The Reds put their 3 game losing streak funk behind them last night and square off with the Brewers at Miller Park again tonight in game 2 of this 3 game set. Game time is 7:10pm Eastern. If you were otherwise occupied Friday night, you can catch up on how things went down last night with the Reds by clicking here (I wasn’t the only person who almost threw something at my TV with 22.2 seconds remaining in a certain hockey game Friday was I?).

Starting Pitchers

Tonight’s game will once again pit a Cincinnati right-hander against a Milwaukee lefty. Anthony DeSclafani is the guy for the Reds and Brett Anderson for the Brew Crew.

Anthony Desclafani

Desclafani started the season on the injured list with a right teres major strain but emerged last Sunday in Detroit to post a scoreless 5 inning effort in the front end of a double header swept by the Reds. Disco did not figure in the decision because the Reds bullpen gave up a 3 run lead after he left the game. After missing all of 2017 along with significant portions of 2016 and 2018 due to injury, DeSclafani was finally healthy 2019, making 31 starts and pitching 166.2 innings.

DeSclafani’s 2019 numbers looked like this:

3.89 4.43 1.20 1.57 24.00% 7.00%

These numbers earned Disco 2.4 fWAR for a nice bounce back season in 2019. Probably the one area DeScalfani would like to improve the most is his HR/9 rate. If it were dropped, the ERA and FIP should follow in turn.

DeSclafani has remained basically a fastball/ slider pitcher despite his injury history. He throws his fastball at around 94MPH using it on around 55% of his deliveries. His slider typically comes in at a tick under 90 MPH and comprises about a quarter of his pitches. An 83 MPH curveball is Disco’s primary off speed pitch and used for about 13% of his pitches. However, he will also throw an occasional changeup.

To take a look at all Anthony DeSclafani’s career stats click here

Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson has been in MLB for over a decade, primarily in 2 stints with the Oakland A’s although he did spend time in the National League with Dodgers, Cubs and Rockies. 2020 is his first year with the Brewers after being signed as a free agent.

In 189 MLB appearances of which 177 have been as a starter, Anderson has earned 14.4 fWAR. In 2019 he made 31 starts equalling the most he has ever made in a season. His 176.0 IP total in 2019 was the second highest of his career, barely short his 180.1 IP best in 2015 with the Dodgers.

Here is his 2019 tale of the tape pitching in the AL with Oakland

3.89 4.57 1.31 1.02 12.10% 6.60%

Anderson doesn’t strike out very many hitters; but neither does he walk many. A key to his survival in 2019 was his  .278 BABIP along with his relatively low HR/9 rate.

Not surprisingly for a guy his age, Anderson throws a variety of pitches at many differing speeds. Here are his usage percentages and average pitch velocity from 2019.

Fastball Slider Cutter Curve Change
Use   %  (Velocity) 48.6% (90.8) 18.7% (82.0) 13.8% (88.8) 5.6% (75.8) 13.4% (82.6)

The Reds hitters will need to be patient against Anderson and look for good pitches to put in play.

See Brett Anderson’s career stats here



Cody Reed worked for the second consecutive night and logged 22 pitches putting his pitch count at 42 over 2 days. Lucas Sims used 29 pitches to work 2 innings. Pedro Strop left the mound with a groin issue after throwing just 8 pitches. Reed is probably unavailable tonight, Sims limited and Strop to be determined. Recall also José DeLeón is just 2 days beyond a 48 pitch outing in Cleveland.

The heavy lifting tonight will need to come from Michael Lorenzen, Amir Garrett and Nate Jones with Raisel Iglesias in the wings to close out the game.  Keep an eye on our News and Notes section for possible reinforcements.


The Brewers had to use 4 relievers to cover 6 innings on Friday. Only one, Eric Yardley, worked on a consecutive day running his 2 day pitch count to 45. Count him iffy to out tonight.  Justin Grimm and Corey Knebel threw 28 and 29 pitches respectively.  Both are likely limited to an inning at most tonight. Lest we forget, Josh Hader looms very well rested if the Brewers can get into a favorable position late in the game.


Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Brewers
Phillip Ervin – CF Eric Sogard – DH
Nick Castellanos – RF Keston Hiura – 2B
Joey Votto – 1B Christain Yelich – LF
Eugenio Suarez – 3B Logan Morrison – 1B
Matt Davidson – DH Avisaíl García – CF
Curt Casali – C Ben Gamel – RF
Jesse Winker – LF Omar Narváez – C
Freddy Galvis – SS Brock Holt – 3B
Kyle Farmer 2B Orlando Arcia – SS

Anthony DeSclafani – RH


Brett Anderson – LH

The Reds are going with a somewhat more typical RH hitting lineup than they did yesterday. Note that Friday hero Matt Davidson stays in but moves to DH as Joey Votto returns. Nick Senzel is presumably an injury scratch (check News and Notes below for details)

News and Notes

Two Reds left Friday’s game with groin issues and may not be available today.

