It’s only March 8th, but Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Trevor Bauer said he’s ready to go. Following his outing earlier today against the Los Angeles Angels where he allowed a solo home run over 4.0 innings along with a walk and four strikeouts, the right-handed starter was feeling good.

There’s still nearly three weeks until opening day, and probably three weeks until Bauer takes the mound for the first time in the regular season. “I’m able to command all of my pitches,” he said when asked how he knows he’s ready. “Velo’s there. I’m recovering well. 94-95 today, with basically no adrenaline. All of my stuff is sharp.”

It’s been a good spring through three appearances for Trevor Bauer, who seems likely to slot into the #3 spot in the Cincinnati rotation in 2020. He’s now made two starts, and he had one relief appearance earlier this week as he followed Sonny Gray in order to keep him on schedule. Over his 9.0 innings pitched he’s allowed just three hits, one run (that’s a 1.00 ERA, folks), one walk, and he’s now struck out eight batters.

For Trevor Bauer, and for the Cincinnati Reds, both are hoping to see a better version, and better numbers than he put up after being acquired by Cincinnati at last season’s trade deadline. After posting a 3.79 ERA in 24 starts with Cleveland, Bauer struggled in Cincinnati as he posted a 6.39 ERA with the Reds in 10 starts. His walk rate dropped in Cincinnati, and his strikeout rate was nearly identical between the two stops. But his home run rate jumped up about 50% in Cincinnati as compared to Cleveland as his ground ball rate also went in the wrong direction. There was likely plenty of bad luck involved on batted balls, too. All of which likely indicates he’ll perform much better in 2020.

Photo of Trevor Bauer by Erik Drost. Photo has been edited. License can be found here.

8 Responses

  1. Tom Reeves

    Sounds like he pitched well today.

    I can’t wait to see him, Castillo, and Grey be dominate.

    • magi210

      If our biggest pitching problem this year is “Man, our 5th starter is really inconsistent.” I think I’d be ecstatic.

    • Reaganspad

      Bauer wants to go to a 4 man rotation anyway…..

      That would be one way to get an advantage to resign him.

  2. Tom Reeves

    Maybe another way to structure it is if Miley can give 4 tough innings and Mahle can give 4 tough innings, that combo might be our fifth starter.

  3. Matt WI

    I imagine Miley will be like the end of Arroyo’s career, when we got “good Arroyo” who looked a #3 or #2 and then “bad Arroyo” who got smoked from time to time. I like the suggestion of thinking about having Mahle behind him, I wonder if roster construction would allow for that.

  4. Brock

    Plus didn’t he deal with a couple nagging injuries last year?

  5. KDJ

    If they don’t, maybe Lodolo will be ready down the stretch?

  6. sixpack

    It’s a Contract year for Bauer, so I expect big things. Not that they only try hard on contract years, but the incentive is there to get in the best shape, etc. Of course millions each year are pretty good incentives. Is that an oxymoron?