The Cincinnati Reds had until noon today to cut their active roster from 30 players down to 28 players. The team made the moves official right at noon, optioning right-handed pitcher Tejay Antone and utility man Josh VanMeter to the alternate roster at Prasco Park.

That’s got to be a tough day for Tejay Antone, who has made two appearances for the Reds this season – throwing 4.1 innings of 1-hit baseball in relief of Wade Miley and then starting last night against Cleveland and throwing another 4.1 innings of 1-run baseball. In his two games he’s got a 2.08 ERA in 8.2 innings with three hits, five walks, and nine strikeouts. But he won’t be available to pitch for a few days because he just started last night and with five other pitchers already in the rotation, you can sort of make sense of the move. Of course, given the bullpen struggles, sliding him into the bullpen and optioning someone who was struggling there could have easily been an argument to be made, too.

For Josh VanMeter the move may be a bit easier to argue for. The left-handed hitter has gone hitless this season in 14 at-bats, while walking twice and being hit by a pitch. The 25-year-old is hardly the only player struggling at the plate for the team right now, so there certainly could have been other options that could have been made for Cincinnati – but 0-14 is a start that no one can really argue against being a move that was one that didn’t make sense.

More new rules for MLB

Late last night it was made official that the 28-man rosters set today will remain at 28 players through the end of the playoffs. The previous rule was that teams would move to 26 player rosters in another two weeks, but with the rate at which pitchers are being injured this season both sides agreed to keep the rosters at 28 moving forward.

Another rule change is that taxi squads for road trips are being expanded from up to three players to up to five players. Teams don’t have to bring the maximum number of players with them – the Reds haven’t done so either time they’ve gone on the road thus far this year – but the option is now there for them to carry five players with them if they would like.

When it comes to COVID-19 related rules, players and staff that are not on the field must have a mask on at all times that covers both their nose and their mouth. There will also need to additional “outdoor space” for teams rather than just having everyone congregated within the clubhouse where the air is circulated around and making transmission – if it’s present – more easily contracted.

31 Responses

  1. Klugo

    No surprise. Tejay will most definitely be back. Not so sure about Josh.

  2. CallowayPost

    My thought too with Antone…yeah, he’ll be unavailable for a few days, but we have more than enough arms in the bullpen who go longer than a few days. Plus I think it would only benefit Antone being around the rest of the starting rotation to pick their brains, or watch games with them.

    The only plan they have to mentally prepare is to have no plan at all.

  3. Enfuego

    Does Van meter being sent down suggest that moustakas should be healthy soon?

    • Doug Gray

      David Bell noted yesterday that he was hoping Moustakas could be playing today or tomorrow. So we’ll see, but the expectation is that he won’t be missing much time.

    • mark

      probably not, probably means Colon will be starting at 2B tonight 😉

      • Chris Holbert

        With the struggling offense, if Moose cannot go, hopefully it will be Farmer, he at least has a chance to do some damage at the plate

  4. wizeman

    was surprised at first but realizing antone wont be used for a couple of days… i get it. antone going to be a yo-yo

  5. VaRedsFan

    Does anyone know how often players/staff are tested for Covid?

    • Doug Gray

      Pretty sure it’s every other day. That is, unless there’s a reason to test sooner (potential exposure).

      • musicclown

        Doug do you know what testing method MLB is using to test for Covid? How fast do they get the results?

      • Doug Gray

        They use different tests for different protocols. There are rapid tests available, but those are not the standard “every other day” tests the guys are getting. The rapid tests seem to be for when there’s a reason to believe someone has been exposed and or is showing symptoms. Otherwise they are getting the saliva test, and the results take 36-48 hours in most cases. It seems that over the weekend they may take longer at times.

  6. Mark Moore

    Fine with both for the reasons noted. Antone will definitely be back with the big club before it’s all over … unless they’ve got a trade brewing.

  7. Chris Holbert

    Doug, does the amount of time, that a player must stay “optioned” remain the same, with the new rules? With Antone being down, I was wondering when he can be recalled?

