances mean nothing with a poorly coached team and no leadership.

    • Roger Garrett

      He has been here for what now 3 years.He is just doing what he sees others do and get away with.As you said no leadership available that will get in somebody’s face about not playing hard.

  39. RedAlert

    Had enough of Freddie at shortstop – dude will not occasional HR but basically nothing elsE

    Reds gotta be the worst team in MLB at driving runners in from 3rd base and less than 2 outs . absolutely brutal

    • JB

      Buccos channel just put up that Reds batting 189 against RHP this year.

  40. ClevelandRedsFan

    Senzel wasn’t running hard either. Could have easily beaten that out at second.

    You guys, this is just not a good baseball team.

    • Preach

      I was thinking that about senzel as well. He has good speed and runs the bases well. That was poor all the way around

      • ClevelandRedsFan

        The only reason for not running hard is if you’re not sure the first baseman touched the bag. He may have been trying to create a rundown.

    • RedsfaninPetaluma

      I hear you. Where is the “hustle” that we need? Bell is so absolutely clueless. Where are the adjustments at the plate that are needed? Two strike approach, situational hitting. It is sickening to watch.

  41. RedsfaninPetaluma

    Why cannot Reds mgmt …FIRE Bell. He fails to prepare this team ready to perform. He should be all over Winker. All this talent and it is being wasted right in front of us. His lackadaisical style get this team nowhere.

    • TR

      How would Lou Pinella handle this, and the ho-hum attitude?

  42. RedsfaninPetaluma

    Why cannot Reds mgmt …FIRE Bell. He fails to prepare this team ready to perform. He should be all over Winker. All this talent and it is being wasted right in front of us. His lackadaisical style gets this team nowhere.

  43. JB

    If anybody watched the Mets today Brandon Nimmo had 2 hits and a walk in his first 3 ab’s. They put the shift on him and his first hit was a bunt single down the 3rd base line. 2and hit was a slapped single into left away from the shift. 3rd time on a 3-1 count he laid down another bunt that just barely went foul and then walked. Team player that’s taking what they give you. I can name a couple of games where Reds players refused to do that this year.

    • JB

      And by the way Nimmo was the guy that the Red’s were suppose to get in the Bruce trade and the Reds turned him down because he was supposedly hurt and they took Dilson Herrara who isnt even in the organization anymore. SMH

  44. r

    Of course but the leaders on the team should go right to them and get it straight.Problem is we have no leaders in fact if I go back a few nights Joey trotted to first as did Eugenio and I believe it was in the same game.Nobody cares because we have no leadership.

  45. Ghost_Runner

    Feel bad for the fans at the game, they look board.

    • Preach

      That sounds soooooo much like something I would say. I don’t know if I should + you or minus you for that comment.

      • Roger Garrett

        Give him both cause he earned it right there.

  46. Hanawi

    I have no idea why Bell flipped Castellanos and Votto and now why he won’t flip them back. Both of them have been poor ever since the switch. Just boggles the mind. If he wants the L-R-L, then just have Senzel lead off.

  47. seadog

    I have watched in my lifetime some really bad Reds teams. I mean teams with Esasky/Milner. Coaches like Perez. But, they tried. They were over matched. This team is not overmatched. They lack heart 100%.

    As bad as this game is—They are still in the play-offs. They need leadership. Not from players. . From Coaches.

    Fire David Bell. Fire David Bell. Fire David Bell.

    Doug, I hope David Bell is the # 1 hit on Twitter in even Mongolia. He should be

  48. Preach

    Guess Jessie and Nick were trying to make up for their lazy play before

    • Jack

      To be honest why hustle, your manager conceded the game in the 2nd inning.

    • JB

      It would be alot closer if Winker hustled and Bell didnt leave Disclafani out there forever.

  49. Charlie Waffles

    Great 2 innings so far from Cody Reed. If this means getting Reed back on track for the remainder of the season, it might be worth a 1 game butt kicking from the Pirates.
    Senzel with a nice launch. Opposite field 10 rows up.

  50. Mark Moore

    Nick S. says, “You want to jog, Jesse? Here you go.”

  51. Roger Garrett

    Joey strikeouts on 91 and Eugenio goes down on 88.That is going to remain a big problem if they are allowed to continue to get the most at bats.Joey just above 200 and Suarez just above 100.

  52. JB

    Seriously with Barnhart. He is Billy Hamilton reincarnated. Human rally killers.

  53. Preach

    Polanco busted it down the line, Galvis showed no urgency to throw him out.

    • RedsfaninPetaluma

      He did. Nice to see. You have to give Polanco credit for hustling even with a large lead. Says alot. I wonder if Bell notices? Does anyone in the Reds front office notice what Polanco did? Then “Ask” themselves why doesn’t Bell and players embrace such an easy strategy? Doesn’t’ take talent to hustle. It is just a mindset.

