Final R H E
Detroit Tigers (1-1)
6 12 1
Cincinnati Reds (1-1)
4 6 0
W: Farmer (1-0) L: Iglesias (0-1) SV: Jimenez (1)
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Luis Castillo was brilliant, striking out 11 batters in a 1-run, 6.0 inning effort. But the bullpen couldn’t keep the 3-1 lead that they were handed as the Tigers scored five runs over the final three innings to complete the comeback in game two of the season.

The Offense

The Tigers jumped out to an early lead, grabbing a run in the top of the 1st inning. But the Reds revamped offense didn’t take long to get that run back, though that run came off of the bat of the longest tenured Red as Joey Votto clobbered his second homer in as many days. The 399-foot home run into right-center tied things up in the bottom of the 1st. In the bottom of the second Nick Senzel drew a 4-pitch walk. It would be an important walk as Freddy Galvis followed with a 372-foot homer of his own, watching it land on top of the visiting bullpen down the right field line (yes, the Reds bullpen is back in center this year) to put Cincinnati up 3-1.

The offense went silent for a while, and while that happened it allowed the Tigers to stick around. And that they did. In the 7th they got going and took a 4-3 lead on a Miguel Cabrera 2-run homer. In the bottom of the inning it was Curt Casali getting back at his first professional organization with a game-tying solo homer of his own. The Reds threatened in the 8th, but stranded runners on second and third to send the game to the 9th inning all tied up. A 1-out walk by Josh VanMeter led to a big opportunity for Joey Votto, but for what feels like the 8th time in two days he hit a bullet to the first baseman for an out. Eugenio Suarez was the last hope for the Reds with VanMeter at second, but the third baseman flew out to the edge of the warning track to end the game.

The Pitching

Luis Castillo simply dominated the Detroit Tigers lineup. In the first inning he got burned by an infield hit – leading to the only run that he gave up on the day as a double followed. Beyond that, it was complete domination for the Reds right-handed All-Star pitcher. He spread out six hits and a walk while racking up 11 strikeouts on the day. In his final inning he needed just 13 pitches to pick up his final three strikeouts on the day as he made the Tigers hitters look like, well, the Detroit Tigers.

The bullpen, however, didn’t get out to a good start. Robert Stephenson gave up a homer to the first hitter he faced in the 7th inning and brought Detroit within a run. A blooper to center field followed. Stephenson would strike out Niko Goodrum for the first out of the inning, but was replaced by Michael Lorenzen. He would get a force out, but hung a change up to Future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera who hit it 390-feet into the seats to put the Tigers up 4-3 in the top of the 7th inning. Amir Garrett entered for the top of the 8th and made easy work of it, striking out the first two hitters he faced before getting a ground out to shortstop to end the inning.

And then the 9th inning happen. Raisel Iglesias came in and gave up an opposite field single that was followed up by a 2-run, go-ahead homer by JaCoby Jones. Niko Goodrum followed with a single before a pop up and Miguel Cabrera’s 4th strikeout of the game took place. C.J. Cron would strike out to end the inning, but the damage had long been done.

Notes Worth Noting

Joey Votto’s home run in the 1st inning made him the first Reds player to homer in the first two games in a season since Todd Frazier did so in 2015. That one from Thom Brennaman on the Fox Sports Ohio broadcast.

Luis Castillo’s 11 strikeouts on the day gave him an even 500 in his career. Not a bad way to follow up Sonny Gray reaching 1000 career strikeouts on Friday night.

The Reds pitchers had 17 strikeouts in the game with just one walk. But they also allowed three homers.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Detroit Tigers (1-1) vs Cincinnati Reds (1-1)

Sunday July 26th, 1:10pm ET

Spencer Turnbull (4.61 ERA, 3-17 in 2019) vs. Trevor Bauer (4.48 ERA, 11-13 in 2019)

73 Responses

  1. FreeHouse

    Iggy picked up where he left off, taking L’s. Gotta get that series win tomorrow. Joey looking good so far making solid contact.

    • Wayne Nabors

      For fours yrs now ive been screaming that u never bring Mikey biceps in when you have a 1 run lead,he’ll get you every time

      • VaRedsFan

        I’ve torn the rest of my hair out screaming the exact same thing. He is the most overrated pitcher in the pen. He’s turning into JJ Hoover.


