The Cincinnati Reds intrasquad scrimmage game didn’t quite come to completion tonight as the rain showed up and put a stop to things about an inning earlier than it was expected to go. Still, the “game” went four innings of a scheduled five. If you had to take away one thing from the day it was that minor league pitcher Tejay Antone looked real strong on the day. The right-handed pitcher started for the “away” version of the Reds on the day, opposite Trevor Bauer.

Antone, who was just added to the Reds 40-man roster this past winter, struck out seven batters in 3.0 hitless innings. No baseball he allowed contact on left the infield. While a lot of the talk this spring training before things were shut down was around what shortstop prospect Jose Garcia was doing and turning heads, among pitchers from the farm it was Tejay Antone who was the guy creating some buzz. The righty had a good season in Double-A and Triple-A during 2019, but when he came out in 2020 and was throwing 96-98 MPH instead of the 89-92 that he was sitting at the previous season as a starter (touching a tad higher at times) – it got people talking.

Throughout his career, Tejay Antone’s been a big time ground ball guy – generating a 55% rate throughout his minor league career. But last season his strikeout rate also picked up, particularly in the second half as he made big improvements with his slider. If you were able to watch the scrimmage this evening, you saw it working well through his outing. Depending on which scout you speak with (or at least the ones I have), you’ll hear it graded out as an above-average or plus offering at this point. It certainly looked all of that today.

The Reds have now signed all of their draft picks

Cincinnati officially signed Jackson Miller, their 2nd round competitive balance draft pick. The high school catcher was the last of their six picks that was unsigned, and he put his name on the proverbial dotted line today.

Cincinnati Reds signed 2nd round pick Jackson Miller

6 Responses

  1. MBS

    That’s exciting about Antone! 2021 we may need to fill 2 SP positions. Mahle is a clear favorite for 1 spot, but everyone else has questions marks, of either experience, track record or ability. I am pulling for Lodolo Mahle in 2021, but would be just as happy (maybe more so) if Satillian or Antone pushed their way into the rotation.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      I’m pulling for Hunter Greene in 2021. 😉

  2. PTBNL

    Can anyone tell me who hit the 3 run home run in yesterday’s scrimmage? I couldn’t tell who it was. He was a right-handed hitter with a high number but I couldn’t make out the name on the back. Don’t think he was on the 40 man.

    • Doug Gray

      Francisco Pena is the only player who homered yesterday, but it was a 2-run homer.

  3. Randy in Chatt

    Will the Reds be scrimmaging again today, if so, where can we see the lineups and what time does it start? Will get to see a live feed again?