  54. docproc

    While we’re watching Galvis play with a lack of urgency at SS, Jose Iglesias has an OPS over .900 for the Orioles this year.

  55. Preach

    Nice pitch on the K. Can’t do anything with that

  56. Preach

    Wow. I’d give Reed another batter. Especially with this matchup.

  57. Mark Moore

    OK, Mikey … you want to prove you are a pitcher and not just a thrower? Give us a couple good innings. You can start by working out of this jam.

    What’s the over under on the score being 12-1 in about 5 minutes?

    • Preach

      It would have been 5 seconds if not for that defense

      • Mark Moore

        Well, I was counting from the pitching change and seeing Mikey trot out … but at least it didn’t happen.

  58. JB

    Left handed batter up and Bell pulls Reed. Even Thom thought it was stupid.

  59. Mark Moore

    And Shogo saved his sorry butt!!

  60. Preach

    Shogo! That would have been bad, and I blame Bell for that matchup.

  61. Roger Garrett

    The real thing for me in our awful play is does anybody that matters care to try and change things.Now as fans we just want to win but if we lose we want to see at the least hustle and the game being played with energy.You see I don’t know if the ones that matter,the ones that are in charge of the team.make the moves from the front office and write the checks actually see what we see and if they do why don’t they address it.Granted I go overboard sometimes but we have some talent and it is not getting it done on the field and its so obvious some players are not putting forth the effort.There can’t be any excuse offered or accepted for that.Yet it continues.

  62. Tom Mitsoff

    With the way Winker is hitting, he needs to be moved up in the batting order at least ahead of Suarez for now.

  63. JB

    So just because I’m bored I went over to the strato matic season. 19th game of the year the Yankees blew out the Reds 10-1 . Reds record is 8-11 there as well. Suarez stinks there too. Hitting 200.

  64. Roger Garrett

    Suarez down on strikes again.I love him because he plays for the Reds but he is hurting this team and in a bad way.Don’t think for a second the other players see that is performance is not being addressed.Say what you want about track record and what he did last year he has to be moved down to 6th or 7th.Maybe he gets back on track with less pressure down there but nobody else outside of Votto has ever been given that much rope.He is hitting a little over a 100 in 64 at bats and has struck out almost 40% of the time,As far as Joey he isn’t never gonna be a 3 hole hitter again.His game right now is single double and walks.That plays at leadoff or in the two hole and even with his struggles his swing get him just what I said.Eugenio’s long loopy swing gets to just what its getting him,homer or strikeout.Done with this situation.I can’t change it.

    • Jack

      He has 1 double on the year so eliminate part of his game

  65. Preach

    “I don’t know if Shogo eats red meat…” Ah, Thom…….

  66. Roger Garrett

    Already been mentioned but good time to maybe give Reed and Lorenzen some confidence and so far so good.This is the 3-11 Bucs and its a blow out so we won’t really know until their next time out but it was a smart move by Bell.

    • Mark Moore

      Definitely Reed … Mikey showing some good signs.

      Shogo is playing like it’s tied. Got to love that.

  67. Mark Moore

    And Freddy with a laser beam exit!!

  68. Roger Garrett

    Freddy got a cookie in a blow out and ate it up.

  69. Roger Garrett

    Its 9-4 in the 7th,Bell makes a move to bring in Ervin for Shogo and the Bucs manager counters with a righty I assume to face Ervin.The wheels are turning in Cincy between two teams that are just not going anywhere.Guess the manager has to find ways to do something to show he is in the game.Have a good night all.I have ran out of things to complain about.Go Reds.

  70. Ron

    It is very very frustrating to watch this team get their butts handed to them by the worst team in baseball, but what really gets me upset is that nothing is gonna change. No shakeups, no messages sent and no accountability. No nothing. That’s why this team will continue to struggle.

    You’ve talked about leadership or lack thereof. I agree. There’s more to managing than filling out a lineup card. Players lack hustle, seem to lack focus at times and a few (Suarez is one) that look disinterested in being out there playing.

    Some will say that managers really don’t play a big part in the success or failure of a team. I couldn’t disagree more. It’s up to the players to perform their best, but it’s up to manager to make sure that they do. And if they don’t, there are consequences.

    I will always be a Reds fan, but I’m sick and tired of seeing the players and manager being outmatched by every opponent.

    • RedAlert

      Why is Bell wasting one of his better relievers in a 8-5 game in the 9th ? Just why ?

      • Doug Gray

        What’s the other choice?

