There aren’t going to be 162 games in 2020. The regular season is set for a 60-game season after the sport shut down in mid-March due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. With teams back in their home cities, and mostly practicing (several teams did cancel practices today after delays in their testing results), some sort of baseball is back – even if it’s weird at times. It’s been good to watch the practices every day from Great American Ballpark, though. If you were unaware, the Reds are streaming those live every day on their various social media platforms. Tonight, though, we finally get to see what the 2020 Cincinnati Reds schedule is going to look like.

Date Opponent Start Time
Friday, July 24 Detroit Tigers 6:10pm
Saturday, July 25 Detroit Tigers 5:10pm
Sunday, July 26 Detroit Tigers 1:10pm
Monday, July 27 Chicago Cubs 6:40pm
Tuesday, July 28 Chicago Cubs 6:40pm
Wednesday, July 29 Chicago Cubs 6:40pm
Thursday, July 30 Chicago Cubs 6:10pm
Friday, July 31 at Detroit Tigers 7:10pm
Saturday, August 1 at Detroit Tigers 6:10pm
Sunday, August 2 at Detroit Tigers 1:10pm
Monday, August 3 Cleveland Indians 6:40pm
Tuesday, August 4 Cleveland Indians 6:10pm
Wednesday, August 5 at Cleveland Indians 7:10pm
Thursday, August 6 at Cleveland Indians 6:10pm
Friday, August 7 at Milwaukee Brewers 8:10pm
Saturday, August 8 at Milwaukee Brewers 7:10pm
Sunday, August 9 at Milwaukee Brewers 2:10pm
Monday, August 10 OFF DAY
Tuesday, August 11 Kansas City Royals 6:40pm
Wednesday, August 12 Kansas City Royals 6:40pm
Thursday, August 13 Pittsburgh Pirates 5:10pm
Friday, August 14 Pittsburgh Pirates 7:10pm
Saturday, August 15 Pittsburgh Pirates 6:10pm
Sunday, August 16 Pittsburgh Pirates 1:10pm
Monday, August 17 OFF DAY
Tuesday, August 18 at Kansas City Royals 8:05pm
Wednesday, August 19 at Kansas City Royals 8:05pm
Thursday, August 20 at St. Louis Cardinals 8:15pm
Friday, August 21 at St. Louis Cardinals 8:15pm
Saturday, August 22 at St. Louis Cardinals 8:15pm
Sunday, August 23 at St. Louis Cardinals 2:15pm
Monday, August 24 at Milwaukee Brewers 8:10pm
Tuesday, August 25 at Milwaukee Brewers 8:10pm
Wednesday, August 26 at Milwaukee Brewers 8:10pm
Thursday, August 27 at Milwaukee Brewers 8:10pm
Friday, August 28 Chicago Cubs 7:10pm
Saturday, August 29 Chicago Cubs 6:10pm
Sunday, August 30 Chicago Cubs 1:10pm
Monday, August 31 St. Louis Cardinals 6:40pm
Tuesday, September 1 St. Louis Cardinals 6:40pm
Wednesday, September 2 St. Louis Cardinals 6:40pm
Thursday, September 3 OFF DAY
Friday, September 4 at Pittsburgh Pirates 7:05pm
Saturday, September 5 at Pittsburgh Pirates 7:05pm
Sunday, September 6 at Pittsburgh Pirates 1:35pm
Monday, September 7 OFF DAY
Tuesday, September 8 at Chicago Cubs 8:15pm
Wednesday, September 9 at Chicago Cubs 8:15pm
Thursday, September 10 at Chicago Cubs 8:15pm
Friday, September 11 at St. Louis Cardinals 8:15pm
Saturday, September 12 at St. Louis Cardinals 8:15pm
Sunday, September 13 at St. Louis Cardinals 2:15pm
Monday, September 14 Pittsburgh Pirates 6:40pm
Tuesday, September 15 Pittsburgh Pirates 6:40pm
Wednesday, September 16 Pittsburgh Pirates 6:40pm
Thursday, September 17 OFF DAY
Friday, September 18 Chicago White Sox 7:10pm
Saturday, September 19 Chicago White Sox 6:10pm
Sunday, September 20 Chicago White Sox 1:10pm
Monday, September 21 Milwaukee Brewers 6:40pm
Tuesday, September 22 Milwaukee Brewers 6:40pm
Wednesday, September 23 Milwaukee Brewers 6:40pm
Thursday, September 24 OFF DAY
Friday, September 25 at Minnesota Twins 8:10pm
Saturday, September 26 at Minnesota Twins 7:10pm
Sunday, September 27 at Minnesota Twins 3:10pm

Opening Day will take place for the Cincinnati Reds on July 24th. The Reds will play at home, hosting the Detroit Tigers with a 6:10pm ET start time. Two games will be played on July 23rd (New York Yankees vs. Washington Nationals will be the first game of the season).