      Bell is going to blow this. His bullpen choices and then Shogo. Shogo is a lead off hitter period. His average versus lefty pitching is pretty good and he has always had a high on base percentage.

      • Melvin

        Aki should play every day. I agree. Winker and even Senzel…..hmmm I don’t know.

      • earmbrister

        Senzel is the guy that should play just about everyday. Winker should start vs RHP. With the DH and Davidson going down with C-19, that shouldn’t be hard to accomplish. Shogo and Winker should both get plenty of ABs.

  2. Toby

    Ok let’s nip this in the bud before it gets any worse. The Reds manager cannot be taking starters out who are unhittable. Other than Garrett they don’t have much to go to, maybe Stroup let the starters pitch the game that’s what there paid to do.

    • Sean D

      First start of the season with over 90 pitches I understand but you also have to consider he might not be fully ready to go out and throw 100+ and if he gets into trouble then you’re just in the same position but worse

    • Reddawg2012

      You cannot possibly blame this loss on David Bell. It was Castillo’s first start of the season and he was at 91 pitches. These guys are pros. They need to be able to come in and get outs.

      • Mark Moore

        +500 I’m with you on this. 90 through 6 with a lead and we ought to have seen it through.

    • JayTheRed

      After Castillo dominated in the 6th inning. I would have let him go at least one more inning. Yes he was at just over 90 pitches but, bringing in Stephenson, I was like oh god here we go.. Sure enough he gives up the homer right away.

      I don’t know what Iggy’s deal is without having a lead.

      Also just wanted to say Votto, Casalli, and even Galvis have looked pretty good to start the season. Also would like to say I agree with most of you on this page Akiyama needs to be hitting number one in the order. Unfortunately we can’t win them all but we need to win tomorrow for sure.

      • Ryan

        Bullpens get hammered sometimes. David Bell did the right thing with pitch count and brought in his best arms from the Pen.

  3. DHud

    If the reds are going to truly be competitive they need to move on from Iglesisas

    We knew it 2 yrs ago, we knew it a year ago, we know it now.

    • David Taylor

      Agreed, it is painful to wash and I scream when they bring him in for these situations.

    • Steven Ross

      100% agreement with DHud. We’ve seen this bad ending movie from Iglesias too many times. While we’re at it, now do the obvious and put Shogo at leadoff. I just smh at Bell.

  4. Jeffversion1

    This looked a lot like my Reds in OOTP. If the Real Reds continue down the path my Computer Reds took, this will be a very frustrating season.

    • CI3J

      Peraza looks jacked in that photo. Like a Latino Lorenzen.

  5. Tom Mitsoff

    I think as they said on the telecast, the leash will be very short on people who do not produce. They have to get the bullpen fixed quickly.

    • Melvin

      Yes. They have to fix it NOW. Cannot lose these type of games.

  6. Jeffery Stroupe

    We get things sorted out will be fine…way to early to make judgements after only 2 games. This team will find itself soon.

  7. Don

    disappointing result.

    Definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

    Open Letter to David Bell.

    Raisel Iglesias does not pitch well in non-save situations. He does not want to pitch in that situation, everyone can see it in his body language, he thinks it is beneath him. He lacks motivation when put in that position. He has a mental block. Stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole. It will not work.

    Other observations:

    Suarez looks lost at the plate, timing is off, swing looks to be slow/behind the ball. His outs do not look like they are even hit hard.

    Senzel’s out’s at least are hard hits and they are right at people.

    Cannot afford another loss to the Tigers this year.

    Bauer has to really pick up the team on Sunday.

    Tigers Sunday starter, Tumbull, should get lit up by left handed hitters.

    Winker needs to get a couple of hits.

    • Melvin

      In my book Iggy is NOT the closer any longer. If he wants it back he’ll have to work long and hard to prove he can do it.

      • JayTheRed

        I’m kinda wondering if they shouldn’t give Nate Jones a shot if Iggy continues to struggle. Iggy did shut it down after the bad start to the inning but we don’t have that kind of time this season to let him fix himself.

      • Melvin

        ANYONE who doesn’t give up a HR every time he pitches.

