The Cincinnati Reds picked up a doubleheader sweep behind strong starts from Anthony DeSclafani and Trevor Bauer against the Detroit Tigers on Sunday afternoon and evening.

Game 1 Recap

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (3-5)
4 7 1
Detroit Tigers (5-4)
3 4 0
W: Iglesias (1-1) L: Jimenez (0-1)
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If game one today didn’t perfectly encompass 2020 for the Cincinnati Reds then I don’t know what does. Anthony DeSclafani had an outstanding start, then the late innings saw an implosion. But things turned out well in the end as a run in the top of the 7th and final inning set things up for Raisel Iglesias for shut the Tigers down to seal the victory.

The Offense

Nick Castellanos is usually referred to as a doubles machine, but in the first game of today’s scheduled doubleheader it was Castellanos participating in a different kind of double – homering twice and driving in three runs. One of the Reds big offseason acquisitions has been making his presence felt all year and now has four homers on the season.

But once starting pitcher Rony Garcia was pulled, the offense went silent as reliever Tyler Alexander struck out nine straight batters – tying the American League record for consecutive strikeouts in a game. The streak ended when he hit Mike Moustakas in the forearm in the 6th inning, leading to the second baseman leaving the game for a pinch runner.

After a fiasco in the bottom of the 6th inning that tied the game up at 3-3, Freddy Galvis led off off with a double to deep center field. Tucker Barnhart then  singled to right, but Galvis was held at third to put runners on the corners with no outs for the top of the lineup. Holding Galvis worked out as Shogo Akiyama came through with a single to put Cincinnati ahead. That was the only run they’d get. It was the only one they needed because…..

The Pitching

Anthony DeSclafani was making his season debut in this one and he must have really wanted to get on the mound. A leadoff triple in the 3rd inning was the first time he faced some trouble, but he locked down and left the runner stranded as he held onto a 3-0 lead. The Reds right-hander was sitting at 64 pitches through 5.0 innings and allowed just three hits on the day before David Bell went to Lucas Sims for the 6th. After a lazy fly out to left and a strikeout came quickly, a single by Miguel Cabrera and a walk to C.J Cron brought the tying run to the plate for the Tigers. Sims then hit Christin Stewart to load the bases and put the tying run on.

Then 2020 showed it’s ugly face once again. Lucas Sims seemingly was out of it. A well hit ball into right-center looked to be caught as Nick Castellanos called off Nick Senzel, but then Castellanos had the ball go off of his glove and all three runners scored to tie the game up. That brought manager David Bell to the mound to call on Raisel Iglesias, who at one point seemed to balk in the go-ahead run, but the call was reversed and it never happened. He would then get a weak fly ball to shallow left field to end the inning and keep the game tied. Iglesias came back out for the 7th and made quick work of the Tigers, but not before partaking in an incredible play in the field himself. After a ball deflected off of Josh VanMeter, Iglesias scrambled to cover the bag as Kyle Farmer barehanded the ball and fired to a stretched out Iglesias to record the 2nd out of the inning.

Game 2 Recap

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (4-5)
4 11 0
Detroit Tigers (5-5)
0 2 0
W: Bauer (1-0) L: Norris (0-1)
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Trevor Bauer seemed to be holding a grudge against the entire city of Detroit after the debacle that was the rain-delay issue yesterday, and he took it out on the Tigers hitters as he fired a 2-hit shutout as the Cincinnati Reds (4-5) swept the doubleheader over the Detroit Tigers (5-5) on Sunday.

The Offense

The Reds didn’t waste much time getting on the board as Eugenio Suarez hit a ground-rule double and scored on a Matt Davidson single in the 1st inning to put Cincinnati on top. In the 2nd inning they would play add on after Christian Colon doubled down the line and scored on a single by Aristides Aquino. The offense ran starting pitcher Daniel Norris, who was making his 2020 debut, before the inning was over, but didn’t extend their lead.

