Today is going to be the longest scrimmage thus far for the Cincinnati Reds as they take on, uh, the other Cincinnati Reds? The game this afternoon, scheduled to begin at 3:50pm ET, is set to go for 7 1/2 innings today. Here’s the pitchers who are scheduled to throw today:

  • Trevor Bauer
  • Michael Lorenzen
  • Lucas Sims
  • Cody Reed
  • Amir Garrett
  • Nate Jones
  • Justin Shafer
  • Robert Stephenson
  • Pedro Strop
  • Raisel Iglesias

Watch Live

If you want to watch the game you can click the play button below. Or you can click here and watch the game at

Cincinnati Reds Lineups

Away Reds

Home Reds

Christian Colon – SS Travis Jankowski – LF
Josh VanMeter – 3B Nick Senzel – CF
Matt Davidson – 1B Tucker Barnhart – C
Aristides Aquino – LF Kyle Farmer – SS
Jose Garcia – 2B Alex Blandino – 2B
Scott Schebler – RF Mark Payton – RF
Tyler Stephenson – C Jonathan India – 3B
Boog Powell – CF Francisco Pena – 1B
Lucas Sims – P Trevor Bauer – P

Pre-game Reds news and notes

Mike Moustakas is fine, but was scratched yesterday

If you happened to follow the game thread yesterday, you may have seen that Mike Moustakas was initially in the lineup at second base. But once the game started he was not on the field. He had some tightness in his groin and was scratched from the lineup. Manager David Bell noted that Moustakas said he wouldn’t even have said anything about it if it were the regular season, but Bell noted that he was glad that he did. The new Reds second baseman was already scheduled off for today, so don’t read into anything about why he’s not playing today.

Alan Zinter is impressed by Jonathan India & Jose Garcia

Reds hitting coach Alan Zinter was asked about working with the young prospects in camp and he singled out both Jonathan India and Jose Garcia.

“It’s really fun to see the young prospects that the Reds have. They’ve got some really good players – India, Garcia – to see those guys come up here and put quality AB’s against some really good pitching is pretty cool,” said Zinter. “Just to see the way that they go about their business, and to have them around the big league guys, the veterans – they get to see how they go about their business, and it just rubs off in a good way. The youth rubs off on us, and the professionalism of the veterans rubs off on them and hopefully we have a common goal when they get up here.”

Reds hitting coach is excited about the young prospects

Fox Sports Ohio to carry every game in 2020

32 Responses

  1. DocProc

    Looks like they’re treating this rather officially on, with coverage via MLB.TV (“Free Game Of The Week”).

    • Steve Rugh

      They are playing walkup music and crowd noise.

  2. Gonzo Reds

    I keep telling everyone… don’t give up on India… he can hit! 2B of the future.

    • Steve Rugh

      I was a little disappointed in his play, especially in the field during fall league play, but he has been pretty solid during the intrasquad games this summer.

  3. DocProc

    For the record, I’m able to watch on my TV using the MLB.TV app through my Amazon firestick.

    • Doug Gray

      It was an option for me yesterday on the main screen, but once I tried to actually watch the game it told me that it was unavailable. Not sure if that changed a few minutes after the game started, I didn’t try it again after that and just turned it on with a different laptop on

  4. Steve Rugh

    Looks like a day off for almost all of the ones we expect to start. Barnhart and Senzel are the only ones I see as regulars in either lineup.

  5. wutinthehail

    Was watching the Red Sox feed of their game. It looks like they have a real true not fake umpire working the game. Why aren’t the Reds? And who is the person calling balls and strikes?

    • Steve Rugh

      The Reds did have a regular umpire behind the plate on Monday and Tuesday.

    • vegastypo

      I suspect that umpires are working a game or two here or there to get acclimated. I saw an ump at one of the earlier Reds workouts.

  6. DocProc

    Bauer got called strike threes on JVM, Aquino, and TySteve. Swing the bats, guys. (Credit Bauer for changing speeds and location.)

  7. DocProc

    Grounds crew sweeping after four innings. No YMCA that I could tell.

  8. Steve Rugh

    Apparently Bauer is going to keep pitching until he reaches his pitch count.

  9. DocProc

    Robert Stephenson looks like he lost some weight. Not that he was heavy, but he looks slimmed down from last year.

    Throwing a mean changeup.

  10. Amarillo

    They’ve got the BobSteve TySteve battery going.

  11. DocProc

    Aquino HR off Nate Jones. First run of the day.

  12. Sliotar


    Finally … a run.

    Jones grooved him a pitch on a 1-2 count … rightt down Broadway.

    Punish(er) the mistakes.

  13. Old-school

    This is starting to resemble 2012. Cueto.bailey.leake.arroyo.

    The big 3 are in their prime. They are not only on the same page with their pitching coach…. They are on identical wavelengths. Chemistry and communication and trust and talent matter. It seems DJ is what this team needed. A far cry from a few years back when Price wouldn’t even talk to Cody Reed and would go 10 days without pitching and not know why.

    • DocProc

      Don’t forget Latos in that 2012 rotation.

      • Old-school

        He was great that year. Gotta stay healthy. In a normal year , Castillo, Gray and Bauer could strike out 700 hitters and win 55+ games.

        Miley hopefully gives a different look as a lefty to mess with hitters timing and rhythm in a series. Disco is in his prime and healthy.

  14. Sean Keely

    Aquino has had maybe 9 at bats tops and hes got two home runs and a double while multiple other outfileders have struggled? lets leave him off the thrifty man and keep him at prasco park. makes sense

    • Jer-B

      I like AA as much as anybody, but where is he gonna play if he’s on the 30 man. He’s pretty far back in the pecking order. He made some definite improvements last year, but there is still definite holes in his approach. Let him get everyday at bats on the taxi squad until a spot open up somehow or he plays his way into a role. He has options, unlike all the other OFers.

      • Sean Keely

        Im ok with him being on the taxi squad but if he doesnt get his shot this year they at least need to give him a harder look next year.

    • Old-school

      Aquino has the best outfield arm in the NL. He is top 5 in power in all of MLB. He hit 48 home runs in 2019. He’s a good Right fielder.
      He can win games with his power bat and his power arm.

      Aquino is #2 on the returning Reds position players from 2019 in fWAR.
      That’s a weapon. He hit 3 homers in a game against the Cubs .

    • AllTheHype

      Actually, what would not make sense is making a judgement based on 9 PAs.

      • MBS

        How about those 48 HR’s, or that cannon for an arm?

      • Old-school

        Aquino tied Trevor Story for most home runs ever by a rookie in first 10 games. Aquino won player of the month in the NL. Aquino tied a Reds records for most home runs in a month in franchise history. Ever. Aquino hit one of the hardest balls recorded in 2019… 118.2 mph. He threw one of the hardest balls ever by an outfielder …101.5 mph. He hit 3 home runs against a Cubs pitcher who may start opening day.

        Only Eugenio Suarez had more fWAR than Aquino in all of 2019 for a positional player.. yet, Aquino played 2 only months

      • Sean Keely

        Its no different than when everybody wants to bring up his poor spring training this year where he had twenty at bats.

  15. Amarillo

    I hope Aquino makes the roster, he has power that is rare. We just can’t afford his September in this short season.