Yesterday we were going to give things a shot and host a live watch party for the Cincinnati Reds scrimmage against themselves. The team had been broadcasting their practices since day one, but then yesterday they stopped things before the scrimmage began and never re-started things. The beat reporters all made note of it earlier today that the Reds can only broadcast those on, not social media.

We’re going to give it a shot again today, and see how it goes. If we can embed the video here, we’ll do that. If not, we’ll all just have to watch it at and share our thoughts here in the comments like we would in a normal regular season game where most of us are probably watching on the television or listening on the radio.

Watch Live below

If you’d like to watch the game on a different screen or at you can use this link to do so.

The lineup is below – and there’s been two changes since it was initially released earlier this afternoon. Nick Senzel was originally in the GABP Reds lineup in center, with Phillip Ervin in center for the Prasco Reds. Senzel is now out of the lineup, Ervin was traded to the GABP Reds, Scott Schebler moved into the Prasco Reds lineup into right, and Mark Payton slid from right to center for Team Prasco.

Pre-Game Reds news and notes

Jose Garcia spoke with the media on Thursday evening after the scrimmage game (that we couldn’t watch). He noted that during his time off he was working with Manny Ramirez.

Reds prospect Jose Garcia spent time working with Manny Ramirez

Japan begins to brings fans back into the stadium

Fans are coming back to baseball games in Japan this week, reports the Associated Press. There are limitations, though. Stadiums can have 5000 fans, or 50% capacity – whichever number happens to be lower.

Could Eugenio Suarez lead the league in homers?

Over at The Athletic, Eno Sarris and Jayson Stark looked at a 60-game season, and some of the weird things that could happen. When it comes to the home run race, two Cincinnati Reds got mentions. The first was Aristides Aquino, who they noted compared very favorably with Pete Alonso over the same stretch of games last year that we will play this year. And then there was Eugenio Suarez, who was noted for hitting 26 home runs in a 60-game span last year – the best in the Majors (tied with some guy named Mike Trout).

24 Responses

  1. Doug Gray

    After loading the bases, Luis Castillo gave up a 2-RBI single to Joey Votto in the bottom of the 2nd. That ended his outing. Jose De Leon now in to pitch with that gorgeous mustache.

    • Doug Gray

      Note: The inning was “ended” after the single by Votto. Jose De Leon is taking over for Nick Lodolo to begin the 3rd inning.

  2. Tom Mitsoff

    Da Wink goes da other way off Iglesias. 🙂

  3. Randy in Chatt

    They were definitely talking pitching mechanics. (Caleb Cotham???) it was Boddy or DJ

    • Doug Gray

      Definitely wasn’t Boddy – he’s not in Cincinnati.

  4. Tom Mitsoff

    Is Aquino’s stance different than the one he used last year?

    • Doug Gray

      It looked similar to last year’s stance to me, but there could have been something a bit different. What seemed different to you, Tom?

      • Tom Mitsoff

        His stance today looked considerably less open than what I remember from the August to remember.

      • Sean Keely

        I agree with tom. Stance is tighter and not as open. Overall even though aquino got out twice and walked once i was impressed by his plate discipline. He laid off some tough pitches that would have been absolute swing and misses from him this spring training.

  5. Tom Mitsoff

    LOVE seeing Akiyama with the run-scoring hit against lefthander Garrett!

  6. Don

    Garcia was fooled by the curve from Shafer

    • Sean Keely

      i want to see another at bat from aquino

    • Doug Gray

      Pedro Strop is the last pitcher that was listed that’s supposed to be going today, and he’s pitching now. So unless they changed their mind, this should be it.

  7. David Taylor

    Just confirming there is no audio right?

  8. Don

    Farmer with bases clearing hit of Strop

    • Sean Keely

      is there another game tommorow and is there a way to find the stats for yesterdays game that we missed particularly for aquino?

      • Doug Gray

        Not sure on a game or not for tomorrow, and no, don’t expect to see any kind of actual stats for any of these games unless you are watching and keeping track of them all yourself.

    • Doug Gray

      Game over, 8-2 Reds beat the other Reds.