We wrote about the negotiation issues that the Fox Sports Regional Sports Networks were having with YoutubeTV last week. Their deal came to an end and Fox Sports Ohio, among many Fox Sports stations around the country were going to be pulled from YoutubeTV before the two sides agreed to a temporary extension. While Sinclair couldn’t reach an agreement with YoutubeTV on all of their RSN’s, they did so for a large majority of them – including Fox Sports Ohio according to Eric Fisher of Sport Business.

Sinclair confirmed it has reached an agreement with YouTube TV for 19 of 21 Fox RSNs, but not Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket, and did not as well for the YES Network. Such a deal where part, but not all, of the network offerings are not part of a carriage agreement such as this is somewhat unusual within US sports media.

The YES Network was, how do we put this – less than happy with how things turned out. They released a childish statement, that while understandably frustrated over things – it reads in an incredibly unprofessional manner.

Fortunately for Cincinnati Reds fans, things didn’t quite go that way. Fox Sports Ohio is still not available on Dish Network, Sling TV, or fubo as Sinclair and those companies can’t/haven’t come to an agreement on the price to include it with their services. But if you were thinking of switching away from YoutubeTV – which everyone who uses it seems to absolutely love – now you won’t have to.

Update: March 6th at 5:30PM

While the agreement that was originally spoken about above is technically true, it’s incredibly misleading. Awful Announcing has a more thorough breakdown of what’s going on, but it certainly isn’t a deal like we’ve ever seen in the past. Many people who don’t live directly in a Major League city would get multiple Fox Sports affiliates. What appears to have happened is that in many cases you now only get one of those.

What it’s done is left many fans of baseball teams who used to get their teams games through YoutubeTV from Fox Sports (whatever city) no longer have that channel – but do retain another Fox Sports (whatever other city). But in some cases users have lost ALL of their Fox Sports affiliates. And since these places were previously eligible to get Fox Sports (whatever city) and no longer do, it means that they would be in the blackout area, and thus couldn’t just subscribe to MLB.tv to watch their team. The only option seems to be to switch “cable” providers to one that does offer the channel they need. It’s a big mess that is leaving many, many sports fans around the country unhappy.

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  1. Nick

    Great stuff Doug! I actually canceled my YouTube TV for this exact reason. Looks like they will be retaining my business for a little while longer…

    • Chuck

      What they don’t tell you is they will only be available to certain zips. I’m unfortunately not one of them so I lost foxsports ohio. What I think is wrong is some people get it and some don’t but pay the same monthly rate. We would be paying for the ones getting it. Bad business.

    • Sharon K Edmonds

      I left YouTube for the same reason I get Fox Sport Ohio and sport time Ohio they Hulu 7.99 month

  2. donny

    YEP, i have officially signed up to Youtube TV, 4 days ago to watch the Reds and i am thrilled to be able to.

    ”50$ a month and for me it is worth it until the end of the season . Then i will cancel.

  3. Matt WI

    I assume the answer is “no,” but does anyone know if there in an option/package with YouTube or Hulu Live that allows you access RSN’s out of your home district? I know that mlb.tv would accomplish out of market needs, but wondered if it might be cheaper to go a la cart if possible for FSN Ohio for the 6 months of the season.

  4. Marcua Crosby

    The 70s Reds on tv once a month…not living in the past but until they win some games who cares

    • Doug Gray

      You’d think that everyone would care because it’s far more enjoyable to watch the games as they happen than to read about how they won later.

  5. Brian Rife

    YES!! This is awesome. Way to go youtube tv. Was going to go to hulu live over this, now will go youtube tv.

  6. scotly50

    I just started YoutubeTV and was watching Fox Sports Ohio and suddenly it was no longer available. I contacted them, and they said it was no longer available in my area.

    • Scotly50

      I am out if the Nashville, TN viewing area. It is not available in my area. YouTubeTV did refund my subscription. They cut it off while I was viewing the game.

      After reading the agreement Tweet myself, YouTubeTV did say they had reached an agreement in “select” areas.

  7. Justin

    I lost access today. I’m in KY and have always had it. It’s a shame they negotiate for some customers and not all.

    • Doug Gray

      I’ve been on twitter for the last two hours or so trying to track down as much info as possible about what’s happening – hoping to be able to update this story. But long story short for now – it seems that if you used to have access to more than one Fox Sports station in your area because you were someone “in between” markets, you no longer get more than one. And in some cases, like in Dayton and Columbus, Ohio – it depends on the zipcode you have within the city, which is absolutely wild.

