The deadline for teams to submit their 60-man player pool rosters to Major League Baseball was today at 4pm ET. And now we’ve got the Cincinnati Reds player pool roster. There will be 35 players who are getting ready at Great American Ballpark, and another 22 players who will be getting ready at Prasco Park – the teams alternate site for the taxi squad. If you did the math in your head, you noticed that only 57 players are listed. That means there are still three spots open for the team to fill if they so choose. They do not have to if they do not want to.

The Reds Great American Ballpark 60-man roster participants

Pitchers Position Infielders Position
Bauer, Trevor RHP Barnhart, Tucker C
Bowman, Matt RHP Casali, Curt C
Castillo, Luis RHP Farmer, Kyle C/INF
DeSclafani, Anthony RHP Blandino, Alex INF
Garrett, Amir LHP Davidson, Matt (NRI) INF
Gray, Sonny RHP Galvis, Freddy INF
Iglesias, Raisel RHP Moustakas, Mike 2B
Jones, Nate (NRI) RHP Suárez, Eugenio 3B
Kuhnel, Joel RHP VanMeter, Josh INF/OF
Lorenzen, Michael RHP Votto, Joey 1B
Mahle, Tyler RHP Outfielders Position
Miley, Wade LHP Akiyama, Shogo OF
Reed, Cody LHP Castellanos, Nick OF
Romano, Sal (NRI) RHP Ervin, Phillip OF
Shafer, Justin RHP Payton, Mark OF
Sims, Lucas RHP Senzel, Nick CF
Stephenson, Robert RHP Winker, Jesse OF
Strop, Pedro RHP
Thornburg, Tyler (NRI)  RHP

The Reds Prasco Park 60-man roster participants

Pitchers Position Infielders Position
Alaniz, RJ (NRI) RHP Peña, Francisco (NRI) C
Antone, Tejay RHP Stephenson, Tyler C
Biddle, Jesse (NRI) LHP Colón, Christian (NRI) INF
Carpenter, David (NRI) RHP Garcia, Jose (NRI) INF
De León, José RHP India, Jonathan (NRI) INF
Hendrix, Ryan RHP Rodriguez, Alfredo (NRI) INF
Lodolo, Nick (NRI) LHP Outfielders Position
Powers, Alex (NRI) RHP Aquino, Aristides OF
Raley, Brooks (NRI) LHP Fairchild, Stuart (NRI) OF
Santillan, Tony RHP Jankowski, Travis OF
Smith, Josh D LHP Powell, Boog (NRI) OF
Schebler, Scott OF

What does the breakdown mean?

Well, it seems pretty clear that the guys heading to Great American Ballpark are the guys playing for the 30 spots on the opening day roster. Outside of Aristides Aquino, no one on the Prasco Park roster seemed like they had much of a chance at making the big league club out of spring training unless injuries opened up the door.

With that said, things can certainly change. Injuries could happen, as could (and likely will) positive COVID-19 tests that may lead to spots being there for the Prasco Park crew.

Who is missing?

The Reds began spring training with 61 players in camp. Only four of those guys aren’t here. Derek Dietrich is the biggest name missing, but catcher Chris Okey and infielder Blake Trahan also aren’t here. They are far less surprising omissions. The fourth player is right-handed pitching prospect Vladimir Gutierrez, who less than 30 minutes before the roster was released, was suspended for 80 games for a positive PED test for stanozolol.

On the prospect side of things, there are more than a few players missing who could have been there. Some teams are using some of their roster spots for pure development spots in order to get minor leaguers time on the field that they otherwise wouldn’t get. Right now, that doesn’t seem to be the case for the Reds with any of these players – all of whom reasonably would have been in Double-A or Triple-A this year anyways, and on the verge of a call up if they were performing and a spot opened up. It’s still possible that the three open roster spots could be filled with these types of players, but it’s very surprising that not a single one is on there yet.

Update at 4:45pm ET

Mark Sheldon of was the first to report that Derek Dietrich is still in the organization, but isn’t on the roster.