    • Wayne Nabors

      U are spot on, this is on bell not Iglesias,its been proven over the last year and a half quit putting him in non save situation

      • Old-school

        In a tie game, I’d have used Pedro Strop. Bell is inconsistent. He never benched Puig. He routinely platooned the worst hitter in mlb- Jose Peraza in LF – a position that mandates a big hitter. .

        He benched Shogo on Opening Day for Matt Davidson- a guy whose never proven anything. Word is Castellanos not happy being pulled out of the lineup.

        Bell needs to play his core instead of rotating like a public school 4 th grade basketball team.

      • TR

        A bad loss in a short season. If the Reds are going to keep this guy, stop putting Iglesias in non-save situations.

      • VaRedsFan

        Don—-I got a stamp for that letter if you want to express mail it
        Old School—-You nailed it.

    • Melvin

      Most managers use their “closer’ in a tie game at home in the ninth inning since there is no way for him to “save” the game. In essence he was in a save situation and should be able to handle that. That’s why I say he is no longer the closer.

      • TR

        Maybe there should be another stat other than ‘save’ for Iglesias to aim for in a home game when the score is tied called ‘hold.’

      • Mark Moore

        Right … somebody needs to tell Iggy that little factoid, then maybe he’ll approach it with more of a “save attitude”.

      • TR

        Pitching coach/manager needed to rescue Iglesias in a short season.

  8. Old-school

    Brutal loss. This team has so much potential. Starting pitching , hitting is deep. But, this bullpen needs a psychologist. No one knows who they are. Iglesias is a mess. A former dominant starter whose shoulder fit better in the bullpen… But who can only pitch with adrenaline in certain situations that fits his ego.

    Stephenson and Reed and Garrett are former starters still stuck in what could have been. Used to be THE GUY and THE ACE .. but now need to fill the role and do the job and they can’t..(Garrett did today).

    Lorenzen… What a mess…a microcosm of why this bullpen imploded against the worst team in baseball. Trying to be everything… Can’t simply be the guy who gets 3 meaningful outs in the 7th inning against a bad team. Need to be the guy who can run and play CF and DH and throw 8 different pitches and hit 103 mph and pitch everyday. How about get 3 outs against the Tigers bro?

    • VaRedsFan

      This is not new for Lorenzen. He routinely let inherited runners score last year. Muscles and a decent swing don’t make you a great pitcher. This (the bullpen) was my biggest worry coming into this season. I hope this doesn’t become a David Hernandez situation, where Bell trots him out there in every close game. ML need to right this situation right now. No hiccups in your next 8-10 high pressure situations.

  9. GreatRedLegsFan

    Reds should not allow more losses for bullpen fallout, specially against the worst teams. It’s still early but this is a short season. Maybe Suarez’s injure didnot heal well, maybe Iglesias is no longer the closer, check it out.

  10. Dennis Westrick

    Where is it written in stone in the MLB manager’s book that: 1) the relief pitcher you use in the 8th inning, especially if he’s effective, cannot pitch the 9th inning and 2) you have to use your “closer” in a non-save situation! I disagree with other posts on today’s game that D. Bell was not to blame for the loss. He made the decisions on when to pull the starter and which reliever to use in each inning! Still optimistic about the season but in a 60-game season EVERY Game is essential. Cannot afford to lose to weak teams at home, especially when your starter gives your team a chance to win!

    • KDJ

      Well said. Also, Iggy is not the pitcher he once was. Not sure he should be a closer or designated 9th inning guy (doubt there should be such a thing anyway).

  11. Aaron B.

    In Iglesias defense, that home run pitch was in a good location… It was like 96mph on the upper inside corner, I mean right on the corner. And the previous pitch had been low and away. Sometimes you tip your cap. I do seem to recall an article from last year someone (Doug maybe) analyzing his pitch movement and if I remember correct they said his fastball had flattened out. So perhaps that is the problem. Maybe sacrifice some velocity for more movement, switch to two seamer, I don’t know but you have to wonder about all the home runs he has been giving up in recent outings, they are obviously squaring him up so something needs to change.

    • Da bear

      Good call – I saw the same thing. Just a good swing. Tip of the cap or is he tipping his pitches….

