Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer uploaded a video on his Youtube channel that profiles a day in his life. It’s rather interesting to see how his day starts out – it’s something that I honestly never would have expected to see.

Most professional athletes are incredibly driven. They get where they are because of their natural ability, yes, but also because of the drive they have that puts them over the top. Bauer is known as one of the pitchers in baseball that puts in tons of work to try and get the best out of his craft that he can. But as the video notes, he’s also running several businesses on the side. Including the 2020 season, he’s made over $50,000,000 playing baseball (including his signing bonus in the draft), and he’s going to make plenty more moving forward. His drive to do other things, though, has him doing all of that on top of the baseball stuff (that’s on the field).

Around the six minute mark of the video, Bauer begins to talk about pitch design. He speaks about how a pitch needs to work with his arsenal, and have it’s purpose. You can see him talk, and work his way through changing his grip, finger placement, finger manipulation all in the process of trying to get the baseball to react how he wants it to. It’s an incredible process to watch.

Give it a watch. You can get a bit of a peak inside the mind of Trevor Bauer – particularly when it comes to his approach to pitching in the second half of the video.

Photo of Trevor Bauer by Erik Drost. Photo has been edited. License can be found here.

4 Responses

  1. Kenny G

    Absolutely brilliant. In my opinion, Bauer is the future of baseball, perfecting his craft through engineering and analysis. I would be fascinated to see how much Joey Votto’s approach parallels Bauer’s.

  2. SultanofSwaff

    Dude lives like a monk in his townhouse lol. I can appreciate that about him, though. A lot of most driven athletes probably live similarly as their regimens are pretty strict relative to the rest of us.

  3. Pablo

    Very interesting, thanks! Who’s more intense, Bauer or Votto??