C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic also is reporting that infielder Blake Trahan was invited by the Reds to their camp, but has chosen to retire.

24 Responses

  1. Chi Reds Fan

    regardless of the specifics, u must be happy to be posting actual baseball news!

    • Doug Gray

      At least for now, yes. It beats the heck out of some of the crappy stuff I’ve had to post lately about COVID-19 effecting other sports, former players passing away, and with all due respect to the Strat-O-Matic crew – simulated baseball, which simply isn’t as cool as real baseball. I’m just hoping we can get to real baseball and guys can remain healthy.

      • Gonzo Reds

        Thought Hunter Greene was pretty much ready to get some limited action but don’t see him listed.

      • Doug Gray

        I’ll have more on this later, either here or at RML. I’ve got to eat before I pass out, but there’s some stuff from Nick Krall on Greene and other prospects/players coming (and you might even have already seen it from some of the other beat writers).

  2. Tom Mitsoff

    The absence of Aquino from the GABP group was stunning for me, as well. I think you’re right that the implication is that Payton has bypassed him on the internal depth chart.

    • Jefferson J Reed

      If he’s available, I see Aquino as a trade target from many clubs. I’ve been surprised by the month to month negativity regarding his performance from last season. Given the chance, probably from another team, Aquino will develop into a slugger with a percentage of strikeouts attached.

  3. G-Man

    Doug – What is your take on Aquino being on the Prasco roster? Were you surprised that he isn’t on the GABP roster? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

    • Doug Gray

      I’m not surprised, but only because I was tipped off to that very particular thing before the roster came out.

      But I’m not really surprised, either. The Reds have so many outfield options, and as a corner only guy, Aquino’s facing a huge uphill battle to find playing time. He’s got options, so it always felt like he was a very long shot to make the team – even once we saw they’d expand to 30 players early in the year.

  4. Hotto4Votto

    Surprised that Dietrich isn’t in the mix. Slightly surprised that Peyton is amongst the 35. Slightly surprised Greene isn’t there. Guessing the Reds feel good about passing Schebler through DFA. Boog Powell over Friedl? That’s interesting but I guess it’s more in the win-now category.

  5. Chuck Stein

    I’m surprised that Hunter Greene is not at least on the Prasco Park group. What might be the plan for his development this year, recognizing that he has not pitched all that much due to injury?

    • Stock

      This is the biggest surprise to me Chuck. Aquino has options so expected him where he is. Plus he struggled in September and was even worse in ST.

  6. Hotto4Votto

    I think it boils down to Aquino had options and the Reds have a plethora of guys to rotate in RF and DH. Probably want to get a longer look at Payton to see if he’ll make the roster. If not they can send him back and open a 40-man spot.

    • Doug Gray

      This feels about right. Think about the Reds outfield right now: Senzel is the center fielder. Akiyama might see some limited action in center, but mostly corners. Winker and Castellanos are in the corners most of the time, too. That’s four “every day” guys right there. Then you’ve got Payton, who has to be on the active roster. Josh VanMeter can play just about anywhere, so he’s sort of an outfield option, too. Lorenzen can go play defense anywhere in the outfield.

      Aquino simply looks like a numbers crunch guy right now. That said, anything can happen in the next 3.5 weeks. Injuries, COVID-19 positive tests – the odds are very high that roster spots are opening up between now and July 23rd/24th that we don’t see being open right now.

  7. Stock

    Fighting for two spots: Thornberg, Romano, Kuhnel, Blandino, Payton, VanMeter and Davidson.

    VanMeter has options or would not be on here.

  8. Don

    When I saw the 2020 roster rules at MLBTradeRumors a day or two ago. It makes sense to not fill the 60 spots as is a player is removed from the 60 man list they are release from the team.