In the 3rd inning Nick Senzel lined the ball to center and he used his speed to turn a single into a double, but hit the bag hard and was in clear pain with his left hand. The trainer came out to look at him and after checking him out, Senzel remained in the game. He was stranded on the bases.

The offense went rather quiet after that, but with strong pitching by Trevor Bauer the Reds didn’t need it for the most part. In the top of the 7th, though, they gave the pitching staff a bit more breathing room. Curt Casali was hit by a pitch with 1 out. Nick Senzel followed with another double to put runners on 2nd and third for Christian Colon. The Reds starting second baseman for the game came through with a single past a drawn in infield to make it 4-0.

The Pitching

Trevor Bauer, who was supposed to start on Saturday, took the mound for game two on Sunday with something to prove. He was frustrated at the timing of the announcement of the delayed start on Saturday, to which he had already began warming up for and thus making today’s start questionable for him.

After getting handed a 1-0 lead in the top of the 1st he worked around a 1-out walk. A similar fate was there in the 2nd as he worked around a 1-out single to hold onto what was then a 2-0 lead having thrown 35 pitches in the first two frames. It was more of the same in the 3rd, almost. This time Bauer had to work around a 2-out single that was followed by a walk, but he did just that – but it took 23 more pitches to get through the inning. Things went quickly in the 4th as Bauer went 1-2-3 and needed just 13 pitches to do so. The 5th inning would see the righty throw 18 pitches, but ultimately get two pop ups and a strikeout in the inning – holding onto a 2-0 lead and pushing his pitch count up to 90. The 6th inning was another quick one as Bauer needed just 13 pitches as he held onto the lead once again. David Bell gave Bauer a shot to pick up the complete game and he came through with a 10-pitch inning to pick up the win, complete game, and shutout.

Notes Worth Noting

Tyler Alexander set a new Major League record for consecutive strikeouts by a reliever with nine straight. That also tied the American League record for any pitcher, set by Doug Fister in 2012 (and led to one of the worst typos in the history of sports tweets). The Major League record remains safe for now, with Tom Seaver’s 10 straight.

In his first start of the season, Trevor Bauer averaged 94.6 MPH on his fastball in his first start of the season. But today he averaged 93.1 – likely due to the fact that he began to warm up yesterday and probably wasn’t quite at full strength on the day.

This was the first ever 7-inning doubleheader in Major League Baseball history. Embrace the weird in 2020 continues.

Nick Castellanos is hitting .387/.472/.871 on the year. Not a bad start to the season at the plate.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cleveland vs Cincinnati

Monday August 3rd, 6:40pm ET

Zach Plesac (0-0, 0.00 ERA) vs Sonny Gray (2-0, 0.71 ERA)

81 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Yeah. Let’s just be a little smarter this time and win again. 🙂

  2. renbutler

    So if the home team gets to decide how long to wait out the weather before starting a game, doesn’t that open things up for shenanigans?

    As pointed out in the game thread, a shorter game benefits a team with bullpen issues (see: Reds). Could a team put a game start on a shorter leash just to create more doubleheaders?

    It’s not like teams have to worry about fans and gates this year. And they probably get the same TV revenue regardless of whether a game is 7 or 9 innings.

    All game start decisions should probably be reverted to the umpires, at least for this season.

  3. Klugo

    Look, this is pure speculation here. But it really seems to me that this COVID thing is really messing with the Reds mentally. It doesn’t seem to be affecting the Tigers or some other teams like the Reds.

    • Sean D

      I 100% agree. After Davidson tested positive everyone seemed kinda depressed. Even more so when moustakas and senzel were out then all the sudden they ignite when they come back. Idk just interesting

  4. Old-school

    Just win again. All that matters. Go reds.

  5. Tom Mitsoff

    After that Matt Davidson at-bat, I can understand why there are some people in the organization who like him. It was a tough at-bat where he fouled off a lot of pitches before finally getting the RBI hit. Norris is not the toughest lefty in the game, though.

