The Cincinnati Reds have called up infielder/outfielder Josh VanMeter from the Prasco Park roster. He’s taking the place on the roster of right-handed reliever Pedro Strop, who suffered a right groin strain over the weekend in Milwaukee.

The move to add a position player in place of a reliever may not make sense on the surface, but it does when you look at the last move the team made which was to recall right-handed pitcher Tejay Antone when the team placed second baseman Mike Moustakas on the injured list over the weekend (Moustakas’ move was retroactive to Thursday).

For Josh VanMeter, he’ll get an opportunity to try and get things going. He began the season 0-14 with two walks, was hit by a pitch, and he had struck out seven times before he was optioned to the Prasco Park roster last week.

Pedro Strop has pitched in four games this season for the Reds out of the bullpen and allowed just one hit. But he’s struggled to throw strikes in his time with Cincinnati early on this season, too. While he has struck out three batters in his 2.1 innings pitched, he’s walked six batters in that same span. He’ll miss at least the next week, as his move to the injured list was retroactive to August 8th.

The bullpen continues to be an area of weakness for the Cincinnati Reds. There are some new guys in there over the last few days for a variety of different reasons, but Joel Kuhnel, Tyler Mahle, and Tejay Antone now find themselves in a situation where they can hopefully be a part of the group that helps turn things around. If they perform well, when Pedro Strop is ready to return, perhaps it will be someone else who is in the conversation to head off to Prasco Park.

13 Responses

  1. JayTheRed

    Not sure why they don’t give someone on the 40 man roster a shot, that has not been called up so far. It’s not like Van Meter is killing the ball or anything.

    • Doug Gray

      The other two infielders on the 40-man roster are Robel Garcia and Alex Blandino. Are they better options than Josh VanMeter?

      • Charles Lackey

        Yes..both would be better than Van Meter right now. Don’t forget Aquino. Got to get some hitting going & much better bullpen.

      • Doug Gray

        I’m not really sure what evidence at all there is that either of those guys are better hitters than Josh VanMeter unless your only source of information is the 14 at-bats this season he’s provided.

        Aquino would make sense if he played the infield. But he doesn’t.

    • Charles Lackey

      In my opinion the REDS need more than VanMeter. The way they are playing is pitiful. The Front Office needs to work something out to get BULLPEN HELP PLUS A COUPLE MORE BIG BATS IN THE LINEUP. In this very short season I would suggest some positive moves should be made quick. Only one or two in the lineup or hitting the rest are way down and not producing nothing but outs and goes with the bullpen who cannot get outs on a consistent basis. So far this REDS TEAM HAVE BEEN MORE THAN DISAPPOINTING. WAKE UP REDS START HITTING..PLAY GREAT DEFENSE..ONLY A FEW GAMES TO BE PLAYED SO ALL PITCHERS–starters & bullpen DO YOUR JOB STOP THE OPPONENTS IN THEIR TRACKS. START WINNING..AND KEEP WINNING..
      GO REDS GO.

  2. seadog

    Exactly what was expected. Stroop down. 2nd baseman called up. Van Meter should be our 2nb until Mouskas gets healthy. Still would have “liked” to see Garcia or Blandino get a chance. But, they called up a lefty. No problem with that. I hope VanMeter kills it.

    • Charles Lackey

      Yes..bring up GARCIO we all know what Van Meter can do. Bring up some young guns and let them play, not sit.

  3. TR

    Blandino plays the game with a certain amount of grit that might come off well next week with the series in KC and St. Louis.

  4. ClayMC

    In a bit of tangential Reds second basemen news, Dietrich signed a minor league deal with the Rangers. If he makes the active roster, he’ll be the 6th former Red on the team (Frazier, Volquez, Choo, Herget, Refsnyder).

    A quick scan of active rosters leads me to believe no other team has more than 3 ex-Reds (Phillies, Marlins).

    • ClayMC

      I take that back. With Miami’s recent call-up of Josh Smith, they’re actually up to 4 ex-Reds.

  5. Charles Lackey

    What about Stephenson being called up to catch..Blandino & Garcia LONG LOOKS ALSO. COME ON REDS WIN & WIN AGAIN.

  6. Doug Gray

    I don’t really know what the solution for the bullpen here is. I’m only half joking when I suggest the get a bucket of KFC and have some sort of ritual before the Pirates series….