      • B-town fan

        It’s all just complete B S. Major League Baseball doesn’t really care about the fans, not really. Trevor Bauer stated it well in his rant a couple weeks ago on his Youtube channel, but of course the Union that represents him is just as equally guilty as MLB in the hole mess.

      • RGL

        I live in southern KY and had FS Ohio and FS South. Now I don’t have either. Is there a certain area you have to live in to be able to get a regional network?

      • Doug Gray

        I honestly don’t know. It seems that the “deal” that was reached is unlike any deals from the past. I’m hoping that someone with a publication that covers media who has contacts in the industry writes about this because all I’m capable of doing is asking people where they live and if they have the station, if they used to… things like that.

      • Mark

        43113 ZIP code here (Circleville, about 30 minutes south of Columbus). I did receive both Fox Sports Ohio and Sportstime Ohio. As of last night, I no longer get Sportstime Ohio, so no Indians, but still get Fox Sports Ohio, so I can still watch the Reds. Not happy with losing STO but at least I still get the Reds. This is absolutely wild how bad their communication has been with this deal. Nobody knows who’s losing what.

  8. Brian

    I live in Kentucky and lost it during the game too… pretty frustrating

  9. Taylor

    This is devastating. I lost service in my area today as well. What is an alternate option now? Does Fox Sports Ohio have a streaming service? Will I have to subscribe to MLB Tv?

    • Doug Gray

      You may be blacked out via MLBtv depending on where you live. You may want to check and see if Hulu Live covers you with Fox Sports Ohio where you live.

  10. angie harris

    Just chatted with someone from YouTube TV. Was told that I would no longer be able to receive Fox Sports Ohio. Love YouTube TV and really hope they get this fixed and
    I won’t have to switch services to get the Reds games!

  11. Mike

    I live in lawrenceburg and no longer get fox sports of any kind! I subscribe to mlb season package and will not be able to get reds games love how nobody cares about the fans and I have no fox sports regional network anymore

  12. Brock

    I switched from Directv to YouTubeTV 2 years ago. Best decision ever. $50 a month, great selection of channels, unlimited DVR, and I can’t remember ever having to call customer service over any issue.

  13. Cbarnett808

    Thank you for this information, Doug.
    FOR INDIANA FANS: I live in Indy and previously got FS Indiana, FS Indiana Plus, and FS Ohio vía YouTube TV.
    As of today, I only have FS Indiana and FS Indiana Plus.
    Per last years’s broadcast schedule, all games that were not shown on FS Indiana were shown on FS Indiana Plus. I am hoping this holds for this year.
    Really don’t want to leave YouTube TV because it has MLB Network, which has been a real lifeline in the offseason.
    Without FS Ohio, I won’t get the Marty Brennaman Laura’s Lean commercial every 5 minutes. Probably that’s an improvement.
    Also, don’t forget if you are with TMobile, you get MLB.TV free. It’s not a solution for live games, but still….

    Yeah, I remember as a kid when like one game a week was on TV, and I had to read recaps in the local newspaper. It was terrible.

    • Dean

      I’m in Indiana also, but as of yet have not seen any news saying the Reds will be on Fox Sports Indiana this year. In fact, it appears FS Indiana is showing a Cardinals game later this month! I’m concerned the Reds are no longer on FS Indiana at all.

      • Dan S.

        Same here. Indy, from Cincinnati originally. My friend convinced me to get YouTubeTV a couple years ago crowing about their sports availability – he lives in Nashville, TN. I messaged FSI and haven’t heard back about the Reds games. I’m really confused why they would show Cardinals games here anyway – Chicago makes much more sense if they’re not going to show Reds games. I typically can jump through some hoops and get it through mlb.tv, but I’d rather not. I somewhat understand YouTube’s position, but I would imagine if you already don’t have YTTV, you’re much less likely to get it with this arrangement.

  14. Mike Dill

    What do i need to watch the Reds on Youtube TV? I have wi-fi and a smart TV. Anything else I need ?? And are these games Live? or are they on some type of delay?
    Thanks all.
    Mike D in KY.

    • Doug Gray

      Depends where you live, Mike. You may not be able to do so with YoutubeTV. Also, let’s be sure to note that YoutubeTV is not Youtube. It’s a streaming cable service that costs, I believe, $50 per month.