  6. Roger Garrett

    Tom,you are right he battled and he won.Need more of that from him and others even if you don’t get a hit.Guys taking good at bats pay off and become contagious.

  7. Colorado Red

    What a play by Iggy, Stayed on the base, and got the out.
    Maybe, these can kick him off to be the old Iggy again.
    GO REDS.

    • JB

      Colon double, Davidson single and RBI. Maybe we got this all wrong. I’ll admit I’m just a hack sitting in my chair.

  8. Melvin

    What’s amazing to me after MLB started using the replay is how many times that umpires actually get it wrong.

  9. Roger Garrett

    Putting the ball in play is such a good thing.

  10. JB

    Suarez just missed that. Hopefully that double earlier will get him better at bats.

    • Tomn

      I think he’s finding himself after an awful start. The double and solid outs have me thinking he’s ‘seeing the ball’ again – whatever that means. It’s not the first time he’s started a season off slow.

  11. earmbrister

    I’m limited to Gameday today. Bauer is looking “just a bit” wild.

    • JB

      His velocity is down today from 98 to about 92-93. He is trying to hit the corners more.

      • earmbrister

        He seems like he has settled in a bit. Hadn’t noticed the velocity, so thnx

      • Sean D

        He was just exhausted the entire start, showed some real grit love to see it

  12. Roger Garrett

    I am with you but he is 3 out of 30 with 2 of those hits bloopers.We need him badly.He knows it so we press on I guess.Other team will find you when you aren’t producing.No way was Nick going to get a pitch to hit.You try to make him chase and if not you bring in a righty for Eugenio.Its a humbling game I imagine.

    • JB

      During rain delay earlier I went and looked at other teams box scores from yesterday. Alot of guys are struggling earlier. Lindor,Semien,Chapman, Altuve,Springer,Grandal…. Suarez and others on team arent alone. Just keep adjusting.

  13. Mark Moore

    Is this the Game #2 discussion thread?

    • Doug Gray

      It wasn’t supposed to be by my plans – but if people want to use it as such I’m not going to stop anyone.

      • Doug Gray

        No update. Bell wasn’t available between games, so unless word gets passed along in another fashion we’re going to have to wait until after the game to get an update.

  14. Roger Garrett

    Yep but not much going on right now.

  15. CP

    Head first slides are dumb. Hopefully Senzel’s injury is minor.

    • Melvin

      Head first or feet first it doesn’t matter if you don’t do it correctly you get injured. Pete Rose thought it was safer head first.

      • Doug Gray

        Pete Rose also thought it was a good idea to bet on baseball games and date high school sophomores when he was in his mid-30’s. Turns out Pete Rose wasn’t bright.

      • Melvin

        haha You’ll never get an argument from me about his character. He was/is a jerk. When it comes to baseball though he knew what he was talking about.

      • Tom Reeves

        It’s very possible Pete has CTE from multiple head injuries starting in youth sports. I wouldn’t be surprised if when Pete dies and they look at his brain, the suborbital prefrontal cortex is gone. That’s the part of the brain that regulates behavior and impulse control.

        Of course, it’s also possible he’s simply screwed up from his Dad and from being a defective human being. Man, I did love the way he played – it’s a shame either way.

      • Grand Salami

        I’ve heard Pete too many times, first when he managed, and next on national broadcasts. The man eat, lived, and breathed baseball.

        Doug he’s forgotten more than the rest of us know. Character aside he took average skills and became a great.

      • Doug Gray

        If I want to know about hitting a baseball, he’s probably got some outstanding insight. Which way to slide being safer? I don’t need to know his opinion because it’s probably not all that valuable. There’s no special talent or skill or insight involved in “which way to slide” is safer like there is hitting a baseball.

