Jason Linden and I take a stab at predicting the Cincinnati Reds’ Opening Day roster. Plus, Pedro Strop’s signing, the loss of a couple of players, and Viewer Mail. Enjoy!

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6 Responses

  1. Steve Schoenbaechler

    The only questions for opening day starters, I believe, is the OF. For, I believe the entire IF is set, unless we get that SS.

    For the pitcher, I believe we could see a tossup between Castillo and Gray. It may come down to who has a better ST.

    With the OF, that may be the same case. For now, I see Shogo in CH, Nick in RF, and Winker/Ervin in LF.

  2. Bdh

    C – Tucker
    1B – Votto
    2B – Moose
    3B – Suarez
    SS – Galvis
    LF – Winker
    CF – Shogo
    RF – Castellanos

    B – Casali – C
    B – Ervin – OF
    B – Senzel – OF/IF
    B – Farmer – C/1B/2B/3B
    B – VanMeter or Blandino

    SP1 – Castillo
    SP2 – Sonny
    SP3 – Bauer
    SP4 – Miley
    SP5 – Disco

    RP – Nate Jones
    RP – Sims
    RP – Reed
    RP – Stephenson
    RP – Strop
    RP – Garrett
    RP – Lorenzen
    CL – Iglesias

    Last bench spot and a couple of bullpen spots are the only ones I could see up for grabs. Wonder if the reds will give VanMeter any time at Shortstop in spring training. I’d rather have his bat off the bench than I would blandino’s but a backup shortstop is needed.

  3. Say it ain’t so

    Common sense says if you can’t throw from 3B you play 2nd ,Moose at third Suarez at 2nd.

  4. MBS

    1B: Votto – Moustakes – Davidson
    2B: Moustakes – Senzel – Farmer
    SS: Galvis – Farmer – Senzel
    3B: Suarez – Moustakes – Davidson
    RF: Castellanos – Akiyama – Payton
    CF: Senzel – Akiyama – Payton
    LF: Winker – Akiyama – Payton
    C: Barnhart – Casali – Farmer
    B: Akiyama – Payton – Davidson – Farmer – Casali
    STARTERS: Castillo – Gray – Bauer – Miley – DeSclafani
    Pen: Iglesias – Lorenzen – Garrett – Strop
    Stephenson – Reed – Sims – (Jones or Santillian)

  5. Kevin Patrick

    Suarez IL
    Desclafani IL
    Winker IL
    Blandino IL
    Reed IL

    Akiyama LF
    Senzel CF
    Castellanos 3rd
    Moustakas 2nd
    Votto 1st
    Aquino RF
    Galvis SS
    Barnhart C
    Gray P

    Gray 1
    Castillo 2
    Bauer 3
    Miley 4
    DeLeon 5

    Jose Garcia inf
    Schebler OF
    Casali C
    Ervin OF
    Jankowski OF

    Garrett rp
    Iglesias rp
    Lorenzen rp
    Stephenson rp
    Strop rp
    Biddle rp
    N. Jones rp
    J. Shafer

  6. GreatRedLegsFan

    There’s still a lot of fat to cut from OF. Out of 10 players in roster, there’re only three fixtures: Shogo, Nick & Senzel. From the other 7 players, I see Schebler been released, Payton returned and Vanmeter & Aquino in AAA. As for Winker, Ervin & Travis is hard to say, only one of them is to make north and all carry no options. Travis is a good CF insurance, but can’t see a clear role for him after Shogo and Senzel. As for Winker & Ervin, one stay and the other should be traded.