Whenever it’s a day that Luis Castillo takes the mound, it’s a good day. With that said, the game is radio only and that means we can’t watch it and that does take away from the spectacle a little bit. Cincinnati is coming off of a loss on Sunday to the White Sox, but got some good performances from the young players in the game. The Rangers will be looking to pick up their third win in a row to kick off their Cactus League season in the 3:05pm ET game.

Cincinnati Reds (0-1) Starting Lineup

  1. Josh VanMeter – 3B
  2. Joey Votto – 1B
  3. Nick Castellanos – RF
  4. Mike Moustakas – 2B
  5. Tucker Barnhart – C
  6. Phillip Ervin – LF
  7. Mark Payton – DH
  8. Alfredo Rodriguez – SS
  9. Travis Jankowski – CF
  10. Luis Castillo – RHP

These guys are expected to pitch in relief today: Tyler Thornburg, Sal Romano, Matt Bowman, Joel Kuhnel, David Carpenter, Brooks Raley, and R.J. Alaniz.

Reserve players on today’s roster:





Texas Rangers (2-0) Starting Lineup

  1. Danny Santana – CF
  2. Nick Solak – DH
  3. Willie Calhoun – LF
  4. Ronald Guzman – 1B
  5. Scott Heineman – RF
  6. Jose Trevino – C
  7. Sherten Apostel – 3B
  8. Isiah Kiner-Falefa – SS
  9. Anderson Tejeda – 2B
  10. Arturo Reyes – RHP

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

The game will be live on the Reds on Radio Network. In the greater Cincinnati area the game will be available on 1360 WSAI AM. There will be no video available of the game, as it is not going to be broadcasted on television or the internet.

Reds links and news

Right-handed pitchers Anthony DeSclafani and new reliever Pedro Strop are scheduled to throw live batting practice today.

Speaking of Anthony DeSclafani, Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer wrote about what helped the right-handed pitcher turn things around in the 2019 season, particularly in the second half. As we wrote about earlier this month, after May in 2019 the right-handed pitcher posted a 3.36 ERA in 112.1 innings pitched.

After being hit by a pitch yesterday in the wrist, Jesse Winker will be fine. His x-rays showed no fracture according to C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic.

The game on Tuesday against the Angels will be the first game available to watch on Fox Sports Ohio/MLB.tv. It will also be available on the radio in the Cincinnati area.

Final: Reds 9 – Rangers 6

Cincinnati picked up their first win of the spring on Monday, while also handing Texas their first loss of the spring.

The Highlights

After falling behind 3-0 in the 1st inning, Phillip Ervin cracked a go-ahead grand slam in the bottom of the 1st. The Reds never trailed after that. They would pad their lead in the 3rd inning when Mike Moustakas homered to make it 5-3. The Reds second baseman reached base all three times he stepped to the plate – drawing a walk and being hit by a pitch in the other two plate appearances. Shortstop prospect Alfredo Rodriguez notched a double, going 1-3.

Joel Kuhnel threw 1.2 perfect innings of relief. R.J. Alaniz, who came on in relief of Luis Castillo (0.2IP, 3ER), tossed 1.1 perfect innings of his own. Tyler Thornburg, Sal Romano, Junichi Tazawa, and Jose Adames all had scoreless outings, too.

That last pitcher, Jose Adames, came over from minor league camp. The right-handed reliever hit 100 MPH on the day. And that’s nowhere near the best part of the story of the day for Adames. I wrote a little bit about his day, and his journey back to the mound at RedsMinorLeagues.com. Go check it out.

Jose Adames hit 100 MPH in the Reds win on Monday

You can see the entire box score for the game here.

The notes worth noting

Cincinnati hitters were hit by three more pitches on Monday. Mike Moustakas, Brandon Barnes, and Narciso Crook all were hit – giving the Reds five batters hit through just two spring games. That’s not ideal.

The Reds had 10 walks and six strikeouts in the game.

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  1. Gonzo Reds

    Anyone know if the Fox Sports / Dish spat has been settled?

    Think the first thing I can watch down here in FL is an 11pm replay Wed night on MLB.

    • SaveTheFarm

      I’d like to know myself, because Dish owns Sling and I can’t watch FSO on Sling. It’s been going on for a long time.

      • B-town fan

        Nope, just checked, still has the same statement and elevator music that has been on there for months.

      • Hotto4Votto

        I checked Sling yesterday and they wrote they weren’t expecting a resolution to happen for Fox Regional sports any time soon. Guess I won’t be watching many games.

      • Westfester

        I switched from Sling to YouTube TV when they cut FSO. They have every sports channel you’d want, with the lone exception being no NFL Network. It’s $50/month and you get unlimited DVR.

      • Scott C

        Youtube TV seems to work fine. I just switched Cable. It has everything I need to watch.