        And for the love of Pete, can we stop with the “Pete had average skills” stuff? I’ve been hearing it my entire life and it’s never made sense. Pete was an elite level athlete who had insane hand eye coordination. The guy was a switch hitting machine against the best pitchers on the planet. The raw talent it takes to do that is incredible. Running incredibly hard all of the time doesn’t mean he didn’t have raw talent – it meant that he ran hard.

  16. Melvin

    Senzel: Trade him while his value is high…still. Once teams figure out he can’t stay on the field we get little.

    • Tomn

      No way. I wonder when the hell Bell is going to have him hitting at the top of the order. He should be getting more ABs than anyone on the team (outside of Castellano). He’s starting to play and hit with confidence. Move him to leadoff NOW.

  17. ClevelandRedsFan

    That looked reaaaaal bad for a minute. Senzel stayed in the game after and seems to be OK.

    He was burning it around first to turn that into a double.

    • Melvin

      Yeah. You can’t fault the aggressiveness. If I was a betting man though I’d say he comes out before the end of the game.

      • Melvin

        Yeah I know. I’m glad I was wrong. He’s doing well and hope he plays tomorrow. It will be harder though because it will probably swell and be sore.

  18. JB

    I don’t think Bauer is finishing this game. He is at 77 pitches now. I wish we had more than 2 runs.

      • Tomn

        He did look really tired by the 5th inning. Glad he could tough it out. He also looked like he’d rip Bell’s head off if he came out to yank him, LOL.

  19. Old-school

    Bauer has been a leader.
    Nick Senzel is charging. Put this guy in the leadoff spot and CF every day. Shogo hits 2nd while Votto is out.

  20. Mark Moore

    Manufactured base runners. That works.

    • Mark Moore

      And those 2 (or 3) runs would have really helped.

  21. JB

    2 hard hit balls that ended up being outs. Castellanos, it seems , has been robbed alot.

  22. ClevelandRedsFan

    A couple rockets by Castellanos and Geno. That could have easily been 2 more runs for either hit.

  23. Roger Garrett

    Two on and then 3 straight outs in the air.Ervin has to and I mean has to get the runner to third.

    • JB

      Bauer might finish this. I’m sure Bell will be told by Bauer that he is finishing. The guy is a horse.

  24. Mark Moore

    If Bauer is done after 6, who do you trust with the 7th? Perhaps AG?

  25. Old-school

    Sonny Gray and Trevor Bauer have said I’m putting this team on my shoulders. As did home run leader Nick Castellanos.

    • Mark Moore

      That they have. I’m thinking Moose is part of that group and it sets a great example for Senzel.

      It puts a different kind of pressure on Geno and Castillo to step it up. Done right, it’s contagious and we pull out of this funk.

  26. Mark Moore

    Nice piece of acting … ball 4 anyway.

  27. Mark Moore


    I’m totally fine with Trevor coming out for the 7th at this point.

    • TR

      A positive move letting Bauer complete the game . He along with Castellanos and Senzel are stepping forward as team leaders. Just what the Reds need.

  28. Mark Moore

    *Complete Game Shutout … but it counts and is what we needed. Nicely managed Trevor. You stepped it up and fired up the team.

    8 runs, 14 innings, only 4 pitchers … and we head back down I-75 just below .500. That goes a long way toward getting the monkey off our backs.

    • IndyDoug

      …and just .5 GB 8th playoff spot….

  29. RedNat

    I think the reds have shown a ton of heart this year. They have faced bad weather, the coronavirus and still are playing very hard, aggressive baseball. I think Bell is doing a good job keeping the players focused and motivated

  30. Jeff Morris

    Wonder if any update on how Moustakas is doing? Not sure if Manager Bell has spoken yet on the post game?

  31. Slicc50

    Nice couple of wins here. 4-5 looks MUCH better than 2-7 or 3-6. If this team can hang in there around .500 until everyone gets going, they have the talent to really start to string together some W’s.

    • Mark Moore

      Agreed. 4 with the Tribe will be a great test of our mettle.

