Earlier this month two of the Cincinnati Reds players got together out in the desert for some live batting practice. Trevor Bauer got the best of Derek Dietrich on the day. The two of them decided to record the entire thing and share it with the world, and it was a good time. But it pales in comparison to how things went for round two.

“Today’s live AB’s is brought to you by the Houston Astros, where every hitter is entitled to know exactly which pitch is coming, and I’m allowed to lie and cheat my way to a championship. The Houston Astros, your home for illegitimate titles.” That’s how Trevor Bauer began the video at the first.

Derek Dietrich is once again wearing his construction helmet, but this time around he has something acting as a chin strap to keep it on his head.

The back-and-forth over the broken-bat single by Dietrich was fantastic. Ultimately the trash cans did their job and allowed the Reds beekeeper to obliterate one off into the trees and get to trot around the bases.

And then we all learned why it’s important to have a net protecting the pitcher during batting practice….. as Dietrich hit a comebacker that Bauer wound up taking off of his back. Fortunately the Reds pitcher was fine, but, uh, be careful guys.

Give the video a watch. These guys are just out there having a good time, and well, we all need that right now.

2 Responses

  1. JayTheRed

    I really enjoyed watching this. I am pleased that nobody got hurt thought too. Thanks for posting this Doug.

  2. CFD3000

    That’s fantastic stuff Doug. Love the banter and mutual respect, and love seeing two big leaguers out on a playground somewhere just having fun. Thanks for the share.