What’s interesting is that the Reds and the Tigers are lined up in 2020 as “rivals”. Cincinnati will play Detroit six times this year – more than any other American League Central team. That is likely beneficial for the Reds, who usually play Cleveland more – and well, there’s a big difference on paper between how good those two teams happen to be.

What do you think about the schedule? Do you like the Reds chances? Discuss.

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  1. Tom Mitsoff

    Gotta love the first 10 games! A chance to make some hay! If they don’t, that will be a disappointment. (Detroit 47-114 last year)

    • Colorado Red

      No real improvements this year. The plan was to tank.

  2. rex

    I agree

    better get ahead and stay ahead

    • Mike Adams

      “better get ahead and stay ahead” is the key.
      In a 60 game schedule there IS no “margin for error”.
      If the Reds are going to turn around the win-loss record of the last few years they have to win on that ten game road trip also.
      With only 60 games they can’t count on wins against poor teams to offset losses against good teams.
      The Reds gotta go out and TAKE the division.
      Here’s hoping they do!

  3. Stock

    Love the schedule. Play the best team in the AL central 3 times (Minnesota). The White Sox may very well be the second best team in the AL Central and they play them 3 times.

    The goal is to play teams early with weak bullpens. Mission Accomplished. The Tigers probably have the worst bullpen in the ML Central. The Cubs and the Pirates have the weak bullpens in the NL Central. I am not sure the schedule could be any better.

    Play the Cardinals (the other team with a chance to win the division) 10 times from August 20 – September 13.

    I am thinking 16-9 or better after 25 games.

  4. Melvin

    Gotta take advantage big time when the Royals and Pirates come to town for six games and then back to KC for two more.

  5. Don

    17 games in the 1st 17 days seems like a challenge, guess this makes sense as this is when they will have the 30 players for the 1st 14 of those games.

    I would think that the Reds need to start fast and win 15 or 16 of the 1st 23 games to set up the season as this looks to be the easiest 1/3rd of the Reds Schedule.

  6. Don

    The $60 is for all games for all teams (less your regional blackouts)

    Single team only is $50. That is all 60 Reds games for me as the Mets and Yankees are my blackout teams. (83 cents a game to watch live or on time delay).

    I usually watch time delayed, start watching about 1 hour after 1st pitch and fast forward through 1/2 inning commercial breaks and I catch up in the 8th or 9th inning to see the final outs live.

    I do have Sirius radio so I could also just listen to the Reds Radio Broadcast and not pay any more but cannot replay or pause that.

  7. Doug Gray

    They were going to when there were 162, so there’s no reason to believe that they won’t when there’s only 60.

  8. Redsvol

    very Tigers and Indians heavy the first month of season. Indians under Francona are always competitive. 17 games without a day off. That’s going to mess with some guys heads & bodies – especially the vets like Votto, Suarez, Freddie, and Moose. Guys need to be prepared for a sprint and not a marathon. This will be a season where the managers who are most creative and responsive will be of greater value.

  9. Melvin

    1990 Reds start wasn’t too bad. 🙂

  10. MBS

    I am glad to see lineups! I can’t wait for the real thing. It seems like a long shot for Aquino to make the opening day roster unfortunately. I do like Payton and Ervin, and I am sure Aquino will get his shot again this year. He will have to bide his time while the Reds play the options game.

    Opening Day vs Lefty
    CF Senzel, 1B Votto, 3B Suarez
    2B Moustakes, RF Castellanos, LF Ervin
    DH Davidson, SS Galvis, C Casali

    Day 2 vs Righty
    CF Shogo, 1B Votto, 3B Suarez
    2B Moustakes, DH Castellanos, LF Winker
    RF Payton, SS Galvis, C Barnhart

  11. RedNat

    I hope fans will be able to return to the stands. My biggest fear is that owners will realize they can cut overhead dramatically by keeping fans out of the stadium and actually make more money without us.

  12. JayTheRed

    1st half seems easier than the 2nd half of the season. Maybe that will work in our favor though.

  13. GhostRunner

    I sure hope they do. I’m already paying a high cable bill, and don’t want to pay MLBN to watch games.

  14. Brad

    33%(20/60) percent of the schedule is against the Pirates, Tigers, & Royals who had a combined .360 winning percentage last year. The schedule sets up nicely.