  32. Klugo

    Been seeing a little more hard contact and bad luck. Signs of change? Hope so.

  33. VaRedsFan

    The Reds are 2-0 without Votto…..j/k
    Get well soon Joey, and bring your 2017 swing back to the lineup

    • Mark Moore

      Let’s hope so. But frankly, I wouldn’t blame him if he opts out. This stuff is nasty and he really has no reason to take chances. If he’s OK (and I hope he is), then get well and get back … and do bring that more aggressive swing we saw in Game 1.

  34. FreeHouse

    What do you guys make of Van Meter? He does put some quality at bats but he just doesn’t hit. I feel like 80% of his at bats so far have came with runners on base and he just does produce. These young guys keep getting their chances to prove themselves but they don’t take advantage of the opportunity.

    • Indy Red Man

      I’m a big JVM fan, but he hasn’t looked good so far. 0-12 with 5 Ks

      I like him overall though….something to work with because he takes pitches and he has power/speed. Last year he started 1-12, but by the end of July he had a .950 OPS on 77 at-bats. Joey’s out so I’d keep running with him vs RHP and see what happens, but you can’t wait long. Aquino needs a chance and Davidson could probably do damage vs the right pitching.

      Currently JVM, Winker, and Ervin are a combined 3-46 (.065). Thats ugly. They’re going to need a full lineup to get anywhere.

      • Sliotar

        Good call, Indy.

        Reds and Indians both have trouble getting hits from anyone, except a couple of key guys.

        Both looking at the other possibly thinking, “they can’t hit, we have starting pitching …. let’s get well against them.”

        No letting off the gas pedal, especially only going 3-3 vs. Tigers.

  35. Mark

    3 of 4 against the Indians’ is a must after the 3-3 debacle vs. the Tigers, thank goodness for the doubleheader sweep yesterday.

  36. ClevelandRedsFan

    That double header really feels like it saved the season.

    That second game felt like the Reds we expected to see all year. 11 hits, dominant starting pitching, 3 walks and a couple
    HBP. Plus about half a dozen more hard hit balls right just in the wrong spot.

    The Reds also grinded at bats and chased the starter early.

    Senzel and Suarez looked great yesterday. Senzel hit the ball hard all game.

    Is the season turning around? Even a split with the Indians would be OK. We all joke, but the Reds will actually face a Cy Young candidate in game 2.

  37. Tom Reeves

    I know a really strong business leader and one of the things he did to prepare his team for working through covid (they’re in an essential manufacturing industry) was to tweak a simple question. Instead of asked how they prevent anyone from getting it, he ask “how should we respond when someone tests positive?” His fear was that they would take all these prevention measures and would then feel like they failed the first time someone tested positive. And he knew that for a group of 500 people, there was a huge chance someone would test positive.

    So, they built their protection measures around preventing a positive person from infecting others. They did their shift rotations to reduce the likelihood one person could infect the entire plant. They designed their testing to catch cases early.

    But, most of all, they’ve managed to navigate the pandemic with only one asymptomatic person having a positive test. They’ve also managed to keep working and are surviving this mess economically.

    I wonder if the Reds fell for the trap of trying to prevent anyone from testing positive? There’s just too much outside the team’s control to prevent it. It’s far better to plan for positive tests and work through the contingencies.

  38. lost11found

    Great job to pull a victory in game one after nearly letting is slip away, and bauer was lights out in Game 2. Kudos to bell for leaving him in…

    Other kudos deserved by people who take a lot of incoming. Iglasias deserves high hustle points for that carom play in game 1. I’ve seen plenty of pitchers stop on that play assuming the 1B has it unassisted. But he was sprinting to the bag the whole time. He doesn’t do that and its probably an infield single. A great play to show younger players (as I did with my sons this morning).

  39. Matt WI

    Who else enjoyed 7 inning double headers? I’m all in. Keep them beyond this year.