    • VaRedsFan

      Agree on your assessment. I missed the game, but just saw the highlight. The pitch from from Lorenzen to Cabrera was also up and in (out of the FOX box)….but the future HOF’er hit it out anyway. ML’s pitch was a changeup though….he gets beat on his non-prime stuff more than anyone. 1st base open…let’s not pitch to the HOF’er

  12. stoney

    1 or 2 more like that and Iggy should be demoted. 60 game season calls for quick adjustments. Give Garret an opportunity to close games.

    • Aaron B.

      Garret pitched the high leverage 8th that is just as important. As the lefty in the pen you want him facing their tough lefties whether that be the 7th, 8th or 9th. Iglesias either needs to figure it out fast or you go to Strop or Jones. Maybe a demotion will fire Iglesias up.

  13. JB WV

    Stephenson set the tone for failure today. Absolutely dominating performance by Castillo and he immediately gives up a dinger and pumps life into Detroit. The bullpen looks easy after Gray and Castillo

  14. Indy Red Man

    Stephenson only looks good in garbage time. Its been that way since day 1 for him. A curious choice for the 7th when they added Strop. Lorenzen? I’m done making excuses for him because 3+ years of it is enough. Is he a fairly solid reliever? Yes, but championship teams usually have a shutdown closer and a guy thats so dominant that he could close for other teams. Lorenzen isn’t that guy. Looks like Tarzan….baseball IQ like Jane. I didn’t even watch the game, but figured he hung a breaking ball of some sort. Guy throws 98 with sink and messes around and gets beat. Raisel is Coco part 2. Its only one game, but our starters have been lighting it up only to see the pen blow it for years now. Maybe Nate Jones can be an unlikely performer like Daniel Hudson and find his groove in high leverage spots. He was one of the top setup guys in the game at one time which is more then you can say for our other guys.

    Also 1 run after the 2nd inning vs a terrible team like Detroit. Thats not gonna cut it. Lets see if they can get it going and put together something like a 9-6 start?

    • Grand Salami

      100% agree that the choice of Bob Steve in the 7th was the first ‘bad choice’ for Bell. Why Strop or Lorenzen wasn’t the choice is baffling.

      And the poor selections continued. What’s the stats on Raisel in tie games versus closing with leads? I bet it’s night and day.

      For all the talk of Cotham and Drive Line, the bull pen appears exactly the same as last year. All the same foibles and idiosyncrasies.

      Old School called it a brutal loss and I concur. You can’t give any away in 60 games, especially not to cellar-dwellers.

      My poison ivy and this game are robbing me of sleep tonight!

  15. Chris

    I’m sick and tired of the mentality that a starting pitcher can’t even throw 100 pitches. I do blame Bell, because he’s become nothing more than a sheep, who does what all others appear to be doing. Castillo strikes out the side in his last inning, gives up one hard hit ball in all 6 innings, and somehow he can’t go another inning. Really? Who says? There are only 60 games. Are we actually worried that Castillo is going to get tired after 12 starts, which is all he’s going to get in 60 games. This stupid mindset HAS TO END! Also, last year told us all we need to know about Iglesias. He is no longer dominant, and by the way, he wasn’t dominate in closing situations last year either.

    • Doug Gray

      I think it’s far more about a guy isn’t ready to throw 100+ pitches yet. There have been 124 pitchers that have made starts this season. Luis Castillo threw more pitches in his start than 110 of them. They aren’t worried about him being tired on September 9th. They’re worried about him being available September 9th. Only 17 pitchers even threw 90 pitches (including Castillo). You need to remember the circumstances we’re dealing with. These guys didn’t get a full ramp up. You can’t just treat the first start of the year like it’s actually July 25th.

      • Indy Red Man

        Totally agree. The Mets pulled DeGrom after 5. 60 game season, but you still have to work guys up to full speed

      • Reddawg2012

        Exactly Doug. I get how frustrating this loss was, but you can’t put it on David Bell. He brought in his best relievers, and other than Garrett, no one could get anyone out.