        Antone and Mahle are unavailable. Reed pitched multiple innings. Lorenzen pitched multiple innings. That leaves Garrett, Iglesias, Jones, and Sims. Someone’s got to throw, man.

    • mudpuppie

      Well said Ron….. I have been so frustrated beginning last year with Bell’s management. If Bench and Barnhart were on the same team, Barnhart would start against right handed pitching. It’s just crazy. If all there is to it is that just be sure a left handed batter hits against right handed pitching and visa versa then there would be no need to pay managers the big bucks. Anyone could do it. Put your best lineup out there regardless of which side they bat from and ride that horse to whatever the outcome is… Please free us from Bell’s management style…

      • Melvin

        hahaha! Now that’s FUNNY! Platoon Barnhart and Bench. hahahaha! Sadly you might be right. Who knows? hahahaha!

  71. Preach

    Winker hustled down the line that time

    • JB

      Suarez doesnt swing for the fences for once and gets a base hit. Amazing!

  72. Tom Mitsoff

    Let me say this before anything happens … if they get down to Barnhart in the order in this inning, I pinch-hit Davidson for him. 😉

    • JB

      Cant do it Tom. ” We got to get him going”

      • Melvin

        hahaha! You guys are killing me. hahahaha!

    • seadog

      Lots of positives to talk about.

      1. Reds are not out of it
      2. Winker is about as hot as you can get. Senzel is hot also
      3. Why not flip Winker/Senzel with Suarez/Votto?? Just flip them, gives you the same R/L hitters.
      4. Bullpen came up big. They are now hurting. Lol.

    • RedAlert

      Nice AB van meter – couldn’t hit that with an ironing board – ball 4

    • RedsfaninPetaluma

      Does VanMeter have to swing for the fences? A sac fly would have shown some manner of discipline and team work. G-d forbid.

  73. docproc

    Thanks for hustling down the line on that bobbled grounder, Freddy.

  74. JB

    + 5000 for all of us still watching and listening to Thom.

    • Mark Moore

      +1000 additional to those stuck with Thom and no other options. I’ll still take the 5K for watching the train wreck.

    • RedAlert

      Some kind of shakeup needs to happen with this team – just ain’t working ….

  75. JB

    A blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile. Barnhart just earned himself another month of starts.

  76. Jefferson Green

    How great would it be if this is the game that gets Reed, Lorenzen, and Barnhart going?

  77. Preach

    Nice AB by Ervin. Still not a fan a pinch-hitting for shogo so much

  78. Preach

    C’mon Geno, you can’t hit a three-run homer with one guy on base

    • Mark Moore

      Or when chasing garbage pitches.

  79. Mark Moore

    Thanks again, Geno. When we call you “goat” it doesn’t mean what you think it does.


  80. JB

    That swing sums up Suarez’s season right there. Lord have mercy.

  81. RiverCity Redleg

    Someone should have told Suarez that a walk is equally effective as a HR in that situation. He obviously didn’t realize that.

  82. seadog

    As Marty would say/

    “And this belongs to David Bell”

    All on him. Season is on him. I know he does not bat/pitch—-But, season is on him. I could manage personnel better from my couch.

  83. RedAlert

    Well bullpen good tonight , starter sucked . As Parcell said , “you are what your record says you are “ . this team ain’t good and really no excuse for it with the talent they have .

  84. Indy Red Man

    Their 9 hitter got a single to make it 4-0 and I figured that was it for Disco. Nope….Bell leaves him in to face all those lefties and 9-0 ends the game. They never scored again so this is another one directly on Bell. They say a manager only accounts for a handful of games either way in a regular season, but this is absolutely 2 in 2 nights.
    Really inexcusable? How do you defend that? What other starter got touched up for 9+ with expanded rosters?

  85. Jack

    Can’t figure Bell out, he’ll pull starting hitters for PH and PR in the 5th inning, manage for all he is worth but against the worst team in baseball he’ll just give up in the 2nd inning and let the starter be pounded. Maybe it makes no difference because this is a bad team but can’t figure out what he is thinking

  86. Don

    positions 1 to 4 are hitting 185 for the season

    current win % is projecting to 25 wins & 35 losses.

    That would be 68 and 94 for a 162 game season. Worse than 2019.

    Team (and fans) believed the pre-season hype, reality should be hitting this team in the face like a bat upside the head, they need to do something different.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      “On pace” and “projecting” are not the same things.

      The team is on pace for 25-35. The team is not projected for 25-35 as things stand right now. Fangraphs projects the team to finish 29-31 after the game tonight.

      • Big Timbo

        The team still is going to struggle to make the playoffs Frank.

  87. Melvin

    I’m sorry. Nothing personal as I have no reason to believe he’s not a good guy….but….David Bell HAS to be replaced…..NOW.