      • B-town fan

        I did a little research and Sinclair now owns Fox sports regional networks, purchased from Disney soon after they had purchased it from Fox. One would have to hope that the pressure will build on a deal getting done between Dish and Fox sports regional nets when real games start. Something is going to have to give though because the contract with Comcast and Fox sports regional nets is up Jun 1st and Comcast is making all the same noises that Dish made. If Comcast drops Sinclair/Fox sports then maybe that will cause enough pain that there will be some movement in Sinclairs position with Dish. Who knows I just want to watch the Reds! I’m not ready to switch yet, I like Dish. It was a lot of trouble to extract my self from the Comcast bundle monster a few years back and sighting a dish on my property a ways from the house, and Youtube tv just doesn’t have the extensive channel lineup and besides I’ve been trying to de Google “they own youtube” as much as possible anyway. Again I say, I just want to watch the Reds, sorry for the mini rant.

      • redsfanhelpme

        I actually was in process of switching to Directv, but they could not seem to get me installed, so I cancelled the order. In the mean time I researched online and seen complaint after complaint about problems with Directv since AT&T purchased them. They are not investing in it and want to get everyone on their new streaming services. My internet out here in Rural Indiana may be barely good enough to switch to Youtube TV, but they do not have Paramount Network. I am going to wait it out for now.. (I would be so willing to pay for MLB Extra Innings, but the blackout restrictions prevent me from getting the REDS!!! UGH)

  2. RojoBenjy

    Question about Brantley Bell—does he have a realistic chance at making it to MLB?

    • HoF-13

      If not as a player then possibly as an announcer or a manager.

    • MK

      Like most his hitting is what has to improve. Defensively he is already better than Gennett or Moose at second base.

    • Doug Gray

      He’s shown some flashes of things you’d like to see at the plate in his career, but they’ve been short-lived. He’s only had an OPS over .680 at one level in his career – Billings, where it’s a rather hitter friendly league (though Billings home stadium isn’t – at least by comparison to the rest of the league). There’s more power in his bat than he’s shown in his career, but he hasn’t been able to tap into it – and it’s more fringe-average raw than big time power.

      What is working in his favor is that he can cover you around the infield and the corner outfield spots. So if you are looking for someone who can be a “plays anywhere” guy, he can probably help fill that role. But the question is will he ever get that kind of look if he’s not going to hit more than he has in the past?

  3. Chris Holbert

    If Alfredo Rodriguez is an emergency guy, I would think Farmer would get as much time at SS as possible. Even though they did not play the first game, Alfredo was listed as the started that day as well….

    • Lawrence Turner

      Kyle farmer should be SS number one. He can get it done, and hit some too. The reds failed to obtain Addison Russell. Its their loss. Farmer can get it done.

  4. RedNat

    if they had a hall of fame for spring training, Phil Ervin would be a first ballot inductee! LOl.

    • RojoBenjy

      The kid keeps fighting. He outplayed Schebler in ST last year and that got him a seat in Louisville.

      We’ll see what this spring has for him.

      • RedNat

        just wonder with guys like Ervin, they put so much effort into spring training just to make the team, that they wear out earlier in the season.

      • Matt WI

        He’s got to wonder “what else do I have to do?” I’ve come around on Ervin though…I’m not advocating he be a regular, but he’s a pretty solid choice for a back-up. I hope he makes the team.

  5. MK

    What do they have bullseyes on their shirts? A couple HBP yesterday 4 so far today.

  6. jazzmanbbfan

    I was at the game. Moose had a smooth easy swing and the ball just took off. Ervin got the ball up in the air and it carried out. Moose’ HR was a no-doubter. Castillo was wild high but throwing hard. Barnes made a great throw from RF on a wild pick-off throw to first from Tazawa to cut down the runner at 3rd base. Great day for a baseball game, sunny, 70 degrees.

    • Daytonian

      “… sunny, 70 degrees.” Stop it, Jazzman! No mas! I’m in Chicago for a bit and it is turning brutal. Good weather and baseball?

  7. DaveCT

    Winker and wrist injuries … it’d be nice if he could be lucky with this one. I’ll be very bummed for him if he loses time.

  8. Ain’t so

    Rojo Benjy had part of spring training last year correct,what he left out was of the minuscule games won last spring all were won by minor leaguers or position players.When you start spring training out horrible,then April and May usually are the same.If spring isn’t important to you then you really don’t understand what comes after.

    • Doug Gray

      Spring training records do no matter.

    • RojoBenjy

      You got all that out of me saying Ervin outplayed Schebler last year in ST? Maybe confused with another post.

  9. JayTheRed

    Really happy to see 10 walks, Who is this team. lol… Not used to seeing that from our boys in Red.
    Was really impressed with most of the pitching today I know its only game 2 but I like seeing wins period.

  10. Say it ain’t

    Sorry RosyRed Ben g ,thought you knew something,I was mistaken,I do apologize.