Earlier this evening the Cincinnati Reds played a scrimmage against themselves. The game was set to go for 4 1/2 innings, with Sonny Gray facing off against Michael Lorenzen (as a pitcher). Gray was perfect in the top of the first inning. Lorenzen didn’t get off to the best start, though. Nick Senzel, however, did. The Reds center fielder took a pitch from Lorenzen and he hit it so far into the upper deck that the camera operator couldn’t find it.

We aren’t positive, but NASA isn’t showing that the baseball has actually landed yet. Perhaps NORAD can chime in if they want? I mean, they do track Santa every year – why not baseballs?

There were three home runs hit on the day. Senzel’s was the first. Phillip Ervin followed up later with one of his own off of Lorenzen, which you can see in the tweet above as well. But Jesse Winker also clobbered a home run – with his coming off of Sonny Gray. The Reds don’t seem to have video of that one, but Mark Sheldon of Reds.com had his phone out and he got it on video and posted it on Instagram.


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Jesse Winker touched them all. Two-run homer to center field off Sonny Gray. #reds

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  1. CFD3000

    Great stuff. It is going to be strange watching real games with no fans. But not as strange as having no baseball at all. Any word on why Votto and Castellanos were scratched from the scrimmage? I’m assuming they did practice earlier in the day. Can you comment Doug?

    • Doug Gray

      They didn’t participate in BP on the field. But other than that, I know nothing. David Bell press conference thing is at 1pm today. Someone will ask about it, I’m sure.

  2. SpeedforceKJ

    I’m excited to see what Senzel can do this year. Hated to see him get pulled last year after the injury but he may be one that benefited the most from everything going on and the shortened season.

  3. David

    It does seem that Senzel’s shoulder has healed nicely.

    Lorenzen may not have good velocity yet. (ya think?)

    • jon

      you can’t have good velocity and get hit?