Reds lose Nick Senzel, Pedro Strop to injury on Friday night

UPDATE: Not good for Pedro Strop

Heeeee’s back. Remember outfielder Mark Payton, the Rule 5 draftee the Reds returned to Oakland? The Reds have re-acquired him from the A’s, this time with no Rule 5 restrictions. Payton has been assigned to the Prasco Park Alternate Site. Doug Gray has the story and a look at the Prasco Park roster on our Reds Minor Leagues site:

Reds trade for Mark Payton, add him to the player pool

Final Thoughts

The Reds got a much needed win on Friday to snap a 3 game losing streak. Several guys who had not played a large role stepped up; and, Nick Castellanos, the guy who seems to always play a big role, also did (again).

Especially in these trying times, we want and need something positive to cling to. Thus there is a temptation to look at the Reds record and think now if they could sweep in this series, they would leave Milwaukee at .500 and IN A PLAYOFF SPOT! However, just as in events away from sports, the healthiest approach is probably for us to think day to day with the Reds. Appreciate the win; but, focus only on the next thing up, today’s game.

Along the way, there will be good days and some not so good days. If there are enough good ones, everything else will take care of itself. If not, well, some things are just beyond our control; and, we find a way to roll with the punches.

Tom Mitsoff is going to wrap this series up for you here tomorrow. Hope to catch you healthy and happy on down the line. GO REDS!

Data courtesy of, Fangraphs and Baseball Reference

84 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Yeah. One game at a time going all out to win it. That’s the only way to go from here on out.

  2. Indy Red Man

    Avi Garcia is not a CF. We need to put together some line drives and see what happens. Disco>Anderson all day as long as Disco remembers its August, but not the 2nd half of the season. Seems like he’s always better in the 2nd half

  3. Indy Red Man

    The Pirates are horrible this year. 7-3 minimum and thats not that great in reality.
    If they could go .500 against the other 3 and 8-2 vs Pittsburgh then thats 26-22.
    Not to mention I can’t see how St. Louis makes up 10 games in a safe manner? You can’t play 8 doubleheaders in 10 days?

    • Sliotar

      The Pirates are horrible …

      But, I remember the chat around here of a 7-3 season start for the Reds, including maybe 5-1 vs. the Tigers.

      SP starts from the “non Big 3” are key, swingy kind of plays to the Reds win total. Let’s hope DeSclafani leaves the HR balls back in Cincinnati.

      • Indy Red Man

        Or actually win some of Castillo’s starts

    • Doug Gray

      The word is the upcoming Pirates/Cardinals series is going to be cancelled, not postponed. So they won’t make up those games, assuming those rumors are accurate.

      • JB

        Will they play them at the end of the season if it means they make the playoffs or some scenario? This is an odd season.

      • Doug Gray

        No. They’d just go with winning % as the decider in such a scenario.

      • Jim Walker

        Here we go. Absolute winning % rules. Be interesting to see, presuming they get as far as playoffs, if the number holds at 16 or goes to 20-24 like in NBA/ NHL. Across entire MLB 3 from each division and 3 wildcards from each league would get them to 24, correct?

      • JB

        I hope it’s not 20-24 Jim. That’s watering it down big time.

  4. JB

    Davidson is showing us something. Good for him.

    • Mark Moore

      Sign him … 90% chance we lose Bauer. Him, Gray, Castillo and the up-and-comers make a nice rotation.

  5. Mark Moore

    I’ll take 31 pitches, no hits, no runs as a good start for 2 innings.

  6. Mark Moore

    Chance for Geno to show he’s coming around

  7. Roger Garrett

    Nope but he did the first at bat so its hard to very critical.Reds have been handed via the walks and errors two big time scoring chances and cashed in on one.Maybe we get some more.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Farmer? Nice short swing, but doesn’t seem to take advantage of more playing time.
    Bench guys….more of them is less

  9. Roger Garrett

    Keep the pressure on we need to score some more runs.Disco is on but we need more then 3 runs.

  10. VaRedsFan

    Squandering opportunities to tack on.

    • Matt WI

      Agree, really could have used 2 runs out of that last inning. But Disco deals away. But learning they need to bullpen proof some things.

  11. VaRedsFan

    Nice swing by Votto…attcked the 1st pitch…just missed it

    • RedAlert

      Jankowski = Billy Hamilton 2.0 ; speed does you no good if you can get in base ; all glove no stick

      • VaRedsFan

        He took ball 4….ump hosed him on that pitch.

  12. Mark Moore

    Like the effort. Almost paid off for Nick.

  13. Hanawi

    Winker, Ervin, Jankowski, Akiyama, Farmer, Colon, Galvis. Way too many guys providing almost nothing offensively. Suarez as well, but he at least has a track record.

    Only Akiyama and Winker should have any rope. Rather see Garcia and Aquino come up for a bit. At least give them a look.

    • PhP

      As much as it doesn’t seem like it, Winker’s current OBP is .378. No power yet but at least he’s getting on base a ton

    • Melvin

      I could do a Stephenson, Aquino, Garcia for Janko, Colon, and Davidson.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Like that triple by Akiyama provided nothing? He’s still adjusting. Maybe it won’t pan out but I think big picture he is a good addition to the team.

