After the 2019 season, Cincinnati Reds reliever/outfielder/pinch hitter Michael Lorenzen said he was going to use the offseason to try and add some velocity. He was already one of the hardest throwers in the game, ranking 16th in baseball among 149 qualified relievers with at least 50 innings thrown last season.

While there are times where a radar reading will say 100, it’s going to round up or down. According to Brooks Baseball, Michael Lorenzen’s hardest pitch in a Major League game registered 100.08 MPH back in July of 2017. He’s come very close to triple digits in the past, but that’s the time he got there.

Earlier today he did so again, but not in a game. During an instagram live bullpen session, the Reds reliever/super athlete was broadcasting to the world when he unleashed one at 100.3 MPH according to the app on his phone.


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Grunting makes you throw harder. ??

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“That’s triple digits, Trevor.”

Lorenzen then followed up 100.3 with a 100.1 pitch before the video ends. If that’s what is coming for Michael Lorenzen when we get baseball back, and you toss in the adrenaline from being on the mound in a truly competitive environment, sign me up right now.

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  1. Old-school

    Sounds good.
    Trevor Bauer working with Hunter Greene. Video of Greene’s movement is on his Twitter.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      Yes, I saw the video of Greene working with Bauer, clearly a DriveLine advocate. Glad they had that opportunity!

  2. Charles Lackey

    As a Reds fan I would like to see Manager Bell use Lorenzen as a pitcher not an outfielder. The Reds have a crowded outfolield so it would seem logical they would start
    every game. That’s just my opinion. Hopefully MLB will start up soon and I sincerely hope Votto comes out getting hits as he use to do. I believe he will bounce back after a so-so 2019 season. GO REDS FOR 2020?

    • Sliotar

      Yeah, good calls, Charles.

      The Lorenzen experiment should have been fully tested during The Rebuild.

      If Iglesias is shaky to start a shortened season … Lorenzen might needed to close, who knows? 100+ MPH in short stints can play as a closer.

      • Sliotar

        And, heck, yes … Go Reds for 2020.

        IMO, the players will sign a crappy deal for 2020, be in a pinch for 2021 and the expiring CBA after 2021…

        But, a shortened season will be awesome. Pennant race-like interest here from Game 1.

        RLN Game Threads will be must follow.

  3. Don

    hopefully he gets to show that off in real games in 5 or so weeks.

  4. Old-school

    One thing that is apparently not in debate is the universal DH. IF baseball, our Reds have a great pitching staff, solid bullpen and now a top offensive unit with the DH. Suarez and Senzel are 100% .

    Wire to wire in 2020.

  5. BK

    Doug, good report … Mike Lorenzen is my favorite Red. Works hard and gives back to the community in a number of ways. Also, I appreciated the Senzel story over on RML earlier, too (left a comment, but for whatever reason it didn’t post). Barnhart represented the Reds well in his interview and the Bauer/Dietrich shows have been fun to watch.

    You were awfully hard to keep us informed. Your efforts are appreciated.