The Cincinnati Reds are making some roster moves this afternoon. The team has called up outfielder Aristides Aquino and right-handed pitcher Tejay Antone from the Prasco Park roster. They will be taking place of Matt Davidson and Tucker Barnhart on the roster.

Matt Davidson has been placed on the COVID-19 injured list after testing positive. He played in the game last night, so this could be worth keeping an eye on with regards to others on the team. Tucker Barnhart was placed on the 3-day paternity list. Best wishes to his wife, Tucker himself, and all of their friends and family.

For Aristides Aquino, he may take over the role as the right-handed hitting designated hitter that it seemed Matt Davidson could have been holding onto. Not that he showed big splits in the Major Leagues last season, he did hit .265/.333/.571 in 54 plate appearances against left-handed pitchers last season. If we include his time in Triple-A, though, that jumps up to .295/.359/.614 in 145 plate appearances in 2019.

Tejay Antone has been one of the more surprising players of 2020. The right-handed pitcher showed up in spring out in Goodyear with a fastball that was working 3-5 MPH faster than it had been the previous year as a starter. His outings were shorter given that it was spring training and he wasn’t getting “starter” innings, but sitting 96-98 MPH made for a very different kind of look from Antone. When he returned for Summer Camp in July it was more of the same. In one of the scrimmages against his teammates he struck out seven batters in 3.0 innings, showing off the newly found fastball velocity and a nasty slider while doing so. He’s never pitched in the Major Leagues before – so he will be making his debut whenever he makes an appearance in a game. As a starter, there is a chance he could pitch multiple innings when he does appear.

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  1. Cartel

    This is not good if Matt Davidson is testing positive for COVID-19. It did not seem like there was much social distancing that was going on in the dugout. This was my concern, one test positive and the rest fall.

    • Brian

      If no symptoms does it really matter?

      • Jvmh2009

        Yes because whoever else is infected could.

    • Brian

      If no symptoms does it really matter?

      • Michael Smith

        Not for the person with no symptoms. To others yes.

      • Doug Gray

        This isn’t really true, either. People without symptoms that they recognize are still having long term effects show up (some people not all people).

      • greenmtred

        Just because the person you get it from has neglible symptoms doesn’t mean you will. Apparently one of the faactors in severity is the actual amount of virus you come in contact with. A sneeze in somebody’s face is different from passing an infected person in a store aisle. And, as Michael Smith points out, an infected person very likely will spread it to others if not isolated.

      • Jim Walker

        What is emerging as we learn more about COVID-19 is that a substantial number of apparently asymptomatic people who test positive are in fact found to experience internal organ damage the duration of which remains to be determined

      • Jim Walker

        Sorry Doug, We crossed in the mail so to speak

      • HereforBaseball

        “Substantial” amount of people is obviously not true. As the virus peters out the scare narrative changes. Kawasaki in kids, Covid toes, ground glass opacity- all scary on the surface, with no data to back it up. Watching Doug hyperventilate on twitter for three months I’m not surprised he jumped in here to play arm chair doc and warn others.

      • Doug Gray

        There was zero hyperventilating. There was a lot of “this is stupid” going on.

        The US just had it’s 4th straight day of 1000+ deaths from COVID-19, the US is over 140,000 deaths, and the world is over 650,000 deaths. I’ll continue to say that this is scary. But I’ll also just caution you to keep your thinly veiled personal attacks off the site or you won’t be back on it.

      • jim walker

        @HFBB The figure I have seen consistently is about 1/3 of positive but “asymptomatic” adults that are checked are observed to have internal organ damage. Mostly in the lungs but also kidneys, heart, and even neurological irregularities have been noted in this group.

        So I guess it depends on what a person’s over/ under is for substantial.

      • earmbrister

        HereforBB — “As the virus peters out the scare narrative changes”. Peters out? You must live overseas, or have your head buried in the sand, cause the virus is raging in the US, particularly across the Sun Belt. As for the “scare narrative”, it’s a fool that doesn’t take this seriously. We’re well on the way to losing a couple of hundred thousand people in the US to the virus. One of my son’s soccer coaches passed away this past week from the virus, a seemingly fit man in his 40s. Many of those that get sick are experiencing complications that could affect/shorten the rest of their lives. I hope your flippant attitude will not come back to bite you, your family, or your friends. Wear a mask in public.

    • Doug Gray

      Not really sure. It’s been happening the last few days on some comments and I absolutely have not been able to figure out why some are being flagged and some are not. As far as I’ve been able to tell, there’s no reason for it.

  2. Barry

    The research into long term damage is at best in the infant stage. To be alarmed a this stage is a bit early. But it should not be taken lightly

    • Doug Gray

      Long term is certainly up in the air for some things because well, this virus – as far as we know – is less than a year old. But there’s evidence that there are things happening to peoples hearts, lungs, kidneys, and veins that are causing issues (even deaths in some cases due to strokes that are being caused by this) in people who felt no symptoms.

  3. ClevelandRedsFan

    I thought MLB had more strict rules for social distancing, avoiding high fives, spitting on the field, etc. I saw a lot of high fives last night. I really hope the Reds and Tigers players can stay safe from Davidson’s presence last night. GEEEEEEZE!

  4. steve

    In most all other businesses all people in contact with the positive-tested person would be required to self-quarantine for 14 days . How is this going to work in this situation ?!?

  5. MBS

    Hope Davidson will be ok. It seems a little risky to not have a Catcher come up for Barnhart. Farmer looked kinds rough when he had his turn behind the plate. That being said, I am interested to see Antone against MLB’ers, and I am a huge fan of the Punisher. Speedy recovery Davidson

  6. Rich H.

    Totally agree. It’s time for that “I’ll do anything to help the team” apply to keeping teammates healthy and on the field.

  7. Charles Lackey

    It’s only 2 games however the 2 remind me of games past win on, have lead in the next game and the bullpen blows it. The closer Iglesias had his usual antics as he just blew the game along with Stephenson & Lorenzen showing their pitching woos. Reds have to win almost every game they play. They should have won today’s game. As usual terrible bullpen throwers and the closer didn’t show up for the game at all. Just pitiful showing as games of the past

  8. JNort

    The problem with the reopening plan is that the Reds/ MLB informed the players that they were on their own for housing. I suspect that the MLBPA had a lot to do with that- the core MLB guys didn’t want to live in a bubble. There should have been an agreement to take a hotel near the ballpark and require the players to separate themselves from the community. The players reported 7/1, were tested 7/2 & began workouts 7/3, with repeat testing on a regular basis. Davidson’s positive was three weeks after workouts began and he had undergone regular testing. The likelihood is that he caught it since he has been with the Reds. I wish him a speedy recovery, and I hope this is an isolated event. They should reconsider the bubble approach – it is the best shot at finishing this season.

  9. jon

    Lets get back to baseball talk and if anyone like me sees RI come in a game expects him to blow it? God he is awful.