The Cincinnati Reds rebounded well from a terrible game on Thursday night in Cleveland by beating up on the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday night. But not all was well despite the blowout win. Nick Senzel led off the game with a walk and later in the inning went 1st to 3rd on a single by Matt Davidson, but seemed to feel something a bit between 2nd and 3rd base. He remained in the game, though. He helped the Reds rally for six runs in the 2nd inning with a sacrifice fly. In the 4th inning Senzel struck out, and when the bottom of the inning began he was replaced in the field by Travis Jankowski. The Reds announced that he had left the game with left groin tightness.

That wasn’t the last time the injury bug popped up for the Reds, though. Pedro Strop came out to begin the 8th inning. He walked Orlando Arcia to start the inning, and then mid-at-bat against Brock Holt, Strop also experienced a groin injury and he left the game, being replaced by Lucas Sims. Sims would complete the at-bat against Holt with a walk, but that was charged to Strop. A double play followed, but Christian Yelich homered, giving both Strop and Sims an earned run as a result.

Following the game manager David Bell said that he did not yet have an update on either Senzel or Strop or the extent of their injuries. “We’ll have to see how they both are tomorrow (Saturday).”

Before the game, Bell did have an update of sorts on second baseman Mike Moustakas.

“Continuing to just get treatment,” said Bell.  “Hopefully we’ll have him back at any point. We’re really shooting to have him back to start a game by Tuesday after the off day at this point.”

He later clarified that he was not available to pinch hit.

10 Responses

    • scotly50

      Well, there goes his healthy streak. How long has it been, maybe a week.

      • Keith

        Not sure it was even that long. He hurt his hand sliding into second mid week, I think.

  1. Mark Moore

    Strop is a tough loss, for sure. But we do have others in the BP and he hasn’t been used that much to date. Not that we won’t miss him, but …

    Senzel and this type of injury is troubling. Yes, we just snagged Payton back so defensively we’re fine, but now I’m afraid Bell will roll out a carousel of players in CF and we won’t get consistency in any way. Hoping it’s something very minor, but I know these can be nagging and last a season.

    Really feel like we need the sweep in BeerTown. That puts us back at .500 and feels more like we’re back in the mix whether for a playoff or a super tournament. At least the pitchers heading out there give us a shot at staying close. It’s back to the bats (unfortunately) to make it happen.

    • Tom wilson

      Trust me Reds fan you won’t lose a step bringing Payton back. The throwback Mark Payton has zero weakness.

  2. Hotto4Votto

    The Senzel injury is troubling. Injury-prone seems to be the theme in his time with the Reds. It’s unfortunate as he’d been playing well and giving good ABs too. Hopefully Akiyama can pick it up. Strop wasn’t pitching particularly well, and maybe the Reds will call up Kuhnel or Antone and it’ll actually be an improvement.

    • Scott C

      I understand that Senzel has experienced a lot of injuries but most of them (shoulder excepted) have been small injuries, hand, groin etc. so I am not ready to put injury down on Senzel. I agree about Strop he was inconsistent. I would like to see the young kids get an opportunity. Antone has looked good in two chances.

      • Hotto4Votto

        2017, 2018, and 2019 ended with Senzel on the injury list. All three full seasons he’s been with the Reds. He would have started 2020 on the injury list if the season had started on time. He’s already had two injuries this season causing him to miss time in the first 14 games. How many years in a row does he need to have before the title fits?

  3. JNort

    I feel bad for Senzel, I do believe he will be a star , IF he can get past the injuries. Payton is a depth acquisition that the A’s gave us for a bag of hammers (actually a bag of cash). The Reds fall in love with guys for no apparent reason, did they look around before settling on Patton? They should look to the A’s for guidance on how to do things, Oakland is one of the best run organizations in baseball, 10-4, the record that I was hoping we would have as we approach the 1/4 pole.

  4. Charlie Waffles

    That’s really a shame on Senzel.
    I see where the Reds traded with the A’s to get rule 5 pick OF Mark Payton back. Glad to see him back. It is not the trade that was needed, but it will surely help. He can play some CF if Senzel is down for a bit. Welcome back Mark Payton.