  15. Mike Dill

    Northern KY. 10 min from the ballpark. If i can get it, pass along there website and i will check it out.
    If this isn’t an option, what would you suggest in order for me to watch these games live??

  16. Doug Dawson

    I am an hour from Cincinnati and am a YouTube TV subscriber. My zip code (40324) will not carry Fox Sports Ohio or Fox Sports South. I got screwed, and I assume my bill will stay the same. Time to move on.

  17. RGL

    I’m 2 1/2 hours south of Cincy. I checked MLB TV & I’m close enough to be in the blackout zone, but I guess too far away to get FS Ohio on YouTube TV. The only streaming I can find that carries it is AT&T now and Hulu Live. I just wonder how long it will be before they also drop Fox Sports?

  18. Sharon

    I get it thru Hulu I can get Cleveland and And the reds on Hulu but you have to have the 54.99 pack to get it

  19. jim walker

    I am in Fairborn (greater Dayton, OH area) 453xx zip. As of right now FoxSportsOH and Plus are both still on YouTube TV here. I cancelled YTTV when all heck broke last week; but can still access it (for now) since I have a couple of weeks of prepaid access left.

    I have since jumped back to Spectrum at a price which is the same or even a few bucks less a month (guaranteed a year) for bundled TV and internet than what I was paying for unbundled internet from Spectrum plus YouTubeTV. This was after dropping Spectrum TV for just 2 months after they hiked me $80 more a month than the new rate I just got from them.

    To get this rate I dropped from Spectrum’s “Silver” package to “Select”. I still have FoxSportsOH and /+, NBCSN, ESPN and /2, FS1, BTN and /+, and SEC. Also TBS/ TNT I don’t have ESPNU or SportsCenter. Neither do I have MLBNetwork or CBSSports.

    Away from sports, the Select is a very rounded package, The all locals, the big 3 news networks etc. Also the typical array of entertainment channels.

    I got 1 control box/ remote w/o DVR and can also stream to any devices in my home (TVs via Roku; iPad via an app, Windows PCs/ laptops via browser).

    Suggest that anyone interested. Go to Spectrum’s site and research. Or if they send you email offers follow up on them.

    Ultimately, if you can get to one of their stores go in and make your best deal. They will give you a printed channel list and bottom cost on the spot.

  20. Ryan

    This is completely frustrating. We are in the Reds market, but can no longer get FS Ohio through YouTubeTV in our zip code. We also can not get it through mlbtv because we are in the market, so all of the games are blacked out. If I drive two miles south, that area code gets FS Ohio yet through YouTubeTV. I really like YouTubeTV, but will have to cancel & switch to Hulu so I can get the Reds. This is very frustrating!

  21. George

    I’m in zip code 45822 between Dayton and Lima Ohio. I was receiving FSOhio and STO but since their so called settlement I no longer get them. I now receive Fox Sports Detroit and Fox Sports Detroit Plus. I was chatting online with a youtubeTV representative who checked into this for me and said that my zip code was no longer supported. Cancelled their service and looking for other options.
    I have checked and know I can switch to Hulu Live but then find out that I can’t get Hulu Live in two different locations which is important to me as we have a summer home that we go to quite frequently.
    I’m pretty much screwed all the way around unless I go back to cable and pay out the butt! 🙁

    George, we don’t allow cursing here. You can make your frustration known without it. Thanks.

  22. RGL

    Is there a published list of the zip codes that still get FS Ohio? Anybody have a list of companies that advertise on FS Ohio? I can’t imagine that they are happy about the reduced audience.

    • Doug Gray

      Here’s the thing: The zip codes/who gets it/doesn’t get it is ONLY for those using YoutubeTV. If you have cable, you are unaffected. If you have Hulu Live, you are unaffected. If you have Directv, you are unaffected.

      If you have Dish/Sling, it doesn’t exactly affect you – because you’ve been without FS Ohio for 8 months anyways.

  23. Dan S.

    I think I’d also like to point out that this is a completely ridiculous situation from mlb.tv standpoint. I live in Indy. If I want to go to a game, I plan to go to a game – it’s 1.5 hours to get there and 1.5 hours to drive back. If you have a streaming subscription, you shouldn’t be subjected to blackout rules probably outside a 1 hour driving radius. If they’re worried about revenue – raise prices for the streaming or for that matter the TV rights. I actually think I’m in 3 blackout zones too – Chicago, Cincinnati and possibly St. Louis. St. Louis is 4 hours away, Chicago is 2-3. Give me a break.