    • Doug Gray

      Yes, still have to be down for 10 days unless you are coming back up to replace someone who was injured.

      • enfueago

        There are a couple relievers who are out of options and in danger of a “pulled muscle” or “arm soreness.”

  8. Redgoggles

    Has anyone heard any word on BobSteve?

  9. Mark Moore

    Raley DFA’d for DeLeon as well.

  10. Chris

    Not happy to see Antone go down. If this were a 25, er 26 man roster, I could understand the argument for letting Antone go down, but at 28 players, this is a real lousy move. Again, these guys are not computers. Antone has been arguably the 5th best pitcher on this team, this short season. This move reminds me of how they jerked Garrett around during his 1st year, and it absolutely destroyed him for the rest of that season. You don’t reward success with a demotion; not when there are guys like Cody Reed on your roster who is literally worthless from a MLB pitcher standpoint. As for VanMeter, don’t agree with that move, but I can certainly understand it.

    • Doug Gray

      We talking about the same Cody Reed with a 4.13 ERA in his last 52.1 innings in the Major Leagues, or are we talking about some other Cody Reed who fits the description you seem to be attributing to the Reds version?

    • DaveCT

      JVM will go down, play in some practice games, and hopefully get in enough reps to find his swing. He’s helpless up there now. I’m all for it, as we’ll need him to be more productive to compete Better.

    • MK

      Would not be surprised that Tejay knew the plan from when he was called up so it probably was not a surprise. I’m sure it went into the decision to use him up for the next 4 days at least.

  11. Chris

    Doug, I’m talking about the Cody Reed that has a 117 .3 innings pitched in the big leagues over parts of 5 seasons now, with a whopping 5.58 era. I’m talking about the Cody Reed that after three appearances this season has an era of 12.00 (2 runs allowed in 2 of the 3 appearances). Let’s not ignore that beautiful career WHIP of 1.615 either. Even if we use your last 52.3 innings, he still caries a 1.40+ WHIP in that time frame, which is not something to brag about. Yep, we are talking about the same Cody Reed.

    • Doug Gray

      I’m not sure why you think that what happened in 2016 and 2017 is just as important, or even more important than what happened when he started pitching in relief more in 2018 and was actually kind of good, but you do you I guess. I’m over here ignoring the old data that has very little value in evaluating a player today.

      And while a 1.41 WHIP isn’t exactly something to brag about, it’s in no way, shape or form “literally worthless as a Major League pitcher”, which is what you used to describe Cody Reed instead of “maybe he’s ever so slightly below league average”.

      • Chris

        I’m gonna stick with worthless for a MLB reliever on a so-called playoff team. Sure you can choose to pick and choose his last two years or 52.1 innings, which if you look at the numbers during that time span, really his only effectiveness was for the month of August in 2018; outside that he’s been either injured, or subpar in the rest of that time period. And by the way, Every pitcher on the 2019 team who had a 1.40 or higher WHIP is NO longer on this Reds team. That is a terrible number; heck, Bauer who got lit up last year as a Red, didn’t even have a WHIP that high. I guess we’ll once again, have to agree to disagree on this one. 🙂

      • Doug Gray

        We most certainly are because since the start of 2018 his ERA is better than the league average and on no planet is that “literally worthless”.

      • Chris

        Even after his stellar performance tonight (sarcasm), still completely worthless. I also notice how you ignore WHIP. I guess it doesn’t fit your narrative.

      • Doug Gray

        I’m not ignoring WHIP. And you’re still wrong with suggesting he’s completely worthless. Have a good night, Chris. I’ll just back away because honestly man, this isn’t worth either of our time.

      • Chris

        I’m wrong, yet you are touting a guy that has now let up 2 runs per appearance this year, in 3 of his 4 appearances. And that’s just the runs that were charged to him. His past tells us this isn’t really a fluke, since your whole argument is based on ONE GOOD MONTH of August 2018.
        LOL. You are right about many things Reds related, but I’m sorry, this ain’t one of them.

      • Doug Gray

        Like I said Chris: Have a good night, it ain’t worth it.