The Cincinnati Reds have designated outfielder Scott Schebler for assignment on Sunday afternoon following the final game of the Summer Series. The team needed to clear a spot on the 40-man roster for Brooks Raley, who they added to the roster by selecting his contract. Raley, a left-handed pitcher, had been in camp on a non-roster invite.

Adding Brooks Raley to the 40-man roster doesn’t guarantee that he will make the opening day roster. It’s possible that he had an opt-out situation and this move put him in the position to remain with the organization. Of course, it could also mean that he’s making the opening day roster, too. The lefty hasn’t pitched in the big leagues since 2013, instead he took his talents to South Beach Korea where he pitched for for the Lotte Giants from 2015-2019 – making 151 starts and one relief appearance. His ERA in those seasons was 3.91, 4.34, 3.80, 4.74, and 3.88 last season. You can see all of his stats here at his Baseball Reference page.

For Scott Schebler, any team will have the opportunity to pick him up on waivers if they would like to. The left-handed hitting outfielder really struggled in 2019 as he tried playing through a shoulder injury – an injury that ultimately led to his season coming to an end on August 1st and he underwent shoulder surgery on August 6th. Prior to the 2019 season, he had been an above-average big league hitter, posting a 104 OPS+ from 2015-2018 with the Dodgers and Reds. In 2017 he cracked 30 home runs in 141 games. But injuries can take a real toll on someone, and in 2019 that’s exactly what happened. Unfortunately for Schebler, other teams haven’t been able to get much of a look at him this year with a short spring, and then with intrasquad stuff being in Cincinnati where scouts can’t go. Perhaps a team will take a flier and hope the shoulder is healthy again. There’s pop, speed, and defense in there for the taking if he’s back.

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  1. MK

    There will still be a need to open up a 40-man spot for Jones.

    • Amarillo

      My guess is the next to be placed on wavers would be Josh Smith. Then possibly Shafer.

  2. Colorado Red

    Raley, did not look good today at all.
    Hope he improves. May be on the 40 man, doubt he makes the team.

  3. Hotto4Votto

    Thought they’d just use Schebler’s spot for Jones. But maybe they’re not confident in Cody Reed, or just wanted another LH option. Or…maybe they’ve seen enough of Payton and plan to send him back. Adding Raley comes as a surprise to me.

    • Stock

      Doesn’t releasing Schebler increase the chances of keeping Payton?

      • Tom Mitsoff

        Yes, since Aquino has already been optioned. It might be down to a decision between Payton and Davidson, and Davidson I believe struck out four times today and maybe three times yesterday. He has power, but IMO a guy who strikes out that much is not an asset. Travis Jankowski is also apparently still in the mix for that spot.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Maybe. Or maybe they like Jankowski’s chances of contributing this year better. Even with expanded rosters and DH it’s going to be tough to carry 6 OF all season. It may be as simple as they like Aquino and Jankowski better in that 6th OF role.

  4. Tom Mitsoff

    The DFA of Schebler was very much expected. If Raley isn’t going to make the final 30, I have no idea why it would be necessary to add him to the 40-man roster. I never considered him one of the players who was on the verge of breaking through.

    • Stock

      His contract may state the Reds put him on the 40 man roster or release him. If so then this was required to keep him on the 60 man but not the 30 man.

      • Amarillo

        Believe it or not, he’s out of options, so he will have to be on the 30-man.

  5. Steve Schoenbaechler

    A couple of things. . .

    One, I don’t believe either of these two moves would be surprising. First, the Reds had a lot of major league ready OF’s. Second, the Reds needed another lefty in the bullpen.

    Two, more general, there’s been some talk about reducing the ST time, to what we just had. While the “major league roster” may only need this time, my question would then come from what about everyone else. For, I will admit, as far as the ST roster goes, it’s only to see who is going to fill out the last couple of spots on the major league roster. That is most always between just a couple of players. Even if at multiple positions, it’s still mostly just between a couple of players at each position. Thus, what should easily be decided in just a couple of weeks in scrimmaging.

    But, it’s all the others, where do they end up? Does one make it all the way from Single A the previous year to Triple A? Not all players from one level directly to the next level. Some will play so well they skip a level; some will play so poorly, they will move down a level. Is there a Mike Leake in the bunch? ST is really just to sort out all of these questions as well.

    Not to leave out, for I wouldn’t be surprised if this is something, also, the money the club can make getting fans out to Arizona for things like “Spring Break weekend” in taking in some games, the entire tourism industry question and how it would financially benefit the Reds organization. If you shorten it, take out a lot of the games, less money to come in.

    I remember Lance talking about a “Drive in Reds Game”, something like with what Walmart is doing with movies. I could understand that. But, I would think MLB would want a slice of that pie, if you understand what I mean. For, if a game is going to be broadcasted to many people at once like that, I believe MLB is going to want some money for it.

    • Big Ed

      This training camp may well cause some teams to rethink how they prepare in spring training. These guys, however, were close to ready when Covid hit, and most of them tried to stay ready, so I don’t know what might happen.

      I doubt the Reds make anything but pocket change from spring training games. Goodyear is well off the beaten path in the Cactus League, and the games are only well attended if the Cubs play, and to a lesser extent the Giants or Dodgers. Plus, the Reds’ training facilities (non-ballpark, which itself is fine) in Goodyear are the least fan-friendly that I’ve seen (of about 18 teams’ worth.)

  6. Stock

    Agreed that the 3 man rule in combination with the 30 man roster vastly reduces the need for a lefty. You bring in a lefty to face the 7th – 9th batter in the lineup because two are lefties can rest assured he will face three RH batters.

    But if they are 2nd – 4th he may get to face two lefties.

  7. GreatRedLegsFan

    It’s just so shocking how two good players, Schebler and Gennett, fell suddenly so deep. As recent as two seasons ago (2018), they combined for a .812 OPS