  14. Mark Moore

    He’s dealing … will Bell give him the 7th inning?

  15. VaRedsFan

    6 innings of 2 hit ball….88 pitches…time for Bell to yank him like a little leaguer

    • Matt WI

      Sure hope not. One more for sure, but have someone up. Insurance run would seal the deal.

      • Matt WI

        Good grief, Bell. You are correct, VA.

  16. Jeff Morris

    Unless it was about money, I do not get why the Reds let SS Jose Iglesais go and signed Freddy Galvis, I know its only a few games into the season, but look at the BA of Iglesias and then the BA of Galvis. And….Iglesais was really great with the glove.

    • VaRedsFan

      Galvis was under contact. Iggy was a free agent. Having both is redundant.

  17. RedsMonk65

    Shogo — our new secret weapon!

  18. Matt WI

    Clearly Castellanos is thinking about money instead of producing. Only explanation for failure.

  19. RedsMonk65

    Would have been nice to get 2 insurance runs there instead of 1, but I guess we take what we can get.

  20. VaRedsFan

    Nice clean inning by AG.
    Tack some more on fellas.

  21. RedsMonk65

    I get really nervous anymore when Lorenzen comes in.

  22. VaRedsFan

    Can’t leave AG in to face the lefty Gamel?

  23. Roger Garrett

    Another Cy Young performance by a guy with a career ERA of almost 6.Four runs may do it but this guy made us look like chumps.

    • Matt WI

      Burnes is no chump. He did have a tough year last year. But he’ll be around. 11k/9IP will get you far.

  24. Hanawi

    Why is 1 inning of Lorenzen better than another inning of Disco? Bell with zero feel for managing pitching.

    • Jefferson Green

      Disco had a little arm injury and isn’t fully stretched out yet. Bell let him throw 24 more pitches than last outing.

  25. Mark Moore

    Yep … turn it over to the bullpen and then mismanage that as well …

    Cue the Homer Simpson sound effects

  26. Matt WI

    This is getting frustrating. Just. GET. OUTS.

  27. VaRedsFan

    so throw an 0-2 changeup up in the zone? Really Lorenzen? That’s like your 6th best pitch.

  28. Gonzo Reds

    Paste from every other game:

    Another great game by our starter. Bullpen gagging yet again. Bell mismanagement yet again.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Garrett and Iggy didn’t gag. Lorenzen needs to get things figured out but at least it was “only” one run this time.

  29. Roger Garrett

    Just keep going to the pen until we find somebody that can’t get anybody out.Its just amazing.

  30. Melvin

    Definition of David Bell this year for many friends and players, maybe even management = frustrating.

    • Melvin

      I meant fans but maybe friends too. Who knows? haha

  31. VaRedsFan

    Nice comeback by Lorenzen.
    I don’t know if mt heart can take another inning of bullpen.

  32. Matt WI

    Silver lining: Now a save situation for Raisel, which means he should be “on” right?

  33. RedAlert

    As many have noted , dude has absolutely ZERO FEEL FOR THE FLOW OF A GAME – It’s just amazing! Time and time and time again .
    – clueless at managing a bullpen

  34. Jeff Morris

    Whew! Lorenzen out of the inning….very very nervous when Lorenzen comes in to pitch, unless the Reds have like a 8-0 lead. Now, need to hold our breath….9th inning R Iglesias comes in for the save.

  35. Roger Garrett

    Can we make a trade for Cy Young Burnes?We need this kid.

  36. Old-school

    Joey Votto now hitting .218.
    Couple of home runs and that’s it after 50 at bats

  37. Wayne Nabors

    He would only get sent to prasco park

  38. Matt WI

    They’d be lucky to have him. Whale of a performance by him to save their bullpen.

  39. Aaron B.

    Following on gamecast.. says a pitch was thrown 95mph at Castellanos’ head is that correct? And he hit Winker earlier? And yet he has had perfect control besides that? Do they want us to retaliate? Headhunting is unacceptable but I am on gamecast so I need your input on this!

    • Randy in Chatt

      Not intentional. Just got away from him. Castellanos didn’t even react. No need to retaliate in a big game against a division opponent. It was upper shoulder.

      • Mark Moore

        Agreed. It started that way and never broke an inch. I didn’t see any intent in that one.

      • Aaron B.

        Aliright thanks for the info… Statcast literally showed the pitch at his helmet lol. But I hear ya.

    • VaRedsFan

      Winker stuck his elbow out.
      Casto hit in the shoulder….nothing intentional.

  40. Indy Red Man

    Reds Pacers parlay $. LeBron and Yelich can grab some bench

  41. Aaron B.

    Iglesias just featured a 97.5mph sinker followed by a 90mph change… nasty!

  42. VaRedsFan

    So it all worked out. Bell’s a genius.

  43. Gonzo Reds

    Need Sonny to go 9 tomorrow and we’re back to 8-8. Top 2 in each division make playoffs. Make playoffs with our SP we got a shot…

  44. Mark Moore

    Two down, tomorrow to go. Can’t wait to see the line up offered (eyes rolling uncontrollably).

    Night, all.