The brain trust over at Fox Sports Ohio headquarters are looking to add in Cincinnati Reds games wherever they can from the archives. Starting tonight there will be plenty of Reds winning happening the rest of this week as FS Ohio will be replaying the wins by Cincinnati in the 1975 World Series against the Boston Red Sox. Here’s the schedule:

  • Wednesday April 1st: Game 2 of the 1975 World Series
  • Thursday April 2nd: Game 3 of the 1975 World Series
  • Friday April 3rd: Game 5 of the 1975 World Series
  • Saturday April 4th: Game 7 of the 1975 World Series

All games will be on Fox Sports Ohio at 7:00pm ET.

That World Series, one of the best to ever take place, is what really cemented The Big Red Machine in history. After years of being a bridesmaid, Sparky Anderson and The Great Eight were finally a bride.

Speaking of The Big Red Machine, have you been listening to Building the Machine, a new series from Redleg Nation Radio that looks back at The Big Red Machine from start to finish? Earlier this week saw Episode Two hit the digital airwaves. Check it out if you haven’t already done so.

Getting back to Fox Sports Ohio and filling in that baseball need that we’ve all got, they also announced several more games from last season that will air next week. And you’re going to like this – all of the games are wins over the Chicago Cubs. Here’s that schedule for you if you are looking to celebrate beating up on the baby bears (and Brewers) from last season:

  • Sunday April 5th, 12:00pm ET: 6-5 win from July 22nd (Brewers).
  • Monday April 6th, 12:00pm ET: 10-1 win from August 10th (Cubs).
  • Monday April 6th, 8:00pm ET: 6-5 win from May 15th (Cubs).
  • Tuesday April 7th, 12:00pm ET: 4-2 win from May 16th (Cubs).
  • Tuesday April 7th, 8:pm ET: 6-5 win from May 24th (Cubs).
  • Wednesday April 8th, 12:00pm ET: 10-2 win from May 26th (Cubs).

7 Responses

  1. CFD3000

    Thanks for these updates Doug. I find that real baseball games are much more compelling than the Strat-o-Matic versions, even when I know the outcome in advance. It’s a strange feeling being bummed that Castillo didn’t pitch well, or Votto only hits singles now, when those are simulated results with no bearing on reality. One of the great joys of baseball is the hope of each Opening Day. The hope that the young prospect will develop into a star, or that the injured star will recover with a great season, or that this collection of players will gel into a pennant winning team. With the simulated games, no one ever improves or has a career year, or bounces back to their old form. We’re doomed to repeat recent results which, for the Reds, haven’t been so great. Give me some real baseball or, barring that, some real trips back down memory lane. That said, Wesley Jenkins is onto something weird and interesting with his randomized approach… so thanks again for reminding us that real baseball is out there, and new real baseball will be back before too long again. Can’t wait.

  2. HoF13

    I was 13 growing up in Connecticut as a Reds fan. What memories. Even though the Reds lost, I wouldn’t mind them replaying game 6. For me, that was the best game I ever saw.

  3. Gonzo Reds

    MLB newsletter this morning had the all-time best first baseman for all franchises. For the Reds it listed Votto #1 but personally I still think hall of famer Tony Perez (who they listed at #2) is still the best. Can Votto still pass him, yes, just don’t think given his recent fall off that he’s there yet. Thoughts?

  4. Steve Sutton

    Unfortunately, Dish network still refuses to carry Fox Sports Ohio. SO i am struck, missing the classics. Old and newer.

    • B-town fan

      Yes me too I’ve got Dish also. One thing though, game 6 of the 75 series even though the Reds lost it, is considered one of the greatest games of all time, so it seems a little odd to not show it. It set up all of the drama for the game 7 Reds win and series win.

    • Colorado Red

      Watched game 7 on Youtube. You can watch the other games to.
      Still loved game 7. after all these years.
      Also, watched game 4 of the 1976 WS.
      Much more satisfying , but not as exciting as JB smacked the 3 run shot.

      Stay safe all.

  5. Pablo

    Man oh man what a clutch hit by Griffey in the 9th! And it was wild that Eastwick batted that inning but it was obviously key to have him out there to slam the door in the bottom half.