      • Indy Red Man

        Stephenson is not one of the Reds best relievers. Admittedly I give up on the Reds when September rolls around usually, but I kept thinking Bell should give Stephenson some chances with high leverage spots last summer and he rarely did. It wasn’t second guessing yesterday for me…I figured BobSteve could make a reappearance and he did. 3-1 game in the 7th….go with Lorenzen or Strop and be done with it.

        Lorenzen for one, is a guy that needs to start an inning clean. If there isn’t trouble on the bases then he’ll usually make some. He had a high 1.30s whip until last year. If he starts the inning then I highly doubt they get 3.

      • Jazzmanbbfan

        Thank you Doug for pointing out what should be obvious. The pitchers didn’t have a typical “spring training” pitch count ramp up. The moves didn’t work out but Bell made the right decision in my opinion by pulling Castillo. The bullpen just didn’t get the job done, unlike opening night.

      • Mark Moore

        +1000 … but then you present a logical argument given all aspects of the situation. Perhaps some don’t take all of that into account. I know this is a very emotional year for us as fans.

      • Chris

        Doug, your points above are perfectly clear, but then again, that’s also why I clearly prefaced my comments by saying Bell is nothing more than a SHEEP with this mentality. There is NO proof that guys can’t throw more pitches. Nothing magical says that 100 pitches is a factor. Castillo was throwing 97 mph, which is what he was throwing from the 2nd inning on (he was hitting 99 mph in the 1st). His velocity and his accuracy shows that he was clearly in physical shape to go further, regardless of what date it is, and what game it was. Again, have you ever seen a study, with real evidence that shows these guys can’t throw more pitches. Bauer makes this argument all the time. Trust me, if Bauer throws the same way today as Gray and Castillo did, he will be ticked off if he gets pulled after 6.

        One last thing, I don’t believe this had much to do with the first game, as much as it is how Bell, and most manage. At the most, Bell would have given Castillo about 10 more pitches in that game, no matter what month of the season it is, and that’s a shame.

      • Doug Gray

        Chris, if he were a sheep as you keep saying, then he’d have pulled both Sonny Gray and Luis Castillo before he did. Instead, he let them go deeper than almost every other starter in baseball has been pulled.

        And yes, there are many studies out there that show that pitchers lose effectiveness and put more stress on their arm the more pitches they throw.

      • Chris

        Doug, pitchers that threw as well as Gray and Castillo were not pulled really any earlier than those two were, at least for the most part. Beiber, Eovaldi, Hendricks, Lynn, Verlander, and Stripling, all went 6 or more innings, and most even threw more pitches. Only outstanding starter that I can think of that was pulled early was deGrom. Bauer was the victim of this crap today, and he was clearly not happy about it.

        As for the studies; that’s just ridiculous. Absolutely NO proof in these studies. And if you think there is, then please explain why pitchers 20 and more years ago through twice as many innings, and seemingly had less injuries. And by the way, go watch interviews of any of the HOF pitchers from the 80’s and 70’s. They laugh at this crap.

  16. Mark Williams

    Maybe Amir Garrett should be the closer for the Reds

    • Aaron B.

      As I stated above but worth repeating (and surely Bell knows this) Garrett is the one tough lefty in the pen (too early to know what Reed can do in high leverage). As such you want him facing the tough lefties in high leverage whether that is the 7th 8th or 9th doesn’t really matter, those innings are just as important really. I think you give Strop and Jones a look first before slotting Garret as the defacto closer.

      • greenmtred

        It’s worth remembering that Garrett spent the latter part of last season being ineffective. Comments mentioned that hitters were laying off his best pitch–the slider–which he throws out of the strike zone. Even in a short season, you can’t only use the same two or three relievers. The pen looked bad yesterday, but that was the second game. On the bright side: I now know it’s actually summer and baseball season, because we’re already suggesting giving up on players after a bad game.

  17. Melvin

    To end on a positive note. “IF” Joey Votto keeps on hitting the crap out of the ball then that, along with our other weapons and our starting pitching, if we just get the pen figured out, we’re going to the World Series gentlemen. Votto looks REAL GOOD. 🙂

  18. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I stated this before on a different thread; I will add to it.

    First, I don’t like how Bell is pulling players. Like with the pitchers, Castillo just struck out the side in the 6th, just over 90 pitches. And, Bell pulls him? In a shortened season, I really don’t believe Bell is going to need to worry so much about pitcher’s innings.

