Both Nick Senzel and Mike Moustakas have won their appeal to return to the field for the Cincinnati Reds. Earlier today they made their case to a panel to be re-instated after having multiple negative tests for COVID-19 after having symptoms, but no positive tests, over the weekend. Since then they have tested negative multiple times and are showing no symptoms but had not yet been approved to return to the field.

Just after 2pm ET, Nick Senzel tweeted “Back”, indicating that he had been cleared to return and had won his appeal. At 2:40pm ET, C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic reported that the Reds appeals were granted for both Senzel and Mike Moustakas and that both of them are back in the lineup tonight as the team prepares to on the Chicago Cubs, and hopefully end a 4-game losing streak.

While Nick Senzel was never placed on the injured list, Mike Moustakas was. With Moustakas being activated for the game tonight, the Reds optioned catcher Tyler Stephenson back to the Prasco Park roster.

It was last night that we found out that the two players had never tested positive, but still weren’t able to play. Outfielder Nick Castellanos expressed his frustration with the “(expletive) protocols” that had the two of them out of the lineup during the losing streak that began after a win over the Detroit Tigers on Opening Day.

Live Batting Practice this afternoon

Jeremy Rauch of Fox 19 noted that this afternoon at 4pm ET the Cincinnati Reds would be streaming batting practice over at So if you’re looking for some extra baseball-related activities to watch today, here’s your ticket.

12 Responses

  1. CallowayPost


    Half fire and brimstone
    Half concerned grandma

    Good to have the boys back!

  2. KG

    Good news! Now let’s go out there and beat the stinkin’ Cubs tonight and get back on track. GO REDS!

  3. BO


    Any thoughts on why they would send Stephenson down vs. Colon? I get they play different positions, etc. but with Stephenson already up and using service time what experience can he really get at Prasco vs. staying with Cinci? I would imagine catching sides from the major league staff would be more beneficial. Just keep him up until rosters slim down at this point.

    • Doug Gray

      Stephenson is no longer getting service time now that he’s on the Prasco roster.

  4. TR

    With limited time, leadership is needed.

  5. Don

    This team had a different vibe when Moose was in the lineup. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but his presence should give this lineup a boost.

  6. JB

    Maybe this team will finally have a leader. I was thinking about this last night. When was the last time this team actually had a leader?

  7. Mark Moore

    OK, all you grumblers (me included) … lineup was posted on the Reds FB page. It looks like the one we all wanted with Shogo leading off and Senzel in CF.

    Here’s to support of Mr. Gray tonight!!

  8. Wonderboy

    The Cub players and manager getting off their butts to stand up and cheer their teammates was impressive. David Ross vibe in the air vs that of David Bell (solemn) … ????

  9. Private Gripweed

    That or he’s quickly becoming frustrated with the organization and already looking toward his 1 year opt out.