The sim Cincinnati Reds finished 81-81 in Strat-O-Matic’s 162-game season simulation which was concluded today. Cincinnati missed the playoffs, and in fact finished fourth in the division, behind Chicago, St. Louis and Milwaukee.

Standings following completion of 2020 sim season:

Cubs 91 71 .562 0.0
Cardinals 86 76 .529 5.0
Brewers 82 80 .506 9.0
Reds 81 81 .500 10.0
Pirates 61 101 .377 30.0

Here is the image showing how the season playoffs went, with the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the World Series over the Houston Astros:

Here are the final full-season hitting and pitching statistics for the sim Reds:


Final Redleg Nation commenter/manager records:

Peter Onte 2 1 .667
Jon Davis 9 5 .643
BK 9 6 .600
James Owens 4 3 .571
Melvin 6 5 .545
Gonzo Reds 6 6 .500
Redsfan4life 5 5 .500
RedsEuphoria 1 1 .500
Tomn 1 1 .500
Doug Gray 1 1 .500
Don 3 6 .333
Mark Moore 1 2 .333
Tom Mitsoff 1 2 .333
AirborneJayJay 0 1 .000
Jeff 0 1 .000
VaRedsFan 0 1 .000

Therefore, Strat-O-Matic’s record while making the managerial moves was 32-34.

From Strat-O-Matic regarding the overall sim season:

  • Luis Arreaz of Minnesota (.356) and Nolan Arenado of Colorado (.338) won the league batting titles, respectively

  • Jorge Soler of Kansas City and Story both hit 51 home runs to lead their respective leagues. Soler knocked in 130 runs to lead the A.L., and Arenado had 127 RBI to pace the N.L.

  • Eduardo Rodriguez won an A.L.-high 19 games for Boston, while Kershaw’s 21 wins and 2.16 ERA led the N.L.

  • Other division winners were Tampa Bay (102-60), Minnesota (91-71), defending champion Washington (91-71) and Chicago (N.L.) (91-71). Wild cards were New York (95-67) and Oakland (90-72) in the A.L. and Philadelphia (90-72) and Atlanta (89-73) in the N.L.

  • Higher seeds won every playoff round, including the Wild Card Games. The only series decided by a final game was the Washington-Chicago Division Series, a 3-2 Nationals win.

  • In the World Series, Justin Turner hit .500 for the Dodgers, but Cody Bellinger was named MVP after hitting .381 with 4 HR and 7 RBI in the five games. Four Astros hit over .400 in the Series in a losing cause.

Individual awards were selected as follows:

AL MVP: Alex Bregman, Houston

NL MVP: Trevor Story, Colorado

AL Cy Young: Justin Verlander, Houston

NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles

AL Rookie of the Year: Luis Robert, Chicago

NL Rookie of the Year: Shogo Akiyama, Cincinnati

On Friday, Strat-O-Matic released results of a 60-game simulation:

World Series Champion: Cleveland
AL Champion: Cleveland
NL Champion: Los Angeles (NL)
AL MVP: Carlos Correa
NL MVP: Kris Bryant
AL Cy Young: Charlie Morton
NL Cy Young: Mike Foltynewicz
AL Rookie of the Year: Luis Robert
NL Rookie of the Year: Alec Bohm

Cincinnati finished 30-30, nine games behind division winner St. Louis and NOT qualifying for the 16-team playoff field.

We did not receive the in-depth individual player stats for each team, but the sim Reds’ leading hitting apparently was Nick Castellanos with a .301 average and 18 doubles.

I did cast a doubtful eye on this when I noted in the league leader stats that Jose Garcia was among the league leaders in errors with nine, and that Tyler Stephenson apparently was the Reds’ primary catcher. Presuming that there weren’t major injuries to Freddy Galvis, Tucker Barnhart and Curt Casali, there is no way that Garcia and Stephenson would be playing everyday roles in a 60-game sprint.

Last year at this time, we probably would have been very optimistic about two simulations with the Reds finishing at .500. This year, not so much. 🙂

5 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Tom (and Doug) thanks again for seeing this through and providing a little distraction and fun.

    As for the the outcome, I don’t think there’s any way on this planet the Stupid Cubs pile up that many wins. 20 over .500??? Talk about Strat-o-Cards being messed up.

    Now, given what we saw last night … I’d say Iggy is probably close, though that ERA was pretty low.

    All-in-all, a good distraction and at least I pulled out one W.

  2. Don

    It was fun to participate and very thankful that Tim and Doug supported this while love baseball did not exist.

    I am disappointed that Strat-O-Natic did not really follow their own rules.

    Castellanos was supposed to miss three games after our last managerial game yet his total games played from game 100 to 162 is 62 games.

    Barnhardt was not brought back from the IL yet Strop was brought back.

    Who knows what was done with the other teams an injuries.

    Again, I am happy this was done, just disappointed that the same rules for the 1st 100 games did not seem to be used for the last 62.

    For the 60 game sim, digging through what stats are listed.
    Kyle Farmer also ground into 9 double plays.
    Votto had a .423 BA as a Pinch Hitter
    Galvis had 9 Errors

    Gray had 32 walks and 6.56 Hits/9Inn while only having a .203 BA against
    Castillo had 100 Ks, 11.25 Ks/9

    Based on Tom’s article and what I find it looks like

    Garcia, Stephenson, Farmer all played a lot in the 60 games.
    Gary pitched a lot of innings with really bad results.

    On to real life baseball and hopefully the Real Reds far outplay the Sim Reds.

  3. Redsfan4life

    Pretty much about how I thought we would finish once Strato took over.
    Maybe I am biased here but I think us Redleg nation readers would have made better lineups.
    Thanks again Tom and Doug for allowing us to do this.

  4. Melvin

    I think we were better managers than Strato. 🙂

    • Mark Moore

      Of course we are … plus Strat-o-Hates us 🙂