The Cincinnati Reds have a starting pitcher heading to the injured list, but they will replace him with one returning from the injured list. While there’s still a game scheduled for Thursday night, the forecasts suggests there’s almost no way that the game is going to be played. Perhaps that is why the Reds will be waiting until tomorrow to officially make the roster move of placing left-handed pitcher Wade Miley on the injured list with a groin injury. Manager David Bell said today during his daily press conference with the local media that the move would happen on Friday and that right-handed starter Anthony DeSclafani would take his place on the roster.

Anthony DeSclafani began the year on the injured list, but was only expected to miss one start and that appears to be the case. He’s the probable starter for Saturday in Detroit, with Tyler Mahle set to pitch against the Tigers on Sunday.

Wade Miley only had one start this season and it didn’t go as planned. On Monday night the newest addition to the Reds rotation allowed five earned runs (and was charged with an unearned run, too) in just 1.2 innings of work while walking two batters and hitting two others. He threw 57 pitches before being pulled from the game and replaced by reliever Tejay Antone.

Matt Bowman’s option reversed, placed on the injured list

Not sure that I’ve ever seen this one before, but the Cincinnati Reds have reversed the option on pitcher Matt Bowman and placed him instead on the 10-day injured list with a right elbow sprain. This means that he was injured prior to being optioned. It also means, as Will Carroll always points out, a sprain is a tear, and that Matt Bowman has at least some sort of tear in his elbow. That doesn’t necessarily mean he will need surgery (it also doesn’t mean that he won’t). Right now we only know that he’s injured his pitching elbow and that there is some kind of tear in there.

Tyler Stephenson to join the Reds on the road

With the 2020 season being what it is, Major League Baseball is allowing up to three players from the taxi squad to travel with the team on the road in case there is a need to add players due to an injury. Catcher Tyler Stephenson, who went 2-2 with a walk and a home run in his Major League debut on Monday, but was optioned to the Prasco Park roster on Wednesday, will be a part of the taxi squad that hits the road when Cincinnati heads to Detroit on Friday.

10 Responses

  1. Kevin Patrick

    I am very pleased DeSclafani is coming back. While the starter performances have been exceptional out of the first three spots, the Reds need for that 4th pitcher to produce too. I have all the faith in the world he won’t disappoint. Let’s just hope that the bats stay hot until the pen can iron out whatever they need to.

  2. Charles Lackey

    Just read where the CINCINNATI REDS FRONT OFFICE MAKES OUT THE LINEUP CARDS NOT THE MANAGER? That, to me, is a slap in the face for David Bell. I had never heard of such a thing in all my life. No wonder the REDS are constantly in disarray soon I guess one of the FRONT OFFICE will pinch hit or pitch in a game. HEY REDS—–HOW ABOUT LETTING THE MANAGER DO HIS JOB, part of which is making out the lineups. MERCY WHAT AN ORGANIZATION.

    • Hal

      As long as they make it out with the same lineup as Wed night I don’t care if Zippy the chimp makes out the lineup. Eliminate the crazy crap and the only exceptions are a rare day off for the core 7, swapping catchers as needed L/R, and some sort of rotation between Winker/Ervin/Aquino.

      Wash, rinse, and repeat.

  3. Seadog

    I would also ask? Where did you read that?
    In my humble opinion. David Bell makes up every lineup. It is his call. That is what I have a “problem” with. Akyama should be your lead-off hitter from day 1. David Bell can’t throw pitches. He can write out the correct card. He should know his team. His problem with Castellanos, just blows my mind.

  4. DaveCT

    Jimmy Herget called up by Texas. Best of luck to the sidewinder.

  5. seadog

    MLB— now has a new rule for 2020. All Double Headers will be 7 innings. Let’s pray for more rain lol

    Imagine 2 games 1 day. 7 innings each. Start Gray/Bauer/Castillo. You don’t have to go to the pen. Lol.

    • IndyRedsFan

      I wouldn’t pray for more rain. Double headheaders usually mean you end up having to use a 6th starter. I’d much rather see one of the big 3 pitching as many games as possible.

  6. Indy Red Man

    I’m glad to have Disco back! He was really humping it up there last year at a steady 95/96 mph. They can set up everything else. Lifetime wise he’s a .500 pitcher with a low 4s era…..Joe Average in every way, but I think he could easily evolve into a 14-8 3.60 type guy in a regular season. He’s a hard worker and his only issues seem to be HR balls in the spring. We’re past spring so lets go with that this year!!

    Other news….sure glad Milw moved Trent Grisham to the Pads! I’ve only watched like 3-4 innings and he has a double, triple, and diving shoestring catch with bases loaded/1 out. That kid can play!!