Chris Garber and I got together once again to discuss the state of negotiations between the players and owners on the topic of restarting baseball in 2020. We also discussed the fallout if MLB refuses to think long-term and actually cancels the season.

Also, a tribute to one of the greatest Reds fans of all time.

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2 Responses

  1. Alex Whitehead

    Chris garber is right on and I’ve been suspicious of it for it awhile. More and more ownership groups, reds included, are from the hedge fund private equity realm. Sucking the absolute life out of an entity while skinning all cost is the name of that game.

    I don’t really think the owners care whether they play or not. This is about breaking the union. The owners proposals were the opening shots of the 2021 CBA.

  2. RedNat

    I can’t believe i am saying this but Adam Silver and the nba ” get it” and really came up with a logical , well thought out plan. Kt may not be idea but they are putting out a product this summer and it at the very least will provide a distraction and entertainment for the country.

    I believe football is really in trouble and should not be played until a vaccine is developed due to the close contact. So it looks like the NBA may dominate the decade like it did in the 90’s