    Then, with the relievers, I noticed it yesterday then today, with Garrett, after he pitches a perfect inning, he pulls him? That’s going to bite Bell in the rear if we ever get into one of those long extra inning games. We will be forced to go with our worst pitchers or pitchers who should be resting.

    Then, this thing with Nick. FA’s go to places because they want to play. If FA’s aren’t going to get to play, we are going to get a rep and then FA’s aren’t going to want to play here and, thus, come here.

    Bell better watch it.

    • JB

      Castellanos should never be pulled, especially for somebody like Jankowski. When rosters are trimmed Jankowski, Colon and Davidson should be gone. So stop playing them over better talent. They are journeymen for a reason. Reds dont make the playoffs I guarantee you Bell will be on unemployment line.

      • Indy Red Man

        Jankowski was a late defensive replacement (pinch-runner too?). He’s better then Nick as a baserunner and outfielder, but its 2020 and you have to baby your stars.

      • Matt WI

        I don’t get the angst over Castellanos being pulled. The game was out of reach, they’ve got lots of weapons to use (and thus keep sharp). Heaven forbid he throw Jankowski a bone to see how reacts in future situations. Seems smart to me.

  19. JB

    The Reds are going to find out this year what relief pitchers are worth keeping. For the first time the Reds are expected to maybe win the division and in a short season every game is critical. The pressure is on every game to come through. This year is totally different for the relief pitchers. Any game that is close is going to be high pressure. Some pitchers can handle it and some cant. Right now Lorenzen, Stephenson and Iglesias are 0-1. Garrett is 1-0. If they cant do it then try somebody else.

  20. ClevelandRedsFan

    Isn’t this exactly why the Reds signed Pedro Strop? Solid veteran arm in the pen.

    7-9 inning guys should always be Strop, Lorenzen, Garrett, Iggy (if save) until proven otherwise.

    Free Pedro!

    • earmbrister

      I don’t think there’s a need to “free Pedro”, the Reds have only played two games. He’ll get his opportunities, most likely today. Much like with the starters, the relievers need to ease into the season due to the lack of a regular ST. In a couple of weeks you can start piling up the IP and pitch counts.

    • earmbrister

      I don’t think there’s a need to “free Pedro”, the Reds have only played two games. He’ll get his opportunities, most likely today. Much like with the starters, the relievers need to ease into the season due to the lack of a regular ST. In a couple of weeks you can start piling up the IP and pitch counts.

  21. MBS

    Trying not to sound like chicken little, but the sky is falling. Bell has serious issues. If this team makes the playoffs it will be inspire of him not because of him. I cringed when he brought Iglesias in. Bell doesn’t learn from experience.

    My brother and me were on opposite sides of weather or not Gray and Castillo should have got another inning. I said yes, 12 starts, it’s hot out, and these guys have clearly gotten themselves into mid season form. I mean striking out the side, only 91 pitches, then Bell said yes lets yank him?????

  22. Roger Garrett

    My thoughts are its just the same guys doing the same thing.Bell plays the hand he has been dealt but it was a losing one last year.He rides the same horse in the same role and expects a different outcome.Stats are everywhere as to how this guy or that guy performs in certain situations.Is Mike better at starting an inning or coming in with men on base?Iggy showed he will only perform with a lead of 2 or 3 runs and was vocal about it.I don’t believe you give in to him but rather you take him out of the closer role and use him at any other time you want.Its a short season and as has been said every game becomes more critical.You ride the hot hand and I saw nothing yesterday that said those 3 guys had a hot hand.Bob/Steve,Mike and Iggy threw up all over the mound and just gave a game away.Looked just like last year to me.

    • Doug Gray

      It was game 2 of the season. No one has “the hot hand”.

  23. Old-school

    It could be worse. Moose could be scratched from the lineup and staying at home not feeling well. Oh, it is worse.

  24. Melvin

    Jankowski playing today? I thought he was just a pinch runner defensive replacement guy. I know he’s a lefty against a righty but still would like to see Aquino instead. Akiyama not leading off and Winker has more power. They should be switched in the order. Honestly I don’t get the feeling David Bell has the same sense/definition of urgency as a lot of us do.