    Here is a cut and paste (hope this is OK to do)
    MLBTR has learned and clarified many of the key details regarding the new roster rules. Here’s how things will work for the 2020 campaign:

    Each team can establish a maximum 60-man player pool, with the initial list due by Sunday at 3pm CST. Teams are not required to fill all sixty slots.
    No other players will be permitted to participate in camp. Teams are permitted to operate two separate camps if they so choose. All teams will operate an alternative training site once the season begins.
    Players on the 40-man roster need not be included in the 60-man player pool. Likewise, of course, pool players need not be on the 40-man roster — unless and until they are added to the active MLB roster.
    If a player is removed from a 60-man player pool, he cannot be added back to that team’s pool but can be added to another team’s pool. Players cannot be freely removed from the 60-man player pool without roster implications. Put otherwise: other than injured list placement, suspension, and some other infrequent designations, teams will be forced to surrender (or risk surrendering) control over a player (trade, release, DFA, outright, etc.) to remove him from the 60-man player pool.
    Teams may otherwise add already controlled or newly acquired players to their 60-man player pool. Players can be signed to the 60-man player pool without being added to the 40-man roster, but that requires 60-man player pool space (just like a typical minor-league deal requires space at a certain affiliate).
    The active MLB roster will consist of up to 30 players (and at least 25 players) at the start of the season. After two weeks of play, that number goes down to 28. After two more weeks, it drops again to 26, with a 27th player available for double-headers.
    Teams will travel with an unofficial 3-man taxi squad, the identity of which need not be disclosed. One player must be a catcher. There is no official designation or roster status associated with being a member of that group.
    As usual, a player must be on a 40-man roster in order to be added to the active MLB roster.
    Once a player is placed on the active roster, standard rules apply. Players eligible to be optioned can be sent back to camp just as if it were a minor-league affiliate. An optioned player must stay on optional assignment for ten days, unless called back owing to an injured list placement. Players who are not eligible to be optioned must be designated for assignment (and then traded or exposed to outright waivers) to be removed from the active roster.
    The trade deadline is August 31st. ONLY players in the 60-man player pool may be traded. Any player that is traded must go into an acquiring team’s player pool. (As a practical matter, it seems there’s nothing to stop teams from adding prospects to the 60-man player pool specifically in order to trade them. The acquiring team would need to be capable of carrying such players in their own 60-man player pool while still fielding a 26-man active roster of capable big leaguers.)

    keep a few spot open on the 60 man allows for trades and not releasing anyone.

  9. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I don’t see the Reds breaking camp without another LH reliever in the pen to go with Garrett. I believe right now, that’s Reed. I believe Lodolo is good enough, but I don’t think the Reds want to waste him relieving.

  10. RedsGettingBetter

    Did Everybody forget Nate Jones? he had a good chance to make the 60-men roster at least even he was considered a strong candidate making the team before the covid-19 outbreak locked the season… Is he injured again?

      • JayTheRed

        I think he should be. If healthy the guy could really be an asset.

  11. Mark

    Is there minor league baseball this year? My question revolves around the AA AAA player specifically like a Jose Garcia for instance where will he get ab’s in this 2020 season with hope that he continues to realize potential and possibly starting Reds SS in 2021?

    • Matt WI

      No… the only real action someone like him will get is to continue to train at Prasco as a member of the 60 man. As I understand it, if you aren’t on the 60, you get no otherwise formal opportunity to work out. No minor league games anywhere.

      There’s been talk of an “independent league” for free agents in Nashville, but that wouldn’t apply to most guys like Garcia.

    • Doug Gray

      There’s been no official announcement one way or the other, but there’s no one who believes a minor league season is happening. But, Garcia is on the Reds 60-man roster, so he’s going to get his at-bats – just not in a typical “season” setting unless he gets brought up to the big league club.

  12. Sean Keely

    Do you think that this is the end of Aquino’s chance of possible success if he does not make the roster this year or can you see him making the team next year if things go right. Also, why do you think he hasn’t been traded by now if hes not going to make the team? He has the ability to be a starter on a few other teams and would be able to play some role on most.