On Friday we decided to try something similar to the regular season game threads here at Redleg Nation with the first intrasquad scrimmage that the team played that was available to watch on Reds.com. We probably won’t be doing these for all of the scrimmages, but the first one went well and we’re going to try and have them at least a few more times before the season begins. Today’s scrimmage is set to begin at about 3:30pm (it was moved up due to weather). Things are subject to change, but Wade Miley, Tyler Mahle, Lucas Sims, Cody Reed, and Joel Kuhnel are set to pitch in the game today.

The game should begin around 3:30pm and will be available on Reds.com. If MLB still allows embedding when the game begins, we will once again embed the game into this post if you want to watch it that way.

Here’s the lineup, provided by C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic, and cleaned up a bit below:

Home Reds Away Reds
Phillip Ervin – CF Shogo Akiyama – LF
Joey Votto – 1B Kyle Farmer – SS
Eugenio Suarez – 3B Curt Casali – C
Mike Moustakas – 2B Mark Payton – CF
Aristides Aquino – LF Christian Colon – 1B
Tucker Barnhart – C Jose Garcia – 2B
Freddy Galvis – SS Travis Jankowski – RF
Stuart Fairchild – RF Jonathan India – 3B
Tyler Mahle (3IP) – P Wade Miley (2IP) – P
Cody Reed (2IP) – P Lucas Sims  (2IP) – P
Joel Kuhnel (1IP) – P

The game was moved up, and that seemed to set back the time in which the stream went live. It got going in the bottom of the 1st. In the top of the first, Kyle Farmer homered off of Tyler Mahle.

Watch live:

Pre-Game Reds news and notes

Nick Senzel is day-to-day

If you noticed the lack of Nick Senzel the past few days, you weren’t alone. After hitting a baseball that may not have landed yet in the scrimmage earlier in the week, he hasn’t played in the subsequent scrimmages. Manager David Bell told the media earlier this afternoon that he hyperextended his left elbow and was expected to be back in the lineup on Monday or Tuesday.

Trevor Bauer is impressed with Hunter Greene

Earlier this week Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Trevor Bauer spoke with the local media here in Cincinnati (via zoom). He spoke a little bit about the organization’s top prospect, Hunter Greene, who he worked with for a short period of time during the shutdown.

I saw that, an inquisitive mind, someone who asked questions and listens,” said Bauer. “He wants to be as good as he can be – someone who has a lot he can learn. It’s super exciting when that’s the case given his skillset and his natural ability.

Greene, who had Tommy John surgery in April of 2019, is back and seems to be at full strength at this point, hitting 102 MPH in a bullpen session last month.

Reds top prospect Hunter Greene impresses Trevor Bauer

Who could forget Disco Demolition Night?

July 12th, 1979 –  a day that will live in infamy, forever. The Chicago White Sox were hosting a double header with the Detroit Tigers. Following the first game of the double header the team planned on blowing up a crate of disco records on the field. After the detonation, things got wild. At first a few fans rushed onto the field. And then others followed, and next thing you know there were thousands of people on the field. The second game wound up being forfeited by the White Sox because there was too much damage to the field.

Non-happy anniversary, White Sox.

18 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Man Senzel scares me. Any team offering a big package for him…let’s take it before his value goes down as injury prone. The same probably for Winker.

    • Doug Gray

      Just to note that after these notes were typed up, David Bell noted that if this were the regular season, Senzel would be playing today.

      • Melvin

        That’s good. He has to scare every Reds fan at least a little though. Don’t you think?

      • Doug Gray

        I’m not sure why we should be scared if he’d be playing if the games actually mattered right now.

      • Melvin

        I just mean he seems to find a variety of ways to get injured. Hopefully this really is nothing. Remember before the first spring training how they were talking like he could be ready for opening day and we now know from Senzel himself that it wasn’t possible. He was nowhere near ready.

      • Doug Gray

        I guess my point is that his elbow is something we literally wouldn’t even have heard about if it happened on July 26th. The only reason we heard about it now is because they are playing fake games that he doesn’t need to play in and so someone asked.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. Good point. It’s just because of his history that those thoughts pop up. Hopefully it’s nothing and we just forget about it.

  2. Doug Gray

    The ball itself should be removed from play in that scenario, but I honestly don’t know if that’s happening or not because they are changing camera angles long before we’d see something like that. The distancing thing is interesting, because clearly some places you can see they are trying. Right this second, you’ve got six guys behind the screens. There’s some real space between som eof htem, then three of them right behind the plate kind of on top of each other. Not really sure what to make of that. Everyone is masked up, which is good – but I was under the impression there was supposed to be some spacing, too.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      My understanding is that masks work best with physical distancing. Also, being outdoors makes a huge difference, as transmission outside appears to be very rare.

  3. Randy in Chatt

    Haven’t heard much or seen much about these players from the scrimmages so far (granted, I didn’t see any of the first scrimmage). Any updates on these players?
    Matt Bowman
    Anthony Desclafani
    Michael Lorenzen (any outfield play yet?)
    Robert Stephenson
    Tyler Thornburg
    Matt Davidson

  4. Don

    Aquino just hit a HR of Reed to close to dead center field.

  5. Don

    E6 of Galvis with the India two hopper??

  6. Indy Red Man

    I heard them talk on the radio about a potential mlb franchise in Nashville. Thats where Senzel needs to go because thats the only state where he’s ever been in the lineup every week. Its ridiculous. They’re sending his charts over to train medical students because one human doesn’t normally have 342 different injuries

    • Indy Red Man

      In other news….the Senzel’s just bought a racehorse named Day To Day. It was supposed to debut this weekend at Kenneland, but had to be scratched

  7. ClevelandRedsFan

    These are fake baseball games against fake teams. Not even fake baseball games against real teams. When Senzel misses a real game, then I’ll worry.

    Most MLB players will get a little nagging injury that keeps them out of the lineup for a couple days throughout the year.

    • Indy Red Man

      I know. I’m rooting for the kid, but his constant injuries, dizziness, etc…seem to never end. Personally I find the station to station style kind of boring so hate to see one of our only guys with wheels be unable to play.